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The History Of The Disgraced Bishop Eddie Lee Long

People put their trust in so called men of God. It doesn’t matter what faith they come from: Christianity, Judaism, Islam. It seems that no matter your religion, the leaders of your faith are among the wisest and most untrustworthy people you can encounter. Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Pastor Long was a controversial figure. There is …

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Atlanta Fashion And Polo Classic!

For Immediate Release Contact:  William McCray         POLO, SPIRITS, CIGARS AND FASHION MAKE FOR A FABULOUS DAY Miguel Wilson Presents The Inaugural Atlanta Fashion and Polo Classic ATLANTA – –  August 14, 2018 – Guests await as local horseback mounted teams prepare to compete at the Atlanta Fashion and Polo Classic (AFPC) …

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Bishop Roy Brown’s Widow Paula Scarlett Days To Get Out Her House If She Does Not Burn It Down To The Ground!!!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, Paula get you some boxes because you got to get your sh*t and go.  Seems Roy Brown’s third wife did everything, but take care of her business in the event her husband would die.  The widow of Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc. founder Archbishop Roy E. Brown is being evicted by the church …

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