New Birth Insider Reveals Eddie Long Died Allegedly Of AIDS And Had Homosexual Affair With Gospel Singer Byron Cage, Who’s Rumored To Be HIV Positive!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A member of my Obnoxious Street Media who is a member at New Birth Church in Lithonia, Georgia told Obnoxious Media that Bishop Eddie Long allegedly died of AIDS and instructed staff members at his church say it was Cancer.

Bishop Long was in denial” said the source, who’s a longtime member of New Birth.

The source also revealed that Bishop Long contracted the deadly virus from his ex-lover, gospel singer Byron Cage or he got it from Bishop Long while he was married to his ex-wife Sonya Windham.  Most likely we will never know the truth, however we do know that it was some serious sexual deviants at New Birth starting with the head man in the muscle shirts so tight you could see his nipples!

Bishop Long is allegedly would make weekly trips to Cage’s home and have sex with Cage while his wife was in another room.  Obnoxious Media was temporarily shutdown on yesterday as a result of this story so now we want everyone that has information on Byron Cage and his sexuality to contact us immediately at to give us the tea!

Remember it was Byron Cage, who broke the news that Bishop Long had died!


Busted! Gospel Singer Smokie Norful Allegedly Fathered A Bastard Child While Married To His Wife And Kicked A Member Out Of His Church For Telling Others About It!!!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……If you’ve ever heard grammy award-winning gospel artist Smokie Norful sing his hit song “I Need You Now“, he may have been singing about his mistress/baby’s mama instead of God.
Obnoxious Media was recently contacted by a former member of Norful’s Chicago-based church, Victory Cathedral Worship Center, who said Norful and members of his security team met her at the front entrance of his church on a Sunday morning and told her she was no longer welcome in he sanctuary.

The former member (who asked to remain in anonymity) said Norful also told her she was forbidden to communicate with any of his church members.

The former member said Norful never specified why she was being kicked out of the church. Later that week she called the church and spoke to Norful’s assistant Denise Rutledge, who told her that pastor Norful was upset because she told another member about his mistress, who he impregnated while married to his wife Carla.

The former member said Denise scolded her for telling the pastor’s “personal business” and accused her of trying to bring “discord into God’s Kingdom.”

The former member said Norful is not the sincere man of God he purports to be. “People think he’s all nice and righteous like he appears in public, but privately he’s an adulterer with a whore-mongering spirit. He may not be a undercover homosexual like other well-known pastors, but he’s definitely a promiscuous womanizer” said the former member.

The former member said others in the church know about his bastard child but keeps it low key.

Obnoxious Media made several attempts to reach Smokie Norful and was unsuccessful.

A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent the text below:

Pastor Norful pays her a lot of money for child support every month and made her sign a confidentiality agreement. But I can visit her and sneak and take a photo of the child. She’s gonna know it came from me but I don’t care. lol

Ron Isley’s Keyboard Player Cornell Thigpen Runs For His Life Butt Naked After Getting Caught Having Sex With His Friend’s Wife!!!

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Recently, Obnoxious Media was contacted by an individual who told us about keyboard player Cornell Thigpen getting chased down the street, butt naked and shot at after one of his friend came home and caught him having sex with his wife.

Cornell Thigpen is rumored to be a whore mongering musician in the gospel and R&B genre, who was reared in the Church of God In Christ.

According to his bio, Cornell has played keyboards for such artist as Baby Face, Chaka Khan and Ron Isley just to name a few.

Our source, who’s also a musician and played tours with Cornell, told Obnoxious Media that several years ago, Cornell was in California staying at a musician friend’s home while preparing for a tour. The friend trusted Cornell to wait at his home with his wife while he left to run a few errands.

When his friend came home, he found Cornell in bed banging his wife. His friend went into a rage and immediately started beating Cornell viciously. Cornell was only able to escape the home after his friend stopped momentarily to get his loaded gun.

The friend shot at Cornell several times to no avail while Cornell was running down the street butt naked. The source said if the musician had the presence of mind to go straight for his gun, instead of opting to beat Cornell first, the incident would have ended in a fatality.

We reached out to several musicians who were quite familiar with the incident. They said Cornell went around telling people his friend’s wife kept trying to seduce him despite his pleas for her to stop. Personally, I think that excuse is a bunch of hogwash.

It doesn’t matter how flirtatious the woman may have been, if you’re lowdown enough to bang your friend’s wife in his home, while the friend went out of his way to help your career, you are a lowdown scumbag and home wrecker.

We also spoke to gospel singer by the name of Ocie Jackson, who’s a member of Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Cornell once worked as Musical Director.

Ocie told us there were several scandals involving Cornell and various women at the church while he was still married to his first wife Felicia Thigpen. Ocie said Cornell’s adultery was so bad that it led to his divorce and ouster from the church. According to Ocie, one of Cornell’s alleged scandals involved an under-age girl but the pastor, Bishop Darrell Hines used his influence to sweep it under the rug.

While Ocie acknowledged Cornell’s superb keyboard talents, she was far more emphatic describing his “arrogant attitude and behavior that’s more consistent with a person on Prozac with a serious mental disorder.”


DJ Envy From The Breakfast Club Walks Off Show When Comedians Desus And Mero Disrespected His Wife!

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DJ Envy from The Breakfast Club was ready to FIGHT his former friends, comedians Desus and Mero.
The comedians made some very DISRESPECTFUL comments about his wife. And Envy was ready FOR THAT FADE.

They started the interview off all wrong. Envy introduces them from the offset as “D-ckhead” and “P-ssy,” and then demanded that they apologize to him for implying that his wife was only with his for money.

As they got into it, Envy eventually got up and walked out. The usually mild-mannered host was having none of it.

Hot 97 host Ebro then chimed in online saying:

Envy walked off his own show? 🤣🤣🔥…. Amazing marketing! The Viceland x iHeart promo machine working overtime…. Desus & Mero nicest people too!! 🤣🤣🔥”

“It was staged when u walked off here too…. U knew it would get promo @JoeBudden”

But Envy denied the claims and responded:

“Smh… You of all people know me… You was there the last time some 1 said something crazy about my family… And @JoeBudden we spoke about it.. we don’t need the marketing ”

When it comes to people in the spotlight, the general rule is that spouses and kids are always off limits but in the age of social media, it hardly ever is.

Check out the interview below. Did they cross the line?

Listen . . .

Remember Rachel Dolezal, The White Woman That Lied And Said She Was Black, Is Now Doing Hair In Her Kitchen!!!

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Remember Rachel Dolezal – the White woman who tried to pretend she was Black. Well, Rachel has a new hustle – running a hair salon out of her kitchen.

Rachel is advertising her services on social media – to women in Spokane, Washington.

And it looks like Rachel does pretty good work, at affordable prices.

Rachel does have a Netflix documentary coming next month, called The Rachel Divide – and people are not happy about it. Why do these mega platforms keep giving her so much attention and what’s even worse is that she has involved her children.

Rachel Dolezal’s choice to play pretend in black culture has now destroyed the lives of two black children. And instead of her pulling back, she throws them in front of a camera hoping for another check. I really can’t with this white woman,” somebody tweeted.

Another person tweeted: “I feel so bad for Rachel Dolezal’s son, in that Netflix teaser. This woman is raising black children, and essentially causing them undue stress by adding her whole media circus around her racial fetishization. She should’ve faded into the background and let her kids be kids.”

Yes. Trans-racial Dolezal has caused much controversy, but she is sticking with her decisions. And her hair skills aren’t bad at all. Take a look!

Popular Vine Star Jahdiah Norelus, Known As Jahdiahn Says He Is No Longer Gay And Has Beautiful Girlfriend

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Popular Vine star Jahdiah Norelus, known online as Jahdiahn, told the world that he’s NO LONGER GAY a few months ago.
At the time, folks laughed . . . Believing that was IMPOSSIBLE.

Well, Jahdiah got him a baddie. Check out his Girlfriend.

Just yesterday he shared bathroom selfies with him and his new gf captioned:

“They ain’t see potiental with me girl but you see it.
And if it’s me and you against the world then so be it 🔐”

Fans are confused as to how Jahdiah can just suddenly not be gay. What’s more likely is that he just found a girl that he liked and was attracted to. Either way, several of his fans are deeply disappointed.

“I didn’t know you could just switch back & forth. I wanna know more but ion wanna be rude…”

“This sh*t is actually really sad, forcing yourself in somewhere that’s truly not where you are meant to be. Maybe one day you’ll love yourself enough…”

“Idk but I’m disappointed like he had me eating my rice&cabbage faithfully ☹️”

“I jus wasn’t aware that gay can be turned on and off at will …. I wish I had that option”

Well, we wish him the best and hope that his relationship with his cute girlfriend lasts. They do look happy together.

Busted!  Megachurch Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Indicted For Wire Fraud And Money Laundering 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again……The allegations against Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell are disturbing. Federal prosecutors alleging the long-time pastor bilked millions from elderly and vulnerable investors, which would make him a complete and total Sleaze Bag!
None of the money was ever paid back. Now he and a business partner could be headed for prison in a scheme that seems too good to believe.
In the 1940’s, the Chinese government offered bonds for sale.
Back then they might have been worth something, but by 2013, the communists were firmly in control of China and the bonds were worthless.
But federal prosecutors allege that didn’t stop Pastor Caldwell and investment adviser Gregory Smith from offering investors quick and impressive returns on pre-revolutionary Chinese bonds starting in 2013 and continuing for years.
They allegedly sold nearly $3.5 million worth. Court papers suggest they aren’t worth anything.
An indictment and second civil lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission allege the pair never paid any investor back, but kept them on the hook with frequent investor calls and promises of pay back.
According to court filings, Caldwell encouraged investors to “remain faithful and that they would receive their money. Caldwell also used religious references to give investors hope they would soon be repaid.”
Both men face years in federal prison and could be made to pay back millions and forfeit a home the pastor owns in Houston.
Court filings suggest he used money from the alleged investment scheme to pay the mortgage on it.
Caldwell once served as one of President George W. Bush’s spiritual advisors. He is currently listed as a limited partner with the Houston Texans.
The Texans released the following statement, “We have recently been made aware of a report involving Kirbyjon Caldwell. We are gathering more information and will have no further comment at this time.”
Sources told Eyewitness News that Caldwell is working with authorities to surrender in Louisiana within next week to 10 days.


Evangelist Juanita Sapp Has Died

Obnoxious Media regrets to inform you that the powerful Evangelist Juanita Sapp has died. Tears are lapping under my chin as I write this post. In spite of her physical disability she pressed her way. On and off planes even when she got to the point she could not physically take care of herself, she preached. A true soldier in the Lord’s Army. She will be greatly missed.

The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Commemorates The 50th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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It has only been 50 years since Dr. King was assassinated and the last place he spoke was at Mason Temple.  How fitting the Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ host such a historic conference.  Although the church as a whole and African Americans have made great progress we are still living in a time that is very defined by the color of your skin.  
The Civil Rights Movement started in the church and will be the church to carry the work forward today.  The Church Of God In Christ has constantly been at the forefront of the movement.  Here are a few examples you may not have known:  Malchom X funeral was at a COGIC due to pastors being afraid of violence no one would open their doors, Emmett Teal’s mother was a COGIC woman, and most recently Oprah Winfrey told us about Recey Taylor during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes was walking home from a COGIC church when she was attacked by six white men.  Just a few examples of how the COGIC Church jas empacted the movement.