Congratulations Bishop O.C. Allen And First Gentleman Rashad Burgess Have A Baby Girl!!!


Mr. Obnoxious is happy to announce the Vision Cathedral of Atlanta newest member this morning. Congratulations to Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen, III and First Gentlemen Rashad Burgess on the new arrival of their new bundle of joy ‘Caylee LaTanya Burgess-Allen.‘  It seems like only yesterday that a group of us was out having a late night breakfast at R. Thomas in Atlanta when I told Clay, then the youth pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church that he was going to be a pastor.  Quickly saying no and that he was fine on his post at Tabernacle it quickly came to past in less than a year following that conversation Vision was formed.  Now another wonderful thing has happen in the lives of the wonderful couple.  Clay and Rashad have been blessed to adopt of a beautiful baby girl.  Congratulations again guys.

Message from the Family:
“We are proud to announce the birth of a healthy 8.1 lbs. baby, born Thursday January 10, 2013 at 8:23am. The surprise is that it’s a little girl! Her name is, Caylee LaTanya Burgess-Allen. She’s so precious and we love how she has already brought such meaning to our lives. We are humbled and grateful to have such loving and supportive grandparents, godparents, family, a loving Church, faith community, coworkers and beautiful friends who are committed to us.

Please pray for us as we love little Caylee and support us as we expand our family and complete the adoption process.

“Welcome home our Princess, little Caylee”
Your Dads.

Now we are aware there are going to be a number of you that are going to have your own feelings about this couple having a child, but it does not really matter.  These great guys are going to make wonderful parents and this baby girl is going to be greatly loved.


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  1. I guess fags gotta stick together. Hmph.

  2. Get me some maalox!



  5. Beautiful precious baby Caylee God Bless her, That’s all I can say at the present.. Respectfully….


    They must get a woman involved showing you the homosexuality is NOT normal.

    Homosexuals CAN NEVER have children naturally,

  7. People can do whatever they want to do. Thats their business! But it never ceases to amaze me how they drag the Church in it, as well as innocent children! Chile Boo!!

  8. The Lord God almighty is SOON to come. Help us Lord in more ways then one…smh…This is just disgusting…barf out loud…In Jesus Name

  9. Satan you are liar and a deciever and the blood of Jesus is against you!

    • ROTFL…. @ Satan you are a liar….. and I must say I love the posting of this story. I really brings out the negative delusion and insanity of so many HOMOPHOBIC CHRISTIANS. It is best that this baby be loved and raised in a relationship of two committed loving men than in a dysfunctional, uneducated, prejudiced hetero household. U GO GUYS… they are trully ahead of their times. They will be blessed,,, by GOD because GOD is all that there is. And BTW Satan or the Devil does not exist except in the insane imagination of the misinformed crae crae christians. LOL

      • Despite what you may say, the word of God stands and you cannot twist it to fit your own ideas. No one said Christians are perfect or that people are perfect perios, however us Christians serve a perfect God and He makes no mistakes. This is not of God and will never be so you can twist it, flip it, shake it, change it, whatever you choose but your opinion has no clout in this matter for God has the final say. Ps, no one is afraid of your little bible bashing gang, it is what it is and it forever will be!

  10. As a preacher of the gospel and as much as I am against homosexual marriages and most definitely Bishop Allen and this ordeal in Atlanta. Scripturely I don’t see how they don’t think that they are the blind leading the blind. But with all of that being said i’m not opposed to them adopting children. I know quite a few homosexual people and know people who are in the church that are struggling to live for God; but are attempting to live a changed life.

    My stance almost seems like a paradox but it isn’t.

    There are far to many children that need loving homes and there are too few folk out there who are not wiilling to adopt children and rear them. Most of us think that homosexuals are rearing children to be homosexual but that’s not the case and studies have confirmed that.

    I’ve seen church folk in ministry adopt kids and treated the kids horribly. So which is the worse?

    It’s a tough call but I would rather have them in a home with two loving parents as dysfunctional as it is but hey every family has been dysfunctional since Adam and Eve sinned.

    Just pray people.

    • You are a preacher of the Gospel but yet you cast judgement sit the hell down

      • God gave us right to judge according to his word, not human opinion. This isn’t opinion, this is fact honey! Now who’s judging?

    • Yet another reason why I will never return to Christianity. Utterly confusing and historically questionable. So with no fake Christian love in my heart I say these guys are the epitome of moral depravity. They should be stoned right along with the woman who shirked her responsibility to be a mother of her own child. Insanity on parade!

  11. @Michael: Did two homosexual men or two lesbian females raise you?

  12. If you were blessed to be raised the way God intended – – why wish otherwise on someone else??

  13. CONGRATULATIONS to Bishop and First Gentleman on the birth of your daughter! You two look like you’ll make great fathers!

  14. Wow……………………..

  15. You know its so funny to me that you all want to cast judgement on something like this but the church always pull the rug over these leaders pimping the church opening up ministries just to gain fame and fortuneand what about these preachers two timing their wives and running back to the pulpit to preach if half of these leaders would take out the time to stop focusing on on matter there would be so many people saved out here we have young people dying over senseless crap but the church dont care about that they to busy bashing homosexuals and sending people to hell and in all reality you that are judging are going to hell yourself take the time to get your word a little more

  16. As Real as I Can Be!

    Congratulations to MY Bishop and covering. Thank God we know how to keep silent in the world of wolves! Thanks for this tasteful posting William!

  17. Two wrongs still won’t make a right . . . . . no one judging . . just stating what the Bible says, that’s all . . . . why mess around being pastors/bishops and live opposite what the Bible teaches? “Pastor and First Gentleman” – – – would God Almighty call them that? (according to His Word??) What’s love got to do with it? Are we living by God’s Word or not?

    • Are we living according to God’s word or not? That’s so true. In the end, God’s word is the only thing that has and will always remain the same. Unlike man/woman. We change things around or pick and choose God’s word to fit our situation (whatever that may be) and wonder why there’s so much chaos and confusion in the world and in our lives. Whatever your situation is, there’s only one person that you need to get it right with, and all that other mess that we got going on is just that. We will all be judged. We are living in some scary times. Good help us all.

  18. It’s funny how when you shine the light of truth around some folk they call it “judging”.

    But as long as we speak the truth in love, who cares what they call it? These people simply cant handle the truth!

  19. This is disgusting Two faggots will never equal a mom and dad. They need to be delivered and saved and you too Mr. Obnoxious. This is just sick, sick

  20. show me one person who lives there life as the bible teaches….you ninjas kill me saying im not judging then turn around and judge your asses off…….i wonder how many of y’all run to red lobster anytime you wanna feel grand but the bible clearly states that its an abomination to eat shell fish……..then you go to your local church fish fry and see shrimp on the menu……i dont see no one complaining about that~!~ but yet instead say pass the cocktail sauce…..i wonder how many of y’all had kids b4 marriage or sex b4 marriage for that matter…….at the end of the day i leave you with this…..let ye who is without sin cast the first stone

  21. I can’t stop laughing at the some these comments. All unrighteousness is sin, no big sin or little sin, no buy one – get one free. I personally don’t believe in same-sex marriage, so I won’t marry a man, its that simple. I would rather people be honest about who they are, instead of living 3 different lives; Home Life, Church Life, Internet Life and who knows what else. I read one comment “let’s pray for this child” really!! Have you seen the data on black single parent homes? Have you read data on the divorce rate in the church? Didn’t anybody say let’s pray for Detrick Haddon bady he just had, while he was married. Church folks wears the the royal crown when it cones to ” selective outrage”. I guess we still that “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

  22. You know, I was at the hospital when Bishop Allen and Pastor Burgess was there. One of my members was having her baby the same night. It was the first time I had ever met them. I had heard soooo much negativity about them. I stayed a couple of hours at the hospital with my member, came out to the waiting room and Bishop and Pastor Burgess was still there. I left the hospital and came back three hours later, they were still there. I left the hospital at 3:00 in the morning, they were both still in the waiting room, waiting and anticipating the arrival of this blessing. After speaking with them, I heard something all the negative people did not talk about. I heard their Character, their heart and saw their anointing. Both were extremely humble and nice young men.

    Whether you agree with my next statement or not – I am a true believer that God is in control of all things, Whether we agree with God or not. His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. I know after meeting these two men, I will never speak against them. I saw first hand their anointing. I know the bible says very clear touch not his anointed! It did not say touch them if I agree, It did not say touch them if I feel like they are doing things against the bible (I know many church folks doing that) The Bible simply says Touch Not. Even David knew not to touch Saul, and Saul had displeased God. So God Bless You Bishop Allen and Pastor Burgess, and God Bless the beautiful gift that has come into this world. I Love You without conditions. Everyone Be Encouraged, and please before you comment look in the mirror at yourself. Pray for them, and as you do, use the word in your prayer to edify, exhort, and rebuke if need be. If you are as powerful as you feel you are, you can just send the word in the spiritual rim and it will be effective. I’m not instructing in anyone to do anything non-biblical, but use your prayer life, if you have one, to produce the change you feel needs to happen. If God is in agreement with you, He will make the change. God’s hand is not short.

    • Pastor McCoy I don’t think anybody is against Allen and Burgess being “extremely humble and nice” men. If anything they would have to be considering the position and titles they hold in the church. But too expect everybody to welcome them despite the depraved sexual acts they commit between each other is a bit of a tall order don’t you think?
      Even nature rebukes it, so they instead looked to a selfish, heartless motherhood dodging, money grabbing cow for a “daughter” to bring “meaning” to their senseless and sterile sexual lives.
      Go away with your fake Christianity and your depraved sense of logic in justifying this madness “pastor”. I don’t care if you enshrine sodomy and c**k sucking in gold, it still is what it is…a morally depraved act. And between two men…doubly reprehensible!
      May God bless you with wisdom to cast out your foolishness.

      • Carlton Johnson, LPA, MFP, ABA

        Which book in the Bible did you write? Hmmm….*crickets*…exactly!

        • Excuse you? Ahem! I meant to say, those alphabets behind your name should exclude you from commenting Sir. How dare you! In certain fields, being resolute and “neutral” is best!
          Are you a member of the churrrch or GOD’s child? I’m waiting…
          Walk circumspectly, Sir when you claim “LPA,MFP,ABA” as monikers to that allegedly denote a level of understanding as it pertains to human beings and their behavior! You CAN NOT defend one thing and then use the same platform to cast salacious innuendos. As far as “*crickets*” go, call me “Dr. Fly-Swatter”! #smushed!

    • ‘Pastor’ McCoy – – – it is very simple – – as you can see by reading ALL of the comments . . .you can’t expect folks to accept something that is NOT condoned in the Word of God. There is no getting around it. It is not based on works or personalities or niceties. It is strictly based on the Word of God. As a ‘Pastor’, you for one should be first in line to uphold the Word of God. Period.

    • Pastor McCoy – “Pastor” is my first question. Yes, I am a believer – but the only reason why you would try to justify this is if you are indulging in it yourself. It’s either yea or nay with God, there is no middle ground. And no matter how you try to dress it up, pacify it, justify it, and say it’s ok – the bottom line is its not. Ill leave you with Romans Chapter 8 – that says it all!

    If you wanna be GAY, be GAY ! But DONT bring GOD into your NASTINESS !!!! And be ALL means PLEASE dont bring INNOCENT CHILDREN INTO IT !!!!! These two NASTY NUTS are just leading a lot of people down a long road to HELL and GOD WILL deal with them .

  24. that why god is going to send jugdment to atlanta ga

  25. God didn’t mean for two of a kind to come together as one. II Timothy states “In the last days there will be perilous times. People will be lovers of themselves. The bible is being revealed everyday of our lives. Get ready for judgement day; It’s coming sooner than you think.

  26. Simone and so many others; I’m always wondering, why do yall come on this site? Psalm 5:9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongue they speak deceit. Each time you visit this site, read an article or comment on a post, you become a part of what it offers. How can you be so save and filled with spirit and yet, visiting this is probably normal routine. Thou shall not sit in the seat of the scornful, where wicked men hold their meetings, or where infidels and scoffers are accustomed to assemble. So for the holy than thou folks, each time you visit this site remember. You take a seat and you open your to every thing on this site. You make a decision to visit this site, you find something attractive about it. The time you spent on here reading and commenting could have been spent; praying, reading your bible. It’s funny how we can see everybody’s else situations just as clear, but can’t turn the mirror on our selves.

    • @Lance And why do YOU frequent this site? Even with YOUR comments? Are YOU not also speaking of YOURSELF in the mix?

      • I’m not speaking of myself! If the shoe fits, wear it. If I was at my Doctors office and the nurse call “Mr. Sam” I wouldn’t move because its not my name. My post must have called your name because you answered. I will assume you are a believer, scripture reading, holy and separated person, but you and others still visit this site. People say this site is nothing but mess and claim they can’t stand this site, its administrator and the information it provides. Why you still here? I used the Bible to try and demonstrate why maybe you should stay clear. Please feel to show me how visiting this site helps you and others advance the kingdom.

    • Amen! Amen!

      • YOUR particular comments didnt call me out at all — I have been here all along JUST AS YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE! I REPEAT, YOUR comments speak of those folks frequenting this site, YET YOU REMAIN TO DO THE SAME!??? So your statement makes no sense! FYI Many of us are readers of this blog as well as listeners of William’s daily radio show ‘Obnoxious LIVE’.

  27. @ChileBoo and anybody else!! When did I say I had a problem with this site? I’m not sure if you were agreeing with me or what. If not, please explain how my comments make no sense. Your whole statement, if directed at me makes no sense!!

  28. So just because a person chooses to be gay that automatically means they can’t provide a stable and loving environment for a child. We don’t know what this child is being saved from. At the end of the day, you don’t have to like their life style but they have the right to abopt a child if they desire. For all those asking “why bring an innocent child into this”. Well, couldn’t the same be said for about 80% of the children born in this country? The baby says draw them by love and kindness, how can you make hateful comments and in the same statement say “they need to right with God”. If God was to ever expose some folks, you know it would not be pretty. The ones always running their mouth, got the most dead bodies buried in the back yard.

    • The fact that they have a child is not on trial here but the mere fact that they openly living a Homosexual lifestyle and calling themselves bishop and pastor. Come on let’s not major in minors, we all know the issue at hand but the truth cause some discomfort. So what, it’s the truth and to be accepting of this foolishness means you are in agreeance against the Word of God.

  29. So, someone said where is “Pastor and 1st Gentleman” in the bible? Where is 1st Lady? Last I checked that’s the presidents wife. So chill with the semantics. These are two awesome people who’s work far outweigh wherever sin people think they are in. Jesus simply said, judge me for my works sake. Until you see their work don’t judge. Amen!

    • When Jesus spoke those words, He was referring to His diety. Many of the Jews and scribes didn’t believe Jesus was Christ the Messiah. There are many people doing wonderful things in the name of Jesus, but I’m reminded of the scripture in Matt. 24:24, “For false Christs and FALSE prophets (preachers and teachers) will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive EVEN the ELECT–if that were possible.” I would just encourage the true saints of God, who hold up the blood stained banner for the Lord, to hold fast to their profession of faith and keep striving to live holy in the presence of God.

      I’m curious about what is written here simply because it makes me more aware of what I need to be praying for. Truthfully, I was very troubled by some of the blogs written about the different preachers and singers, etc., but it causes me, at the end of the day, to want to be that much more diligent about seeking God’s face and doing exactly what pleases Him. If we but deny ourselves, take up the cross, whatever that may be, and follow Christ, there would be little for Mr. McCray to report. None of the failings of these men and women about which he writes should be the ones to look to. We are to look to Jesus. How we have strayed so far from the standards of biblical holiness, I don’t know. But I do know and believe the words of Jesus: But when these things things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28).

      I believe there are demonic agents being sent to these churches to scope out the wrongdoings of these weak, and perhaps, backslidden, men and women in the church. They infiltrate the church simply for the purpose of discrediting the church, so that they can justify their own sins. This is also a sign of the end times. But, if everyone that McCray writes about RUNS TO instead of AWAY from the presence of God, they will find redemption in the blood of Jesus Christ, and the grace needed to determine how they found themselves in that position in the first place. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).”

      That scripture in no way implies that God gives us a license to CONTINUE in sin, but for the self-righteous thought that enters our minds when we hear of another unrepentant or “fallen soldier”…we’re reminded not to cast stones, don’t kill ’em…just remember to pray for ’em every time you kneel to pray, because it could be your name out there on blast for something you long ago repented for. The consequence is a ruined reputation. So what if they’re not nationally reknown or respected as before. At least being EXPOSED will warn others to repent and be cleansed, or cause the unrighteous to GET IT RIGHT WITH GOD. I can only pray and hope for that.

      Outing these preachers without a component of redemptive work to this “ministry” is questionable. If we are to do the work of Christ, it involves RECONCILIATION AND RESTORATION. We need to strive to live to please God FIRST AND FOREMOST, instead of man. I don’t know that Wm. McCray can honestly say that because I see no redemptive work in the EXPOSURE. I only see words written that would keep a person locked in to a place of PRIDE and self-deceipt after the exposure. Who’s going to allow another sinner (homosexual) to lead them to repentance anyway? If the blind leads the blind….

  30. Holiness is STILL right! Smh! To all the saints of Zion… I know we’re all appalled and rightfully, but rather than being critical WE should (scratch that) we Have to fall on our faces and earnestly pray for the body of Christ!

  31. Carlton Johnson, LPA, MFP, ABA

    To all of those who are constantly judging: “GET YO LIFE”!! No, seriously, “GET YO LIFE”!! If you choose to weekly be fleeced by punk pastors and prostituting preachers then that’s your business. If you are too LAZY to study and only regurgitate what you heard someone you heard say…find the nearest branch and PARK IT – you are no better than a parrot. Don’t be mad at the happiness and positive contributions of others if you CHOOSE a hard and ridiculous life to live. GET outta of these people’s business with the negativity. YO own house needs a-fixin’ so get with it. LIFE is not to be limited, judged, certified, or verified by you. With that being said: “GET YO LIFE”!!!

    Say what you will, but until you have a court in which you can judge anyone or a hell to put anyone in: “GET YO LIFE”! So busy judging others when your own house smells like a dung heap close by. There is only one God and “it” ain’t YOU!

    • Hey Carlton. Yeah you with all the letters after your name.
      “There is only one God and “it” ain’t YOU” either!
      So why don’t YOU stop “constantly judging” people about commenting on this HIGHLY PUBLICIZED story of moral, spiritual and sexual depravity.
      Whether you agree with my opinion, or not, it’s your prerogative as a free thinking moral agent of the western world…..of which you are obviously not the sole inhabitant. So let others with the same right speak their minds too, instead of trying to censor them because they disagree with you.
      About people minding their own business, it is near impossible to do that nowadays when it comes to people’s homosexual lives. The media caters to all the attention seeking, from movies to daytime television, reality TV shows to You Tube. I mean really Carlton….if people don’t want to be “judged” than they shouldn’t be so highly visible about what they do. But if they are, than inevitably somebody is going to have something to say about them.
      When it comes to homosexuality (the act, not homosexuals) it would be very unrealistic to expect most people to remain tight-lipped about it. For aeons this sexual behavior has been “judged” and is way top of the list of sexual perversions involving two or more consenting adults.
      To all those who think it’s fine by way of consent I say…..DA HELL IT AIN’T!. If anything, that makes it twice as worst. Playing with one’s self alone may not be as much fun, but to involve a friend who you “love dearly…PAALEEZ.
      Religious or atheist, rich or poor, educated or not, in or out of work, we know that homosexuality is sexual perversion…. and that’s the global consensus.
      So Carlton….. “GET YO LIFE” too! A nice clean smelling one like the rest of us bigoted folk who “judged” Burgess and Allen wrongly by your assessment.

  32. God has a agape love and if you are christian you know what that means and remember everything you go thru in life or encounter is a test from him…..hell…for all you guys know he put this article into you life to see if you would truely do has he says and love your neighbor as yourself……i bet you would roll overe and die again if you got to the pearly gates and wasnt granted entrance because of you using the bible to hate other human beings…and watch these two walk right on in……dont pick and choose which parts of the bible you wanna live by… have to live it all and being comfortable with these two’s choices is what GOD expects you to do……you have to remember the bible was written to give YOU a guide on how to live your life not as a guide on how to tell others how to live their live….that not your responsibility and when ppl realize this the world will be better off…..period…point blank….and IN THAT ORDER~!~

  33. {Sigh} My opinion doesn’t matter at all. All I can say is my God sits HIGH and sees low. If Lesbian women and Gay men are comfortable in their ways. Don’t try to force your “sexual preference” on someone who disagrees with it. Let us all agree to disagree. If you are offended by what someone say about homosexuality, in your heart you know its not right. Food for Thought: Your body language will speak up for your heart and mouth!

  34. And God gave them over to a REPROBATE MIND…

  35. Congrats Pastor Clay..i have always thought that you are an amazing man. You are helped me through troubling times in my life and because you you and your ministry I am still here. You have taught me that I am important and I am to be loved and respected. There is no greater gift than life. You and your beautiful husband decided to do the unselfish deeds of reaching out and being vessels regardless of the negative foolishness that you would encounter humbly. You are truly a blessing and I want you to know that I will love you for always. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I know that you will show her love unconditionally and be a positive influence in her life. 1love

  36. I do not wish to be Luke Warm on the matter but I will say that we should be praying for each other. Praying that those who live contrary to God’s word will eventually see their sins and repent and praying that we will also be forgiven for transgressions and for us to be a beacon of light and not a stumbling block to those who need God/deliverance. Some of thee points made here on both sides make sense. Just know that people can use God’s word to promote their actions rich or wrong. It was not too long ago that black people were told that they were the cursed descendents of Ham because of our blackness. It wasn’t too long ago that women remaining silent in the church was attributed to a verse in the bible, even people that worship with snakes have a bible verse to justify that too. When Christ was in the world he used much of his time teaching us not to be like the Pharisees and Sadducees, who were the holier than though arts of their day. He practiced forgiveness and love to the shunned of the society, lepores, crippled people and hsrlots. His own disciples had questionable characteristics…a tax collector, you already know he probably was milking from the system, a doubter…which today would be called a hater as he always was saying show me, Peter would wild out and curse you out in a min…..while others were liars saying…I do not know him. In spite of their short comings he called them and made them his chosen. My point, only God truly knows God’s thoughts on things. Another or hit it on the head. We all are sinning in one way or it be worshipping on a Sunday instead of keeping the Sabbath holy the way God said, getting a divorce when the bible specifically states, God hates that. We celebrate pagan holidays and decorate trees for Christmas when the bible leashes specifically speaks against it. How many times do we try to hurry God with his answers when we want something? When we aren’t to tempt him. We walk around with graven images on out necks of a crucified Christ..when the bible said do not have carvings of things above or below the earth. So, we all sin and come short of God’s glory. God choses and uses who ever he wants whether we like it, agree with it or not. If God used a Donkey to talk why would he use a homosexual to get his message across. God is not limited in his thinking the way we are. That is why he sent his son to the Jews but we non Jews is who he uses to spread his son’s message. Let us not try to speak for God in these matters. God will desperate the wheat the tears……..on that day I believe we will all be surprised of who is written in the book and who is not. Truly only God knows. Let our prayers be as Christ taught us and let him decide the matter. In th e interim God gives us enough to work on our ourselves than to have the audacity to work on or judge other. Please forgive spelling errors. Peace and Blessings be with you.

  37. Holiness is God standard of living and both of them need to repent. Bible said that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that OBEY not the gospel of God? As an ex-lesbian I know that God is a deliver and a healer if you let him. God created man for woman and woman for man. Let’s pray for the members of their church that God show them the real way and pray for these men that they repent before it’s too late. Jesus is coming soon for HIS church that has not spot nor winkle.

    • Amen my sister I’m an ex-homosexual and I’m here with you my sister let us both continue in the faith and exercise patience for the rapture for the hour is late and his kingdom is at hand

  38. God can’t lie. Titus 1-2 He said as it was in the days of Noah, it would be same way in last days, so that’s why you see women/women men/men fornication, adultery men and women on the down low, racism, hatred, deception…..God can not lie…. Example he said thousands of years ago the gospel would be preached around the world Satellite….
    He also says unless people repent, and believe the word of God they will go to a lake of fire.Revelations 21-8
    Even a rooster shows us that a male is not to be with a male, My tennessee walking stallion will try to fight another male horse, but loves to see a female….. God says there will be no excuse !

  39. Um a preacher who is righteous and just in the eyes of God has the ability to Cast God’s judgement not his own and people always say only God can judge me which is true but that’s why God has given his judgement on things such as this already, how is a pastor wrong for telling anybody that their sin is going to take them to hell if they don’t come out of it, how is one wrong for speaking the very judgement of God on these issues no its not that they are judging its just that people don’t want to hear anything that deals directly with them especially if they like doing what they’re doing as a delivered male from homosexuality I know how it is and yes when you’re in it you like it but if you know its against God why don’t we try to change and do whats right by God if we love him but no instead of us (Creation) changing for God(Creator) we expect God (the Creator) to change for us and that he will not do shoot he won’t even go against his own word for himself so you think he would do it for his creation come on, there is no condemnation in telling someone in sin that if they don’t change their sin will take them to hell, the person condemns themselves when they now know it will take them to hell and refuse to change God offers a way out but because we are of little faith and cannot see how we can change and we love ourselves and desires more then God we choose not to change and therefore condemn ourselves to hell God doesn’t send us there we do it to ourselves because we know right from wrong and still choose the wrong wilfully, I’m not saying getting delivered was easy but the way of the lord is not mean’t to be because he calls us to a higher standard. Jesus life wasn’t easy but he walked his path in faith and trusting the Father (God) as are we to do the same, to say lord I give up my desires, my will, and my life for yours is a great thing and if you show God you really mean it from the very depths of you, he will change you and make you free, thereafter the real faith is in staying free cause once you have become a new your past life will haunt and call for you back but you must say no to it I’m in that stage now but oh how much better my life is and my sanity knowing that I no longer walk in opposition to the lord but rather i walk with him it is a blessing. Many people do not wish to change and have itching ears to hear doctrine that condones and allows there sin and the Bible says because they in there hearts have wanted this he will send among them STRONG delusion which they will follow much like the doctrine’s taught in the above churches but for me I always knew the truth even when i was deep in homosexuality I didn’t want to go to a church that said it was ok because I knew better and the moment i heard a pastor say that I knew i was in the wrong place churches like that bring people into a reprobate mind and I most def didn’t want to go into that but all we can do is pray for these peoples that their eyes become opened because it makes no sense to fight them with words when they are in delusion from following the paths and lies that come from Satan (the father of lies) for we fight not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of the air.

  40. FAGS

  41. The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are once has once again afflicted upon this land. And those who practice this perverted lifestyle will be judge. It’s nothing new under the sun. If the wrath of God destroyed those to cities, the United States won’t be spared either. Prayers for this world indeed..

  42. Such a shame all you so called straight people gay bashing a happy couple…while you’re miserable, single and lonely. Who will go to hell first…a liar, fornication participant or a homosexual? Answer. I will wait. 😕 All this negativity sounds like jealously. At least they’re not in the closet like many of you. Yeah. You lay with a man, then go home to your wife. Yes I said it. Yet you damn us to hell? Lmao!!!!!!! Get a life you can enjoy, stop messing these women’s lives up and come out of your closeted lie. Who is the FAGGOT now? Clearly half of you are.

  43. BISHOP and first gentleman…first for the BISHOP you’re ministering to the souls of GOD!!! You can’t possibly be preaching from the same BIBLE that says homosexuality is an abomination against GOD!!!!

  44. What’s wrong with you ppl who believe nothing is wrong with this. All you ppl have unconscious minds that need to be awaking! How dare he preach the Law of our Creator and believe homosexuality isn’t the work of the devil! I wish the best for that innocent child!

  45. Judgment day will soon be here


  46. Congrats to the beautiful family! Loving parents, beautiful baby girl. Peace and love to you three!

  47. ….
    What’s wrong?
    You get to be wrong.
    What is wrong is the media, left and politicians who constantly
    make a big deal about “The Content of Their Character.”
    instead of about that they are Gay.
    …. 😉

  48. Judge not , and condemn not. I seem to remember that one.

  49. THIS MAKES ME LIVID! A gay pastor!? WOW! What is this world coming to!!!! We WILL soon face judgement from THE Lord God Almighty!!! Please open your eyes and your bibles:/

    • You really are children of a lesser God.Have you ever stopped to see the contrast in the bible between what Jesus said God is like compared to what Moses, or whoever really wrote the old T, said God was like. One was judgement, condemnation ,murder ,no mercy. the other was Love, Peace, Long Suffering, Joy Kindness, Mildness, non judging, non condemning. It shows and even Jesus alluded to this that the religious leaders of that time twisted the holy writings preventing any from entering paradise. And yet you continue to use those same twisted scriptures. Judge not neither condemn.Jesus never condemned the Homosexuals. How can an Almighty God, hate his own creation. that sounds like a human trait to me.

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