Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bishop Rufus Kyles Stripped Of His Jurisdiction Due Allegations He Has Gotten  A Minor Pregnanted–Get The Details On How It All Went Down During The 65th Annual Women’s Convention NOW!!!

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Just In as of 3:23pm Eastern Standard Time!  Bishop Rufus Kyles stepped down as pastor of Evanglist Temple Church Of God In Christ due to the allegd allegations of sexual mis conduct.  It is said that his case is going before the Grand Jury for allegedly having sex with a female minor!!!

 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Many of you may not be aware that at every national meeting of the Church Of God In Christ the General Board uses that time to meet in person to discuss matters of the church and make decisions.  In addition to the General Board meeting Bishop John Henry SHEARD, Chairman of the Borad of Bishops, meets with all the jurisdictional prelates in the church to discuss and resolve matters of importance.  Prior to the close of the 65th Annual Women’s Convention a matter concerning Bishop Rufus Kyles, prelate of the Texas Southeast Jurisdiction of the Church a of God In Christ (COGIC) came up in the bishops chambers that was actually tabled so that it could be delt with by the General Board.

According to wonderful members of my Obnoxious Street Committee that just so happen to be bishops in the church started blowing my phone up.  This information was so smoking hot it came by phone call, text message, e-mail, and social media.  All of the stories were almost identical.  Obnoxious Media refers to inform you that according to our sources the General Board requested Bishop Kyles be suspended for a year.  Now it was unclear if his suspension is pending investigation or as the results of an investigation.  It is times like this when our work is most difficult and that is when we find ourselves reporting on people we actually like.  Bishop Kyles is the nicest man and a great preacher that has allegedly been found in error.  Unfortunately he is rumored to be overtaken in a fault that will ultimately coast him his goal chain.


Dressed in his purple shirt and clergy collar Obnoxious Media received word and photos that Bishop Kyles sat on the coveted COGIC National Platform along with his fellow brothern as if he had not just been stripped of his life’s work.  Now it is said that his long time adjunct Bishop Kirk Thompson was not desired by the pastors in Texas Southeast Jurisdiction to serve as their interim bishop.  Rumor has it that Thompson was not born into COGIC, but was a personal friend of Bishop Kyles and joined the denomination after Bishop Woodard passed and Bishop Kyles was appointed the jurisdiction.  

 The word form several very reliable sources is that Bishop Charles Edward Blake will fly to Houston on Thursday of this week to meet with the men of the jurisdiction himself.  It remains to be seen just how this decision will alter the course of the church.  Now we know that all unrighteousness is sin according to The Word, but it seems that in COGIC the rule only apply when you are not liked.  Now to be fair to Bishop Kyles and we will admit we are biased because we like him, he is a nice man and a good preacher.  What is Bishop Blake going to do about all the other bishops with basterd babies and we can start calling the roll with fellow members of the General Board.  As election year vastly approaches this is the time to walk humbly before voting delegates in the church.  In fact some men became bishop and the world knew they had bastard babies, like Derrick Huttchins for example and so many others.  Why should Bishop Kyles be singled out?  Should Rufus be made to wear a scarlet letter when so many other COGIC leaders are known whore mongers as well?  

Now the rumor is this lady could be a minor that just might be expecting a little tax write off in nine months, but the jury is still out on that one.  It is also said a member of the Genral Board had a baby by a minor as well.  Again election year is coming and it is going to get interesting to say the least.  It is fair to say the fight is on and we will be watching to see who will still be standing at the close of the meeting of the General Assembly of the Church Of God In Christ during the Holy Convocation in 2016 because it is time to go to war and you better draw blood!

 Now get to reading a text message sent to Obnoxious Media by a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Hey Son this is Dad, I am going to have my adjutant text you what just went down about Rufus Kyles so if you see an number you do not know that is why! Man you blow my mind how you get information faster then I do and I am right here at the meeting and you at the NBA playoffs!

The Bishop Rufus Kyles, prelate of Texas Southeast Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ has been reported to have step down as the jurisdictional leader because allegedly be was found in a inappropriate relationship with a minor. Its not clear yet if any charges have been files on Kyles, but the leadership of the COGIC will be in on this Thursday to make some decisions about the jurisdiction. Members of the jurisdiction say he will be placed on a one year suspension from his responsibility as Bishop. Bishop Kyles has already been named in a lawsuit along with Bishop Enoch Perry & Bishop Charles Blake involved in a issue with trying to take more than $1 million dollars worth of church property. When Kyles was to appear in court he was a no show. The plaintiff in that matter was awarded $900,000 in damages. Kyles is quickly proving himself to be a liability in leader. We will
find out more as Bishop Blake will be in Texas this week. It will be interesting to see how the national church will handle this situation especially since it involving a minor. 

Read the post that appeared on COGIC Abuse website about Bishop Kyles and the lawsuit mention in the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media below:

HOUSTON, TX – A lawsuit being adjudicated in Harris County Texas’ 133rd District Court alleges that COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, Sr., Texas Southeast First Jurisdiction Bishop Rufus Kyles, Bishop Charles Brown II and newly minted bishop Enoch Perry, III acting on behalf of the denomination’s General Board, were responsible for the theft of over 1 million dollars of intellectual properties and items from a church location [source][/source]. The Church of God in Christ, Inc. is also a named defendant.

The plaintiffs Dr. Patricia Brown-Johnson and Interfaith Interdenominational Ministries, Inc say that in 2005 Bishop Kyles accepted Brown-Johnson as a member of his jurisdiction under a special program due to COGIC’s prohibition of female pastors. Brown-Johnson was to be given the designation of “Special Alliance Supervisor”. Kyles later offered to buy a Baytown, Texas church owned by Brown-Johnson and while in possession of the property, sold or allowed to be sold equipment and other items not contained in the agreement. The agreement went sour when Kyles refused to close on the property.

When Brown-Johnson sought to get the items returned through church leadership channels, she was asked by Presiding Bishop GE Patterson (deceased) and then General Secretary AZ Hall (deceased) not to pursue criminal charges and that the church would recompense the losses. Church leaders wanted to keep the issue private and handle it “internally”.

Brown-Johnson stated in the lawsuit that she contacted the General Board and was instructed to provide extensive documentation because [she was told by Enoch Perry] Bishop Kyles was going to be “defrocked” over the incident and a trial was to be held. She was repeatedly assured by GB bishops that her property would be returned and she would be compensated for any unreturnable losses. Based on these assurances, she did not file criminal or civil suits.

But after providing the evidence to the satisfaction of Enoch Perry, Charles Blake, COO Charles Brown and other defendants, the evidence disappeared. Brown said the items would be returned after Blake reviewed them. Documents and program she had written and copyrighted later resurfaced as COGIC related documents.

In March 2010, she received a letter from Enoch Perry stating that nothing would be compensated or returned. The good ole boy bishop’s club circled the wagons and begin denying that Brown-Johnson was ever given any assurances of compensation or justice. Brown-Johnson subsequently filed suit.

Bishop Rufus Kyles never responded to the lawsuit and never showed up in court. In a July 2012 judgment the court found in favor of the plaintiffs and awarded $900,000 in damages plus court costs and interest until the amount was paid. COGIC’s current legal strategy is to get the case dismissed. The next hearing on that is April 21st at 11 am. You can read the actual lawsuit and judgment under Letters and Documents.

 “My Spiritual Heritage has been stolen from me”

An Education specialist with a degree from Sam Houston State University, Brown-Johnson told Report COGIC Abuse, “My Spiritual Heritage has been stolen from me!”

brownjohnson“I am being blackballed by chief leadership in the Church of God in Christ Church Organization which I have laid my life down for and sacrificed for so many years.

I trusted the men of God, Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Charles Brown, Judge Enoch Perry and now deceased Bishop Chandler Owens. [They said] No matter how long it would take, Interfaith church and I would be compensated for all losses.

My true proofs copyright venues placed in their hands are worth $1,000,000.00 apiece. They have four. Even in a witness protection program with my life under threat, special alliances were made for compliance with request made by the General Board through Judge Enoch Perry.

I need to recover my losses so my children and my life can move forward. Interfaith church can move forward.

Judge Enoch Perry and the IRS have Kyles’ original police reports. We only want what is due us rightfully. I did not have Bishop Kyles and pastors arrested per the General Board’s request because they wanted to settle within the church. The witness protection and life protection program had to be handled in a way that my true location was not disclosed from 2004-2011. Bishop Chandler Owens did everything he could to resolve this until he became ill and passed.”

Nonbiblical COGIC Bishops

These are inglorious acts on the part of COGIC’s leadership. However, as we have reported for many years the facts of this case come as no surprise. The defendants in this case are no strangers to Report COGIC Abuse. Under Enoch Perry’s disastrous reign as chief legal advisor, COGIC leadership has employed unscrupulous tactics against its own unwitting members. As they did with Brown-Johnson, false promises are made to avert court cases only to later capitulate. All four have been involved in numerous cases of sexual, judicial and administrative abuses in the last five years.

Bishop Blake – Read here, here and here

Bishop Charles Brown – Read here, here, here and here

Bishop Rufus Kyles – Read here and here

Bishop Enoch Perry – Read here, here and here.

The bible is clear and there’s no shadow of turning in its qualifying instructions for the man who would be bishop. Titus 1: 7-8 For an overseer, as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined. (our bold).

When it comes to the flesh and sex, a bishop must exercise self control and discipline. Otherwise, with the magnitude of his influence and the attraction of his persona, his charisma will bring him numerous opportunities to indulge himself sexually and financially. If he does not exercise due diligence in his sexual life (apart from his wife or 100% celibate if single) he will endanger the flock and invite the same spirits to have free reign among those under his jurisdiction.

Secondly, 1 Timothy 3:7 adds this qualifier: Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

A bishop cannot have a bad character/reputation report. This doesn’t include false accusations, it means that there must not be a consistent cloud of suspicious/ungodly/unseemly behavior following him due to his own actions. This extends even to the unsaved. They must not be able to “spot” the bishop’s life inasmuch as his ethics is concerned.

If this is not valued, the bishop will “fall into reproach by giving way to the excesses of his former life [of sin]. Apparently, and with a preponderance of evidence, these COGIC bishops have no resemblance to what is shown in scripture.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “man of God” . Men are egotistical and greedy. The Almighty would not entrust this kind of power to a man . They are too weak and subject to the desires of their lusts.

    Man has exalted this creep by bestowing a phony title of a bishop when in reality God does not need a preacher. Men only preach to enrich themselves with sex , money, power , and control. It proves every day that they could not be about God’s agenda. It’s about personal gain.

    I challenge any preacher or person that claims to be people of God to respond to my comments. It is best to remain silent because I will expose anyone that claim to be a preacher or evangelist or priest or any other title you can come up with. You are all phonies.

    • I would like to know who gave you the special task or mission of ‘exposing’ those who claim to be ‘men of God’. If you answer is that God gave you this task, then you would also be a so-called ”man of God’. Who will then ‘expose’ you?

      • I am so glad you asked Skippy ! God (Infinity) does not and will not communicate with mankind. He (Almighty) is not what the Bible god says He is. A bunch of dumb herdsmen and cattlemen came up with the concept that man could talk to God as the Pagans thought they could as well.

        I have no special powers or access to God. Neither does any other man or woman. There is no litmus test and so I could easily tell a lie that God said this or that and most people that won’t use their common sense will believe anything you tell them.

        Jesus never existed and history has proved that. And so anything after the doctrine of Christianity will only prove a lie. I know that anyone that says that God did this or that is a lie as well. The Creator of Man is the Creator of Science. It is real simple. You can not understand God without understanding Science. As complexed as the creation of man is, it had to be a master creator to create such a body so prefect.

        Mankind has to find God on his own. You can not learn God through theology because the study of theology is nothing but a theory. It has no data to conclude.

        Truth is what it is. I have no special task to expose anyone because anyone can do it if they used their common sense. Religion cripples and kills and enslaves and limits and condemns and discriminates and divides us all. It does not take courage to say that the Bible is a bunch of lies, it only takes common sense.

        And so the next time my good friend Skippy a preacher or whomever says that God told them something , just have the common sense to question whether or not this is true or not. This is the beginning of freedom my good friend.

    • All Jesus wanted for for people to love God and be brothers and sisters. The best thing that could happen to Christianity and the COGIC is to remove all the salaries and special people titles from it, and get back to an all volunteer organization. Remove the hirelings.

  2. Leslie Faust Richardson

    Sir. Will, Thanks for your honesty in your reporting. Even though you like Bishop Kyles as a person. You didn’t let that get in the way of you reporting the sad news. Bishop Kyles and Lady Kyles are some of the vehicle few people’s in COGIC that are really nice people’s. Yes it is election time coming up soon 2016. But we knows that they soon be starting to campaign for the convented titles of being General Board Members. This is just the beginning we haven’t seen nothing yet. Please be careful you might wanna hire some security guards for yourself. Will be praying for you and Bishop Sheard. They are going to be blaming him for the downfall of the Bishops that will be taken down this year. Don’t want to see you or Bishop Sheard in no new lawsuits. These folks have to realize that even though you and Bishop Sheard likes folks. You both are duty bound to report the truth. Why these men’s chooses to screw around on their spouses rather it’s man or woman. Is really sad. He doesn’t knows if that person is diseased or not. All the other person is at is knowing that they have screwed someone’s man. They hold that over there head’s it the ultimate blackmail weapon. Texts never ever disappear, pictures never disappear, voicemails never disappear. A real woman and I mean a real woman. If she’s in a extra marital affair already knows that it’s only temporary. And if you choose to be in that kind of relationship there’s pro’s and con’s and the relationship. The most dignified thing to do is not get involved with someone else’s man. Pray and fast and ask GOD to send you the right man your way. The BIBLE says when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing. As Mother Frances Kelly says if you want a husband hide. Nothing good can never ever come to anyone that wants to have relationships with married folks. As my auntie says a man gonna be a man. And a woman needs to be a real woman. Stop going to these conventions running behind these folks. You sleep with them then you get upset cause they don’t recognize or acknowledge you out in public. A HOE is just that a HOE rather you are male or female. Sir William, Why didn’t Mother Rivers passed torch to Mother Lewis on Friday ???? She stated in the meeting on Wednesday with the General Board that she would. Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Maybe Mother Rivers doesn’t want Mother Lewis to be the one to succeed her. Mother Rivers will wait until Convocation 2016 and retire after that and if a new presiding bishop is elected they may appoint some one else instead of Mother Lewis. I don’t know if Bishop Blake will run for re election or not but I am thinking he will probably retire because he doesn’t wanted to get voted out/lose the election to Drew Sheard. If Bishop Blake doesn’t run in the next election is there anyone else who has a chance of being elected Presiding Bishop, i am asking because I don’t know.

    • @ Empowered. If Blake retires do you expect Sheard and Porter to both run or cut a deal, like Patterson and Blake did, that whoever gets the most votes in the beginning will support the other one and then be second behind the other one? I think Porter wants to also be presiding bishop and also move the convention back to Memphis. Daniels appears to be the only other bishop with some national appeal that could give Sheard and Porter some competition. It appears the others do not have a chance.

      • So Macklin has no chance? In my opinion, neither Sheard or Porter should be PB. Drew is too young and does not have clout across denominational lines. Porter is WAAAAAY too immature. The “delivert” fiasco at the convocation and the video of him throwing money on the floor are signs that he is not ready

      • @Edward. When I spoke with Bishop Macklin he stated that Bishop Blake was seriously trying to retire but that the GB was in full support of him being remaining and being re-elected. But if perhaps Bishop Blake doesn’t run I assure you that the next PB will be Bishop J. W. Macklin.

        Bishop Sheard has proven himself especially given how he’s handled Bishop T. W. Johnson Jurisdiction after his passing. Bishop Porter won’t be elected because of that incident with the young man; which it wasn’t Bishop’s fault. As well his desire to move back to Memphis. There are quite a few who do not want to be back in Memphis. But Bishop Porter was getting a kick back while the convocation was in Memphis. But that’s a completely different issue.

        Mother Lewis will be the next Supervisor and I don’t think a new PB would change that. Mother Lewis is TRIED and PROVEN that she can handle that position.

    • Could Drew win an election? Could Drew handle the job? Two gamble that COGIC can’t afford to take.
      Say what you will about Bishop Blake, he can do the job. He has been able to not let the job go to his head. He has done a half assed job at times, but who can have done a better job?

      • @Kevin

        This would probably be a good year for me to go to St. Louis. I have never been since the move from Memphis. Is it safe to travel there, i.e. less safe than Memphis? Just wondering.

      • Skippy, go and God will be with you

    • All I can say is that COGIC has a strange organizational culture. The desires of Mother Rivers over who suceeds her should not be anywhere in the picture. The position of international supervisor should be an elected one and also not a lifetime tenure. This would allow more leadership opportunities for other very capable women in COGIC. Believe you me, there are quite a few.

      • Leslie Faust Richardson

        @ Skippy, You are so on point. Nobody should be in a position until death. All the positions should be voted on every 4 years. And only allowed 2 terms to serve. It wouldn’t be so much corruption in COGIC. If everybody was allowed to vote the church would be in a totally different position than what it is now. I can vote in every elections that I am qualified for in my state. But I am not allowed to vote in any COGIC elections. Only certain credentials. And yes I am an Licensed Evangelist in COGIC. For over 50 years. They want your money but not any input into the affairs of the Church.

      • @ Skippy. Actually Bishop Blake made that decision of who would replace Mother Rivers 2 years ago. Mother Rivers is simply endorsing what the PB wants. Mother Lewis is good and would do fine in the leadership role as Supervisor of Women.

  4. It appears that the issue of taking someone’s property and going with a female who is not grown were two things that various bishops knew were wrong but thought they could get away with.

  5. I think Bishop Thuston will actually be running and will win in 2016 if Bishop Blake doesn’t run.

  6. @ God Help Us. Thanks for the feedback. I am not saying Sheard or Porter are ready but both seem to want it. Macklin has rumors of things similar to Kyles chasing him and things might get ugly if he runs. If he did what is his main block of voters? Porter would have the old school, down south saints and pro-Memphis block of voters and those who follow his Word Network broadcast. Sheard would not have the singing fans due to his wife and daughter, the conservative voting block and some liberals and moderates who are not going with Porter.

    @ Light it Up. What will be Thuston’s voting block? When Blake ran he had the moderate and liberate voting blocks and Patterson had the down south, pro- Memphis, fans of his national BET and Word Network block, old school and conservative blocks. Patterson won and Blake came in second on the first vote.

    This is kind of like presidential elections, you need to see how people are lining up votes.

    • I feel you. For some reason, I feel like Macklin would do a good job as PB. I know he has somewhat of a sketchy past but didn’t folks try to say that Drew was sleeping with Dorinda and had a baby outside of his marriage? This is so ungodly. Folks waiting to pull out dirt on fellow laborers in the gospel. God truly help us!!!

      • @ God Help me. Thanks for writing. I agree that we need God’s help.

      • COGIC can’t afford another settlement over Macklin and those minor baby mammas. It is also rumored that he doesn’t even live with his wife. We need him for PB like you need a fire hose turned on and stuck up your ass.
        Frank White may be a better choice. He is more mature.

  7. Leslie Faust Richardson

    The best person for the position of Presiding Bishop would be Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. The 1st Assistant Bishop N.W.Wells, 2nd Assistant Bishop Ted Thomas. These mens are truly saved and live lives that are according to the Word of God. It’s time for COGIC to have an Azusa Experience. We needs to go back to the Ole Land Mark.

    • @ Leslie. I think you are correct and Bishop Daniels does have some national exposure which could help him win the role. If this happens look for Bishop Daryl Hines to get promoted as well to some national office due to their Wisconsin ties. He now has a jurisdiction in Illinois versus just being an auxiliary bishop from having been over the men’s fellowship. Bishop Porter and Bishop Sheard are the other two people I think that want the job.

    • @ Leslie Faust Richardson. Bishop Daniels has no clear plan or path with vision like a Blake or Macklin. Bishop Daniels is a great Jurisdictional leader and national supporter at best.

  8. Leslie, you don’t know who’s the best person for the job and you don’t know what these who these Bishops REALLY are. You know what you see in the pulpit but as you see a lot of these so called “men of God” are sheep’s/wolves, sexual deviates, and robbers of the coffers,whore mongers

    You church folk ride and die hard for some of these preachers and when they “fall” you refuse to believe it.

    These people go after these positions for money and power and a few go to actually make a difference in peoples lives for God.

    Nowadays it’s hard to tell who’s who. Go after God and to hell with who should be “entitled to”
    a position.

  9. Bishop Blake please run again please!

  10. I don’t want none of these people just let Blake run again!

  11. @ IForgotit

    I am here. I just don’t even comment anymore because the man is crazy. He thinks we’re all too dumb to realize he posts as other people talking to himself. He must really like being “Leslie” because he’s kept that one going the longest. And what gets me is that he talks the same, writing style is the same and misspells the same. At least if you’re going to pretend to be someone else, try to talk different, write different and have open along with a 3rd grade English textbook. smh

    • Gloria,

      You need me to reveal IP addresses and locations. I have no need nor time to fake and be someone else. If I am bold enough to write and say what I do and post my name and picture why would they have to fake like I am someone else in the comments. Keep it up and you will be blocked! What you will not do is insult me on my own platform.

      Sir William

    • I gotta admit it is fun to read…lol

  12. This church needs a major overall, simply because we have lost the respect of many denominations and non denominational churches. Due to all of the allegations over the years, we need God’s hand to move before the church collapse. People have have lost respect for God, preachers are fighting each other. As far as Presiding Bishop, Bishop Blake is extremely tired, so can see it in his face. Bishop Blake has done a great job but his body is tired. As of right now I don’t see anyone capable of leading this church. Bishop Porter is not ready and way to immature. If I had to choose, Bishop Sheard would succeed Bishop Blake. Actually Bishop Sheard had the highest votes. Bishop Drew Sheard would never run against Blake. However rumors are circulating that Bishop Blake will retire and devote his time pastoring West Angeles. I might be wrong but as it looks right now Bishop Sheard would unseat Bishop Blake. Bishop Daniels is a great leader as well, he has business smarts and actually has respect from the Whitehouse. However Bishop Daniel’s health is questionable, and being an Presiding Bishop requires a great deal of traveling. Bishop Jo Patterson Sr. Was Cogic greatest leaders simply because he help establish Cogic. Bishop GE Patterson Made Cogic famous, he was an bible scholar and innovative leader. Bishop Jo Patterson, Bishop GE Patterson and Bishop Blake are creative geniuses. The church needs someone that has Business smart. Cogic is like an business franchise, and most of our churches are small and in rural areas. Bishop Blake grew West Angles into a city within itself. For a man to come to Los Angeles with nothing, and grow this church into one of America’s largest church I have nothing but respect for him. Blake employs several people actually 200. We need someone that’s going to look out for the people. Cogic needs a credit union where we can help struggling pastors receive low interest loans to help build up their churches. Cogic needs to educate it’s Pastor on sexual abuse. The economy is stabilizing, and the church needs to start pouring back funds into their community to help our men and women find jobs. I am big on a church being self sufficient. Start a daycare senior daycare, franchise a Subway, McDonalds, a health clinic so we can put our people to work. Cogic is way behind the times. Many have left this church and go on to build mega churches within their communities. It is more to shouting and dancing, people are hungry for God not church politics. Two of the main issues of this church is the money and sexual immortality. We should not have to go to the “world” to receive some type of help.

    • Musicman274. There are 2 Bishop’s on the GB that no one will run against; Blake and Macklin. They are proven. It’s not rumored that Blake will retire; he is retiring and the GB is trying to convince him to serve another 4 years. When he retires he plans on retiring from West A and 90% of the preaching over to Elder Blake, his son. Bishop Blake is going to work with his organization, Save Africa’s Children.

      There you have it.

  13. Musician well said my friend

  14. The Church is a social club. It has never had any redeeming power. Christ never existed and so the Church was built on false hope and pretenses. It was designed to share power with the Monarchy .

    Christianity and all other religions enslaves us. It is evident daily with the numerous atrocities committed by so called “men of God”. I am amazed to see the very bloggers get off the subject of a sexual predator and seem to get bogged down in the politics of COGIC. The message is loud and clear. Preachers have a free get out of jail card because of the “touch not thou annointed ” clause that Christians have upheld for fear that God will punish them for messing with the preacher man.

    Week after week there are allegations of sexual misconduct of preachers. Since there is no criteria to question the so called calling of a preacher, anyone that wants to be a preacher does not have a litmus test for spirituality. I personally know some preachers that are the most evil people that walked the face of the earth, but yet they preach on Sunday without any accountability. Better yet, with the redeeming power of your Christ, it is not necessary for a test for a murderer or molester , or a robber to claim that he was transformed by the renewing of his mind.

    There are too many loop holes that does not make any sense in being a Christian or a follower of any other cult or religion . All demands submission. All demands blind faith. All preaches OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice. Being a free thinking requires that you think for yourself. It requires that you reason and use common sense. It requires that you discover God for yourself and not to adapt a religion of the masses. This is the only way to meet God eye to eye. If you do not meditate on Him you will not discover Him.

    It is time for people to wake up. Enough of the robbing us of our 10% that we could put in the stock market and enrich ourselves as I did some years ago. I must admit that I want for nothing except to find legitimate reasons to help someone in need of a helping hand. This is my biggest challenge when I give. But beyond that , I have enpowered so many of my family members to buy life insurance and to save the 10% in the money market that they would normally give to the the church .

    It’s time to put an end to this phony jacked legged preachers once and for all.

    • Leslie Faust Richardson

      @ David, We don’t always hardly never agree on anything. But I have to agree with you 100 % . The church is the biggest and greatest ponzi scheme. These preachers don’t want to work. Them or there family members. They believe that they are so special to GOD more than anyone else. GOD never told nobody to preach for a living. They want to live in gated communities, drive Mercedes, drive Bentley’s, wear gators and ostrich, SJK, Silk handmade suits etc. And don’t work a lick at a snake. There’s is no such thing as a First Lady in the church. That’s blasphemous. And there’s sure as HELL ain’t no First Man. They have every kind of programs in the universe that you can think of to try and get your money. If you speak your mind and tell them how you feel. They blacklist you. Like that’s supposed to hurt you. Why these ignorant folks think that they are that special to have that kind of control over your life. Is so ignorant that it shows you just how ignorant they are. I am and never will be impressed by anybody that has degrees in Theological Studies, Biblical History, etc. Why ???? If you study the Bible should be able to get any degrees that’s related to the Bible. Get a degree in Political Science, Accounting, JD etc. Then come back and relate to me. David rather people’s agree with you or not. Continue to speak your mind and tell what’s on your heart. Sir.Will, Just block the folks calling you all sorts of names. This is your blog take control don’t let people’s disrespect you. You don’t deserve that. Your are news reporter you only reports what’s going on. It’s these LIAR and HOE’S and PEDOPHILES and THIEVES, MONEY Laundering folks they needs to be mad at. Stop making these folks idol’s they are just like me and you. If GOD talks to them then HE certainly should talk to US. Yes Lord :):):)

      • Miss Richardson did u just say people’s disrespect you? Just a few minutes ago you was just on the church and cogic bandwagon and now u on the davidism theology bandwagon. Sis ur are twisted in the mind. A double minded man or woman is unstable in alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll there ways. Now twirl twirl twirl pahahahahahaha I think you just like to get on here and make some noise. Seeking attention. Cause the stuff you say don’t make any kinda sense lol

    • Oh fatha!!! Here we go

  15. The Grand Ole has become an embarrassment to its organization. They are an embarrassment to the Christian faith that encompasses ALL religious sects and/or denominations. The blames lies with the perpetrators but it also lies with the Presiding Bishop of this organization. When an employee, particularly Executive management is caught in a grievous act that’s deemed insubordination to the policies of that company, that Executive is terminated immediately. Bishop Blake has coddled and mis-handled his underlings for some time. The COGIC has historically slapped their General Board, Bishops, Elders from the pulpit to the laity on the wrist with little more than a “be careful” next time. This is WHY the organization is teetering on the brink of ruins. There is no culpability, no accountability, and no repercussions for less than stellar behavior for those in key positions. The question one should ask is “WHY’ is Bishop Blake silent? Silence is consent. Is he afraid that should he take the heavy hand approach “that his OWN skeletons” will come tumbling out of the closet? Is he afraid that he will be called to the carpet about his own infallacies? Get off your duff Bishop Blake and do the JOB the people elected you to do! Bring this church back to God, order and human decency! If you dare!!!!

    • I wish I had the name of the site but there was a letter from mother Lizzie woods Robinson and she named some missionaries by name who were in error and took partner church split and she said these women do not even invite them into your church to preach! And they used to do the same thing to the men too. We need to get back to the old landmarks preach the word and do business the Bible way

  16. @ Leslie. Tell it like it is! They want more than the average person makes in one week for preaching on Sunday morning. This new trend of having all these so called adjutants is a hot mess. Now you want people to serve you. One so called first lady is driven around town by one of her female ministers. Her husband has less than 600 members. Pastors are now too good to hold their own Bible and water bottle and face towel. You have 300 adults but two assistant pastors are on the payroll plus your wife and nobody gets to the office before 10 am on Monday – Friday. Really? Lastly you do not even want to live right but want a huge check for preaching to me? Stop!

    • #facts

    • @Edward
      For some of the things you say, it could be that you are on the ‘outside looking in’. There is a lot more to the job than meets the eye. However, my concern is that the clergy and the ‘first family’ feels like they own the church. It seems like they make it a family business that will be kept and administered by their family. I wanted to donate an LED electronic bulletin board/marquee for the front of our church,but I don’t feel like it is MY church. Again it seems like it is THEIR church.

  17. I grew up in COGIC almost 50 years ago and sadly I see that they still do not encourage their members to strive for a higher education. They used to think it was of the devil when I was a child and didn’t promote intellectual capability. Apparently, they still don’t judging by the gross spelling errors of this article/blog.

    What is PREGNANTED? The church is Evangelist Temple COGIC. Alleged (proper spelling) and allegations shouldn’t follow each other in a sentence as they mean the same thing. A dictionary can become your friend. One poster implied that Bishop Blake may retire or chose not to run again then said in that case Bishop Sheard would “unseat” him?? How does one unseat a person if they’re retiring from the position?? Did you mean he would “replace” him? Critical thinking skills can become your friend, poster.

    A bold headline reads Bishop Kyles impregnated a minor yet upon reading the article further it only alleges he had sex with a minor. With writing skills like what has been seen here and such inconsistent reporting even within a few sentences, your testimony would never stand in court because you’d not be considered a credible witness.

    Carry on but just know that there are community colleges in your area that provide a relatively inexpensive way to get an education…ahem, I mean IMPROVE upon your education. I know you probably care little for this world system as you await to go to your heavenly home but since the Lord will leave you here for a few decades you might as well learn how to properly read and write in it above a 4th grade level. Be blessed. 🙂

  18. God bless our church, I love the church of God in Christ

  19. Father God, I come before you not asking anything for myself but Lord PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE I ask that you would give a sign or inspiration or something to show these people that post messages on this site the way to a school to learn HOW TO SPELL & SPEAK ENGLISH AND NOT EBONICS !!

    Lord, thank you for Kim J. She understands my pain of trying to decipher all of these misplaced, misspelled and misused words. Lord, I get a headache trying to figure out what the writer is trying to say. Please help them. Please


  20. @ Shippy. I see your point and yes I share a mixed role of being on the outside and on the inside. It does impact your perspective. Yes the job of a pastor is more than preaching on Sunday for the good ones. Have a nice day.

  21. 1. Mother River’s has no control over who succeeds her. That’s the PB’s & GB’s call
    2. There is not one person on the GB that has the global gravitas to continue to direct COGIC from an organizational, ecumenical, ,media, and spiritual level other than Blake. Bishop Brooks has that but is too old. JW Macklin could do it and i think he has sobered having learned from his mistakes. Bishop Sheard is the future PB, but i think he needs more seasoning for that role and i think he will get there. He needs to shore up his global gravitas by visiting our foreign works, creating his own vision for urban ministry, and the spiritual direction of the church. Porter can forget it. We don’t need a PB taking selfies from the pulpit or creating videos for Social Cam!
    3. Bishop Kyles should be given an opportunity to rehabilitate through counseling if it was consensual consenting relationship with an adult and he has repented. If it was with a minor it is criminal and he should be defrocked immediately!

  22. Lorenzo M. Koonce

    Let’s Pray for all parties involved we the church are not his judge . We must continue to hold up the men and women of God . SHALOM !!!!!!!!

  23. Yes, I agree. Hold him up right to the jail house.

  24. COGIC was founded by an insane individual Mr. Mason. This is why so many of it’s members board line on fantasy and the moranic.

    Anyone that plants a church will normally attract the like kind of members as well. That’s why the more educated people will attend less intrusive charismatic churches because it insults their intellect. Most have obtained higher degrees from the Universities and they already have to dismiss their common sense to except that God has a son and he was born without an earthly father. This treads so closely to mythology and yet they accept this for whatever reason .

    Adolph Hitler seduced a nation with charisma. Preachers and Popes and Bishops use the same formula to seduce their flocks as well.

    Speaking truth to power allows us to understand the things we do. It guides us to say the things we say. It directs us to think the way we think.

    Listen to the very bloggers on this blog. Notice how engulfed they are with the politics of COGIC rather than addressing the issue at hand, a sexual predator. Their lives seems to be consumed in the church. Their focus seems to be connected by a common bond of confusion.

    After reading all of this confusion of this one wanting that one and all of this back and forth , it only serves that it’s members enjoy this type of confusion.

    Must people are comfortable in their dilemna. They don’t realize it until they step back a take a panoramic view of their comfort zone. I have never expected to change so many years of traditonal brain washing on this blog. Time is an ally of ignorance. The more time passes, the more the falsehood is entrenched . The harder the push, the harder the resistance,

    I would just ask the bloggers to re- read the comments on this subject. Go back and ask yourself am I a part of this confusing organization ?

    • Bishop Mason was not insane none of them were! They operated under the anointing of God! I’m going to be praying for you because the natural man cannot receive the things of God nor will he and that’s what I see you operating under your depending on your education what you think you know! But this is received by faith history points to the reality of Jesus Christ. so I’m going to keep you in my prayers because I know the devil has your mind

      • Elder Rob are you sure the devil does not have your mind? Too bad my friend. No such character as a devil only in mythology my good ffriend.

  25. Delivered and Praying

    We can only hope that Bishop Blake does not seek re election. Please let someone get elected who will make decisions and put them in effect when things are going wrong. If Bishop Blake handles TSE First like he has handled Williams Temple, the jurisdiction will die just as Williams Temple has. Bishop Kyles does not deserve to be taken down. He is a GREAT Bishop! Many people want him to remain the Bishop; only the haters who want his job, want him gone. Focus on the child abusers and rogues who continue to serve in a role of leadership. Listen to the people and perhaps if they are made happy, our jurisdiction and churches will thrive and grow once again. A word to the wise . . .


    First off Bishop Kyles was not stripped nor has any action been taken upon him from the national church. Second please if you are not a delegate to the general Assembly please don’t assume or speak on issues concerning the church. A lot of times people talk about information that is majority of the time inaccurate. Thirdly if Bishop Blake decides and is eligible to run next year (due to an age clause that was found in one of the church’s lost book) he would be unopposed. Now if he is unable to run it would be a tight race between Bishops Macklin and J. Drew Sheard. Also note that Bishop Darrell Hines is expecting to run for the General Board. And BTW Bishop J. Drew Sheard has more denominational friends then almost any other Bishop in COGIC and he is saved and loves Karen.

  27. COGIC….lost book? lol stop pulling at straws…

  28. Someone text this link to me and I hate that they did. This is whole blog is an abomination! Exploiting other people’s sins only sets you in line to be judged for your own ungodliness and judged with the same cruel unmerciful measure you’ve judge others! Repent from these unrighteous judgmental attacks against God’s church and His leaders. If the gates of hell won’t prevail against it, this madness definitely won’t either! This is the tool of Satan! REPENT! Take your mouths off of God’s leadership. It is God who sets one up and takes another down, only HE, the BIG HE, can judge an exalted holy position that HE’S ordained! God’s church is triumphant and glorious and being made ready for the Bridegroom’s coming! And this foolishness will not be a part of God’s church that is built upon the rock Christ Jesus! REPENT AND TURN AWAY FROM THIS UNGODLINESS!!!

  29. Leslie Faust Richardson and David, you two are really funny. The majority of Pastors that I know work a 9 to 5 and then pastor for pennies and some for even free. They work all day, leave work, visit hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, have services on the street corners, help troubled youth and often times lose their families due to the work that thy do for the kingdom of God. If you don’t want to go to church or believe in God, then you have that right, but you are totally wrong as far as to the integrity of those who do. Most people who don’t believe in God don’t because they want to live their lives without accountability and restrictions. Many are homosexuals and sinners who just love their sins and totally outright refuse to live like God wants. zay not believe in him right now, but one day, you will have to answer to him.
    watch the words that you say because the day wlll come when you will choke on them.

  30. Edward you are the biggest idiot ever. There are homosexual Christians and sinners. Your very doctrine said all have sinned. If you believe that you have a right to however you can not have it both ways by putting selective groups in your phoney concept of hell.

    Preachers are all about the moo-lah that BS you are talking.

  31. It looks like the saints are waking up and demanding more from leadership. Some where down the line the saints stopped praying and tarrying and started grabbing money and titles..smh

  32. Jacquelyn Ballars

    The leadership of COGIC need to be rebuild. The leader should be held to a high standard. Mr. Rufus Kyles work is that of satan, I like pork but it’s unhealthy. Protest and a petition should be organize around America against this work of satan. Our black children deserve more from our House Of God Leaders. You can not sit on the fence. My Parents attended this chutch and when they got sick sister Kyles robbed her blind.

  33. Evangelist Molie Montgomry


  34. She need a Life Coach Iyana! Now with this drawn out Obsession of being this Bishop wife. She messing up her Children life. If She so, lost Her “Spiritual Heritage” sound like She never had it. When you claimed to been violated you quickly try to find a peaceful situation especially with children in your life. I am not supporting this woman storyline. I been violated and drawn-out is not proclaiming healing, deliverance, and being set free. Violated women don’t want to live with the wounds. We look forward to a healing process and move on! Trust me!

  35. Lord lord lord this make me don’t wanna come church anymore. I need lord to help me ..

    Dedria white

  36. AFAIC that’s the best answer so far!

  37. When I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every
    time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.

    There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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