After 17 Years Of Trying To Have A Baby The Man Crys When His Wife Tells Him She Is Expecting 

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Arkell Graves couldn’t believe his eyes after his wife Dana asked him to look inside their oven.

He opened the oven door, peeked inside, and found ultrasound pictures next to — yes you guessed it — a bag of hamburger buns.
He knew right away that this meant his wife was pregnant. He turned around and immediately exclaimed, “You pregnant?”
His wife captured everything with her cell phone. She told Arkell she was five months along and that the couple was having a boy.
And that’s when the tears came. After asking his wife to “come here,” Arkell began to cry before ultimately putting his shirt over his head.
It was as joyful a moment as you can imagine.
After four miscarriages and one stillborn baby, the couple had every reason to lose hope. But they didn’t.
Now, their video is giving other couples struggling with similar issues a moment to hope again.

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  1. He’s crying because he knows it isn’t his.

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