Busted! Allegedly Pastor Jenkins Was Spotted In The Strip Club With The Tithes And Offering

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……This video was posted to Myles Jack, Jr’s Facebook page. He says the man in the video is allegedly a pastor by the name of Jenkins. However, Obnoxious Media has not been able to confirm who the man in the video actually is nor if he is a pastor. The man that posted the video to his Facebook profile is named Myles Jack, who is from Jacksonville, Florida and it is safe to assume this was a strip club in Florida due to the dancers being totally nude. We reached out to Myles via Facebook, but have yet to hear back from him prior to reporting this hot story. Only certain states like Florida and Georgia allow full nudity in the gentlemen’s clubs.
Just because the man had on a suit and glasses and appeared to be a square he might not be a pastor. Perhaps the guy is a businessman that was in Florida for a meeting and decided to enjoy himself and tip the ladies and slap them on their ass. It defiantly is not the man in the video first time at the Rodeo. He was far to comfortable and had his rack of money in hand.
Obnoxious Readers identify this man! Where are the members of my Obnoxious Street Committee? You all have a homework assignment to find out if this man is in fact a Pastor Jenkins!
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  1. Okay…now this here ain’t news. This here is speculation without cause. Sounds a tad bit messy. Why would someone report a “I’m not sure…I think” story?

    • Lady,
      Well we have not been able to verify who the man is yet. This is a blog and I decided to go with it and let my readers help! If you do not like it do not read my blog!
      Mr. Obnoxious

      • I understand this is a blog. I find pleasure in reading “your blog”, especially when you clap back upon being offended. Your words are amusing. However, I don’t understand why the “witch hunt”. Taking a post of a third-party, having not confirmed its vadality, and leaving it’s readers in a puesdo journalistic cesspool of stired up mess, is a formula of messy confusion.
        I ain’t mad atcha…do you, full tilt, to the max…it’s yo thang do whatcha want to do. Imma keep on reading and being amused. This is one of a kind journalism. Not only are you unique in your fashion, but in your writing as well.
        You have embraced it well.
        Report on! Yay!

    • I pray this is a lie. However, hypothetically lets say the pastor was acting out of character. How can anybody verify that the money he used was from “tithes tithes and offerrings” or from the church period. Now I am not justifying pastor being in attendance at the strip club, however I had to examine that part of the allegation. Does anybody have proof?

  2. He’s getting his sermon together for next Sunday . He read St. Augustine’s Confession the 8th chapter. The name of his sermon for Sunday ? “Lord make me pure, but NOT YET.” He had to experience the temptations before he could preach it. That’s why preachers are the best pimps, drug pushers, murderers, and you name it..

  3. How are you doing Lady? Just wanted to leave a comment about what I saw. Someone tagged me in this and let me see it. As I was looking, I was like, “What? Wait…hold up!”…I did my OWN investigation, and truth be told, I don’t think it is. I wish there was a way for me to upload a photo of him with his glasses on so you could see for yourself, BUT, according to what I saw, the man in question, at least to me, does NOT look like Pastor Jenkins. For one, Pastor Jenkins does not have a full face like THAT man. I will try and post a link or something so you can see. Like I said, I don’t think it’s him…http://www.fbcglenarden.org/who-we-are/about-our-pastor.html

  4. Pastor Elywyn W. Jenkins is the Pastor the man is claiming is in the strip club.

  5. William. William. William. I see you removed my comment about you being a bootlegged journalist.

  6. I dont know Pastor Jenkins but God sure is exposing these folks. Elder Malcolm Cox that use to go to Bishop Norman Harper church in Atlanta couldnt handle the cost of living in Atlanta moved back to Tupelo, MS I heard. Elder Cox would frequent strip clubs and porn stores. When he would show up at the national COGIC Holy Convocation and AIMS Convention they would call him Sanctified boy. It is sad that so many COGIC have lost their discernment. Just to name a few people that Malcolm has recorded their personal conversations and talked their business: Apostle Herman Murray pastor of Full Gospel Holy Temple Dallas, Texas, Evangelist Faithe Brooks (Bishop PA Brooks daughter), Bishop RLH Winbush emeritized Bishop from the general board, William McCray (Mr. Obnoxious), Pastor Herman Murray that sing in the national choir. Well enough of this all COGIC aint Holy. From Bishops on down. LOL Also, everybody dont know it but Elder Prince Bryant son of Bishop Prince Bryant has a criminal record. It is interesting how people in COGIC can get positions because they in with certain people. So many people have forgot all about their anointing.

    • Malcom is a good guy, not sure why All the slander

    • Hello Mr. Ramon I see a pattern of you attacking this Great man of God from other posts that I’ve read name calling others as well. not good for you at all brother.. im not going to standby and let you keep attacking my friend.First of all the things that you say are not credible at all. you seem to have a personal hate for that Man of God. why don’t you go to him personally and talk to him. you getting on here with false statements and or things that you seemingly have went on a witch hunt to find bad things on him is going to hurt you in the long run.
      I am one of his great supporters and I can tell you He seeks to live a Holy and He will tell you that He has failed God in someways but He stands strong and advocate Holiness like no other young man that I know. There is nothing you can say about Malcolm that will make me look at him any different because of any the ungodly comments you have made about him. I believe He is a true Man of God with very strong Prayer life and I expect to him to get attacked because of it. Wow I noticed you quickly changed the conversation and started talking about Prince Bryant that was random. I am going to ask Malcolm if he thinks he might know you or possibly have an idea once I tell him about these comments against him if doesn’t already know. But if I were you I would just lay back and leave the Brother alone. yea there is a lot of filthy preachers but I don’t believe at all He is one of them.
      God’s hands is definitely on His Life and to be honest im a little afraid of him because of how He is with God!!! Malcolm we love you man hold your head up and keep preaching Holiness brother!!!

  7. Correction Pastor Herman Jeffferson out of Bonweir Texas that sing in the national choir.

  8. Rev needs to come party with me at the bar 不不不不不

  9. Ramon your comments are a waste Pastor Cox is a Saved and Sanctified young man!!
    Stop going off of things you hear from people that dislike him as yourself u are the same one who spoke bad things about him I’ve read on other comments on this blog.All ill say is the Lord is Blessing the brother greatly this post has nothing to do with him and or Pastor Bryant this so at random!!!

  10. AWW! that’s him!
    Well at least looking at some ladies and not no mens!

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