Kim Kardashian Delivers Bastard Baby Girl One Month Early!!!

Well folks, the media frenzy surrounding Kim Kardashian being pregnant is now over. Thanks to Kris Jenner, we are now about to experience phase 2 of the plan, ‘make millions on post pregnancy hoopla.’ Friday night ( June 15, 2013) Kim started experience major discomfort and checked herself into the Cedars-Sinai Medical. Sources close to Kim & Kanya say it was a NATURAL CHILD BIRTH. She started having contractions Friday night and went into full labor early Saturday AM.

Kanye cancelled his appearance at his album release party the moment Kim told him she was feeling a little off. This is the first child for both Kim and Kanye. Lord knows I cant wait for the pictures to drop. Watch out Blue Ivy, you know have some competition hunty. We all know that Miss Kris Jenner does not play. Chile I can’t wait to see wait to see what this baby looks like. Kim boo booed out a little bastard girl for Kanye West. This is such a great disappointment that has now become a reality.
Well, thank God because she was pregnant as a goose and looked horrible!

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  1. Let’s put this child at the top of your prayer list.She will need it.

  2. Do you call all kids born out of wedlock bastards including the children of your friends and family members? ALSP do. you refer to everyone who has sex outside of marriage fornicators.Premarital sex is fornication

    • that’s ugly to call the baby a bastard.

      • It is what it is……..this woman filed for divorce 72 days after taking marriage vows in a spectacular wedding, walks away from the man and chases another man and pops up pregnant before the divorce ink is dry..what sane person does that, no before or after thought as to how the lad is conceived or portrayed to the public. Her state of mind is indeed manic, po baby will at best be well taken care of.

  3. He only said it for a reaction. Being desperate for comments will make you do and say anything.

    • He told the truth, that shit is past tacky. Kanye West crazy as hell, but brother thinking merged money empire her face on every tabloid, market magazine, perfume, clothing lines, bad acting roles, reality tv, the queen of media whores, she Prolly had. C-section to ward off infection to the baby. That vagina is a cess-pool deseases. Chick need to have a seat, treatment mental and medical. Kanye and co. Just move ur heiress to Paris already.

  4. no one should ever be called “bastard,” especially by alleged spiritual ppl. how ppl got to the planet should not define them. As a gr8 bishop states: “Your parents may have decided to have you, but first, God decided to send you.”

    • Napoleon, we are were all predestined, just saying Kim whoredashian seems to think she can just jump into bed with anywho anytime and have unprotected sex inside of marriage committed adultery and have a bastard baby to boot the mess. No shame, no morals, all the money she has she could have waited and made a good name for the baby. If Beyonce date Jay and marry and then have a child, a product marriage, k. Whoredashian could have waited or had a kid by her husband. She been legally, married twice. That ho played out.

      • I’m not debating whether or not Kim K. is a whore, nor that Kanye is a discombobulated soul. I’m just saying that their actions in NO WAY defines the baby’s destiny. Giving the baby a name like “bastard” is not fair to the baby. Call the mother a whore, and the father an emotional dumb dumb…but call the baby a baby bcuz she still has a chance to become an awesome human being. And yes, as far as Kim goes, I agree with u: “That ho played out.” lol

      • These thirsty folk put this baby out there like that. Everyody got a past, but these grown folk are the only ones that have to shape the kid destiny. The mother hot off a fake marriage thirsty for fame, just not a good look for me.

  5. You title is very cruel. Why????????????????

  6. ” A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD. ” (Deuteronomy 23:2)

  7. Due the parents way too many generational patterns and curses will be something the child will have to deal with. Kevin, I am with you, the child will need much prayer.

  8. Now that kim;s goal of having a Black man’s out of wedlock baby has been achieved, what will she do next to stay in the headlines? Her whole focus should now be on the child. No more drama, just low key

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