Busted! Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Ousted National Evangelist Earl Carter Arrested For Beating His Daughter With A Lead Pipe

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Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again meets Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Earl Carter was booked on Sunday May, 6th . Carter was booked into the Orange County Jail system in or around Orlando, FL.  About a week ago we received a direct message on Facebook from a female claiming to be Earl’s daughter.  In the message she claimed that her father beat her with a lead pipe and she was in the hospital.  Desperate to share her story of how down through the years her father has allegedly been physically abusive to her and her mother.

The message was suspicious at best and one we took as a joke due to the phone left to reach the alleaged victim was a Google Number.  In our message back we stated that we thought it was a game, but they responded it had been very traumatic and they would get back to us.  Well, now it see,s that it might have all been true since a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee sent a recent mugshot of Earl Carter.

According to Crime Informer Earl Carter is close to seventy years old and was arrested on May 6 on three felony counts!  Perhaps it wa really his daughter that contacted our office or someone close to his daughter that new the truth of the evil bishop and his beating his daughter within an inch of her life.  Earl is being held with no bail!

The male, with a recorded age of 68 was arrested for suspicion of the below crimes:

False Imprisonment (domestic Violence)

Child Abuse

Tampering W/witness To Hinder Comm. To Leo

Battery (domestic Violence)

Bail has been set to $0 for Carter which is listed as a black male.

Earl Carter is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. First Byron Cage and Eddie Long. Now this untruth about Bishop Carter. What’s going on William? Are you okay? You’re reporting things lately that ate unlikely. That’s not like you. What’s going on?

    • Byron Cage…I’m not sure but we all know the truth about Eddie LongStroke & Bishop Carter. Did you not look at the mugshot & charges ???

  2. Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    Lots of spelling errors

  3. Exactly William, we love your blog however we appreciate the truth.

  4. Isn’t His daughter an Adult? Where is the child abuse charge coming from?

    • the article stated it has been going on for YEARS so I’m guessing prior to her becoming 18…did you read it????

      • Yes I read it. I just didn’t make assumptions. The article stated “The male with a recorded age of 68…” Given that info it would be an assumption that the male being referenced is Dr. Bishop Earl Carter Sr.

  5. Apparently, like the tabloids, whether it’s true or not isn’t relevant to this blog.

  6. Sir William. They got your name all over there at OLD BLACK CHURCH about this story, trying to get information from of all people that demon Ann Brock. What’s going on with Earl Carter? He is still doing live videos, about three of four since the date of the alleged incarceration. Is he free on bond and is awaiting a court date or something?

    • This is a attempt by McCray to slam dr Carter who preached on the date he was alleged to be incarcerated McCray has a long standing beef with dr Carter because dr Carter exposed his homosexuality

  7. Sugarbear Caldwell

    This shit phony as hell.. Carter still broadcasting.. was in Phoenix Sunday night. Mugshot was when he was arrested in March for the Blake shit. You fixin to get yo ass sued if you not careful!

  8. Elder Carter has been on Youtube LIVE on Sunday mornings at around 11:00; plus he is LIVE on Youtube on Wednesday and Friday nites at around 7 p.m. He has not mentioned anything other than his bible studies and his 7000 Club upcoming convention in August. He and wife just got back from a revival in Phoenix, in which he and wife, Beverly, were invited guests. Tonite on his show, Carter and wife were celebrating their 31 years of marriage. On chat, someone told them that Sir William had reported this alleged incident on his blog, but the couple did not respond to the questioning. None of his LIVE shows gave any indication of any present troubles, just always good sermons/bible studies.

    • ChileBye. I saw Elder Carter and his wife live stream and how they completely and ignored the allegations via chat. That’s not like Elder Carter. He is usually in your face about any false allegations made against him. And I noticed his wife had a lot to say in their last video, even closing out in prayer. I’m confused and wonder now if Sir William nay be on to something. Elder Carter appeared quite sheepish, definitely not a rooster in the barnyard. What are your thoughts ChileBye? What about the mugshot?

  9. CashCow, I don’t know what to think, but thinking back the past week or so, I remember him starting off one of his shows just smiling and exasperated and stating that the devil is always busy (or something to that effect). But he never explained what he meant. He just went on into his bible talk. He didnt seem any different in his demeanor since and his bible studies are always on point. I will personally be very disappointed if there is any truth to these allegations. He appears to be a truthful, in-your-face, fearless person – so I hope he discloses what is going on. I think Sir William is at the Women’s Convention.

    • I’m with you. I’d be disappointed too. He has said to expose a lot of what’s going on in the Grand Old Church. I still believe what he said about Blake and the video he had on Blake and Jones. From what the daughter said Earl Carter abused her and her mother for years. Beverly seems to stick by him, and does not appear to be a woman who was abused. And she is not staying with Earl because of the money. If Earl is guilty, I will not discredit anything he said about what’s going on in the Church of God in Christ. If he begins to back away from throwing stones and exposing the church, it would be suspect that he now would being paying attention to his own glass house. I’m going to really study Earl Carter now as I watch his videos. He really needs to address these allegations.

      • Why is everyone so out and against COGIC? I guess this is why I’m not a church goer… seems like everyone get mad and start talking about people and next thing you know it’s a big mess… looking at these comments and reading these blogs make a person not want to have anything to do with the church… it’s sad that we do all of this bashing and no praying.. I guess the church I remember as a child is gone.

  10. CashCow I also have paid attention these few years to Elder Carter and what he has been revealing. I have always believed him and so does the courts, otherwise BLAKE would have buried him. All charges were dismissed. He has continued to speak out about COGIC and Blake, but he concentrates now alot more back to bible teaching on his streams. And he is very knowledgeable in the Word. I also pay attention to the truths on Sir William’s blog for many years. So we will see!

  11. I believe every word. Earl Carter is a vicious, backstabbing, lying snake! There is nothing he won’t do and there is no low that he wont go and that includes beating his own daughter. Earl Carter is evil. He is corrupt and anyone who says different is most likely just as psychotic and corrupt as he is. Earl Carter is a human pile of garbage and if he were on fire I wouldn’t even spit on him because I’d be too afraid it would save his life and I just can’t take that risk. F##K that piece of sh!t.

  12. Cash Cow, I do not have to know him personally. However, you will know a tree by the fruit that it bears. This man is very judgmental and openly attempts to bring charges against the men and women of God. He is not Jesus, yet he talks as if everyone but him needs to be out of the pulpit if he or she sins. I knew that his day was coming….again. Watch how you attempt to bring others to the light. If you do, it will eventually come back on you, but worse. Sir William might ought to think about that one as well. However, I must thank you for this post about Carter. Maybe it will quieten him down a bit. Do Not Judge!!!! Matthew 7:4 says, “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? 5You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    • Here’s where you are off, especially with the verses you quoted…Elder Carter DOES NOT VIEW BLAKE AS A BROTHER! He DID not INFER Blake wasn’t. He SAID so… POINT BLANK. So to quote Matt 7:4,5 is really a MOOT point!

      It appears you call Carter judgmental because of your prejudice, your affiliation and tie to the organization and its presiding bishop. You really need to watch that, and not blind yourself to cover up sins regardless who commits them. Blake is not blameless as a bishop should be. His association with an outright homosexual Peter Gnomes makes him full of blame, regardless of his lame excuse, and those who rationalize to cover for him.

      Elder Carter exposed the video where Blake was booty bustin’ Keith Jones. Even at that, the minions of COGIC fail to examine and swept the video and the story behind it under the rug. And we all know about Blake giving Jones a slap on the wrist for Jones’ nasty acts of adultery, this too caught on video.

      If you are going to talk about the lack of fruit of the “brethren”, talk about all of it. Just not single out Elder Carter, and if God has no respect of person, NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

      • Earl Carter was arrested in 2009 for beating his daughter, he has been beating his daughter and wife for a long time now. He cheated on his wife with multiple women. Earl Carter has a long history of going to jail for abusing his daughter and wife. You can look up Earl Carter in the Florida’s prison sentence.

        And no the video of Blake and Jones is a fake video. it’s a gay porno video that Earl Carter wants everybody to watch. Earl Carter has watched that video multiple times, Blake is not in that gay video so stop believing everything you hear. And what Christian man wants people to watch a gay porn video? That is nasty, dude is a liar and has been lying to get money from people to live off for years. Carter use to make money off of Youtube sponsors from Beer and condom commercials on Youtube, but he can’t get sponsors anymore because of his attacks on Preachers. If you remember Blake wasn’t his only victim, he attacked Bishop Sheard, Bishop Brooks, Mother Lewis, Bishop Porter, Bishop Patterson etc…. Now he makes money from people sending him money on Paypal. He says he’s too old to get a job so he depends on people’s money to live off of.

        One more thing Carter didn’t win the case against Blake, Blake dropped the case because he didn’t want Carter to go to Prison, It’s already on record that Carter didn’t have evidence on Blake, the Judge ask Carter to present his evidence and Carter had none to show. Carter is telling people he’s going to sue Blake but we know that’s not going to happen. The guy is a con artist and he’s making money, it’s all and has always been about Money with Earl Carter.

  13. Dr. Carter initially had no bond, because Domestic Violence cases in Florida are initially issued no bonds as a cooling off period. He was Issued a Bond of $3000 on the False Imprisonment Charge which is an automatic felony charge, but is a charge you receive when you won’t allow a person to leave a place, like not allowing your daughter to leave your house or she claims you wouldn’t let her leave. $150 Bond on Child Abuse charge. Misdemeanor $150 Bond Misdemeanor, for tampering with witness, which means he was accused of keeping her from the phone not enabling her to call the police, And $100 Bond for Misdemeanor Battery Charge. So Yes, Sir William is again correct, he was charged and arrested, however based on the bonds it doesn’t look like the courts are taking it to serious. These are the lowest possible bonds that could have been set with out giving him a PR Bond. Clearly if there were pictures showing injuries these would have been serious bonds. Praying his family is able to recover from whatever happened.

  14. Any abuse is awful whether it’s mental physical spiritual or whatever. My two daughters are grown awesome professional women, neither daughter has ever given me a problem. However, if either of my grown daughters do anything that places them in harms way, they know mom is on her way to chastise them by any means necessary, shoe pipe hanger , my fist or whatever, my grown daughter knows I love them. When Carters daughter was a child, when my daughters were children the law forbid spankings or whippings, ( I did not pay that law no attention cause I was the parent judge and police). Because I was the police/parent my girls were in line with life skills/behavior. My oldest daughter I spank her maybe three times. My baby girl maybe twice. The point I’m trying to make if we don’t spank/police our children when they are adults you might have to use a pipe or whatever, because things can build up, so spank their azzz when they are little. An older woman told me along time ago, “If you don’t make your children cry your children when they are adults they will make you cry”. Now for the wife, if he is/has been abusive I’ll have to blame the wife holy ghost or not, I would have left him along time ago, or I would make real good love to him, then wait for that first snore and send him on his eternity way. Amen

    • Oh Oh.. Watch out there now. That’s old school right there!

      • Yes I am old school Cash, and I am a victim of husband physical and mental abuse. That last attack I did in fact made good love to him and he went to sleep, I was sitting up beside him in bed with a 38 in my hand, as I was looking down at him the thought came to mind, he is not worth no more pain, so I left and never looked back. We had a beautiful home and nice cars, I told the judge he can have the house and cars and All the furniture. I took my baby daughter, a 1962 convertible TBird from a previous marriage and one of the Rotts. I was gone, And still single ,happy, fine and free.

        • You don’t play! My wife and I had the philosophy, we weren’t raising children, we were raising them to be ADULTS. All turned out fine! We had an incident where a lady at KMART called in DFS on my wife because she had a strap to scare my oldest when shopping. We told the agent who came to our house, we believed in spanking. The agent responded better to discipline them in your home than to have the cops do it. This was way back 30 years ago. I have 8 grandkids and when they get out of line, I tear their behinds up too.

          Good you made the decision not to pull the trigger. Some of these scorned women don’t know when to leave. Instead they play all sorts of revenge games that in the long run, ultimately destroy them. Good you gave the man some good “nookie” before you left him. You are a soldier! God bless you sister!

  15. Cashcow, Carter was wrong in how he exposed him! Where is the bible in how he went about doing it? I also am not cogic and would not be affiliated with the majority of the heads in those associations. Most of them are nothing but overly egotistical clowns in a bunch of loud colors who are full of themselves along with their high heel wearing, weave wearing, big hat wearing wives. However, Carter has a past and clearly a present. He is biblically wrong in how he is approaching what he is doing. Pure evil and vindictive, but since you are a fan of his, you probably will not see his wrong. I don’t care who you are! If you are wrong, then you are wrong! I do not cover for anyone and why would a true man of God put out a video of another man of God? He’s sick and just as sick as the one putting out the video. Carter doesn’t have room to talk about anyone, trust me! Look at his own past and his present while beating his daughter with a pipe? A pipe? A pipe? He got arrested. Karma is something else.

  16. By the way, i have 2 daughters who are working on their Master degrees, and I never disciplined them with a switch. I never raised my voice at them in a demeaning way or called them a bad word. I never went to school out of the 12 years for them for being in trouble. I’m not saying that they were perfect, but I never had to whip them. Be an example and do your part as a christian from the time they are born and you probably won’t have to beat them.

  17. Cash cow, also, what would Jesus do and how would Jesus view Blake? As his neighbor and brother probably, so why wouldn’t Carter, just to address your pointless statement. If he doesn’t see him as a brother, then why even be a Preacher. The brother is very judgmental and needs to be praying instead of vindictively trying to hurt and expose others. Trust me when I say, What goes around comes around.

    • Edward… I know the Bible teaches spare the rod and you will spoil the child. And is our responsibility as parents not to provoke our children to anger. Anything outside his commandments WILL CREATE PROBLEMS, no matter how educated our kids may be.

      Good you are not a member of COGIC. What you said about a lot of their ministers and their wives are spot on.

      Let me say, I am not all in on Elder Carter, especially when he collaborated with the Muslims to “expose” Blake and others. I’m not surprised Carter’s interaction with Islamic “brethren, given the fact that he too was a “COGIC” minister.

      And as far as Carter’s approach to “exposing” Blake and others. I’m not sure I can judge him as evil and vindictive. If you really listened to Carter, it seems to me, yes he “exposed” Blake, but he talked a lot about the corruption throughout the entire ORGANIZATION, especially its LEADERS.

      He talked about Porter and his out of wedlock children – Christ hates adultery and said he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Many interpret Him to say those accusing the woman were GUILTY of the EAXCT SAME SIN He talked about Brooks possibly killing a young lady. The LORD exposed the truth, if you have hate in your heart, you are a MURDERER.

      He talked about Sheared and his strong fisted ruling and thievery. Christ used whips to run the money changers out of the temple because they were using his House as a den of thieves. Carter told of these “minister’s” guile to scam people out of money when reserving the hotels.

      Carter talked about MacKiln and his adulterous affairs. Carter talked about the homosexuals in their comfort at the convention and leading other parts of “worship”. Regardless the ideology in our contemporary society and in the world in that matter, the Bible says “Homosexuality is an abomination”. It is unnatural and perverted.

      Cater exposed, not only Blake (I believe he molested that 14 year old, is a homosexual, is gay affirming) but Jakes, Osteen, and that fool Carton Pearson as well as many other as you indicated. Carter said all THIS about ALL THESE to say that this HOLINESS church is a CORRUPT church, operating not as its founder intended – on the PRINCIPLES of HOLINESS!

      For Carter to “expose” their leader, I don’t have a problem with that. Stephen was stoned after he spoke before the leaders of the Jews saying about them “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.” When they heard these things Stephen said about them, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth. Let’s not forget the many times Christ exposed the sin in the hearts of the Pharisees (ye are of your father the devil).

      And one more thing…it is NEVER POINTLESS to question if a man is a “brother”. Christ asked one of the most crucial and penetrating questions ever –

      “Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?

      He answered – “For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.”

  18. Cash Cow, I must agree with you on just about everything. I went back and watched more on Carter and I believe he is a fiery preacher who will call out anyone and yes if those guys ae open and condoning homosexuality, then they are wrong. I just believe that Carter should be more scriptural if he is going to call attention to them and call them out. You can’t expose wrong by doing it in a wrong and vindictive manner and expect to be looked upon as holy yourself. God will expose them and he doesn’t need help from Carter or Mr. Obnoxious according to scripture. There will also be consequences. When you expose others in evil manners, God will expose you. Also, the guy that Blake supposedly molested has gone public as well as his father and said that Carter was lying. He said that he didn’t even meet Carter until he was 19 and in a different state. The boys father told a lady that this had happened and did not say the name. She ran and told Carter that it was Blake and when Carter put it out there, they corrected both him and the woman for the vicious lie. The father and the boy have publicly stated that it was not Blake and upset with Carter for not rescinding the lie. Im not saying that Blake is straight or gay, but that Carter is probably wrong on that accusation and he should be man enough to apologize.

    • Edward…I have my questions about Elder Carter, given he had been in that Organization for years and should have known about the corruption at the top. But according to Carter, he tried to act and respond to Blake graciously regarding the message he spoke against homosexuality that night at the Convocation, but Blake was everything but nice, telling Carter he would pardon and fix the backlash, but ended up throwing Carter under the bus. About Lassiter and the boy, I’m not sure who to believe. I know when folks are given a sum of money, they will lie rather than tell the truth. There are lots of bribery undermining in this fashion that happens way too often in COGIC, that leaves a stain on that Organization and its claim of holiness. Not to keep going back and forth on the CARTER / BLAKE conflict, but about the story here, if CARTER is guilty of what his daughter claimed, he is WRONG!

  19. For your FYI, Elder Carter stated on his LIVE last nite that the new story by Obnoxious is a lie: that he loves his daughter and his daughter loves him. He stated that he will explain everything in detail soon, then he continued his Wednesday nite bible lesson. Someone had asked him in the chat room. He finally answered the question.

    • Right. I listened to his latest video. He is still a little shy about talking about the incident. This is not like the fiery Carter I know. Makes me think there is a dead cat on the line. Cross is waiting… to hear his complete version of the story. LOL…

  20. Cash cow, tell me something. What do you think about full gospel and its leadership? Aren’t they all crooked and cover for those whom they desire to cover?

    • I 100% agree. Their leaders (bishop) are not “blameless” in many respect, as blamelessness (though not perfection) is one of the main character trait a “bishop” should possess.

      • I’m so glad and sad I don’t belong to a church. Glad not to be apart of church mess, and sad because The Church is where we can go together as a people as the Body of Christ to Worship God in giving praise to the Creator of all things.. I feel sorry for Jesus, The Church from the head to the tail is ridiculous.

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