Philadelphia Has 22 Schools That Give Out Free Condoms!

Last week we reported that a pastor started giving condoms to his members now we have schools giving them out. Honestly I like the idea of them given away a school instead of in church.
Students at 22 Philadelphia high schools will be able to take advantage of the school’s free supply of condoms when they return from winter break. The pilot effort is launched to fight “an epidemic of sexually transmitted disease” in the city, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
Twelve schools in the city currently offer easy access to free condoms in the health resource centers, but the increase is necessary because teens comprise 25 percent of new HIV infections in the city. As expected, the move has faced opposition from some Philadelphia parents, who say free condoms will only encourage teens to engage in s*xual activity. School officials have informed disgruntled parents that they can sign a waiver to opt their child out of the program; however, opting their child out of the program does not ensure he/she will not engage in s*xual activity.
“The reality is: Many of our teenagers, regardless of what adults think, are engaged in s****l activities,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Discussion about whether or not they should be sexually active is an appropriate discussion, but if they are, then we need to make sure they’re engaged in safe s****l practices.” There are at least 418 public schools throughout the country that offer condoms to students, according to Advocates for Youth, a group dedicated to educate and assist young people in s*xual health.
As a former educator of high school students and knowing that a great deal happens between the hours students get out of school until the time they arrive home this s a good thing! What are your thoughts?

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  1. Kids who are sexually active need to be protected. You may not like motorcycles, but but would you discourage someone from wearing a helmet while riding? Philly schools are just making commonsense decisions.

  2. Funny……….how our attitudes have changed on this subject. Yet with all the free condoms and free access to birth control for teens given without parents’ permission in some states, STD/AIDS rates are yet exploding and unplanned births are soaring just the same…..

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