Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Quadrennial Elections Heating Up!  Will Rumors Of Affairs, Bastard Babies, Pay Offs, And Lawsuits Prove To Be To Much?  Who Will Come On The General Board And Who Will Come Off?  Bishops Show The National Church Your Tax Returns!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, the race for the White House has nothing on Quadrnial Elections for the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC).  The meeting of the General Assembly will take place following the worship services of the 109th Holy Convocation and it is going to be and obvious fight until the last vote is cast.  Myra Banks, form Houston, Texas and COGIC Elections Commissioner is actually a lay delegate that will be large and in charge talking loud and fussing as she gives instructions on how to cast the ballot.  Seems that the church would have an outside firm come in to handle the election that would have no friends to favor and no enemies to punish, but does not do a number of things that would be rational.  For example, a local elder can vote in the national election, but cannot when pastors are polled in their local jurisdictions for the next bishop. Social Media is smoking hot, text messages every five to ten minutes to close to 20,000 voting COGIC delegates!
The question remains who will get the one open seat since Bishop Roy L.H. Winbush is not seeking reelection and has been persona non grata at all national meetings this year.  It has been discovered that a lie came out of Tampa, Florida that one bishop running had a bastard child, which is very interesting considering who would have invested interest in blocking another man’s chances.  Alliances are being made and deals are being cut to get the next seat.  Who are the serious contenders and who is wasting their time and money?  One man stands head and shoulders above the rest running, which is why he was attacked most unexpectedly.  Since this is the church and those naming the name of God have always fought dirty even before Christ.  Jospeh was sold into slavery by his brothers and Jesus by his friend.  Money and power will make a man kill.  Never will I forget history being made in 2000 when Bishop Chander David Owens was unseated by his at one time best friend Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.  The church did not wait, but that very night he was removed and his wife asked to give up her seat.  
 Heartbreaking was the reality that Bishop Owens lost the church, but it was all to real.  Well, this year there are rumors that one man will rise to unseat the Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.  Now many talk a big game, but punk out when it is time to strike to the mic during the meeting of the General Assembly.  Now the stage is set in the most intimidating fashion.  No time to campaign, but a quick knee jerk reaction.  After you run and get back on the General Board then the Chairman will ask the question.  Now who will be big enough and bad enough to stand up.  Who can out lead Blake?  If you could you would out shine him at home.  Now many men can build a $65 million church, but it is not about all the time how much you got.  Insiders say that the General Board has one man that will call for Blake to step down or have fellow board members vote to remove him (sounds impossible right) due to the issues at and LA church.  Barack Obama did not have as much as the men running against him, but he was able to step to the plate.  Only time will tell if rumors, lies, and social media rants have any effect on the election.  However, rumor has it that a General Board member actually killed a woman that was carring his child back in the 60s.  Sources say the young elder got into a heated argument with the lady that would have been his baby momma when she mysteriously fell down some stairs to her death and Bishop Ford, who was also an elder at the time helped clean it up.  The former guitar player was sent away.  
Insiders are saying that a current General Board member may have paid for Superintendent William Gaylord to file a false grievance with Bishop Roy Dixion in an attempt to keep one man from running.  The diabolical attack came out of Florida and it seems that four men may have come together to war against one.  The ring leader will make a bid for the top seat of the rumors are true.  Now most guys talk a big game, but get very intimidated when it comes time to step to the mic during the General Assembly.  Conjecture says that Bishop Blake will surly have competition this election if his greatest antagonist does not try to stand with a majority vote from fellow General Board members to force Blake to step down!
No one knows how ruthless a COGIC election can be then yours truly.  One man even sued me because he felt I and my platform was so large that I altered the course of his life.  No one know if he was actually right, but we went to court anyway.  Perhaps all this voting should not be in the church, but since it is we need to be more like the world and have full transparency!  SoI challenge all men running for the General Borad to disclose their tax returns!  Operate in full disclosure men!  Soon COGIC delegates will be able to vote right here on the blog with a real time results.
The race for National Trustee Board has some fresh new faces, but will not allow a real determination to be made until we hear the speeches.  One person running has been caught up in sex scandal and never before have you seen a COGIC bishop naked on the World Wide Web, but he is eligible to run.  Now the race for General Secretary is hot and heavy!  Bishop Joel Lyles has been there since A.Z. Hall died, but he has some serious competition with Dickerson Wells and Derrick Huttchins.  It was from the office of General Secretary that Bishop Walter Wyatt Hamilton ran and got on the General Board.  Both of these men have been and held elected positions in the church and the two of them each faced scandal as well, but seemed to have successfully rebounded.  
The real fight is going down in the Borad Of Bishops Chambers!  Will Daddy SHEARD remain chairman?  Has the lawsuit with Albert Galbraith prove to be to much?  Will the men reelect a man that sued his chairman and me, 30 year old elder, back to office?  Did the bishops really have a $300,000 in cash floating around?  Only time will tell.  Perhaps the men that are leaking confidential information should be exposed to the world.  Bishops that take other men and women of God before an unjust judge should go!  Will the pastors and elders council prove to be strong once again or will new leadership be necessary?  
The heat is on now sound off Obnoxious Readers!  
1. Bishop George Adebanjo
2. Bishop Charles Blake – Incumbent
3. Bishop P. A. Brooks – Incumbent
4. Bishop Charles Brown
5. Bishop Prince Bryant, Sr.
6. Bishop Corby Bush
7. Bishop Charles Connor
8. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels – Incumbent
9. Bishop Ronnie Gibson
10. Bishop David Allen Hall, Sr.
11. Bishop G. Wesley Hardy
12. Bishop Michael Eugene Hill
13. Bishop Darrel Hines
14. Bishop Jerry Macklin – Incumbent
15. Bishop Loran Mann
16. Bishop Willie Matheney
17. Bishop Charles McClelland
18. Bishop George McKinney – Incumbent
19. Bishop Michael Paden
20. Bishop Sam Ram Paul
21. Bishop Brandon Porter – Incumbent
22. Bishop J. Drew Sheard – Incumbent
23. Bishop A. LaDell Thomas, Jr.
24. Bishop Ted Thomas – Incumbent
25. Bishop Nathaniel Wells – Incumbent
26. Bishop Frank O. White – Incumbent
27. Bishop Matthew Williams
28. Bishop Lawrence Wooten – Incumbent
29. Bishop William Wright
1. Supervisor Diana Banks
2. Bishop-Designate Derrick Hutchins
3. Bishop Joel Lyles – Incumbent
4. Bishop Dickerson Wells
1. Elder Charles Hill
2. Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson – Incumbent
1. Bishop Frank A. White – Incumbent
1. Evangelist Cari Barnes -Incumbent
2. Elder Darin Burns – Incumbent
3. Minister Marlon Bush
4. Pastor Joseph Chase – Incumbent
5. Pastor Michael Golden – Incumbent
6. Elder David Hall, Jr. – Incumbent
7. Evangelist Sandra Jones – Incumbent
8. Evangelist Sylvia Law – Incumbent
9. Supervisor Mildred Linzy – Incumbent
10. Mother Georgia Macklin-Lowe – Incumbent
11. Elder Kale Mann
12. Superintendent Christopher Martin
13. Evangelist Lanelle Perry
14. Elder Josephus Shepherd – Incumbent
15. Elder Amos Smith – Incumbent
16. Evangelist T. Lynn Smith
17. Dr. Ailean Stingley – Incumbent
18. Superintendent Jerome Strickland, Sr.
19. Superintendent Melton Timmons – Incumbent
20. Bishop Dwight Walls – Incumbent
21. Elder Kenneth Williams
22. Superintendent Kevin Williams
Vote for these men below for the General Board!  

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  1. If someone can be caught in his car, less than two blocks from the church by the First Lady, receiving oral sex from an infamous local lady of the night, and keep his position on the board for years, then surely a person who has appeared in nude online photos can too?
    This will be an interesting election.

  2. I am so glad I have church in my backyard at sun-up and don’t have to put on a robe or a suit. All I have to do is to be still and the presence of God is right there in your midst.
    No money, no egos, no judgements, no doctrines, no lies, no jealousy. Just pure consciousness.

  3. Oh dear, Sir William!
    The challenge you issued would ultimately benefit COGIC MEMBERS and speak volumes about integrity. The members are entitled to know exactly who their leaders really are, not that person’s Sunday Representative.
    Now, in regards to the nude photographs on the World Wide Web. If someone can remain on the board for years, even after the First Lady caught him in his vehicle, 2 blocks from the church, receiving oral pleasure from a notorious local lady of the night, then surely the man who has pictures of him as naked as David after he danced can be elected also?

  4. @SirWilliam: so you’re telling me that issues can no longer be resolved within the church body? Things must be hashed out in front of judges? Who is footing the legal fees for what are obviously personal affairs? So many questions!

    • We are. It will a few more offerings taken with no tax receipts. The financial burden will be on the church body.

    • Good,
      It seems that the church no longer has the respect of the members to obey leadership. However, when leaders are dirty they deserve to be circumvented by a higher authority!
      Sir William

  5. Who was caught name of Pastor two blocks from the church with a lady of the night I never heard this one?

  6. Despite all the sins of the flesh, church greed, abrasive videos, blogs etc. Jesus is Lord. He reigns. His people are still being blessed. The church is still needed. The church is still effective. When a man falls, we really should pick him up. Restore him. Love conquers a mutitude of sin. No matter what videos come out, I am going stay grounded and KEEP MY fOCUS ON JESUS.

  7. Bishop Nathaniel Wells is the man financing and helping Earl Carter. He is the guy that is pulling the strings in taking down Blake. Wells does not like Blake and have been trying to take him down for years without being caught red handed. Wells is the guy leaking everything to Carter and keeping Carter from going broke. Wells is the snake Blake has to watch. But the only person that can take out Blake is Bishop J. Drew Sheard he is the only one that has enough popularity to take down Blake. We will see if Blake can hold on….

    • #Jonathan, chile Please. Blake is worse than a Mafia Donn. He did Carter wrong according to the Scrupture. Where was the Love??He tried to destroy the mans life when it could hv been worked out, all to pacify the Radical gay agenda.If Carter ws so bad why ws he a key note speaker?? There was a time when the Church didn’t hv to apologize for the Word. Who can blame outsiders when they look at the behavior of the ‘Saints’. Especially our so-called Men of God🙁🙁🙁!!!

      • The Turk If you feel sorry for Carter you are truly in the dark. Carter is a women beater 14 times arrested criminal. Blake needed to sit Carter down; Blake gave Carter a chance to get back on his feet after his arrest in 2008 for beating his wife; Carter said some disgusting things that were not in the Bible, so Blake rebuked him. Blake apologized because Carter didn’t follow scripture, he followed hate. Carter has been preaching for 40 years and he’s still broke, obviously, God is not blessing, Carter because Carter is a fraud. Carter told me some mess over the phone, he’s all about money and the person writing his Youtube checks is a white gay man. He comes out with a video every week begging people for money and talking doomsday to the COGIC and the COGIC is still unbothered. The Lord is not on his side.

      • The Turk you are from Jacksonville Florida so is thousands of other people, if you can support a womane beater false preacher in Earl Carter then all power to you, I think you should give him the money he is begging for. Earl Carter was running revivals in the 80’s and having sex with all the women he laid hands on. The problem with people like Earl Carter is they shouldn’t be in the pulpit in the first place. He’s a sinner and he is still sinning, but you want to feel sorry for him. Do you think Carter is the type of person that would help you out if you was down? He’s been preaching for 40 years and nobody has came out and said Carter has helped me out. Nobody goes to his church because Carter is about Carter and he’s a criminal. You can continue to defend Pastor Chris Brown all you want but it doesn’t change my stance against that lying devil. You can call me Blakes boy all you want but I stand with him against Satan anyday. Yes the gossip rumors about Blake have been floating in the dirty south for years. When you get evidence on Blake please let the World know, other then that stop acting like a gossiping Jezebel.

    • What proof do you have to substantiate the merit of these accusations?

    • Jonathan, I don’t think he will be able to: he will be the second bishop to be unseated since Owens.

      • True but it’s all about popularity now, I don’t mean to say this comment in a negative way, and if it comes off negative I apologize in advance, but Bishop Drew Sheard wouldn’t be on the General Board today if it weren’t for his wife, Karen. And in the last election, he had the second highest votes behind Blake, so it’s all about popularity. I’m a fan of Bishop Sheard and Bishop Blake, so I’m cool either way. Blake still has the largest church in the COGIC so he will be hard to take down, plus this is Blakes last time running before he retires in 4 years at 80 years old. I’m a Blake fan because he’s a great businessman and under his leadership, the COGIC is in a much better place financially than they were before he became a leader, so I feel the COGIC needs Blake around so it can keep expanding territorially and financially before he retires.

      • Earl Carter will never be a bishop in this church and bishop Wells will be voted off the general board bye bye WELLS

    • Jonathan, If Wells is a snake what is Blake?

      • Blake is a spiritual visonary leader with some faults like all human beings. Nobody is perfect but one thing I watch out for is people that stab you in the back. If you notice Earl Carter, Jonathan Bernard, and that other fat dude Terry House, they all attack the General Board but never attack Wells. They see Wells in a good light and I wonder why? Bishop Wells have a history of scandals but Earl Carter and his side chicks only talk about Bishop Wells in a positive light. It’s just something about Bishop Wells that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I’m wrong but he’s the one I think is controlling Earl Carter and feeding him gossip. Earl Carter is a thug and he’s not that bright, I don’t think he even has a High School diploma. It has to be somebody smarter behind the scenes pulling the strings. I think Earl Carter is just a pawn in this game.

  8. If you are an openly gay transgender who was ordained as an elder in COGIC I doubt you can really judge the integrity and character of another man lol seriously???!!!
    We need to speak to the man who ordained you.

  9. And another thing! Owens was running the organization into the ground! That’s why GE ran against him.

  10. Can’t nobody preach like Bishop Blake! The only strange thing about him is that he never blinks.

  11. *smh* This is It’s almost as bad as the Presidential Election. As someone who was born and raised in the Church Of God In Christ, it’s a travesty how far gone this church has become. About 1/4 of the of the candidates who are trying to get top spots in the upper echelons of COGIC are embroiled in some alleged scandal.
    The soul of the Church Of God In Christ is gone.
    Personally, I hope that someone unseats Blake, simply for uprooting the Church Of God In Christ from Memphis.

    • It’s crazy how people act like scandals in the COGIC are just happening now, scandals in the COGIC have been happening since Bishop Mason.
      “In the mid to late 1940’s, Bishop Mason traveled to Virginia often. During this particular period he was in the area not only to oversee the work in the state, but also to have then
      Overseer Love to take him into various sections of North Carolina with its “too
      numerous to count” small cities and towns to find an “AWOL” Overseer.
      This “Overseer” was from Michigan. He left his pastorate and his “jurisdiction “of
      Michigan after having impregnated an underage girl in the church. For 2 – 3 years
      when Bishop Mason would come to Virginia, Bishop Love would drive him
      throughout North Carolina following “leads “on where this man of God had “fled”.
      Finally, they found him. Described as a larger and taller man then Bishop Mason and
      upon seeing him, the Overseer ran to Bishop Mason’s feet and hugged him with tears
      and cries of remorse and repentance.
      Immediately Bishop Love saw and heard the fist of Bishop Mason slam on a nearby
      table and these words proceed out of Bishop Mason’s mouth, “Man (stop this)! I
      didn’t come to condemn you. I came to ask you, “Why didn’t you fight your way through.” Many Bishops sin it’s nothing new. I just can’t stand when people say, “if Bishop Mason was alive to he would tear down the COGIC because of all these scandals,” not knowing that all these scandals was going on in his day too.
      And another thing Memphis didn’t respect the COGIC so Blake left. Even Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson complained about how Memphis was taken advantage of the saints, plus they couldn’t provide a building large enough to accomodate the saints so Blake bounce. Memphis treated the COGIC very badly and we just took our money and left, oneday we will go back but for now Memphis needed to be taught a lesson.

  12. Good Morning. Rudyabdul…. I agree with you 100%. It is a travesty to what this church has become. Under Bishop Blakes leadership, it is true that the church has gotten better financially in the area of compliance. But the begging of money through offerings has nearly tripled! Additionally, everytime you look at the COGIC website, I can not tell if it is a COGIC website of a Bishop Blake website. He is constantly in lime light versus advertising the COGIC and Bishop Mason like the former Presiding Bishop’s have done. Many of the older Saints are very hurt and have been hurt directly by him. Who in their right mind, would take the Convocation out of Memphis?? Also, why would you charge high prices for seats that the older Saints who have been coming to Memphis for 60, 70 & 80 years cant afford to pay? When the selfish act of leaving Memphis, not for one year, but now several years without the agreement of the General Board and General Assembly has damaged the church spiritually. This is a spiritual church and has always been a spiritual church. When we left Memphis, we left the Glory in Memphis. Also, the exagerated amount of people who attend St. Louis, is not in comparison to the attendance in Memphis. We often here the lies of 40,000 person in St. Louis when in fact this is not true; but a tactic to get the people to come and support.
    Bottom Line; Bishop Blake must go!!!! He is for self promotion and not the church. Also, please take Judith with you when you leave. And bring back Iris!!! the music is awful and its not COGIC style……

    • Good,
      I am glad we left Memphis that city killed Dr. King and is cursed. The glory certainly not in the city. All the other conventions travel and Convocation is better in St. Louis.
      Sir William

    • CuriousAboutFacts

      If you don’t support Bishop Blake GoodByeBlake, that is your right. But like most people I challenge on this blog, I can’t allow you to spout off your own facts. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts, like the old saying goes.
      1) If you say that Bishop Blake is not highlighting Bishop Mason, like you claim former Presiding Bishops have done, then I don’t really know what Presiding Bishops you have lived under their administration. Not one (and I have watched all since Bishop JO Patterson) has highlighted and created the founders day Celebration and Bishop Mason birthday celebration, specifically TO honor the founder, as Bishop Blake has done. That is fact
      2) You made a statement that no one “in their right mind” would leave Memphis and that the act of leaving Memphis “for several years without the agreement of the General Board and General Assembly”. Who are year and what rock have you been under? Do you even attend General Assembly? I remember the first General Assembly where the discussion came up and it was approved by majority vote. Were you there? And in any of the Assembly since, including the one where we all voted openly to renew the contract with St. Louis, after the presentation by the OCP and convention planning team about the terms of the deals offered by other cities? Where were you when all of this was going on? Apparently not in the convention, to make such a factually inaccurate and dumb statement that Bishop Blake moved out of Memphis without General Board and General Assembly agreement. That simply did not happen.

  13. Why hasn’t what Bishop Blake did to Supt. Joyner (from CA) been exposed???!!!

    • Nothing Blake did to Supt. Joyner was illegal, rules just need to be change to give saints clarity on how things work in the COGIC. Pacific Mount Olive is own by the COGIC, the COGIC owns the property of the church so they have the final say on who should be Pastor and what Jurisidiction the church should be in. Pacific Mount Olive stand is we pay to get the church fix and we manage the church not the COGIC so we should have say on who could be Pastor and what Jurisdiction we want to be in. I just think the two sides should talk without Bishop Hackworth or Earl Greedy Carter getting involved to fix the situation. But now that the snake Earl Carter is involved I don’t know if the issue could be fixed. Joyner going to Earl Carter about the issue made it worst, out of all the people Joyner could have gone to he had to go to the Devil, not a good look.

      • Jonathan Carter please shut up because they have been in litigation over Pacific Mt. Olive before this whole Blake vs Carter debacle. Bishop Blake and Bishop Hackworth tried unsuccessfully to oust Pastor Joyner and the members from that church. So unless you can provide substantiated proof that Pacific Mt Olive is owned by COGIC and Blake can do whatever he wants with the church, just shut the hell up!

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. Pacific Mount Olive is incorporated and the local church owns the property not the Church of God in Christ Inc. West Angeles property is owned by West Angeles not the Church of God in Christ. Bishop Hackworth and Bishop Blake want to sell the property of Mount Olive and the local church is not having it. I am here in Los Angeles and my family have been trustees at Mount Olive for years. Please talk what you know or keep your mouth closed. Thanks

      • #Jonathan , well U are obviously one of Blakes boys. He can do no wrong!!!I’m from Jax.Florida, Carter used to run Revivals back in the 80’s. I hv heard all abt his ways. I hv also heard abt Ur boy Blake being sweet for decades. Also, he never honored leadership when he was not in the big seat. I’m glad my mentor never threw me away when I was going through my issues. He’s worse than the Donn!!!

        • You can always tell a Blake lap boy lol he can do no wrong.
          Their standards change based on what Blake does or does not do.

    • June,
      I contacted Joyner and he would not talk with me.
      Sir William

      • You one of his boys you think he would talk to you?
        Would you talk to the friend of your enemy and expect to be treated fair?
        I would hope not.

    • Junebug, You are always negative cheer up man I’m sure one day you will finally get up out your mom’s house and make it in life. Stay away from Youtube it’s killing your brain cells.

  14. Was Bishop C. D. Owens really running the organization down? Or did some people just want a new face in leadership. If you recall, if some people had their way, Bishop Ford would not have succeeded Bishop Patterson Sr nor would Bishop Owens have succeeded Bishop Ford. Remember, Bishop L. H. Ford and Bishop C. D. Owens were assistants to Bishop J. O. Patterson Sr. Yes, Bishop L. H. Ford did some things different compared to Bishop Patterson Sr., yet he ruled with an iron fist. I believe Bishop C. D. Owens ruled with a iron fist as well. Overall, Bishop Ford and Bishop Owens administration were founded on and were extensions of Bishop Patterson Sr. administration.
    I agree with a previous person, scandals are not new. We are just living in an advanced technological period. I can imagine back in the 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s…etc. it took awhile for news to travel. By the time the news made it from east coast to west coast or vice versa….various versions would have surfaced making it difficult to determine which version was correct.
    I really believe it would be difficult to unseat Bishop Blake. I think the selling point for Bishop Blake re-election is….this is going to be his last term.
    The biggest questions I have for any candidate going against Bishop Blake is…what have your done for COGIC since you been on the General Board or since you been an jurisdictional bishop.
    Toward the end of Bishop Patterson Sr. administration…we knew that church would go in the hands of Bishop Ford or Bishop Owens.
    After Bishop G. E. Patterson death…we knew the church would go in the hands of Bishop Blake.
    After Bishop Blake….its a free for all. It could be Macklin, Sheard, Porter, Daniels…somebody else.

    • I’m not sure if Owens ran it with an iron fist or not: I do know that there was a lot of sexual assault going on that went unchecked–as well as mismanagement of finances.

  15. Professor Ant where is your proof? I’ll wait forever for your reply. And also reading is comprehension if you read what I said, I said Joyner recently got Carter involved which made things worse for him, never did I say this was going on thru Blake and Carter feud. My former church Pacific Mount Olive has been around for 93 years The church was organized in 1923 during a house prayer meeting. Elder Johnny Robins were the first pastor. Later, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ denomination, assigned the late Bishop E. B. Stewart to lead the congregation. When the Presiding Bishop of the COGIC assigned the pastor of a church that means the COGIC owns that church. Not every Church of God In Christ is own by the COGIC, but some churches are own by the COGIC. By you telling me to shut up without getting your facts makes me think you are a fool. And I’m so tired of Ignorant minded fools in the church.

    • If the church was owned by COGIC, Inc. then why has Blake lost the case AGAIN???!!!
      How many times has he lost so far?
      This should have been an open and shut case if the church was owned by COGIC, Inc., right?!

      • Is Milton Joyner still the Pastor of Pacific Mount Olive? I don’t know anything about Blake losing the case I’ll have to ask somebody who know, I don’t get my information from Youtube.

  16. Wendy Thompson, you live in Los Angeles so does millions of other people including me. Pacific Mount Olive is my former church. Your family of made up trustees doesn’t own the church; the property is own by COGIC Inc. The Presiding Bishop from Mason to Blake has the power to appoint whatever Pastor he chooses in that church because it has been own by COGIC Inc for 93 years. Elder Charles Blake was named by Bishop Samuel M. Crouch to lead West Angeles, half of the members protested and lawsuits were filed, but Bishop Samuel Crouch still had the authority to make Elder Blake Pastor of West Angeles COGIC. The COGIC church I currently go to is not a part of the COGIC INC we appoint our own Pastor to run the church if we don’t like the Pastor we vote him out, our Jurisdictional Bishop has no said so in our church affairs. But Wendy if you have concrete proof that Pacific Mount Olive is not own by the COGIC INC feel free to submit the document information or be forever silent.

    • You idiot. The current property that West Angeles has is owned by the local church. The church on Adams was owned by COGIC. Pacific Mount Olive changed its bi laws and incorporated the church and said properties 8 years ago. You are an idiot.

      • Wendy never did I say West Angeles COGIC today was owned by COGIC INC I just gave you an example of what happen when COGIC INC owns your property. You should learn to use your brain when you read it will help you in understanding of words. And again if you have documents to prove Pacific Mount Olive is not own by COGIC INC please present the documents, I shouldn’t have to ask twice.



  18. Then you have other so called Bishops MELVIN BAKER of Pennsylvania beating his wife. Charges are pending and a Restraining order was filed.. These so called Boys Of God is going to burn in HELL!!!

  19. Bishop Blake has served the National Church well, however it’s time for him to retire. But he’s not the only one, he can take Brooks and Mackin, and the rest of the “Blake Mafia” with him. COGIC needs to really consider term limits for national officers, some of these people have been in leadership for many years with no results.
    Mother Rivers also needs to retire, though mother has served the church with grace; with her age she now lacks the stamina to really take the Women’s Department higher. There is no reason why in 2016 COGIC is not ordaining women. Joyce Rogers needs to step aside from the youth dept and transfer to the women’s dept or lead the evangelism department not as elect lady but president. Though I love Mother Barbara Lewis she is apart of the “Blake Mafia” and should not lead the women’s department.
    COGIC has many young women who could replace Joyce in the youth department.
    Judith needs to really go, and there’s no explanation needed!

    • Being Presiding Bishop is a lot of work, lots of people don’t want that job because of the work and the stress. Just like Bishop Daniels said not everybody wants to be the leader. You want all these people replace, but haven’t bothered to say the names to replace them with. God has people in leadership for a reason when their time is up it will be up. People don’t realize that the COGIC was going bankrupt before Blake, we were losing money by the millions every year. Just picture what people would have said if the COGIC went bankrupt, it would be a giant scandal. Lots of people are in the dark about a lot of things, but they want to give their opinion without knowing what be really going on behind the scene. I never knew Blake had a mafia, oh wait it came from Youtube so it has to be true.

      • How did COGIC come on the verge of bankruptcy, unless there were mismanagement or misappropriation of money or both? Either way, it comes from the top.

        • There is NO WAY that COGIC should even be near bankruptcy- at all.
          Some of these churches, districts and jurisdictions are taking in MILLIONS so who is not paying their tithes?
          Why are these jurisdictional bishops not being removed if they are not doing their jobs properly?
          The black church is the ONLY place where you can be a horrible and keep your job until death THEN they sit back and talk about you like a dog.
          Our white counterparts don’t play that mess.
          They will have you arrested and then have the audacity to pray for you, come to your court dates and stand with you.
          Not us.
          We know our leaders steal and we keep giving.
          Well, ya’ll do.

      • Bishoo Blake took our church to new heights globally after Bishop Patterson’s death, no one can dispute that. But this is a HOLY church and we must get back to our sanctified Penecostal roots.
        The church was not going bankrupt before Bishop Blake. If anyone is to be given credit for putting the church in a good financial position, it should be Bishop Chandler David Owens. (Who Blake help unseat…lets not forget)
        The Blake Mafia didn’t come from YouTube. Any fool can see that Blake has surrounded himself with yesmen. Current or former members of WestA/California 1st occupied a great deal of COGIC offices. Now this is his prerogative to choose whom he wants, however we need change.

  20. Please don’t call the babies bastards. They are innocent and have no control of the actions of their parents!

  21. Junebug when Blake became Presiding Bishop we were losing millions every year with the Holy Convocation. One of the Bishops said, “people would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on church clothes for the Convocation and only give 2 dollars when it was offering time,” not everybody gives tithes and offering. So Blake started charging Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages to Convocation travelers so the COGIC can make a profit every year. It cost money to rent out a Convention center, the Edward Jones Stadium, and to bring in Gospel artist and preachers. Nothing in life is for free. And when Blakes time is up we will still be in St. Louis and people will still be charge packages. The COGIC like every organization needs money to operate.

    • COGIC Kid, God, put Bishop Blake in office for a reason and it will be God’s doing when Blake leaves office. Blake is a strategic, smart businessman who helps thousands of people weekly. He uses celebrities and rich people’s money to help the poor and pay people’s rent. Blake is old, but his administration is more geared for the youth of the church and expanding our membership towards the younger generation. He’s looking for young future leaders to take over because we are thin in numbers when it comes to great Preachers. The old time COGIC saints don’t really care for Blake, and the old timers are dying out fast so Blakes vision and mission is to bring on the next generation of preachers so the COGIC can have a bright future. Linwood Dillard, Michael Golden, Ben Stephens, Bishop Hankerson, Bishop Vincent Matthews, Pastor Edwin Walker, etc…. For Blake it’s all about, passing the torch to the young guys that can reach the younger generation. Times have changed, you can’t bring a 1960’s praise and worship to a 2016 World. The young people don’t want to bring back the cult ways of the old COGIC. And no Blake doesn’t have a mafia with him like I said before he’s a strategic guy if he fired you or kicked you out it’s a legit reason. He’s been around long enough to know who’s faking church and who’s not. And if you don’t believe me just look at what happen to Earl Carter, Blake saw that devil.

  22. Can somebody educate me concerning Church Ownership in COGIC and the full authority of the Bishop in appointing COGIC Pastors? I am not using this as a platform to extend the Bishop Blake and Supt. Joyner situation. I am just interested in clarity based on some of the conversations above.
    I guess, my question comes from the constitutional cogic conventions in the past and the days of Bishop Mason and Bishop J. O. Patterson Sr. What exact changes were made at the constitutional cogic conventions that are null and void in the COGIC Black Manual? Is there an up to date COGIC Black Manual for public information and learning?
    1. In the Past did COGIC have claims to the deedships of COGIC Churches?
    2. Are COGIC churches that incorporate themselves protected?
    In my jurisdiction, to the best of my knowledge pastoral appointments were made exclusively by the Bishop and there was few property problems minus one or two situations in which the church building was on a family members property. In addition, most of these appointments were to churches with a rich history (longevity) in which were not family based churches or that the founder died a long time ago.
    3. It was mentioned above that there is a church in which the church appoints their pastor regardless of the say-so of the Bishop. How is this pastor. Do we have COGIC churches and COGIC Affiliated Churches that are not under the scope of the Bishop or National Church?

    • It depends on the local church and how there bi laws are set up. There are churches that have there own bi laws and there are churches who uses the National church’s bi laws

    • Every church under the umbrella of COGIC needs to be incorporated.
      Please do this.
      If not, the bishop can come in and do whatever they feel they need to do in YOUR church that you have worked for AFTER your leader has passed on.
      I can’t go into too much detail but in Western NY Jurisdiction #1 when our leader passed Bishop Anderson tried it and was shut down because my pastor had incorporated under COGIC.
      No matter how much money COGIC puts in your church WHICH THEY RARELY GIVE YOU ANYTHING do not allow them to come in and take what you have worked for.
      They will do it if you let them.
      Incorporate your church and don’t allow your members to suffer after you have passed on.


      I was a pastor in COGIC for 3 years and many commenting are not actually aware of COGIC rules. COGIC does not OWN every church in COGIC, they however are according to the charter to be given a TRUST in each church. This trust clause guarantee that if the pastor and congregation went AWOL, the building and property can be seize by the JURISDICTIONAL BISHOP and the JURISDICTION and remain in use for the COGIC.
      It does not matter if the church is incorporated or not. Only two things matter according to law. 1. the laws of the state, because some states do not permit a national church to have trust in property of legal entity to have an outside foreign corporation to have a trust in the property. Simply put if COGIC Inc didn’t buy it then they cannot have a trust in it. 2. The church and what they agreed upon either verbally, written or by default. meaning if your church existed prior to joining COGIC and of you don’t give COGIC a trust in your property they cannot quick claim your deed. If you start a church while a COGIC elder and the Bishop recognizes you as such…it is implied that COGIC has a trust in your property and can quick claim if you leave the church.
      On who can appoint the pastor, The Black Handbook is clear that a pastor is appointed SOLELY BY HIS JURISDICTIONAL BISHOP. A Presiding Bishop cannot come into another jurisdiction and appoint a pastor there. The only pastor that the Presiding Bishop technically appoints is the jurisdictional bishop. Outside of that the Presiding Bishop is overstepping his constitutional authority according to the COGIC charter filed in the state of Tennessee that is found in the Black handbook.
      Under GE Patterson and CE Blake COGIC has file more quick claims for church property then under any other Presiding Bishop.


      The Bishop if they so desire can poll the church to see who they would like to be the pastor of the church. There is no rule on HOW the bishop appoints the Pastor. Just like the Presiding Bishop tend to hold elections for Jurisdictional bishops in some states, there is no constitutional rule in OCGIC that says the Presiding Bishop should seek the vote of the elders to see who they want as the new presiding bishop…yet they have poll the elders to see who they prefer and sometimes that person received the appointment and sometimes the Presiding Bishop’s choice got it anyways. But the rules are the Presiding Bishops appoints jurisdictional bishop and they are confirmed by the general Board and approved by the General assembly. The rules on the jurisdictional level is the bishop freely appoints who he wishes and if I am not mistaken usually on the advice of the district superintendent of that district the church is in.
      I was in CD Owens jurisdiction and my appointment came from my Superintendent and he recommended me to Owens as Pastor and I received my appointment that way.
      On another note, it is the between the PASTOR and the TWO BISHOPS on how churches transfer from one jurisdiction to another one. The Pastor applies to one bishop requesting a release and then to the receiving bishop to be receive into the new jurisdiction. As long as egos don’t get involve it is a fairly simple process. I know, because I transferred my COGIC church from Central GA to Northern GA under then Bishop AD Williams and was easily received and he issued me new appointment papers as pastor and officially receive me in during the Spring Workers meeting

  23. Jonathan Carter, either you are 1) on Blake’s payroll or you’re 2) giving him BJ’s OR
    3) BOTH
    Like David said, thankfully I don’t have to deal with all this unnecessary BS… My GOD too meets me in my backyard!! 🙂 Left COGIC years ago and haven’t looked back… Nothing but a pyramid scheme/ cult!!!!!

    • Brandon you live in a apartment building, what backyard? You mean the public park? And you have a filthy mouth, you need Jesus Brandon. What Godly person talks like that? You knows whats crazy in the black community people think you are on the payroll when you defend someones character, but if someone talks mess or gossip about someone it must be true because that person saying it makes it true. Just Ignorance!
      Brandon I don’t have a problem with you praising God in a Public park and leaving COGIC along time ago, we need more demons to leave so we can get back to holiness. The truth is you should always praise God no matter where you are at, all because you left the COGIC bitter doesn’t mean everybody else has to follow, do you man no one cares.
      Do I know Blake personally? Nope, never personally met the man. I never been to West Angeles Cathedral.
      I just do my research and know lots of people who are on the inside. I’m told their are lots of evil men in the church, but Blake is one of the good guys. That’s why lots of people defend him.
      Molecular great questions man I hope someone will be able to answer your questions, lots of people are confuse in how things work.
      I can only speak for the church I currently go to for now, the property of my church was purchased by the founder, when he died he left the property to his wife who is still living. Since the founder died the church have went thru 3 different Pastors who all died, when the Pastor dies our board votes on a new Pastor to come in. The Bishop has nothing to do with our process, and thankgod because the Bishop is someone everyone dislikes.

  24. Jonathan Carter, right on!

  25. -Actually my friend, my wife and I own our own home. 2 to be exact. We’re very fortunate to use 1 as rental property. 🙂 That’s something they don’t teach you in COGIC… & I’ll pass on the jesus thingy.. I’m good. Especially your white jesus… 🙂
    Also, I’m far from bitter!! I’m at the pinnacle of my happiness in my “young” life and crazy thing is; it all started when I left the church!!!
    -My intentions were to write a post mocking your stupidity and so many other COGIC members, but I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll show sympathy because I was once in your shoes… Naïve and gullible!! Just know that true happiness comes from within. Not from anyone else, not from a convocation, not from a meeting, not from titles or programs, FROM WITHIN!!! And I’ll let you and so many others in on a little secret, this happiness that I speak of is FREE!! I know your Bishop and passa and so many other SELL this happiness to you but don’t buy it!!! It’s FREE!!!

    • Preach Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dude I don’t care about your life, you can tell me you own an airplane I don’t know you, but you do know me, in fact, everybody on this blog know who I am. You guys have no clue who you are talking to, but you want to tell me what I believe or how I think, and trying to impress me with owning two homes. LOL dude who cares. Do you homie and continue to buy my products.
      You were trying to tell me about the COGIC and white Jesus. I don’t think anybody thinks Jesus was white. What ignorance. You are more into close mind thinking, and I’m more into spiritual stuff. We are on two different levels in life your ignorance is your own downfall because of your pride.
      You think you know it all and having two homes mean you’re successful. I know what God told me to do and I have seen things that will scare you to death. I don’t want to tell you my life story on here because if I do you guys would probably know who I am. But nothing you say to me move me one bit. You need to get saved Brandon and to believe in God and not men, stop being a know it all fool and learn stuff in life. Maybe you can own more than two homes one day. Just ridiculous!

  26. Brandon don’t be so mean my brother ! Have mercy on him. Jonathan Carter is semi- unconscious just like so many in the COGIC and other religions.
    Go to Youtube and look at Zab Judah that was punch drunk arguing that he could continue fighting. Church folks are the same way semi-unconscious. Like I said it is useless to argue with a man that believes his own lies.

    • David, I’m not religious. you or Brandon don’t even know who you guys are talking too. I’m not a church person I just know and believe in God.
      And if you can prove with facts that I have lied please prove it, but don’t say things that will make you look stupid.
      Ignorant close minded people can never become successful in life.
      We are talking about things going on inside the COGIC. But you want to attack me for knowing stuff, without even knowing who I really am.
      Then you make comments you can’t back up like a fool.
      You need to be delivered and set free from your own ignorance.

  27. I agree with you David. It is useless and senseless to argue with someone who believes his own lies.

    • Ed, you will make a great cheerleader like Wendy. But again what lies? Please go get proof that I’m lying. I’ll wait forever for you to respond back with proof.

  28. lmao
    Dude you are a nobody.. Stop hyping yourself up.. I only mentioned my homes because you made a silly,condensing comment about me staying in an apartment(which I’ve done before)
    -“Buy” your products.. lmao… let me guess.. you are an aspiring gospel artist who sells his cd’s and t-shirts at a booth at AIM or one of the other hundredthousand conventions..
    -“I don’t think anybody thinks jesus was white” no need for me to comment bc that statement within itself shows, what I perceive to be, your ignorance..
    -and specifically, what exactly am I being ‘saved” from??
    my coworkers are looking at me like wth?? I’m literally in tears from laughter!!! told them I’m talking to a ‘famous’ person… who are you?? Denzel? Obama?? Is it you Blake???

  29. Brandon, you are right about everything man, gosh I mean I can’t tell you anything! You were born to know everything, you just know it all, wow just amazing! You are truly a gifted person. Somebody like you needs to write a book, run for office and change the World! You are just amazing human being that has so much knowledge that you work an 8-hour job with co-workers that look at you funny, and you own two homes. You are a special man that no one knows about.
    And I guess some do believe Jesus was white I mean you are so right Brandon, you nailed it. Wow, amazing!
    You also said I’m an aspiring gospel artist. I guess I am a gospel artist because you said I am. And if Brandon says I’m a gospel artist I guess I’m a gospel artist. Brandon, you are incredible!
    I have nothing left to say but to say I guess I’m going to leave the COGIC and praise God in my backyards like Brandon and David do. I mean why would I continue to be in the COGIC if all I can do is go into my backyard and praise God and have a regular job like Brandon. I can’t wait to live the Brandon life!
    I’m glad I met you, man, you open my eyes to unbelievable heights that I have never seen before, you are way different than the other millions of people I met in my life. You just stand out because you own two homes and work a regular job and know so much about everything and you can’t be told nothing. You are truly different Brandon. And I can’t name another southern black guy that is more successful than you are. You have brilliant mind!
    LOL, I’m so bored right now I’m going to leave my warehouse in Moreno Valley and go home to my backyard and praise white Jesus.

  30. Brandon You David and Wendy are going to Hell if you don’t repeat. You guys think you are funny mocking God. Everything you have was given to you boy or (down low) because you know i know you and David. So chill boy.

  31. Was just talking to a good friend of mine yesterday about “hell”. I believe we are living in “hell” right now. Or should I say, I believe that hell is a state of mind. What kind of loving, caring, compassionate, forgiving god would create such a physical place? A place where one burns for ‘eternity’?
    “Hell” is just a scare tactic used by the church… As I say all the time, FEAR is their #1 tool!!! If you can make someone fearful of something, you can literally brainwash them into believing anything. No matter how much it defies logic!!!
    Just because I don’t accept or subscribe to half of the stuff you believe, doesn’t mean that I’m mocking God. Why is that Christians think, ‘if you don’t believe what I believe, then you are going to HELL”???

  32. Brandon a story that you will never believe because of your prideful ignorance, but this story is not for you, it’s for other people that I hope it can help
    I was COGIC most my life, as a baby, I experience the Pacific Mount Olive shooting when two killers came into the church and killed two women. One of the women shot in the back was District Missionary I think her name was Mother Mae Lee. I remember attending her funeral as a baby at West Angeles North Campus in the 80’s. I never been to West Angeles Cathedral but did go to the old West Angeles church back in the day. I ask questions why would God allow two killers in the church to kill a woman of God? This was the first I heard of a COGIC saved lady dying a horrible death. I thought usually saved holy ghost filled people died peaceful deaths, and that was what I heard some church people say growing up if you died a horrible death you wasn’t saved. It was stupid thing that some people in the church believed, but as a kid I thought that too. I was also told that God doesn’t speak to sinners so as a sinner God could never speak to me which is a lie.
    When I was about 12 years old they made the kids get on our knees and pray, I didn’t believe in doing all that stuff and I was mad that I had to fake pray at the altar. I became frustrated and In my mind I, asked God if you are real show me? I’m sure many people ask God to show them he’s real and nothing happens so I expected nothing to happen. But as soon as I said that in my mind, a 5-year-old girl who was playing with her friends at the altar fell out on the floor with her eyes rolled back into her head looking dead at me and she started speaking in tongues. I thought she was having a seizure, but some of the saints in the church started shouting while this 5 year old girl laid at the altar speaking in tongue. I can also see some people in the church scared because it shocked lots of people when it happened, but the praying saints are used to this stuff happening at the altar, so they tended to the girl. I was taught you had to give your life to God and pray to get the Holyghost, I didn’t know a 5 year old girl playing with her friends could recieve the Holy Ghost out of nowhere. When the girl got up, she didn’t know what had happened to her, but she was saved from that moment on and started shouting and preaching, she didn’t act like a child anymore. She is now older and a evangelist in the COGIC, we talked later in life about what happened, and she couldn’t really tell me how she got the Holy Ghost, because she just remember playing with her friends, but do know God changed her life at that moment.
    I experience many crazy things growing up in the church like seeing an exorcism and carefully listening to what the demon inside the person was saying. When you see a real exorcism, you can’t deny that there is no Hell unless you are the most ignorant person on the planet. I saw this woman on the ground talk like a grown man so loud to the point you can be outside and still hear what the demon is saying. The demon didn’t want to go back to Hell and was trying his best to stay inside her so he wouldn’t go back to Hell, I was scared and shocked and so was a lot of so called church people too. The demon read different church folks, and knew who was saved and who was not saved, it knew everything about everybody in the church. It was cursing saying the F word at Jesus for putting him in Hell and cursing everybody out, he then started talking about his life when he was on earth and being born and killed in the crusades. He was a Muslim man and said he did nothing wrong to be put in Hell; the devil brought him back to earth, and he didn’t want to go back to Hell.
    That exorcism went on for hours before he was finally cast out of her. That lady with the demon in her was an evangelist in the church, and she was in denial that she had a demon in her, and thought the saints who were telling her she had a demon in her were all liars. She went on to be an evangelist in another COGIC church.
    But I’m so thankful I’m not an ignorant minded person and bless that the Lord saw fit for me to experience these things in the church. God has blessed me to become successful that in my early 30’s I no longer have to work a regular job, and I can own my own businesses and be an inspiration to many people in life.
    I said all this to say Hell is real Brandon if you don’t believe in Hell I really don’t care, believe what you want to believe. But don’t call COGIC brainwashed people without knowing what everybody else has experienced in the church. You need to be more humbled, and maybe God can make you more successful so you won’t have to work a regular job. Open your mind up and get on your knees and pray often.
    Your own ignorance will be your downfall

  33. Sounds like something from a Harry Potter book…
    “You need to be more humbled, and maybe God can make you more successful so you won’t have to work a regular job.” I rest my case….

  34. Yes, I knew you would say that the devil is so predictable. Go back to your regular job and average life. Boring.

  35. I absolutely love my ‘average’ life!!! I have a FINE ASS, incredibly smart wife, 3 healthy, wonderfully amazing boys.. Yeah, I’ll take ‘regular’ any day of the week.. And my job is “regular” too but it’s pays the bills and I’m happy where I am right now. So if that’s ‘boring’ then I’m all for it!!! 🙂

  36. No one cares!

  37. Bishop Blake will be reelected you can book it! I think Bishop Hines well… I believe Bishop Hines will be presiding Bishop one day.Bishop Blake will be in at least another 4 years.He is way too popular to be unseated. And there isn’t any evidence that Blake is gay… I don’t think Blake did Cater right,but Earl Carter just talks and he has no evidence that Bishop Blake is a homosexual…

  38. Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world the whole thing is presented on net?

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