Watch!  Bishop Jordan And Prophet Brian Jefferson Mosley Teach On The Prophetic And Check Brian Carn

Obnoxious Breaking News!  Log on and listen to @BishopJordan and Brian Jefferson Mosley teach on the prophetic right not live on Periscope!  You do not want to miss this lesson taught by these two seasoned prophets.  Also listen to how these Fatthers in the Gospel check Brian Carn

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  1. They can continue to have several seats, Brian Carn having pure Revival in Houston. The Mothers in Zion “Mother Moore” straight up went into the Throne Room of Heaven, she preached purification, prayed and slayed the multitude as she walked the floor during the 4th watch of the 1st 24 hours, all the other speakers ordained by to actually be there to pray and preach totally headed the call.
    Micah Stampley lost His Mind, he completely compelled the people to worship and ushered in the Holy Ghost!!!!
    They going strong now. I enjoyed Bishop William Murphy Jr.
    Sir William God even use you to direct your readers check it out. I would have never knew about it had I not come across your blog.
    Jury still out on Carn bout copying the psychic. He will be fine if let go of pride.

    • Note: Mother Moore got saved at the age of 13, started preaching at 16, married same man over 40 years, she said her assignment was to birth out ministers, missionaries, she completed her God given assignment to remind the masses about living Holy, just living saved and birth out Souls.
      Amazing what the Body of Christ can accomplish on One Accord.
      God is not Mocked. He gets the Glory!!!!

  2. Dr. Aretha Wilson is a Spiritual Beast going in for True Revival in the 2nd half, thank God the weapon formed to stop this Prayer was defeated.
    No weapon formed against Gods people shall prosper.
    Every tongue that shall rise against them is already condemned. Be made whole, repent get right with God, me too! Lol

    • Note: Dr. Wilson Declared She came to Renounce the “spirit of the world”.
      And Embrace the Spirit of the Living God”!!!!!
      Come on out of here devil. Exit the church to the left. There is a courtesy van waiting to escort you back to hell.

  3. @Have Mercy it seems you are the only one that drinking the kool aid.

    • Yep. Its really good too! This ain’t about Brian Carn. Tune in David. God can use a soldier for truth like you too!
      Lot of healing taking place! Reformation!
      Let God Arise and his enemies be gone!

  4. Nuthinbutthetruth

    Have you ever wondered if those followers of Jim Jones died quickly or slowly????
    We can’t go by your word Mercy. After all it is you that sat and listened to Brain Carn defend undeniable evidence.
    So like you leader Carn your word on “move of God” can not be trusted.
    So take your seat to the left behind your leader…

    • Not a Carn fan, he too arrogant, ignorant as well. I took issue with him condemning folk homes for not giving. You didn’t read my list correct. You lose the hate and exit to a safe place fool.
      Who is Brian Carn? Who is his Pastor or church family that ordained him?
      He too caught up in the game to change. God will deal with him personally.
      I’m not a seer but I kept seeing blood on his finger tips, I thought it was the stream idiling, even one of the speakers appeared to have blood dripping down from here palm of her hand while praying for him. I didn’t see this on any other persons on the video.
      He really needs to repent and be covered in the Blood of Jesus.

  5. Thanks HaveMercy !!! but what else did you expect? All you need is a loud mic, musicians and great entertainers to hype the crowd, even the club goers know that. But with all that power and hanging out in the throne room with Mother Moore, Dupree, Murphy and the rest of the heavy weights invited….it still did not cause Carn to retract that blatant lie he told during his watch. Smh.
    So what kind of power is it really? Because no lie, they all can turn any service upside down with their delievry (guaranteed)…but does it work? because apparently it is not enough to convict the head ringleader of the event. Such a shame.

    • I know right.
      Carn with 3 hours left asked for $300,000.00. (300 people to give $1,000)
      The room got earthquake quiet.
      SMH….it was hilarious.
      He build up to it in a Jim Jones kinda way saying if they lying and got it and don’t give it, judgment was gone fall on they house.
      I had to speak on it on chat them Carn chasers went in. They really are drinking the kool aid.
      I pray they pay they bills and get some financial planning goals.
      He gone bankrupt them gullible souls.
      But I did enjoy the some if the speakers.

      • He is going to need money for lifestyle support when his itinerary starts to dry up.

      • It would hv been great if he didn’t Still tryn Fleece the flock. A Thousand $$ line….😡😡😡.I don’t think God is pleased with the way they manipulate the Word for 💰💰💰!!! Getting Rich off the backs of working class Ppl!!!

  6. It’s amazing how thirsty we can be! Maybe that red blood you thought you saw was the cherry flavored Koolaid dripping from their hands….ya think?

    • No. it was dark red blood. Everytime I saw him take the mike I saw blood. I’m sure of what I saw in the spirit realm.
      Do you have your eyes open? little chid bye.

    • Chilebye, you need dipped in the blood of Jesus along with Carn. Its us clear that neither he nor you have had an encounter with Christ.
      He wouldn’t be getting caught in all these fables, shucking and fleecing the flock.
      He was exposed for a reason.
      Kool aid is mixed with water, Blood is thicker, these Elders came to pray for his soul.
      Or didn’t you notice.
      Child bye

  7. @ Have Mercy…..So did Medina Pullings come? Archbishop Duncan?

    • It was said Medina was there the 1st 24, yep the Arch Bishop and some Africans where there. Did a ritual they tongue, Jesus I had
      Just know some real prayer warriors showed up praying gore souls and the church. I don’t think Carn realize the seriousness in they sacrifice to come.
      business as usual for him

  8. It was really sad to see so many people, at this so-called 48 hours of prayer, because it revealed to me that many can be deceived, even if the truth is hitting them in the face.Now how can you spend so much time defending yourself, when you should be praying?There was a whole lot of singing, bucking and jumping and placing curses on people that didn’t believe like they did… Carn did a great job having his African counter-parts there to be cheerleaders, they really know how to hype up the audience with all the fire, fire, fire chants…Why did I watch? because I wanted to see how these people were operating, if you read the news you know…
    There was a chat going on while the prayer was going on and you can not believe how easily people can be distracted, they were fighting all through-out the prayer with those who didn’t agree with their god Carn…In my opinion, if their prayer motive/focus was right they would have ignored the distractions and kept praying…Well Carn promised the deceived they would be getting unexpected money at 12 midnight and I wonder how many will admit they didn’t get jack? He got his and is laughing all the way to the bank…

    • Them was a fleshly Carn groupies on chat. They where praying folk die for disagreeing with them or questions about him askng for that money. The $1,000.00 dollar line. pitiful.

  9. Ok can someone post on YouTube prophet Benard jordsn and prophet mosley ple

  10. Sir William;
    Have the parties reached a settlement in the Bishop Blake vs Earl Carter case?
    Earl Carter introduced his Former Circuit Judge Attorney last week with a Juris backdrop, and he mo longer talks about Blake with a green background. Green.
    Any tea?

  11. Black ppl need to be talking about Racism not Religion.


      1. Subscribed to a Psychic/Divination.
      2. Never Repented with guilty blood stains.
      3. Perpetrated 48 hours of babbling prayers.
      4. Called for 300 to give 1,000. sucking up the folks for threatening the people, if you got it, and don’t give you’re liars.
      5. Loud music, funky odor, stinky breath.
      6. Dr. Wilson pure and sincere with anointing.
      Generally wasted 48 hours, with a false prophet under no covering, while God is gracious of the pure heart for his people according to 1 John 5:14-15.
      •1 hour of prayer is only required by the word, 6 hours is at least weeping enduring for a night, but not 3 nights? RIDICULOUS!!!!! OFF!!

  12. Greetings to all, I have never written anything about anyone but let me tell you that I went to the 48Hour Prayer Meeting in Houston, TX, and from what I observed and heard were wrong prayers sent up that sounded like witchcraft. I heard one of the African say for god to destroy our enemies etc…..I mean clearly Jesus is LOVE and he said to pray for those who persecute us, and to bless your enemies and to love them. I have been following Brian Carn’s ministry for years and one thing I have observed about this man is that he does not know how to talk to people and he has a false spirit of humility! he is very arrogant and clearly does not walk in Love which of these are more important a Gift or Love? The church is so deceived and blinded by gifts but never take the time to observe the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Galatians 5:22-23 which is Patience, Kindness, Gentleness and Love etc. Know people by their fruit and not so much as their gift and talents because gift comes without repentance and remember that Satan was once an angel who stood in god presence so he knows how this thing work. It’s time for the believers to sharpen their discernment.

    • Wow Denece!
      In Matthew 24, Jesus warns us that MANY false prophets will arise and lead MANY astray….even the very elect if possible…those who think they can’t be deceived.
      Paul warns the Church over and over about being deceived as does John.
      Jesus even told his disciples “Take heed that no one deceives you. ” Mark 13:5

  13. @Denece isn’t God great letting you see up close and personal how things really are in that ministry. I commend you for being honest enough to tell the truth, seems like some would rather die then speak the truth no matter how off things are in the so-called ministry…
    I watched off and on online and as you stated it really seemed like a time of hexes and curse against anyone who did not agree with their viewpoints… Jesus came to give us life and that more abundantly, but all they kept talking about is burning up people Fire, fire, fire and death and the crowd roared in agreement…
    The saddest part of all was his mother, she is totally in agreement with this charade, my mother would never and I mean never uphold me in doing wrong, she cares for my soul… I pray Carn has not gone too far… blasphemy is a scary thing, but I can’t see any other way this can play out, what would Cheryl Lynn gain from all of this? Lord help us all…

  14. The Pagan traditions continues. You can not communicate with God Almighty.
    Christians should see the correlation of how the Greeks summoned their gods to defeat their enemy.
    If Jesus never existed , how could he be a catalyst of truth ?
    Zeus was reigning high in Houston this weekend.

  15. I thought I did until I realized that He never talked back.

  16. WItchcraft is very much in operation and the people do not realize it. LIke Jezebel…prayers of cursing and annihilation of the enemy are called PSYCHIC PRAYERS. Additionally, church people…stranding in a circle…and praying is what covens do. point your hand toward so and so …that what wirches do except they have a wand or an athame in their hand. It is the direction of \energy or power pulled together and pointed in a direction at the direction of “the high priestess. Black folks gullible and superstitious. And JIM JOnes’ entire flock was BLAck…HIS STAFF WAS WHITE…

  17. Black people wake up…Geesh. So much of what is going on in church is witchcraft and ya’ll dont realize it…prayer circle… witches stand in a circle and incant. Stretch your hand toward so and so…witches do that except they use a anthame. Wand or sword) it is to direct the flow of power from follwers to the directed object. Prayers of cursing are nothing more than PSYCHIC PRAYERS…people please…Jim Jones’ flock at the end was BALCK…the ones that bailed were white….those that drank the KOol aid were black…his staff was WHITE.

  18. What word ? The Gospel of the Devil that Leo XII referred to in 1824 ? The Bible is a fantasy book written by goat herdsman and fishermen . For years I believed the fantasy until I started to READ for myself an not take the word of any man claiming this as the truth without examination.

    • @ David from what I have seen you write on this forum, you were once really active in church and a believer…Did something happen to make you start looking for the answers you now say you have and you no longer believe? I am just curious, I am very disillusioned with what I see going on inside of buildings and a lot of these fake ministries, but I still believe I have a relationship with God…No judgment here, I think it would help all of us to see where you are coming from better…I know a lot of people like you and I respect what they believe , because we have free will to live as we believe…

      • My journey started when I looked at Jesus in the grave for three days when in fact it was 36 hours. I started to read and question everything after that and discovered that Jesus never existed and was fabricated. Why do you think that the Jews don’t believe in God’s son ? Simply because they know it is the greatest hoax perpetrated in history.

  19. I really enjoyed Tamara Bennett at the 48 hours of prayer she had a pure spirit about her and she spoke the truth in love and she appears as a Righteous woman of god. Brian’s Mother is a sweet woman and I really believes she loves the lord however, I don’t understand why she or the people around him will not correct him and tell him to stop going off on people and to have a spirit of love. I can’t stand the way he yells and screams at people he really need to learn how to walk in LOVE and to speak to people in a loving voice. Brian is feeling himself and he clearly does not care about anyone’s feelings and he said that out of his own my mouth.I’m glad god has opened up my eyes, because I do not want to be deceived I want to be righteous before god and to walk in love and in humility. The funny thing is before all of this happen I had a dream about him and In the dream he was preaching and the people were shouting and he was laying hands on people and then he was cussing people out. I have never heard him cuss however, I have seen him preach good and then fuss at people. One minute Brian says he loves god and wants to be saved and the next minute he starts going off on people. He even stated at the conference that he did not care about people’s feelings smh what kind of man of god talks like this.

  20. Brian will continue to yell at you negros UNTIL, you set him straight and give him the verbal azz whoopin’ he needs. One goooood ‘cussin out from the right person or get snatched off the stage he’d learn how to speak to people.
    If he can’t speak to people properly STOP going to his “entertainment venues” But black people love to shout and fall out and they don’t care what kind of person delivers that emotion to them.

  21. Thanks David….

  22. Thank you for posting that! My mouth is still hanging open in utter disgust! “Profit” Brian Con is a bigger fake than I thought he was! He probably doesn’t ever hear from Gawd, cause if he did, the first thing God would say is “boy, you need to stop lying on Me!” Obviously, Profit Brian Con serves a Gawd that can’t spell a persons last name and he (Con) has to ask questions in order to “proph-a-lie” to people. Smh. Why do the saints get excited when a profit calls their name–, don’t they already know their name? Smh
    People are so desperate to hear “a word” that they are mesmerized by this fakery. God HAS given a word –it’s in the Bible, but folks would rather empty their wallets for this mess.
    Saints: You can get in touch with God without a middleman. And as a matter of fact, if you don’t have a relationship with God that is real, at the end when it’s just you and Him, He will say, “I never knew you”.

  23. Wow the shenanigans that go on in church and people just eat it up. My former Pastor has a guy come in every year that claims to have died and went to heaven and now has a healing ministry…I have yet to see someone actually healed…He does the leg growing out thing, every time he comes…This guy describes seeing Jesus, but he said he doesn’t look like the Jesus in the book of Revelation. This same guy tries to put people in intimidation by saying God will show him if you are thinking bad about him… Well surely God had a lot to tell him about my thoughts…LOL….
    This video showing how Carn gets his info is a real eye opener…I heard also they get info from people who buy product before church and read the info off their checks..I am so glad I am not a Celebrity Pimp preacher follower, but just a follower of Christ..These people are too much….

    • Sounds like the ole’ Peter Popoff tricks! And even after being exposed worldwide, Popoff is YET bringing the crowds in (he and his wife). As for Chief Master Prophet Jordan, don’t forget his hookup (as a young man) with Reverend Ike! That SHOULD explain ALL about Jordan then and now!!!

  24. Chief Master Prophet Apostle Disciple Evangelist Overseer Jordan is among the Pathetic rather than the Prophetic. Man you talk about a cult. This is it at it finest.

  25. He and Rev. Ike come from the same cloth. This is a cult at best , a very interesting following.

    • David I agree! “You Can’t Lose With the Stuff I Use”. Haaaaa Rev. IKE. And Jordan was right there learning ALL his tricks of the trade. Hoodwinking IS a trade. A master craft.

      • Chilebye u are so right lol. Rev ike was a mess. Prophet Jordan had always been a Lil strange to me but his son Nooooooooo now he’s very strange and strange looking

  26. Jordan charges a fee to baptize people at his church.

  27. Thanks Bro for exposing this Carn foolishness!

  28. “Fatthers in the Gospel check Brian Carn!” What? Jordan and Mosley are not able to check anyone. They are worse than Carn and take the whole prophet for profit ‘game’ to a entire different level than Carn will ever reach. This is the pot calling the kettle black!

    • Black,
      Do not talk about Mosley!
      Sir William

      • Since Brian Carn raised all that money after so much foolishness and sucking the folk under with their stupidity, makes you wonder did he pay one particular percussionist his worth after returning back to his home church and got fired by his pastor immediately for his association with Carn’s 48 hour mess!
        I played for Brian when he first started, and when he got shitty and arrogant about not paying my money I started swinging and was ready to beat down his bushy hair ass, they had to pull me off from him. He fronts arrogantly on people too much, he did that in Houston before, he has a bad reputation, and now new video revealed on especially him calling up the dead husband to a widow at Benny Hinn’s Studio. THATS DIVINATION & WITCHCRAFT!

  29. Say what ever you want about Rev. Ike, BUT, Rev. Ike’s numbas fell straight out when he gave them, and at least Rev. Ike (and the like) can give the people something instead of tricking the people into giving, and having a beg-athon! Numbas don’t lie! lol

  30. Say what you want about Rev. Ike. But Rev. Ike’s numbas fell straight out when he gave them. At least Rev, Ike (and the likes) gave the people something instead of begging the flock or tricking the flock into giving. It’s to the point now, if you say you’re a prophet (man or woman), give me a numba and let ” us” find out how legit you really are?
    They can prophesize ALL day long, but when a “bonafide” prophet that is called from God can give the flock a numba and that numba blesses the people…..ummphhh, it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that he or she has been called or chosen by the most high God! Give the people a real blessing is all I’m saying. Bump the la la las…….

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