Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) 2016 Race For The General Board Is Heating Up

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Yesterday was Super Tuesday as the fight for the White House gets serious.  Hilary seems to have gained a serious lead over Bernie and Trump is gaining serious momentum and might get the GOP nomination.  However, there is another race going on that is just as serious and it is one that is a fight to be one of the twelve on the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Board.  
COGIC is the largest African American Pentacostal Denomination in the the world with over 5 million members worldwide.  The only religious organization that meets eight plus times a year in record numbers.  Frankly, speaking the Church Of a God In Church, AME, CME, and PAW are about the only denominations where being a bishop actually means something.  The office has become so common that everyone is a bishop including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  Washington D.C. Has nothing on the politics among the Saints.  The April Call meeting is right around the corner and all the credential holders and voting delegates will meet at Mason Temple, the World Headquarters of the church in Memphis, Tennessee.  
Mason Temple might not be large enough to hold the meeting of the General Assembly.  Rumor has it that the Saints are going to come out in record numbers this year.  Their is a high antisapation of Bishop Blake’s State Of The Church Address.  Plus the meeting of the COGIC Screening Committee for all the individuals running to be elected or re-elected to the General Board, National Trusttee Board, General Secretary, Treasure, Fininacal Secretary all must run to be elected to office at the Holy Convocation this November.  Rumor has it that there will be one open seat on the General Board due to Roy L.H. Winbush not seeking re-election, but that has not been confirmed. 
Good members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have slipped us a list.  Please note we cannot fully determine if this list is totally accurate or not because we will not get the names until the April Call Meeting.  Do note that just because you see a name now you might not see it come November because their or four phases to screening for every potential candidate plus a background and credit check.  The Church Of God In Christ Is not playing and just consecrating Lotte Dotte and Everybody!
2016 Candidates for National Office in COGIC are below (note the female names you see are seeking to be elected to the National Trusttee Board):
Adebanjo, Bishop George​​​​​
Banks, Diana​​​​​
Bryant, Bishop Prince E. W.​​​
Burns, Darin​
Bush Sr., Bishop Corby​​​​​
Bush, Marlon David​​​​​​​​
Connor, Bishop E Charles                                            
Daniels, Bishop Sedgwick                                          
Gibson, Bishop Ronnie Michel                           
Golden Jr., Michael​​​​​​
Hall Jr., Bishop David​
Hall Sr., Bishop David​​​​​​
Hardy, Bishop G. Wesley​​​​​
Hill, Charles​​​
Hines, Bishop Darrel​​​​​​
Holsey, Bishop Thomas​​​​​​​​​
Hutchins, Superintendent Derrick​​​
Jones, Bishop James L’Kelly​​​​​
Jones, Sandra Smith​​​​​​
Law, Sylvia​​​​​​​​
Linzy, Mildred​​​
Lowe, Georgia Macklin​​​​​
Lyles, Bishop Joel​​​​​​
Mann, Kale​​​​​​​
Martin, Christopher E
Matheney, Bishop Willie                                  
McClelland, Bishop C. H.​​​​​
Paden Sr., Bishop Michael J​​​
Patterson, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason​​
Paul, Bishop Sam Ram​​​​​​
Perry, Dr. Lanelle​​​​​​
Porter, Bishop Brandon​​​​​
Sheard, Bishop John Drew​​​​​
Shepherd, Josephus (Joe) 3
Smith, Amos                                                        
Smith, T. Lynn​​​​​​​
Stingley, Dr. Ailean​​​​​​
Strickland Sr., Supt Jerome                            
Thomas, Bishop Ladell                                      
Thomas, Bishop Ted​​​​​​
Timmons, Melton R​​​​​​
Wells, Dickerson​​​​​​​
Wells, Bishop Nathaniel​​​​​
White, Bishop Frank​​​​​​
Williams, Kenneth​​​​​​
Williams, Kevin Carrol​​​​​​
Wooten Sr, Bishop Lawrence​​​​
Wright Sr., Bishop William                              

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  1. Is Bishop Blake seeking re-election?

  2. Bishop Macklin isn’t running again?

  3. These people are no different than politicians. Pride, Power, Money, Fame. SMDH. #sheeple

    • Oh shut up brandon

    • Yes !! COGIC is ‘big business’.

      • yes it is. people hate the truth it’s all about money and postions. Show me in the Bible where Jesus had a general board, show me in the bible where Jesus call you, you need a education. The disciples were unlearned men, that Jesus himself call to go out to the world to heal, cloth the naked, feed the poor and tell everyone about Jesus. COGIC so far from the word of God. It’s more of tradition, and positions than souls being saved.

  4. Presiding Bishop

    I like Bishops Porter, Daniels, Sheard,and Wells I hope they all are re-elected. I have many friends in COGIC. Who serve in national positions I pray all are re-elected.

  5. Diane Smith 
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  6. Ladell Thomas is deceased

    • Zika,
      You sound like a damn fool that does not know the church. He has a son named after him that got his church and jurisdiction!
      Sir William

      • Why did you go off like that only do that you have to or if your prevo
        ked this is your blog. You should have oh hes son is named after him be blessed just a observation i know your to go in but because of that no save that for when some really deserves it

        • Truth,
          Because I do not like when you all try to come for me like I do not know what I am talking about on my blog.
          Time and time again I have proven to be accurate and I still get questioned. I am not having it!
          Sir William

    • Not his son.

  7. We need Bishop Patrick Wooden to run for sure this year!

  8. The big question is whether Drew Sheard or Brandon Porter will run against Bishop Blake for presiding Bishop.

  9. I am over it …. I My husband and I are leaving our state next year . His job is moving Him to MD. We have moved around for years for work purposes . Ive been COGIC all My life . Im not gonna seek out a COGIC church this time. If i find one then ok ,but if not they can have it . I dont care anymore . Who ever gets in office wont change much . When sheard gets in as PB You can at least be sure that the music department will be restored to its former glory . Bishop Blake is an excellent adminstrator, but He should let someone else have a shot .
    I wish Sheard could be PB………………………….I see some hope with Him ……..these meetings are a snooze fest latley ……… 2014 I left convocation on a Saturday …..The natives are restless……Wooden is a HOMOPHOBE

    • Just leave the church like you said you was gonna and dont worry about thanks sweetie !
      And just because sheards in you think music department will be restored from what the sound better than they ever did ! Excluding momma Mattie Moss ! So what clark 7s going restore music whos going head do they want it and did you get this from prophet carn lol

    • No such thing as a HOMOPHOBE in COGIC. Bishop Patrick L. Wooden is one of the few Gospel preachers left in our church. We need him desperately.

    • Most of the church are homophobes

  10. Bishop Thomas Holsey???? WTH I’m leaving Cogic

  11. Bishop John Drew Sheard for Bishop and we are on our way back up. Blake can sit down and take Judy McAllister with him. I fall asleep every year. monotone and praise music. sick and tired

  12. The clarks dont want that choir especially if hes presiding Bishop they will sit and look cute they dont direct like that anymore da !

  13. LMAO @ THIS BS

  14. I agree. No more Judith!!!
    But Biship Sheard need to stop reading his sermons and then hooping at the end, I can do that…I feel embarrassed every time I see him preach.


    • Bishop Charles Blake reads his sermon. Do you feel embarrassed like you do when Bishop J. Drew Sheard presches?
      As far as the music department, it’s the pitts. The attendance in the choir has drastically declined. We need a president that will bring that unique COGIC sound back to our services.

    • Judith is better than all others that have been since dr mattie moss clark thanks

  15. Wooden is a great Gospel preacher, however he is a very conservative Republican and that wont fare well with COGIC.

    • @new destiny
      You may be right about Bishop Wooden being a republican but are you saying we need to elect a liberal democrat again?
      I bet Bishop Mason and Bishop Ford were a conservative too.

      • Bishop Ford was not a Republican, at least not in public. He was a big supporter of President Clinton and Chicago Democrats.

  16. Who area me to judge?

    Bishop Hines will make an awesome GB candidate. Looking forward to great things in 2016.

  17. I pray Drew Sheard is not elected as PB. Has not put enough time in yet at the Jurisdictional level. And Lord knows Karen has the nastiest attitude/disposition. Darrell Hines will be a great addition to the General Board. Wooden is an Auxilary Bishop and therefore cannot run for a GB spot. I think McKinney needs to fall back as well. He is a very nice man and has done some great work in St Stephen’s but let some fresh blood get on the Board.

    • Bishop Sheard has served COGIC for years and served with excellence at each level. He’s also very well educated with REAL college degrees not fake PhDs. He also a great businessman. He left AIM and the National Youth Dept. In great financial standing. What u mean he has not put in enough time at the Jurisdictional level???
      I’ve had direct and indirect contact with all the sisters. Karen and all her sisters are some of the most humble people u will ever met. Not sure what you’re experience was. I’ve seen Karen miss flights, from talking and taking pics with people. After her last recording in Chicago, she came down at stayed over a 1 hour shaking hands, pics with nearly 3000 people.
      Dorinda has no desire to be COGIC music department head. Dorinda doesn’t have the time that position requires. If Porter or Sheard is PB, if she wants it she’s got it. I don’t think she wants it. I think that Dept. needs new blood so bad. I’m over Judy!!!! Just over it. Besides Dr. Clark, Iris was the best. She had the perfect balance!!!

      • He has only been a Jurisdictional Bishop for a few years. When you take over a National Dept, you start at ground zero because your predecessor has taken everything collected over operating expenses. It goes into the pockets of the leader. I’ve had direct contact with the sisters as well. Twinkie and Karen have terrible attitudes. Dorinda is humble and very likeable. I’ve seen Karen’s “photos” with the saints and she always looks constipated.

      • @God help us Well i guess we all have different expeiriences because i met dorinda & she was not nice at all. her ugly daughter that works for her was even worse. dorinda is also all about money & ego…not about ministry. dorinda wanted that music president position & the stuff she said about judith when it was announced that she got the position forever changed my opinion about her in addition to how rude she was at the Memphis convention years ago. very nasty. her & jacky stepped down from their positions in the music dept b/c of that. the evangelism position was a consolation prize…dont be fooled…dorinda would give her arm in order to be president of the music department & follow in her mom’s footsteps. i’m glad Blake skipped over her.

      • I was mad that they gave Judith McAllister the music department position too! I would’ve preferred Dorinda or anyone to have that role. Judith is a piece of work. Dorinda ain’t all that sweet either. Don’t believe the hype. I’ve played for her several times because she has her regional conferences out here. Her money is funny too. But none are as bad as that Kim Burrell…that is the meanest piece of thing walking. But back on subject —— Sheard should not be thinking about PB right now…he needs to put in a few more years before making leaps like that. I’m still surprised he made General Board.

      • Dorinda Is the sweetest, funny, coolest, down to earth person you will ever meet. I know her personally and she always looks out for me and makes sure I’m okay. I find it VERY hard to believe that she was nasty. I’ve met all the sisters and they each have different personalities. Bishop Sheard is also very humble and integral.

      • I think the music has been OK with Judy, some interesting original pieces. I like she tightened up the image with mandating the overlays on official day, as well as getting rid of the dead weight musicians. But she lost me putting Kim over youth while she was out trying to be a pop star. That said, Iris was awesome and always friendly. I don’t think she was afraid to delegate musical selections choices for various points of service to her VPs, and she followed the flow of the spirit in service.

    • Bishop McKinney is the only man on the General Board with integrity. So you say McKinney needs to get off the board. Well the same goes for Blake, Brooks, Wells & Macklin.

  18. Bishop Willie Matheney Western Florida prelate..seriously?.I don’t think so…he has just about ran his jurisdiction into the ground!!!! He can forget it

  19. Bishop Macklin would not dare give up his seat I’m sure he is waiting for PA Brooks to vacate his seat so he can become 1st asst PB which could happen when we get a new PB in November

  20. Is it true that Supervisor Banks, Bishop Dickerson Wells and Bishop Derrick Hutchins are challenging Bishop Lyles for the General Secretary position? Just asking because only the Trustee Board and General Board were mentioned. Thanks.

  21. Is it true that Supervisor Banks, Bishop Dickerson Wells and Bishop Derrick Hutchins are challenging Bishop Lyles for the General Secretary position? I only see Trustee Board and General Board mentioned.

  22. The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, have bishops, that for the most part, are about doing right. Most of Christiandom would view them as a cult, though

  23. The Presiding Bishop needs to replace Mother Rivers this year, she has served the church well but it’s time for someone new to take over. Judith McAllister needs to hang it up as well.
    Sir William do you think anyone will run against Bishop Blake?

  24. Dr. Bettye Ransom Nelson should’ve been appointed president of the national choir if Dorinda didn’t get it. After Iris Stevenson stepped down, those were the most qualified candidates in my opinion.

  25. Listen to videos from the 90 Luvonia whitley was late

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  27. Bishop PA Brooks can go—He’s a thief (from several credible sources)
    Bishop Frank White can go–he disrespected his wife during Sun nite in St Louis, please go
    Bishop Blake can go–he can go. this Earl Carter mess, refuses to lead us to build new facilities in Memphis so we can go back someday, no accountability, runs the church like an autocracy…there’s more but I’ll stop there
    Bishop Wooten— I guess we have to tolerate him as long as we are in st louis.
    I’ll take my chances with BIshop J Sheard as PB. Can we have a PB that isn’t over 65???
    Judith—umm, PLEASE GO. We aren’t methodist or AME.
    God Bless BIshop WInbush!
    God Bless Bishop Hall Sr–great man. Doesn’t get notoriety, but he’s a good man.
    Kale Mann???—Come on. Get serious now. Please NOOOO.
    T Lynn Smith???—lol….I’m logging off

  28. I hope it is not as you say” every thing is going down but the word of God”. If you are right this is a sad day for the church. I was born in the church and I love God and love the church. It is time we get back to the real mission of the church “saving souls” saving marriages, saving homes, loving out brothers and sisters, most profoundly living HOLY. I hope your next report emphasize that the church had gone back to the basis. Love you brother. Evang. Sally Smith.

  29. Did bishop corby bush win

  30. Can we have some saved bishops without scandals attached to their names?!

  31. Who were the canidates for Prelate againts Bishop Blake?

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