Best Dressed/Worst Dressed And Red Carpet Photos From The Stellars Gospel Music Awards 

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Anthony Brown, the big winner of the night.  He actually made history being the first artist in all 31 years of the Stellars to win ten.  Anthony took home trophy in every category he was nominated!
Brian Courtney Wilson 

Briana Babineaux
Pastor Charles Jenkins with his wife and family.  Seems Charles weathered his naked pic being leaked well.  In spite of the rumors of his cheating and being exposed he is still married and pastoring Clay Evans‘ Fellowship in Chicago.
Chrystal Rucker
  Cora Jakes
  Dathan Thigpen, winner of Sunday’s Best 
  Deon Kipping
  DeWayne Woods with his new look.
Donnie McCkurklin 
   Dr. Bobby Jones
                                          Geoffrey Golden 
  GooGoo Atkins

Hezekiah Walker
and Love Fellowship Crusade Choir performing.
  Hilary Clinton 
 Jackie Clark 
  Janice Gaines
 Jason Nelson
 Sherri Shepherd and her new man.  Seems it might be something going on between these two since he never left her side when she was not on stage.
 Jekalyn Carr   
 Jewell and Ben Tankard had to be one of the worst dressed couples of the night.  The two of them always look like unmade beds and Jewell should just give up on wearing weave if it has to look a sight.  To have a reality show bragging about how much money they have the two of them do not look like they have a dime.  Jewell and Ben when you know better do better!
  JJ Hairston and Travis Greene
 JJ Hairston and Trina Hairston
 Jonathan McReynolds
 Latrice Crawford 
LaToya Luckett
 Lonnie Hunter
Maurette Brown
  Donnie McCkurklin
Rickey Smiley 

Rickey Smiley
with Tammy and Kirk Franklin 

Rickey Smiley

Rob Hill
and LaToya Luckett 

Tasha Cobbs

The Walls Group

Tim Bowman
, dude must not have gotten the memo that the sarf on your tux is a old played out style.

and Erica, their sister and stylist GooGoo had these two Gospel Divas in order.

Tina Campbell
and Hilary Clinton 

Todd Dulaney
, dude looked like he was scared to death on the red carpet.  You look nice stand up straight and shoulders back.
 Tonya Baker of Little Women
Lady Tramaine Hawkins 
Travis Greene and wife
 Travis Greene performing
 Former NFL Football Player Trinity Dawson now Gospel Singer’s so called publicist Jason Harding actually did not what Dawson to stop and interview with me backstage.  It seems Jason wants to be more than what he is an might make it a little difficult for his client that is trying to make the transition from sports to Gospel especially since he was not the best on the field and a so so singer at best.  Jason Harding insisted that Trinity not speak with me so until he came over and at least introduced himself and apologized and wow that sent Jason into a rage so much so until he wanted me removed from the press area.  Jason was clearly confused about his roll and media.  Just because you may or may not like an outlet does not mean they do not get acess.  Ask TMZ!  Jason’s gross lack of professionalism was a bad impression on his client, but his judgement may be overshadowed by some personal feelings for his client (but you did not heard it from me).  Plus doesn’t he know this one you want to do battle with moving forward.
Wendy Raquel Robinson 
 Willie Moore, dude why did you ruin the look with those boots?
 Yalanda Adams
Now it is time for what you all have been waiting for and that is my Best Dressed Wordt Dressed picks of Gospel Music’s Big Night!
Kirk and Tammy Franklin knocked it out of the park.  The two of them looked amazing together.  Her dress and his tuxedo was the perfect match.  Johnathan Slocumb and his wife showed you how a husband and wife are to rock a red carpet.  Finally Tina and Teddy Campbell was smashing.  You cannot help, but be happy they survived a rough period in their marriage and still together and looked good.
 Byron Cage, he has gained a great deal of weight since he left Atlanta, but his look was still on point.
Derek Blanks

Kirk Franklin, was on point for the red carpet.  However, he looked like hell in that t-shirt for his finale performance.  Now is it me or has Kirk had some Botox or plastic surgery?  Dude is looking puffy in the face like he might have had some work to keep his youthful appearance.  
Ricky Dillard’s velvet and gold beaded jacket was sharp.
Iyanla Vanzant looked amazing at the pre-show and the night at the awards.  
Dorinda Clark Cole was simply stunning.
Erica was beautiful.  
Lexi!  Enough said!
Hezekiah Walker is to heavy for all white and spectators in the winter was just not a good look in winter even if it was in Las Vegas.
Zebulon Ellis was not a good look in this red, white, and blue plaid suit was not working for him.
James Wright looked like the fool he is and I could not figure out why this cussing embarrassment was even in attendance at a Gospel Event.
William McDonald, dude just was an epic fail.  This velvet vest trying to be dressy and casual is just all wrong.
Alexis Spight, just could not get it right at the pre-show or the night of the awards.
Yolanda Adams, look did not work.  This fishnet top dress and shoes was not right.
Poor Dorothy Norwood, who was responsible for her looking like this the night of the show.

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  1. Wendy, Lexington and Iyanla showed em ALL!!

  2. Yolanda ? really !!!!
    Tremaine, Iyanla, Dorinda, Maurette…… Totally classy.
    The men looked HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!

  3. Well I didn’t like what Tasha Cobbs wore. It was not flattering to her at all, had me wondering who picked that out. Loved her performance tho!!!

  4. The men make-up looked better than the women. What kind of skin care are they using because their skin is flawless!

  5. Ms. Iyanla & Mr. Dillard are my Best Dressed they are dressed clean, nice and appropriate. I like Maurette Brown look very classy and I love the creative outfits The Walls Group wore everyone else looks a flammin hot cheetos mess.

  6. I am trying to understand why the men look more womanly the actual women? And what is going on with Kirk. The older he get the more flaming he becomes. He looks like butch lesbian. Plus he is so thirsty. Yolanda is just sad. The hair, dress and shoes. The shoes look like she’s a majorette. Somebody need to get Zebulon and correct that shipwreck. Way too big for all of that pattern.

    • Mario,
      What do you mean?
      Sir William

    • I was wondering when Kirk would fall out of the closet also. His face, clothing, and actions scream “I am coming out!” On another note, why was the foul mouthed little lady there? Dorinda’s dress looked off the rack and Dwayne Woods looked scary. The Ben and Jewel always look run over though.

  7. Surprisingly I liked Kirk’s outfit minus those women shoes. His wife looks nice. Kirk’s eyes have really changed, however. LaToya? Too much showing for a gospel event. Save that if and when u are invited to the Grammys or BET.

  8. SMH @ this sad bs

  9. I’m laughing at “Sherri and her new man.”
    That is HILARIOUS!!!!!
    Her new man???!!!
    That boy don’t want no woman hahaaa and sir you have some nerve to talk about the Patti Pie boy hahaa they let you in lots of places where you don’t need to be hahaaaa!!!!!

  10. It was nice lookin through the pictures great job

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