Obnoxious, Everything Is Going Down But the Word of God!

Bishop Anthony Jinwright and Harriet are going to Prison!

You all know that I have been following the trial of Bishop Anthony Jinwright and his wife Harriet and this is just in after I retruned from the Kentuckey Derby.  The couple co-pastor a mega church in Charllotte, NC and own two funeral homes.  Known for wearing the best of custom suits and his wife always in a St. John the …

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What does Kelly Price and Juanita Bynum have in Common?

Juanita is not the first person Hillard has come to the rescue for when their marriage was in turmoil.   Kelly Price and her husband, Jeffery Rolle marriage was saved and they were each employed after leaving Atlanta due to one of her fellow background singers and church members got a little to close for comfort to Jeff and became pregnant.  …

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Ike and Tina: No Thomas and Juanita, The Drama Continues!

The Bishop Weeks and Juanita Bynum drama continues.  As you well know Bishop Thomas Weeks III moved forward with the release of his book about his stormy marriage to televangelist Prophetess Juanita Bynum and it is a must read.  Entitled “What Love Taught Me” is a tell-all book that he initially dropped in late 2007, but was stalled when Weeks …

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