Obnoxious Best Dressed/Worst Dressed! Andrew Wiggins Showed The Way To Hear Your Name Called At The NBA Draft


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Obnoxious Best Dressed/Worst Dressed!  What can you say other than to give credit when it is due.  On the night of the NBA Draft this is the way you go to hear your name called.  Andrew Wiggins was styled to perfection for his big night and this photo looks like an ad out of a magazine.  All three of the brothers are sharp!  The Euro cut all of them are wearing is perfect and this is the way you should step out.  Now if you not with it you better get with the program and step your game up!  I got to have a scarlet suit!

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  1. Sir Willi, I am a pretty conservative dresser. Classic suits, blazers, button down shirts, loafers, etc. I do like unusual sicks and beautifulbties. I own about 75pairs of dress socks, and maybe 50 ties, including a few hand-painted ones. That being said, I thinkvthe black and white ensemble us sharp. Don’t think I would feel comfortable in it, but stiil like it. As for a red suit, I think it is too ”ghetto”. It is reminds me of those old dudes that show up once a year at church on Easter, or some Mack goingbto a BYOB caberet at an inner city duve. Just my opinion…

    • Lawrence,

      Step out of your comfort zone and take a few risk here and there sir. You do not have to go over the top!
      Do not have to do a full red but some color and know it tis the cut that is very important. The Euro cut, very fitted look is what is hot. However, you have to have a body to rock it!

      Call in to my radio show to discuss it at 712 432 6100 ext 87679211

      Sir William

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