BUSTED!  WTF!?!?  Brian Carn Quotes The Late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson's Sermon Word For Word And Witch Stephen Choate's Predictions As If The Are From God!  Brian Carn's Book "The Vault Is Open" Is Totally Copied From Stephen Choate!!!

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 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Special thanks to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee for bringing this to our attention!  Brian Carn has done it again!  Back in February We broke the story first that Brian Carn quoted a witch word for word.  At first he seemed to have been a little bit shaken, but his people got to him and he used the scandal as an opportunity to promote his 48 Hours of Prayer in Houston.  Insiders say he raised over a quarter of a million dollars in just two days.  It was in Memphis at the Holy Convocation it was said that he was preaching the late Nathan Simmons messages word for word, but no one seemed to care.  Now we have evidence of him quoting the Late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson word for word.
 Evangelist Lousie Patterson certainly is not a woman that you would want to cross and Brain will definitely be out of his league this time.  As you watch the viedo you will notice he has memorized Bishop Patterson’s message word for word.  Hopefully Sis Lou, CEO of Bountiful Blessings Ministries will March him into court like she did her husband’s nephew Milton Hawkins.  Seems that Brian has fallen out with the Baptist pastor out of Augusta, Georgia that had been writing his sermons.  The Church of God In Christ raised preacher was paid to write his messages.
What excuse will Brian make up this time?  
It was rumored that the husband and wife couple that own Daystar along with Ron Parsley and a couple of other big names that also happen to be white called Brian into a meeting and demanded he prove he did not copy a physic by taking a lie detector test.  Serval reliable sources say Brian called his accusers everything, but a child of God and left.  However, to this day he never given a direct answer to the question did he copy the witch and if not how did God tell her the excat same thing nine months prior to him?
Brian Carn copies witches and other preachers for sermons and predictions!
 [wpvideo Qf7oodXg]Watch as Brian Carn delivers a witch’s prediction from February 8, 2014 at a Watch Night service December 31, 2014 as if God revealed it to him word for word.
The YouTube page states Brian quotes Psychic Cheryl Lynn from Pennsylvania word for word. Now you watch for yourself and tell us what you think because we want to hear form you! Additionally, Obnoxious Media has downloaded the viedo in case he makes a sizable donation to Cheryl and the woman who posted it on YouTube to have it removed.
Read the open letter to Brian Carn when this was first discovered below:

Open Letter to Brian Carn,

Isaiah 58:1
Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and she’s my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.
Early this morning I received a clip of a prophecy you gave at a Watch Night Service on December 31, 2014 and could not help, but it was the same exact prediction Cheryl Lynn gave on February 8, 2014 (10 months prior to you). As you well know I have written a number of post to my blog on you and the many scandals surrounding your lifestyle and ministry. In case you forgot let me remind you of a few of the biggest ones as following: Carolyn King, who alleaged you are the father of her son; Ashley Copeland, who alleaged you gave her a sexually transmitted disease and had 27 pages of explicit text messages from you; and not long ago one young lady that was going to attack you while you were preaching due to your having mistreated her.  
How can you call yourself a Santified Preacher and be linked to so many unGodly scandals? Constantly so many people contact me about your behavior and wild Rock & Roll type of lifestyle. A source close to you told me that you sent your good friend Jamal Harrasion Bryant, who is nothing more than a Heretic to meet and offer Carolyn King $10,000 to go away while we were all in Hampton, VA for Bishop Samuel Green’s jurisdictional convocation and he preached. However, she did not take the offer. But let you off the hook just the same. Ashley Copeland seemed to have just faded away like so many young variable women do that have been taken advantage of by a no good preacher. You have never addressed these matters because you know they are true. 
It is even rumored that you did not even finish high like your friend Jamal, but you allegedly do not even have a GED. Your finishing high may or may not be true, but I do know the man in Augusta, Georgia that writes your sermons for you.
Brian I do not fault you for running a muck and bastardizing the Word Of God because so many influential Men of God have done you such a great disservice. Benny Hinn, Ron Parsley, and the owners of Daystar have used you to come preach due to your ability to raise large offerings and it may have all been witchcraft! Everyone person that invites you moving forward must be called into question for their lack of sound judgement. Instead of them stopping and correcting you they have covered you and made excuses for your deplorable behavior because of big bucks. This serves as an indictment on every pastor that has open their doors to you and exposed their congregations to your black magic. Brian Carn you do not have the statesmanship of an average Baptist preacher let alone a man professing Holiness and seem to be a warlock.
There is a thin line between prophesy and divination and it seems you have crossed that line and deal in the a cult. God has not told you the same exact thing that he has told a witch word for word. Please note that I nor may staff is envious or jealous of you in any way, but in fact was proud of you coming from a broken home that faced financial hardships with your father in prision to make it to the top of the church. Brian is it all a lie? Please tell me you are not a liar, fake, fraud, false prophet that is only naming the name of God for profit!  
Brian I thought Van Moody plagiarism of Kevin Adams sermon during Woman Thou Art Loosed was bad, but this is a whole another level!
In spite of it all, I would like to request a live television interview with you in front of a live audience to address these matters and put them to rest once and for all.m you deserve the opportunity to respond.
Sir William G. McCray, III
P.S. Since KANYE WEST is a personal friend I will ask him about your word about him, but what does he have to do with church anyway? Check us out hanging out together at the Golden State Warriors game and the owner of the team behind us!
Back in March a former Brian Carn support came to me after they discovered he had been coping a male witch named Stephen Choate, who calls himself the Forerunner!
The financial supporter of Carn happened to get close to him and discovered he was Consulting with Stephen and actually quoting him on Benny Hinn’s television broadcast and in large services.  Over a period the supporter began to follow Stephen Choate on social media and discovered over 150 instances where Brian Carn quoted him directly as if he was receiving the prophesy from God.  Alleagedly Brian Carn’s book “The Vault Is Open” is a total collection of Stephen Choate’s predictions and screeshots have been provided to support the the claim.
Take a look at screenshots from Stephen Choate’s social media accounts (pay attention to dates and times he posted his predictions prior Brian Carn delivering them) below:


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  1. If you go on Facebook and type “Stephen Choate Brian Carn” in the search box, you will see that Choate has openly said that Brian Carn has “requested prophetic insights” to share on TV and that Brian has shared his (Choate’s) prophecies at Rod Parsley’s church. My question is: when Carn shares these prophecies, does he say they were shared with him by Choate, or does he simply pass them off as his own?

  2. Carn is from Duval. My homeboy was at his service recently. He testified to being ‘blessed’ to hv 2 Jet planes and living wherever he wanted to live. All this without job the 1st!!Then he asked 15 ppl to give a thousand 💰💰. It’s a racket but he learned the game from the other big time Preachers. Carn is merely an Entertainer who is good at manipulating gullible Church folk out of their hard earned 💵💵💵!!!

  3. Deep Pagan roots. No such animal as a Prophet as they think Mr.Carn and others are . I guess the talking donkey in the Book of Numbers was a Prophet that spoke to Balaam.
    The Imposter Paul used the word “psallo” a Biblical hymn when he said, I wished that ye all prophesy rather than speak in tongue. Psalmos.
    Psal-mos In the Greek means a set piece of music. Prophesy had nothing to do with the context that religions have run away with it’s true meaning. They prophesied with pipes and harps and string instruments but never from a human being.
    Saul joined a concert and the other musicians were angry with him because he prophesied badly according to the Bible.
    The word Prophecy was originally a term of science.
    Deborah and Barak were called prophets , not because they predicted anything but because they were poets,
    Deep roots of Pagans believed that special people looked into the future has infiltrated the ranks of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well.

    • Thank you David, for dropping that knowledge to the people.
      Now, why are people surprised at Carn’s shenanigans? When a snake bites once, why are you surprised when it bites again? Until the head is severed it will continue to bite/sting. Church/religious folks can be so desperately gullible. I’m sick of this reported crap on Carn…he is a slick wretched individual and he is not alone in his deceptive ways. Those he hang or associate himself with are just as stank. Yes, including his televangelists buddies who practice manipulation and witchcraft. My own opinion…I think he believes his own lying hype. Like George Constanza, the habitual liar from the Seinfeld show says…”It’s only a lie if you don’t believe it.” It appears Carn believes his own lies and hype.

  4. I can’t believe people actually YET follow this dude.
    There is a lady at my church who LOVES this dude and I don’t see why or how when you KNOW he is a fraud.
    People are so easily deceived these days.

  5. The Real Profit (I know how it's really spelled)

    His con is strong, but his preaching isn’t. And he needs to take his ass to school.

  6. Brian “whoremonger” Carn should not even utter the name of late great Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.
    Not even in the same league.

  7. Prophesy ! Really ? Come on now.
    Failed prophesy of Jesus according to the Bible.
    Matthew 24:34 Jesus predicts the end of the world in that generation over 2000 years ago.
    Matthew 26:64 Jesus tells the High Priest that he will witness his second coming in his life time.
    Isaiah has more failed predictions than most of the other Prophets that I could tell.
    This ground work has been established to believe that people can look into the future.
    Now Christians Mr. Carn is only following the traditions of what has been taught to him in the scriptures.
    He discovered that he does not have to be right all the time just as so many predictions in the Bible were inaccurate and has not come to pass as of yet.

  8. Maan this is not news. He is a repeat offender. Next!!!!!

  9. I’m just waiting for Evangelist Louise Patterson to take him to court!

  10. This fool is like Donald Trump: you don’t see how bad he is until too late! Stop giving your money to this charlatan!!!!!!
    And I’m sure there will be a periscope video lashing out against his enemies. Y’all. We have to stop this!

  11. So now this explains why he’s always pulling out his cell phone when he gives these so-called prophetic forecast smh

  12. Well, I can’t wait to hear how the Carnites spin this one. What I do know is that leech Jonathan Ferguson betta find himself a new meal ticket. Cause Brian is coming to a dead spot. He will always preach and steal the people’s money but he does take a hit when these scandals come. Him loosing Daystar was a tremendous hit because he gets a percentage of whatever he raised for the station…now that’s over. So that 48hr prayer bullshit was a big drop in the bucket for him but black money just isn’t as long as white money. So it off to the next CON he goes. Thanks for reporting the Sir William.

  13. This story is so long lol maybe because of the screenshots lol it’s just draining

    • Blank,
      I know you are right about it. However, I had to post every prophesy that is in his book that he got directly from Stephen. The same applies for the ones that were delivered on television.
      Sorry it is so long. But this proves that he just can not say this happened one strange time.
      Sir William

      • I understand lol and I get the point. What’s your take of the Church he’s started in Jacksonville Florida and in Charlotte North Carolina with Prophet Jonathan Ferguson and Frank Ray called Kingdom City Church???

  14. WHY should he study, pray, or seek the Lord for himself when there are silly saints who will give up their hard earned money whether he studies or not. Would you write your own paper if you KNEW that you could copy one and get the same or better grade?? If we want this to stop, ppl will STOP supporting him and his kind

  15. Sir Williams you made sure he could swim out of this one! That is a lot of factual proof!!!

  16. Prophet Carn did not lose his Daystar program his program airs every week, he is also on The WordNetWork as well .The two churches are jam pack every weekend. Please do a fact check. The prophet encounter in Chicago this weekend was highly anointed & well antended, I know because, I was there !!. Prophet Carn ministry is in much demand, because The body of Christ needs him. Let’s continue to pay for him 😊.

    • That maybe true just as these factual proofs he’s soliciting Prophecies and passing them on as if he spent time with the Lord to receive them. I’m sorry but you all are just DUMB!

  17. @FactCheck Of course his church is packed because of people like you. The show is cancelled no new tapings have occurred. Now you need to do your research and study the Scriptures and learn how to recognize a wolf when you see one.

    • @ KissmyaZZ, Prophet Carn has renewed his contract with Daystar new tapering this fall, once again checking the facts. Concerning the e-mail by Stephen, he praises & respects Carns gift in the prophetic, and said ” brian is one out of the four who is really gifted by God! Sir William needs to stop trying to kill Carns! He is a Elder in the church ( Willaim) stop it!!!!

      • U don’t know what the hell your talking about.Those shows have been recorded months ago.Brian is still in an active old contract with DayStar.The show lineup was composed months ago so Daystar can’t revamp it.Brian can do 10 recordings in two days and all Daystar has to do is plug them in their designated spots.Brian is not physically on Daystar,but his damn tapings are still in contract with daystar

      • You must be on staff

  18. LOLLL… Good work on this William. I am just now seeing this. I have to begin to get notifications. He’s a fraud. I don’t know what else it’s going to take

  19. However, you were not first to break the psychic story. That was my research, work and video dated Feb 23, 2016 per pimppreacher.com and churchfolk revolution. Pimppreacher.com no longer exists but our team was first with this story. Please make that correction.

  20. @factcheck..No your wrong.I have a really good friend who has worked for a major television network for years and I ran this by her.What she told me is,television programs lineups doesnt function like the real world.Just because you may see Brian on DayStar once a week doesn’t mean he has renewed any contract he’s actually on daystar because Daystar and Brian Carn has committed to the legal terms of active contract.And both parties have to continue the contract agreement.Daystar have recorded these shows months and months in advance.Brian can record up 10 shows in 2 days.(mainly for insurance purposes,so that the network get their money and Brian gets his percentage off the money he has generated through his show.The scheduled lineup may have been composed months in advance and all the network has to is plug the recordings in.Therefore they cannot revamp the schedule lineup.Further do u really think Brian is sitting on a live recording at Daystar Studio every Sunday@11:30 pm.BE REAL.Brian is in North Carolina,on Sunday’s,stealing those people money and preparing to go Jacksonville to get the rest of his issue.

  21. Just gotta say that Brian Carn prophesied that the Toronto Blue Jays would go to the World Series… that’s no longer possible…

    • @James he sure did!

    • @James:He just made another video,He blasts someone by the name of Samuel Ross.He tell Sam that he’s going to HELL for being IGNORANT bc he did NOT hear the prophesy correctly.Appearantly this fool says,I said the Lord said that Blue Jays would fly TOWARDS the World Series and when they loose,the winner will be revealed”.😂😂.So according to Brian ,You and KCB is going to HELL!Utterly ridiculous

  22. @James.Hope you didn’t put any money on it lol

  23. I like the way you put the video of both messages together. When did you realize Carn had copied Patterson’s message! Amazing Catch.

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