Congratulations To The Most Prolific Woman In Ministry Prophetess Junaita Bynum And Her Elevation To Bishop 


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, I’m so happy for the Woman of GOD. Dr. Juanita Bynum is one of the most anointed prophetic voices given to the body of Christ. Her passion for the ministry and sensitivity to the voice of God has allowed her to become a highly prolific preacher and teacher sharing extensively in many revivals and conferences throughout the United States and abroad.  Unfortunately she was attacked by her husband at the hight of her ministry.  She was the highest paid televangelist male or female, black or white period.

Bishop Thomas Wesley Weeks went on an all out public relations campaign to destroy his ex-wife as a result of his physically attacking her and it seems to have worked.  Men have been accused and guilty of far worst then Juanita and allowed to rebound their ministry, but she is hated and some of the most horrible things have been said about this woman and I am sick of it.  Bishop Weeks lied on her and plead guilty after telling the world in countless interviewes that he did not touch her.  Juanita was packing out the Georgia Dome when the Falcons could not and she deserves to be celebrated!

Now I already know many will have a lot to say about this choice, but it is what it is. I celebrate with you Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum. She surely has put her time in and has served faithfully. Congratulation to her!
Update: Unsurprisingly, Prophetess (now Bishop-Designate) Dr. Juanita Bynum is causing an uproar on social media this morning after the news was released about her elevation to the Bishopric. I’m just wondering why everyone is upset? 

Bishop Neal Ellis Announces Juanita Bynum Elevation To Bishop

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  1. Is this the same woman who typed in tongues on her blog! Is this how low the church of Christ has sunk? Leaders should be beyond reproach. Her multiple marriages alone disqualify her from such leadership, according to the Apostles teaching. Her life is far from being beyond reproach. And her greed for money is legendary. Is she going to have a diocese under her control? God have mercy on any who have her as a so called bishop….

  2. Neil Ellis is heading into a very dark place. His motives are very questionable now and is reflected in his recruiting of people who he elevates to Bishops. The truth is these church folk have literally desecrated the office with perversion and greed. Shameful. Juanita is at lost and trying to find her way to the place that propelled her to fame. Yet this is the same person who said the church and taken her as far as it could. I am not impressed. And it so amazing that the writer is celebrating this after years of dogging her out whenever he could.

    • That’s how doubled minded people work. They’re on your team when you’re flying high and your biggest enemy when your down and out. All I wanna know is how can a woman become a Bishop when the qualifications state you must be the HUSBAND of one WIFE? Just let that simma

  3. This says alot about Neil Ellis (His Grace).
    What happened to her following Papa, Jakes, etc….she is just all over the place.

  4. This is complete foolishness.
    People will do anything to become relevant in the eyes of the people.
    God is NOT satisfied with ANY of this garbage.
    The church doesn’t even follow the doctrine of scripture anymore but we want the world to follow it?
    Sad, very sad.

  5. How is this possible ? Shouldn’t a Bishop have a congregation , parishioners, and a building space !

  6. I am happy for Dr. Bynum, I remember before she blow up she came to Oakland Ca. with her mom for a revival and call me out pray blessing on my future my child and future husband she asked her mother to anoint my feet and pray every step will be guided by God, and 20 years later ever word she spoke came to pass. I love her and pray God continue to bless her.

    • I have no doubt about what you said. Since that time it is clear that Juanita’s mental helath issues have surfaced again. You can be used by GOD and fall away into delusion. What she is doing now is CRAZY.

  7. Birds of a feather flock together. She has always appeared demon possessed. With no offense to anyone, but whoever believes in these suckas are truly suckas!

  8. Oh my…I’m blown away with this video..I’ve never seen this before….very interesting…Juanita Bynum meets Papa…..

  9. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. A Bishop must be blameless and the husband of one wife. Oh! She must be both.

  10. What’s the difference between a cult and religion?? Just curious….
    & this lady is flipping crazy!!! i wouldn’t trust her to be alone with my puppy!!!!
    & smdh @ Neil Ellis.. don’t we have enough organizations already with enough bishops?? nothing but a quick money grab.. & it breaks my heart that they are being supported by a lot of poor people who are just simply blind…

  11. Wow so now she is back in the limelight… A few months ago she was going to pray Bobbi Christina back and after she officially passed, she said it wasn’t to late, that God had raised Lazarus from the dead so He could raise Bobbi also… Well we see how that turned out, so being a false profit, yes I said profit and not prophet will bring you quick elevation. I really thought Neil Ellis was better than this…hahahaha silly wasn’t I

  12. I was never a fan, but after her appearance speaking at the “homosexual-affirming” Vision Church in Atlanta, that just sealed it for me.
    Nobody with any true discernment should be paying attention to this woman.
    And I have to give a SERIOUS side-eye to any Pastor that would bring this woman in to preach in his pulpit.

  13. I am so sick of your mess. You want God to forgive you but you can’t forgive people of their mistakes. Repent! If she had killed someone, who are you to remind her of her mistakes. Its wrong! You have made mistakes in your past! If she went to God, it no ones business anymore. Ye who are spiritual, restore a brother. Your day will come and see will you get the treatment that you are giving her. I hope not.

    • “Mistakes”?
      Was it just a “mistake” when she went and to that gay church and endorsed the ministry of that homosexual pastor and his “husband”, the “First Gentleman” of the church?

      Are we really talking about mistakes here, or unrepented sin? Big difference.

  14. Vision Church is no worse than some of these other churches.
    The Bible said “Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord ” and that means homosexuals too.

    • Matthew 15:

      8 ‘These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
      And honor Me with their lips,
      But their heart is far from Me.

      9 And in vain they worship Me,
      Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’

  15. Based on the requirements of a Bishop stated in Timothy, Juanita is disqualified. Moreover, all the drama and scandal that is connected with her brand she does not need to cover a region of churches and pastors. I don’t understand Neil Ellis, but this is the same guy who stands by Bishop Eddie Long and has supported him 100%.

  16. Halloween just passed and someone should have dressed as Juanita because this is really scary stuff.

    The people that accept this type of stuff is really scary also. They are the ones that you encounter every day that are irrational and difficult to deal with. A person that excepts this kind of ignorance as truth, I found that it’s difficult to deal with them in other areas of their lives . If you don’t believe me just watch the ones that believe in mysticism and religions are the most difficult to deal with because their core belief system leads them to fantasy.

  17. If what Mr Right said is true Lord, help her she’s deceived just liked Bishop Carlton it’s truly praying time for or leaders, is this why Bishop Jakes have nothing to do with her anymore?

    • It is true Theresa. I’m not making this up at all.

      I tried posting the links but my post didnt come through for some reason. Just Google “Juanita Bynum” “Vision” Church ” and start there. The video should still be on YouTube.

  18. Say No 2 Religion

    This is a clear sign that ALL you black folks throwing stones at this Juanita woman and your pastor is no better. I’m sure someone somewhere would have much to say about YOUR pastor. Birds of a feather….you know the rest. I have no sympathy for blacks who follow religion. NOTHING comes out of it except you giving your money in hopes of favor. That’s some funny sh*t!!!



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