Obnoxious Exclusive! Watch Preachers Of L.A. Reality Show Clip Now! Bastard Babies, Girlfriends, Living Large, And More Is Exposed!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Seems that the church as we know it will never be the same again. Church might just have really been exposed to be a hustle that we have all heard about and even whispered time to time. The game of manipulation by one man that has enough charisma to convince a group of people that you need them to get to God. The fancy cars, big houses, and living large in the Name of Jesus is all going to be exposed in this show. Plus the dirty little secrets that I often talk about in my blog will be discovered by the masses. The question that remains is this show going to bring others to Christ or turn them off? How will the struggling members of these men congregations going to feel watching their pastor live like Jay-Z or P. Diddy while they are suffering in Watts or some other ghetto. What remains to be seen is if the dirty hidden sex lives of these men will also be exposed?
Mr. Obnoxious what’s to hear from you!
Preachers of L.A. gives a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit.
Look for it on Oxygen this fall!
Read My past post on this show below:
Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……With the success of Mary Mary and now The Sheards Reality TV is going to hit the mega church and the men that lead them. Now it remains to be seen how good and down right dirty the show will get, but with this combination of preachers it promises to be full of drama. Some of these men have serious rumors and past that might over shadow their future. However, one thing you can count on is that Mr. Obnoxious will be right here giving you the play by play. With the recent drama of Deitrick Haddon outing his cheating wife with fellow Gospel Artist Iassc Carree, the man he claims she cheated with to Bishop Clarence McClendon, who you still hear the talk about his affair and divorce and much more. Bishop Ron Gibson appeared in Obnoxious during the early days about rumors of him having sex with Paula White on her plane while the where both in Virginia preaching. The real question is how can they have a reality show about the church and not have the King of Church Gossip, me, Mr. Obnoxious in the show. Excuse me for the shameless plug! LOL! Here are the facts we have thus far. It remains to be seen if this will be a blessing or a curse to the Body of Christ. Hopefully it will not adversely affect these men and their ministries and cause people to stop following them across the street let alone to Heaven!
Oxygen Media has teamed up with Lemuel Plummer, the creator and executive producer of “Vindicated” and producer of “The Sheards,” and Holly Carter, creator and executive producer of “106 & Gospel” and executive producer of “The Sheards,” for the network’s latest series greenlight, “Pastors of L.A.” (working title), an authentic new docu-series set to premiere in the fall of 2013. “Pastors of L.A.” will give viewers a candid and revealing look at six boldly different and world renowned mega-pastors in Southern California, who are willing to share diverse aspects of their lives, from their work in the community and with their parishioners to the very large and sometimes provocative lives they lead away from the pulpit.
“’Pastors of L.A.’ documents these larger than life characters who are rock stars in their communities, with a fresh, unique perspective that will resonate with our young audience,” said Rod Aissa, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media. “By teaming up with Lemuel and Holly who are some of the best creative minds in the business and heavily respected within this community, we can deliver this authentic series with integrity, while also staying right on brand with Oxygen.”
“We are delighted to work with Oxygen to develop this groundbreaking series on the extraordinary lives of some of the most prominent pastors in America,” said Lemuel Plummer. “I come to this project with a respect and understanding of their world, having grown up as the son of a pastor and religious broadcasters. We intend to portray the human side of these pastors and the real world in which they live and work.”
“This show documents a journey of transparency from one man to the next as they endeavor to lead others to their own truth and self-discovery,” adds Holly Carter who holds a doctorate of divinity with an emphasis on marketplace ministry and is the daughter of a pastor and an industry veteran in faith and inspirational development and programming. “It’s a dose of reality and a pound of redemption coming from a creative team reared in the church.”
Meet the cast of “Pastors Of L.A. Most of them know Mr. Obnoxious and have appeared in my blog before for one reason or another!
Bishop Noel Jones (@BishopNoelJones)
A Jamaican born into poverty, Bishop Noel Jones has made his way to the other extreme, now living on a hilltop with a view of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu at his feet, and across the street from the former home of the late L.A. Lakers owner, Jerry Buss. The pastor of a church full of celebrities, and the twin brother of Grace Jones, Bishop Jones is headed towards retirement and looking for a successor who he can entrust his life’s work. But finding the right man is harder than it sounds.
Deitrick Haddon (@DeitrickHaddon)
The son of a bishop and an evangelist, Deitrick was preaching at the age of eleven and conducting the church choir at thirteen. At twenty-three he married the woman he was expected to marry – the lead soprano of the church choir. However, everything didn’t continue as perfectly as the church had hoped. Deitrick and his wife got a divorce and the members of the church shunned him. Aside from the call on his life, the one thing that helped him from hittingrock bottom was his music. A dynamic personality, singer, songwriter, and preacher, Deitrick finds himself at an impasse in life. Which road will he choose?
Bishop Clarence McClendon (@BishopMcClendon)
Bishop Clarence McClendon appears throughout the world on his weekly international broadcast, which is available in 250 million homes worldwide. This charismatic and ubiquitous bishop has been noted for his contemporary and relevant approach to the Gospel. He believes the Gospel is not only for the down and out but for the up and out. His ministry spans from skid row to the estates of Bel Air. When challenged about what many have called his prosperity Gospel, Bishop replies, “there is no other kind of Gospel.”
Pastor Wayne Chaney
At the age of twenty he got the call from God and has grown to become a prominent pastor of the church his grandfather built. Fast-forward 10 years later, Antioch is the leading church in its community. With an ability to communicate complextruths in a simple way, Pastor Chaney has helped remarkably grow the church, along with the help of his secret weapon, his wife, gospel artist Myeshia Chaney. While Antioch is poised to become the next mega-church with the ability to reach millions worldwide, there’s an obstacle in the way and it comes from within Pastor Wayne’s own family.
Bishop Ron Gibson
Born in Compton, addicted to drugs before he was a teenager, a leader of the Crips by the time he was sixteen, a robber and a pimp, Bishop Ron Gibson was the least likely person to end up a preacher. He now changes the lives of 4,500 people each week at the Life Church of God in Christ, which he started withonly nine people in the congregation. Through it all he’s accumulated great wealth, power and purpose. However, there’s one thing he and his wife would give it all away for – a child.
Pastor Jay Haizlip (@jayhaizlip)
One of the pioneering greats of competitive skateboarding, Pastor Jay Haizlip, originally from Gadsden, Alabama, collected big trophies, bigger paychecks and high-end sponsors, but fell deep into drugs, and into the crack houses of Huntington Beach and Long Beach, California. Back in the crack houses again, this time he’s not there for drugs – he’s helping rescue souls for the Kingdom. Serving as Senior Pastor of The Sanctuary of Huntington Beach, Pastor Jay Haizlip reaches out to troubled youth, finding them in prisons, skate parks and the same crack houses he once shot dope in.

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  1. William, this show I believe was purposely orchestrated to show the masses of some of the foolishness going on in the Church. It’s not that we are against pastors living luxurious life styles, however is a lot of the blink-blink really necessary?? And the arrogance that couples with this is a bit over the top. Jesus could have showed up to his speaking engagements in a golden chariot, but he chose to ride a donkey. Our attitudes speaks volume.

    • How does those Giants reappear in the Bible in Num.13:33 They appear before the flood in Gen 6:4 . I wonder in Noah brought those Giants on board and did not tell anyone. Or maybe they were so tall the water levels never reached them. UHHH!

  2. Members are on EBT, Section 8 housing and minimum wage earners are paying for all the lavish lifestyles. Another black eye for the church.

  3. If after seeing all of the foolery the sheeple still back – da passah- dey deserve it. I stopped breaking myself a while ago. Read the 48 laws of power and bam changed my entire outlook on the charismatic charlatans.

  4. I see it this way . I aint mad with the brothers if someone pays for the luxuious things they have. Suckers are born every day. I only hope that they see the game and wake up to reality. These guys are living large while the congregation is struggling. My good friend is working his fingers to the bones and tithing hoping for a “break through”. Money and material things are his motivating factors. Everything I see him he talks about money. The Jesus myth pays real good money.

  5. WoW another messy example of the church. If Jesus don’t hurry up and return, a whole lot of folk are going to miss heaven!

  6. Gross! I’m sick of these pimps!

    • That could be said of anything. Your job is pimping you Fed Up. How much do you pay in health care insurance, when the last time you were given a COLA from your employer? And yet you faithfully go and clock in everytime your supposed to. Answer that for me.

      I’ll wait!

      • There’s a difference between being pimped by choice and being pimped by the established system of society. Yes they are both still pimping but one I don’t have to support the other makes it difficult not to.

  7. OMG I can’t wait! Can’t wait for these “self enthroned egotists” to start falling like flies. The stench of what the ineffective church has become is deplorable! And you know it won’t stop at passuhs of LA, I’m sure the ATL, Miami, Baltimore and other cities are already lining EM up for casting calls😳. This pimp-foolery has gone to a whole new level and they’re not one bit ashamed. So YES I absolutely can’t wait. I won’t watch a single
    episode BUT I’ll be right here to read about the dismantling of these “front ministries”….just as I’m sure their fan-followers will be here to defend their mess. In the meantime, keep sounding the alarm because HIS Word declared these impending dangerous times would come-they’re here.

  8. The show name should be called the Players Ball and the passahs need pimped out names like- fada hustler prince of thieves of the city of angels breaking ya ll fools night and noon CHUUUU RCH

  9. Eyes of Texas, no one is self enthroned, we place and promote people to these places. Egotists? Really, and from where are you drawing this conclusion? The show hasn’t aired yet and you’ve deduced from a 3 minute clip that they’re conceited and selfish. The producers are allowing you to see what they want you to see.

    Let me see, do you know either one of those preachers personally? Do you know how much they receive for a speaking engagement or how much they’ve made from the selling of their products?

    Take your time I’ll wait.

    Wow, you sound like hurt hater.

    • Michael~
      Really? I assume you might just be an armor bearer of one if these guys. I know NONE of them personally however, if you’ve known of ANY of the “explicit shenanigans” of Jones, McClendon and Haddon and aligned that what GOD’s WORD(not me)sets as the parameters for Bishops….all have failed those requirements. I’m not saying they can’t truly be used of God to advance HIS Kingdom but anytime any of us promote ourselves and not HIM then YES you’ve just enthroned yourself based on your pride~which we all know comes before a great fall. I bow to no man except CHRIST himself. We all should have righteous indignation over what’s going on in The Body. But we aren’t as long as we can keep
      getting entertained we just stay with the status quo. I’m sure you really think GOD ordained this, huh? I pray that the eyes of your understanding are opened WIDE. You might wanna read 2 Timothy 3…..for starters 😉✌

      • Blinded Eyes of Texas titles are man made. You remember Adam gave names and by the way this show has nothing to do with what God has ordained. You sound like a novice as it relates to the WORD. In the first seven verses of 2 Tim. 3 where did you find the preachers on this show?

        I’ll wait.

        Now you sound like a jealous hurt hater.

    • Michael, they receive AT LEAST $ 15,000.00 per engagement and up.

  10. Seems like we have a wanna on board.

  11. Why do God’s people need to broadcast their lives on “reality” T.V. anyway? Really T.V. thrives on DRAMA and ostentatious lavishness that makes others covet and keep watching. Why not follow the Pastor who visits sick members in the hospital, prays with grieving families and does other tasks that these celebrity preacher are to high to do. Maybe you have clout like that, but if I need my pastor, I don’t think I can call any of these men. True Pastors won’t make it to the big screen because there is nothing glamorous about a true servant-leader. It’s gritty, not glamorous, how are we fulfilling the great commission by watching this junk? Nothing good comes from reality t.v., it’s junk. If you notice, most people on these shows prove to be a fake anyway. You don’t have to know these preachers personally. Bentley, Rolls Royce, big mansions are nothing but status symbols that set one class apart from another, all comes from the root of pride. If they don’t want to be judged, they shouldn’t put their business on front street.


  13. Wake up church people. As the CEO/Pastor of a church, the top person is taking a large salary for themselves first! Then they tell you the giving principle works and they see proof in their own lives and your sillt self says AMEN! Yes if you are the CEO/Pastor of a non profit organization then you do see the giving of others benefit yourself. These people are living better than the people in the pews, including the people who are working. I stopped giving them my money years ago so others are now suporting the Church PIMP/Pastor/CEO hsbit, not me!!!

    • AMEN!!!! If people only knew while they’re struggling to pay bills, not only is their Passuh&1st lady on payroll, their tithes&offering is being used to pay for their home,cars,clothes,insurance,chef,groceries,etc. Of course they’ll throw some money towards Africa and serve the homeless cuz they must keep up the facade so folks will keep giving!

  14. In case you ever needed any proof that there are church “heauxs” in the pulpit………


  15. Noel talks in circles and makes no sense. His parameters and objective and subjective gobbledygook….yada yada yada….nets vs. hooks. Code word for “I have no self-control” and I make philosophical excuse for my sins….

    • ……AND on top of it all……DUDE ain’t much to look at either!!! LOL Dig THAT parameter!!!

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I always thought he was handsome.

        I’m one that doesn’t get the big hoopla over Denzel Washington’s looks so go figure. He’s got swag…don’t get me wrong but I don’t think he’s all that fine as most women think he is.

    • Noel preaches the same way. A lot of nothing.

    • Calirose you need to read. Reading will help your understanding.

    • Alright people @CaliRose and @ Kevin, don’t say another word about Bishop Noel Jones, I am writing a check now to Jones and some extra change for his twin sister Grace Jones. Amen

  16. Some dynamic duo – – Jones and Bloomer……bishops-at-large! LOL

  17. Dietrick Haddon is shacking up? GF said ” I want to be married if we are going to have more children.” How does God get any glory out of any of this mess?

    • Kevin…..”it happened I can’t do nothing about that….imma man!”

      Deitrick leading these young folks(and some old) straight to hell. And since I know that his “fans” will defend him, I’ll say it now…..read Corinthians

  18. “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church”

    The Spirit sure ain’t saying get a reality show….the “spirits”(as in alcohol) must be telling them that.

  19. Michael honey, I’m well-read. Discernment will help your understanding. You’re a post-modern thinker that has bought into subjective truth. I know the drill. Do you think that the average lay-person can call their celebrity Bishop with requests that true pastors take care of everyday? I’ve seen the honorariums and contracts and they don’t preach for chicken dinners. Some are as large as 5k and the bigger the name the bigger the tab. You’re a fool if you believe that they live like average people and maintain humility. I know because I’ve seen it, first class all the way. The good part is, these charlatans will ALWAYS have an audience because of loyal defenders like yourself.

    You’re an awesome candidate for an armor-bearer; the “ministry” needs people like you.

    • CaliRose…….I’ve seen a few of those contracts too. The fee I saw was $50,000-fifty thousand dollars for just 1 speaking engagement PLUS a % of the offering😁 There are a couple of them that bill themselves out for $75,000 per engagement to cover their fuel costs for the jet. I’m with you, if people only knew….but they don’t wanna know….they’re just blessed to be under the covering of “bishop got-a-lot”

  20. CalliRose… we can’t get to Noel Jones. He has recently beefed up security and put a glass/steel gate around his house.

  21. Matt.4:4/8:8…..psalm 33:4/USA 40:8. God is King of Kings and Lord of all (Rev.19:16) ref.Jude 1-25verses/Rev.18:1-24/Rev.19:1-21.If we work for Christ Heaven rewards. If not Christ says depart from me.(see Matt.7:23) also we add Dan.2:43. We must have the Covernant Seal….Luke 2:70-75/76:80. (See acts 17:11,24-28 verses. If we are asking God to help us thru PS.119 I believe we will be alright. GOD BLESS

  22. @Michael …….now I’m convinced that you are either one of these “actors” OR you’re the armor bearer….you may even be one of the security guys in the clip…..because the way you are defending and justifying, your own livelihood(💰) must be tied to one of them. I referred you to the scriptures because of the “behaviors” listed. If you can’t draw the parallels, pray for understanding and revelation. You obviously are okay with it as will many be and may even celebrate them. Gods Word is clear no matter our opinions are. Peace✌

  23. @ Kevin….. I know you know the real deal😉 Shoot preachers living better than the movie stars and I bet they don’t work 16 hour days either. But hey JayZ and PDiddy should not be the only ones driving Ferrari’s😁…..but these “cats” are selling a product what exactly are the Pastors of LA selling???

  24. Error:USA is Isiah 40:8….In giving other than. Mal. 3:10 see 2Cor.9:6-12,15….psalm 12:1-8…2cor.8:7,11,12,13,14 verses.(john 18:37) Jesus was born and came into the world to tell people the truth.

  25. @ eot. U said it an actor indeed.

  26. @Micheal.. I am warning you, don’t mess with the Church Lady or Charlotte Chick. Oops, they already got your number.

  27. Their lives and lifestyles is NOT impressive,
    “It’s Embarrassing”.

    • Vegasvalley mary….do you have a youtube channel with sermons?

      • @Kevin – YES I do…. I get a lot of emails requesting almost demanding Noel Jones messages from people in the military and other places. So I look past his faults and try to be a blessing to those who need to hear a WORD that can’t get except for on the computer VIA You Tube.
        I also like Noel Jones messages…NOT HIS LIFE STYLE.

      • Vegasvalley mary… I love your youtube channel. I am on there several times a week.

  28. @Kevin Thanks ! It’s for Saved – Romantic People. 🙂
    The 70’s classics and some sermons.

  29. Noel Jones message on money was rather eye-opening. He let people know what his price is. $15,000, no wonder he is always traveling.

  30. A few Questions: What preachers are right in your eyes? Who should we believe and What will happen to the church if all preachers walk away? Should the people set the standards of what preachers should have?? If you do well on your job should you be paid well? Are all preachers corrupt because they manage their money or have people around them who help them manage well??? Should we penalize preachers because they have what they have????

    • @lovemyleader..you ask good questions. I think we only have to look to the New Testament , what apostle got rich? What apostle collected tithes and lived in luxury? then take the Bible as your example. Try to fit Noel Jones or Clarence McClendon in the pages of the Bible.

    • @LoveMyLeader~

      Our hearts should be set towards God not a man. Sure it’s okay to honor and certainly love your leader but not to worship them. MANY of these church are based on a personality. Should that person die or leave the church, it dies too. If some of these preachers left we wouldn’t have:molesters, power struggles, affairs, div

    • @LoveMyLeader~

      Our hearts should be set towards God not a man. Sure it’s okay to honor and certainly love your leader but not to worship them. MANY of these church are based on a personality. Should that person die or leave the church, it dies too. If some of these preachers left we wouldn’t have:molesters, power struggles, affairs, divorces, spiritual abuse and God knows the church would have alot more money. It’s not at all Godly for the church with offerings and tithes to buy the preacher an multi-million dollar jet but have the people in the church unable to ask the church for $500 to have electricity…or to charge a member to bury a relative or any of the other nonsense that goes on. How are any of these things building Gods Kingdom?

  31. Scripture should be a the forefront of our mind and the litmus in matters of integrity. Posing the question of” “What preachers are right in your eyes?” is the first error. What does Scripture say about the qualifications of a Bishop, pastor, or deacon? Post modern theology makes Scripture subjective truth rather than absolute truth. We make excuses for unrighteousness and sin because of pride and the love of money. Because of the lack of Godly character, a lot of preachers hide behind a veil of security and operate under a cloud of secrecy.

    All preachers are not corrupt because they have money. That’s a logical fallacy, it’s not an attack on the bishop, it’s a matter of character and integrity. Is the preacher teaching the truth and leading God’s people back to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Is s/he getting me pumped up to exploit me? Do they use trickery and manipulation to coerce me into obedience? Do they manifest the fruit of the spirit? Do they live the life they preach and sing about? Set aside the showmanship and discern for the Holy Spirit. Most are in love with the personality and what they personify. When you take away the bells and whistle, there is very little substance that feeds the spirit.

  32. @LoveMyLeader~

    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.
    If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
    For all that is in the world,
    the Lust of the Flesh,
    and the Lust of the Eyes,
    and the PRIDE OF LIFE
    is not of the Father, but is of the world.
    1 John 2:15-16

    I don’t see anything Holy or Sanctified about their lives by that Trailer.

    I do see them all loving the things of this world in EXCESS.
    Using one of Bishop Noel Jones Phrases;
    “I Feel Like Preaching”

  33. About to mess with somebodies spirittttt but Why wsnt the BIGGEST PRINCE OF THIEVES not invited to the players ball? Yes. Fred either one would suffice. worst of them all. reminds me of movie carwash and his daddy grace character as the wilson sisters sang rata tat boom GOTTA BELIEVE SOMETHING Y NOT BELIEVE IN ME

  34. @kevin. Hey. U said it. False hope and a sunday fix. The white preachers far exceed this motley crew- copeland myers osteen duplantis. They make these preachas seem- fiscally challenged.

  35. Its hard for me to imagine Jesus driving a Ferrari.
    Just sayin’ .

    • @Fidel… don’t give them any ideas. Next they will be preaching that Jesus drove a Ferrari to the Cross. Creflo would say something like that.

      • “Jesus was a business man…Even on the cross He was still conducting business” TD Jakes😳😳😳

  36. Some good can come out of this show

  37. The sad part of it all is watching the saints in the pews trying to implement the false teachings that are being bestowed upon them sunday after sunday. Then when things don’t pan out, they want to blame the devil rather than the peddler in the pulpit. To take it a step further, they really should blame themselves for not looking in the mirror and trusting the God that is within….just a thought

  38. I agree every pastor does not get a salary. They get an anniversary that last a month. What is so messed up about these celebrity preachers is that they demand anywhere from $5k to $10k up front before they leave their homes. They want 1st class tickets for them and their traveling companions be it wife, assistant or armor barers. They want 5 star hotels and all their meals paid for. Then they get to the pupit and tell you the poor people sitting in the pew to give $100 and trust God for an increase. Sow that seed in faith. Well if I have to have faith to get my return then why can’t you exercise some faith and come to me without all the demands. When did Jesus ever charge an advance payment for preaching and teaching? I remember the days when preachers would come to my father’s church. they lived in our home for the entire revival, they ate what we ate and they didn’t go to the malls to shop, they went to the church to pray for souls. When the night service came there were results. people got saved, filled and delivered. They stayed saved more than 30 days. Now they come, live in hotels, wear custom suits, eat at the best restuarants and don’t pray at all. They do prey. And, nobody gets saved, no power just hype and a bunch of hooping. When they leave the churches are no better off than they were before they came. Maybe worse.

    • Yep…I’ve been asking the same question for a long time: why can’t they exercise their faith in the same manner they’re asking the congregants to exercise their’s?

    • EJAtlanta… you have to be around 50. I remember the days that you are talking about. People did once get saved at revivals.
      We can’t even begin to name the perks that the ministers demand. If I can add that Bishop Blake now wants police escort from the airport. The city of Houston turned down his request.

    • Lawdamercy, dont get me started.
      I love the ones on cable TV that get people all pumped up with a “faith message’, then tell them to call the toll free number to give God a “seed” as a show of faith. But why dont they ever tell those people to plant that “seed” in the offering plate at their own church on Sunday? Why do they have to call THAT cable network to plant the seed with them? Hmmm? C’mon now.

    • @EJ Lot and his slutty and horny daughters sleeps with their daddy Gen 19:30-36

  39. You are right, Michelle, it is not a harmless message. The tv preachers are destroying lives daily.

  40. Self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of too many of these celebrity preachers (hirelings).

  41. The crux of this whole issue is this: to know God for yourself! I’m so thankful that I can chase after God, surrender to Him, and have personal fellowship with Him. I trust no man. I trust in God. Man is fallible. We fall; we make mistakes, but God restores us when we repent. I cannot trust the sincerity of a man or woman to lead me based solely on what they say. It is what they DO that really matters to me. Do they walk in love and humility before God? Are they praying men and women? Are they worshippers of God? Are they real soul winners? Does it matter to them that people are being saved and filled with God’s Spirit every week at their church? Can they lay hands on the sick and they recover? Do they walk in the demonstrative power of God or is it all about how well they can preach and sing? Do they possess the fruits of the spirit? Do they visit the sick? Hospitals don’t pay them to come pray for the sick and dying, but the sick need healing, too. Do they regularly go to the prisons? The DOC doesn’t pay huge honorariums to visit inmates, But if they did, would they? So much prison/jail and hospital ministry is needed by these “celebrity” pastors.

    Bishop Noah Jones should realize that all some people need is an excuse to continue in sin. Everyone recognizes he is a single pastor, but I don’t think it’s a wise thing to display your personal life on t.v. The Bible says, “Let not your good be evil spoken of. (Rom. 14:16)” His actions can be interpreted many ways and cause some to stumble.

    Deitrick Haddon’s girlfriend said something to the effect, “You should marry me before we have more children…” and that implies that they’re still having sex while he’s preaching and laying hands on folk. What in the world?!

    • Dietrick is planting his seed in his girlfriend. I can’t believe that he is so bold about his misconduct.

  42. Y’all leave them hard working preachers alone. You know they have to work at pimping the congregation. I used to feel sorry for the victims of this scam but it cost a lot of money to play the game. In the late seventies I know of a Bishop that paid cash for a church and then told the seller not to mention this because the members would stop tithing. What was amazing was that the check he wrote over 1,000,000.00 did not bounce. He had complete control of the finance apparently. Big baller.

  43. The infamous mobster John Gotti was known as the “Teflon Don” because the charges against him in court never seemed to stick. No matter how incriminating the evidence was, he was able to bribe and maneuver his way out of conviction… we should be reminded of a day coming when the wicked will be judged by the righteous Judge and the saints will at last be vindicated!!

  44. Wake up church people. As the CEO/Pastor of a church, the top person is taking a large salary for themselves first! Then they tell you the giving principle works and they see proof in their own lives and your silly self says AMEN! Yes if you are the CEO/Pastor of a non profit organization then you do see the giving of others benefit yourself. These people are living better than the people in the pews, including the people who are working. I stopped giving them my money years ago so others are now supporting the Church PIMP/Pastor/CEO habit, not me!!!

  45. The funny thing is AFTER their “worshippers” watch this they will still go to these churches and “worship” these “gods” that they have set up on earth.
    But, I will say this.
    At some point we have to stop blaming them and blame the ones who follow them.
    You can’t be a pimp without hoes to pimp out.

  46. @Kevin…Yes, he spoke about this individual holding money for him. So he (Bloomer) had to wait until the individual got out of jail so that he could get the money to pay for the church. I believe it was over a half million dollars…He said this during a taping for the Word Network. You should have seen his congregation praising and worshipping God after he said it….bananas!

  47. Fidel Cashflow

    I understand Deitrick Haddon is not a senior pastor, but is a minister of music at an LA church. Anyone here know what church that is?

  48. Sir William, You should check out Bishop John Senter and Pastor Decarto Draper Jr from Rockford, Illinois. Bishop Senter destroyed a church by taking members, starting a new church, running off all the associate ministers and then getting the church in a lot of debt for an extension of the building. Then came back and preached at same place recently by invitation of the current pastor, Draper. They/the two pastors also have the same silly little girlfriends and a wives at home. Senter’s wife has been known to like men and women and Draper’s wife refuses to move from Michigan to Illinois due to knowing he is a dog. What a mess. The church has never had a pastor who did not have at least one girlfriend in the pews.

  49. wow – MY HEART HURTS ……………

  50. If a woman is raped and did not scream she is to be stoned to death. Duet 22:23-24

  51. Kirk Franklin said it best,
    “Every Bishop, Elder and Gospel Artist
    you will have to give an account for the lifestyle that you have lived”.

    • OK KIRK get offf your high horse…. and furthermore you wear your suits too dog gone tight. there I told ya. and that gloss dude… stop!

      • He has some nerve all the church queen’s backs he has climbed on.
        Stomp that midget boy.
        He tried to talk to a friend of mine years ago and I told him not to deal with that fool.
        I told him he didn’t want to be a “gospel groupie.”
        Another dude I know slept with Kurt Carr (when the International COGIC Convocation was in Memphis) and he got upset because Kurt paid him no mind when he saw him again. Didn’t even look in his direction when he tried to speak.
        I told him, “Ya’ll gospel groupies are funny to me.”

  52. I understand that there are weak moments in a strong man’s life. I understand that the minute is more than 60 seconds. Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. It’s just about morning time now. With the joy of the morning comes strength. The weak will be mush stronger after this.
    Saints it’s alright for us to have money, lots of it. The trouble comes when we fall in love with money. The “LOVE” of money is the root of all evil. We cannot be against having money because money answers all things. Now you know if anybody needs money it’s us.

    Some of us are going through or have been through some of the same stuff these men are going through. But we hide it the fact that we have a couple of children out of wedlock. Some of us got more than a few dollars but we won’t tell it because we don’t want t pay tithes & offering. And if walls could talk ever preacher out there male and female would run and hide. The walls know our personal lives is not all that… full of sexual immorality, paying for sex, sleeping with the member of your church. All of it is wrong. All God wants us to do is repent and live a holy and sanctified life. .

    Don’t stop going to church. Don’t stop paying tithes/offering. Don’t stop dong what’s right because of someone else. .

  53. Isaiah 56:11 calls them “greedy dogs”😳I concur

    Isaiah 56:11
    King James Version (KJV)
    11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

  54. ZMD I have just one question for you. If you knew all this whay did you wait to put it here where it becomes more gossip instead of doing something about it when it happened? That is part of the problem. We know these things but we don’t say anything when it happens.
    I don’t know Kirks personal life but what he said is not contrary to God’s Word. I just hope if what you say is true he get his act together too or he will be judged by his own words. Donnie too.

    • E.J. you don’t know me personally, do you?
      So how do you know what I haven’t done?
      I’m not thirsty for attention nor am I puppy for the church elite so for YEARS I have been very vocal about what they do but who listens?
      Trust me, I am very well known and vocal when it comes to wrong in the church. I don’t mind speaking my mind about these pimps, hoes and church fags.
      What are they going to do to me?
      What power do they have?
      Absolutely nothing.
      What Kirk said was nothing more but a hypocrite’s way of getting the spotlight off his lies and deceptions to get his impending new show off the ground.
      Save the dramatics.
      I know the game.


    The opposite of a positive is always a negative. When the positive is stated it is understood that absent the positive, that the negative occurs or has occurred. Example: If a person is alive, that is a positive. The negative is the opposite, which is, a person is dead.

    Matthew 24:11-13…..13 But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

    The positive stated: He who endures will be saved.
    The negative implied: He who does not endure will not be saved.

    Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

    The positive stated: He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved.
    The negative axiom: He who has not been baptized will not be saved.

    Luke 7:50 And He said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

    The positive stated: Her faith saved her.
    The negative inference: Without faith she would not have been saved.

    Romans 9:27 Isaiah cries out concerning Israel, “Though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sands of the sea, it is the remnant that will be saved;

    The positive stated: A remnant of Israel will be saved.
    The negative understanding: The whole of Israel will not be saved.

    John 10:9 I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.

    The positive stated: If anyone enters through Jesus he will be saved.
    The negative implication: By not entering through Jesus you will remain unsaved.

    Acts 2:41,47 So then, those who had received his word were baptized; and that day there added about three thousand souls. 47…And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.

    The positive stated: The Lord was adding the saved to His church. (The saved were those who believed the gospel and were baptized.)
    The negative implication: Those who did not believe Peter’s message and were not
    baptized, were not saved, and they were not added to the church.

    Romans 10:13 for “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

    The positive: If you recognize the authority of the Lord and appeal to His authority you will be saved.
    The negative implication: If you deny the authority of the Lord, and do not call on Him, you will be lost.

    1 Peter 3:20-21…safely through water. 21 Corresponding to that , baptism now saves you—not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God for a good conscience—through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    The positive: Baptism saves you.
    The negative axiom: Those who are not baptized remain unsaved.


    Revelation 2:10 Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.

    The positive stated: Remain faithful in order to receive the crown of life.
    The implied negative : If you do not remain faithful you will not receive the crown of life.


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