Former Chairman Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Pastors And Elders Council Derrick Hutchins Says Earl Carter Is ADangerous Liar–Read Exclusive Text Messages NOW    

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has obtained text messages of what a former very good friend of Earl Carter has to say about him absolutely having no integrity.  Derrick Hutchins says Earl Carter has lied about money, a church that he does not have, and more! 

Let it be know that our reporting is only as a direct result of Earl Carter posting a photo of Sir William and the Presiding Bishop and his very negative comments.  Had Earl not done the he would have never been mentioned on our platform

Now read what Derrick Huttchins, Sr. has to say about Earl below:


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  2. Derrick Hutchins is in no position to critique anyone’s moral conviction. He is a known adulterer and womanizer, as is his son and brother. He was indeed SAT DOWN from being chairman of pastor’s and elders council due to his many indiscretions, one of which resulted in his mistress slapping his wife in the face during service. Smh. The homosexual mafia is in full effect vs Rev Carter.

    • They were loving Carter when he was up there going hard on homosexuals but then when he started telling Blake’s business ALL OF A SUDDEN he is of the devil hahahaa church folk a mess.

  3. WOW! Nothing like reading more lies from the crazy man. Earl Carter is such a disgrace. where are all the clergy who think he is holy and righteous. every preacher i no has friends outside of there denomination. Cant he find anybody to say he is a good person.

  4. This is all giving Elder Carter credibility. And anyways, because the man was charged with these “offenses” as aforestated, doesn’t mean he was convicted.

  5. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”Obnoxioustv’s Blog” Date:Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 12:10 PM Subject:[New post] Former Chairman Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Pastors And Elders Council Derrick Hutchins Says Earl Carter Is ADangerous Liar–Read Exclusive Text Messages NOW    

    obnoxioustv posted: “Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has obtained text messages of what a former very good friend of Earl Carter has to say about him absolutely having no integrity.  Derrick Hutchins says Earl Carter has lied about mone”

  6. Yea you need a better witness than this…..this man is something else!

    • I’m so glad I’m not a part of this church.
      They are doing all this “stuff” in Jesus name. But are they workers on inequity?. Will Jesus say, ” Depart from me. I never knew you?”
      Help Lord.

  7. COGIC is sad.
    And they always talking about “holiness or hell ”
    I guess the answer is hell.
    If anybody willingly take part in this mess they should burn too.
    Nothing but a cult. All they care about is money, cars and clothing and power positions. GOD is not pleased. So many scandals, whores and whoremongers. But all they talk about is homosexuals. They can’t get the plank out of their own eyes and trying to get a speck out the gays eyes.
    Hell bound ….some of them

  8. And the walls are tumbling down !

  9. Pot is calling the kettle on this one. Hutchins can’t dignify it with a response ’cause it’s all true.

    Earl Carter is an idiot too. They should be the best of friends.

  10. Hmmmmm, Derrick Hutchins?
    You can’t seriously take his word for anything with his track record?
    Especially with the mess he had going there in Orlando.
    I’ll wait until you have someone else with a more reputable and untarnished reputation.
    This is like taking the word of R. Kelly about a catholic priest.

  11. William, you sissies mad cause i’m exposing you!!!!! I’ll take you down too mf!!!

    • Nawww… We aint dumb by a long shot. Carter wouldn’t come on this site and use his real name, none the less curse with all the scrutiny behind his name.


  12. Supt Hutchins is a talented preacher.who could have been a bishop on the General board if he was able to control his ego! Such a disappointment!;; I used to follow his ministry when he first came to Orlando from South Carolina in the late 90s

  13. The Bible speaks of great leaders falling by the wayside. Supt Carter, was paid to preach, last year. Now he is stirring wrongful words about the Man of God. What ever happen to shut up and let the Lord fight your battle . Preachers are doing what the Gays of the world want fire against fire , who will put the fire out. When Bishops , Supt Preachers fighting amongst themselves. You are men first. Remember God is without Sin. JOHN said my little children please don’t sin, but if you do we have I am the advocater, I will forgive you……Supt. Carter, forgiveness is good for the soul, leave Bishop along

    • If he has to leave Bishop Blake alone then he must also leave the homosexuals alone.
      Did not the Bible say that God is no respector of persons?
      Let’s not use the Bible as we see fit. Its not a buffet.
      Its all or nothing.

  14. Carter needs to leave it all alone.
    He needs to be very careful right now.
    He cannot expose Bishop Blake without exposing himself.
    Where is the alleged grandmother and the victim?


  16. The truth must be told!

  17. COGIC in it’s early years was ridiculed by other black religions. It attracted a special type of worshipper. I know because some of my family members were. They were called Holy Rollers, Black magic followers, believers in curses and hexes and lookers into the future or any name that you can think of associated with mysticism .You and I must admit it attracted a certain type of crowd. In the early sixties it was shunned by the Black Theological community only surpassed by The Nation of Islam when it was first introduced in our neighborhoods.

    With that being said, we must take a back seat to how we feel about the COGIC and look deep in the history of this unsual and different religion. Cogic has a rather shallow history in comparision to other denominations that have endured for centuries. This newly found concept has attracted several members. Why, I don’t care to comment. Nonetheless it is entrenched in our communities now and they (COGIC) really don’t know how to handle it.

    I remember being forced to attend church (COGIC) when I was a kid. It frightened me because of what I saw as a young child and did not understand what was happening. My older sister used to threaten me by putting the Holy Ghost on me and cause me to speak strange language and foam at the mouth and my eyes roll backwards in my head if I did not go to the store for her or do her house chores. I did anything not to get that Holy Ghost.

    At a young age I knew that gays penetrated the COGIC because many of the choir members were gay. Many in the church were obvious as well. What surprised me was the gay guy that ran out of the church and said ( as we were throwing rocks and should have been in the church ) that he was almost filled with the Holy Ghost but he ran out because he wanted to keep his demons. Now this made me really think that something was wrong as a young boy and that something mystic was happening in there.

    This entire mess with Charles Blake being gay is really his own business. If the molestation allegation is true it is everyone’s business. This vicious attack on gay worshippers should have happened long now. Years later after gays have made tremendous milestones in the religion all of a sudden many wants to kick them out. After gays have given their hearts and souls to this denomination they are no longer welcome. This attack of gays in the church comes after all of their talents and monies have been used up. If they felt that way about them they should start with Charles H. Mason to whom some says was gay as well.

    Many of you know that I don’t except the Bible as truth. Your psuedo character Jesus never mentions one word negative about gays. Why should you Christians take this monumental task of judgement against any member of the human race.

    • Gays can rot in the ass they take in all the mess that enters their blood to further infect and corrupt their carnal reprobate minds.

    • Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

      @David, all the people need to do is research their history. As I said in a previous post it all started from the top. Charles Parham is considered “The Father of Pentecostalism.” I dare you to follow the trail from Parham to Seymour to Mason and on down the line. I agree with you totally.

    • Since you admittedly don’t accept the Bible as truth (but Christians do), you have no say in this matter or any church-related matter concerning the Word of God and the will of God. Your words/opinions have no validity or value at all regarding this matter.
      David please..go have yourself a stadium full of seats. Good night.

      • @Mr. Right I must vindicate the moral justice of the Almighty every chance I get. I have to educated my ignorant people that except the religion of their slave masters that they really are free now in the 21st century and they don’t have to obey their slave masters anymore. The slaves were freed from physical slavery years ago. Now it is time to free your mind.

  18. The below email was sent to Bishop Blake with a cc copy to Dr. Carter on October 26, 2015.

    Bishop Blake,

    Every pastor is in a role that has a built in conflict of interest. On the one hand the responsibility of being the spiritual leader is in place. This is mixed with holding the joint office of the CEO of a non profit organization. Members are not usually clear when the pastor is speaking and the CEO is talking. As a seasoned saint I know the difference.

    As presiding bishop of COGIC you are the CEO of the entire denomination. Your public correction of Elder Carter had more to do with your CEO role than any spiritual consideration. Let’s look at some reasons why this is the case.

    1. COGIC and numerous other Pentecostal and holiness reformations or organizations regularly ignore the scriptures you outlined in your October 22, 2015 letter and even get legalistic when teaching the saints.

    2. In most modern day Pentecostal and holiness churches living a clean life is not taught on a regular basis. Since many other denominations have embraced the dancing and more expressive style of worship which used to only be seen in your churches, what is difference between your average local church?

    3. If people who are engaged in the lifestyle which Dr. Carter talked about are now attending the annual convocation in large numbers and not hiding their sin this speaks to a serious problem among the members. Either this is going on or it is not.

    4. If you had not made the statement you did COGIC could have opened itself up for even more negative media attention and had to fight additional lawsuits. I understand this so why pretend it is such a spiritual reason for Elder Carter to apologize when this is even more about money?

    5. Elder Carter could have utilized better words and an enhanced tone and approach but he did not. This type of teaching takes place in small storefronts all the time. Before cell phones and social media it was not such a public relations concern.

    Back to the conflict of interest, if people living a wrong lifestyle are attending the convocation in large numbers, this is making COGIC more money. Then you have an elder speak on your doctrine like he was in a small storefront where this has been accepted. This caused a problem.

    May God give you the wisdom to not compromise the standards of the Bible while also managing the funds of the church.

    Grace and Peace.

  19. Carter and Hutchins are BOTH jokes and an embarrassment to the Church of God in Christ. One is a whoremonger and the other a wife beater and they are BOTH liars…so there you have it

  20. @ Edward, what a well-written and thought provoking email!

  21. This is my first comment, we were Methodists but lived 3 houses away from a COGIC church
    half of our street was COGIC, and our neighbors were COGIC..Have many COGIC friends and have been to countless COGIC services and to Memphis with them. I like the music, style and the excitement.

    @David..I had the exact same thought, no one has asked the question are the type of people COGIC tends to draw the root of their unique problems? I say unique because
    I have seen some things in COGIC that would NEVER happen in a traditional black Baptist
    or Methodist church..

    In my experience, the problems COGIC has are due in a large part in the type of people they
    tend to draw in a certain psychological and personality type tends to join COGIC…Not that
    these are bad people just a certain type in many cases..There are 3 types in COGIC.

    1.People from other churches.
    2.People who were “out there” in the street life, no structural upbringing no scruples or
    morals about anything.
    3.People who were raised in COGIC but THINK FOR THEMSELVES…some who don’t.

    A common element what I have seen, people who are driven to COGIC when they are down and out and facing problems they can’t handle or have serious issues in their own life they
    can no longer deal with.Some of the people they meet in COGIC take advantage of them…

    There are normal decent people in COGIC, but the problem is at the root..when you have people from group number 2 and a theology of the pastor being the absolute dictator they say absolute power corrupts absolutely, then you have a hot mess..

    Also there is the Holy Ghost then there is the “holy ghost” (notice I use small caps) used to
    manipulate people…this experience-based theology allows for many COGIC shenagians and
    manipulation..this is a common Pentecostal problem not just COGIC..

    I have no problem with the shouting and dancing it is based on the African heritage..I do
    have an issue with bleeding the people dry out of their money.. People need to start
    thinking and analyze this stuff.—Just my two cents thank you…

  22. As far as Dr. Carter is concerned, I have heard worse rough preaching in some of the more crude and less educated COGIC congregations.. since the 1970s…One church I attended in
    particular would come on the radio, the Elder was an older gentleman who always had a loud
    woman read to him as he gave the sermon the read-on method..No matter what the topic
    was, he always brought the subject matter around to “sissies” ,”ho’s” and “bull-daggers”…
    He seemed to be a very angry man..He got so ignorant in one sermon the radio station cut
    the church off the air right then…and the announcer apologized to the radio audience. ..Saying we want to bring quality gospel programming..

    • @Alag. LOL. The preacher in question sounds like Elder Mitchell at The Old Landmark Church of God Holiness in Christ Church in Chicago. If not, then the pastor you heard had a twin!

      • @ChileBye That Elder Mitchell…I am done!..I checked him out and nearly fell out of my chair..talking about the preacher sitting on the side of the bed with the single sister in the
        church all lit up.comforting her while his wife is at home..When the Holy Ghost is the
        Comforter.In his sermon “You didn’t read it” Reminds me of Full Gospel Holy Temple in

  23. @ Alagabon. You made some good points and the main issue you brought out is the manipulation mixed with the experience based theology. In COGIC and other Pentecostal churches as well as Charismatic and Word of Faith churches many members are trying to tap into a God based power, yes the Holy Ghost and work a set or Biblical principles to have a better life.

    This gives the preacher the power and authority to tell them what works, what does not work and then blame their lack of faith, not praising loud enough, not giving more money and not speaking in tongues more as the reason a desired result did not take place. The catch is you cannot make God change his will or the basic facts of life, meaning you have good and bad days, be using a so called spiritual formula.The fact is the members do have lots of faith or they would not be giving so much money and attending these types of service so much.

    I think the great falling away in the last days is not just going to be people who have a desire to just life a bad and evil life. Instead I think some of the great falling away will be people who fall away after trying to get further in life based upon a manipulating preacher, then they find out they were being fooled. God is going to harshly deal with people who lead his sheep away.

    In non Pentecostal churches the manipulation of the members comes when people provide the pastor and other ministry top officials with unearned and non worthy respect based upon them just having a title. So because the pastor said it, did something wrong, made a mistake, it is OK because it was them doing it and the members have too much respect for the title and position.

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