All Hell Breaks Loose At Jackass Jakes Potter’s House Location In Fort Worth!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A woman is claiming that she was beat up and kidnapped by church elders – in the middle of Sunday Service at TD Jakes ‘Potter House Church in Ft Worth Texas. And we have the EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of the incident.
The victim, Audrey Stevenson, got into a dispute with some of the church elders – about whether she could stand on stage with the Black Pope TD Jakes Obnoxious Media is not certain if Bishop Jakes was physically at this location or if she was on the platform with the campus pastor.  Audrey was initially on the platform with the legendary pastor, but then two overzealous church elders asked Audrey to go backstage and talk. That’s when things went crazy.
As the below video shows, Audrey and the church elders argued – and then one of the elders, a large man, BODY SLAMMED HER AND LAID ON HER and seems to have handcuffed her.
Audry was eventually placed in handcuffs and physically thrown out of Potter House Church – where she’s called her church home for many years.
We don’t know when it became ok for a man to bodyslam a woman, especially in a church – but that kind of behavior is not godly at all.
Bishop TD Jakes‘ commented on the matter. Here’s what he said, in part:
I’m extremely disappointed and apologize for how Ms. Stevenson was treated and the ill-conduct she received. Privately, we will be reaching out to Ms. Stevenson to offer her the apology she rightly deserves.
The safety officer in question’s tenure with us has been a positive one, this unfortunate incident however has endangered his continuance with our ministry pending the outcome of a comprehensive review which is consistent with our protocols.
Below are pics of Audrey, and the injuries she claims that she suffered during the scuffle.

Posted by Audrey Stevenson on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Obnoxious Media reached out to TD Jakes for comment, and his representatives refused to comment.  A situation similar to this happen a few years back when a Potter’s House member wrote a book on what the church does not want you to know about tithing and giving offering.  He was jumped in front of his children and ejected from the service.  Cheryl Brady was conducting the service at that time.
Below are pics of Audrey, and the injuries she claims that she suffered during the scuffle.


The woman involved with the altercation preached the same day below:

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  1. let the dragging begin

  2. He uses Peoples. My friend was apart of this tul she got invited from Pulpit. She left. Now my Friend, I work with her now she is the DA of Dallas
    I never been to his church,Never will go. He took Juanita’s Fame and made him a Church in Texas.Women thy are loose,Image many loss their life over that Sermon, some end in Jail,Prison and death

  3. It is sad what happened. Could have been handled much better. Unfortunately we cannot blame TD Jakes because he did not do it personally to her. Just like we cannot blame America because of the indiscretion of an American.

  4. How in the hell did that Elder get up and preach after acting like a fool backstage????

    • Slurpee, you will be surprised how those agents of satan carry on after acting a fool. They have no remorse. Its like fuel to their evil fire.

  5. To be fair, this doesn’t have anything to do with Bishop Jakes. HOWEVER, if he doesn’t FIRE the Security who put his hand on this woman AFTER she was handling herself properly BEFORE she became the victim, then Jakes is responsible. YES, she had every right to become belligerent AFTER being man handled after asking to leave. I’m pissed just from watching it! Now she is handling the matter improperly by carrying on social media before going through proper channels first. If nothing is done, THEN take it to the media!

    • KCB, I think she did the right thing by taking it to the media because. You stated to follow proper channels, then if that don’t work, then go to the media. Well it was more than likely going to end up there anyway because without exposure and hopefully some embarrassment, all they were going to do is try to cover it up and act like it didn’t happen., or do like Rikki and blame the victim. Either way, it was going to leak out anyway because it isn’t any way that they detained her against her will and assaulted her by laying hands on her and no charges and lawsuit get filed. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. I congratulate Ms. Stevenson for her bravery and the courage to stand up for herself and not allow herself to be degraded by those ungodly beast.

    • From what I read, Brandon may get fired. My thoughts are he should get fired and that demonic elder that instigated the catastrophe should be stripped of her eldership and given a permanent seat.

    • Kcb You are absolutely right. She should have consulted with a lawyer FIRST before going on social media. Now she recorded without there permission and put in on social media. They can get her for that. U have to use wisdom in situations like this. Church people so ready to expose somebody with out using common sense.

      • She did nothing wrong by recording the incident. If she had not recorded it, this would have simply been hearsay. Journalists do secret recordings all the time.

      • A person can record a conversation to which you are a party in Texas without violating wiretapping laws, so long as the other party is in a “one party consent” state. … A person can record a conversation when, in a public setting, the participants do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy.Feb 16, 2016

  6. Seems like lots of control in these type of churches, she is trying to leave and he physically
    tries to prevent her so he can “explain the system of the church”

  7. This church is guilty of FALSE IMPRISONMENT. To detain someone as a Security Guard, a crime must have been committed in their presence. When a Police Officer arrives on the scene, he has to establish probable cause before an arrest can be made. Security Guards have NO POWER OF ARREST, only the power to detain. However, in this situation they never issued a Criminal Trespassing warning nor did the Police come to see if a law had been violated. In the State of Ga. If a subject is suspected of a crime and you have an eye witness to identify him, you can not remove the suspect from the location of where he is . You MUST bring the victim to the suspect otherwise you will be guilty of FALSE IMPRISONMENT. They restricted the girl’s right to move about freely by placing handcuffs on her and NOT following up on an arrest. The Security Guard is also guilty of assault, to what extent, I don’t know.
    The Potter’s House is also at risk for a civil suit because the Security Officer was an employee of theirs. After criminally charging the Officer the church is liable for civil charges and that means money. Any Attorney that is worth his grain of salt will pursue A DEEP POCKET suit which means you start at the church which is probably an LLC, and then T.D.Jakes ,the Associate Pastor all the down to the Security Guard himself. The Church can be charged with what I see Negligent Training, Negligent Appointment, Negligent Assignment and if he has a history of abuse Negligent Retention.
    She has right to video on her phone because in a common place, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. You can not film or record in a bathroom where there is an expectation of privacy.

    • @ David. Question for u. Since she was in a meeting with the officials i guessing didn’t she need there ok to record that meeting? Im assuming it was a private meeting.

      • KC, the Potters House was wrong. The video has gone viral with over 2 million people and I am glad it did. I am glad that she had the courage to stand up for herself and hopefully her ordeal will discourage this nonsense from happening to someone else. I don’t air dirty laundry but if you don’t stand for something, stupidity takes the wheel. People don’t go to church to be degraded and church people need to do whatever necessary to discourage this type of behavior. Otherwise, we need to cease to exist. The purpose of the church is to heal, not hurt. That video demonstrated hurt, not healing and can never be justified as right. I was hurt and embarrassed because it shows how far the church has fallen away from its purpose. Now the Potters House will have to write a big check. Good. Somebody’s but should go to jail and definitely that elder from hell who instigated the whole thing should have her eldership taken away.

      • Again my friend kc, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy even in a meeting unless a disclosure consent is signed or implied. This normally applies to companies that have the right to protect their intellectual and trade secrets. In the State of Ga. the only requirement to tape and use it against a person is when only (ONE) party is aware the recording exist. The other party involved is not obliged to know that the taping or recording is happening.
        Do you know how many times I have taped my Commanders and Supervisors or Chief in a private meeting ? Police Officers do it all the time, especially without a union protecting them.

      • @empress don’t get me wrong. I agree the potters house was definitely in the wrong but i would have gone to my lawyer first

      • @ David. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

    • That Elder had the audacity to get up and preach that came day right after railroading and degrading her sister in Christ. She showed no remorse, guilt, or conviction for what she had done. That shows that they just allow anybody to preach and when is a cold hearted butt hole. Im not a preacher but whenever I do somebody wrong, my conscience bother me until I make it right, especially if I know I am wrong. I can’t even sleep at night until I make it good with that individual and she is able to preach a sermon. Wow!!!

    • But if your part of the Black Lives Matter movement the law doesn’t apply to them.

    • Joint and Several Liability

  8. Correction ! The Church could be sued for negligence . There are no legal laws that can CHARGE anyone in that instance. They can be sued in civil court however. I apologize for the error.

  9. The security bully and the elder were completely wrong!!! Hopefully, she will get justice by the law and the civil courts
    Its sad that she even has to get the law involved. The bible tells us to settle our issues within the church BUT what the security bully did was illegal. He and the elder should be taught a valuable lesson. Now, on another note, Sir William, why call the man of God out of his name? That’s not nice. Reading your blog is my guilty pleasure (lol) but calling Bishop James a “Jack***” is very disrespectful. Don’t be so mean.

  10. Charles woodards

    I want my contributions returned and I’m no longer supporting this “organization”!!!!!!

  11. Lol. That’s exactly what it is, an organization because it does not represent a church. In fact, it is a total embarrassment.

  12. This is what happens when The Church is turned into a money making business, elders being hired too preach and this one hired etc God is not pleased…smh

  13. And Bishop is responsible because he is the overseer he puts these jive time people up, just a money making business, having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof smh

  14. Deitrick Haddon just spoke about where is the real love the God kind of love on Facebook live

  15. Becky w/Asian Hair

    I would sue them bats until nobody could wear a polyester suit and clown hat for a decade!!!!! lol

  16. First thing there was no reason to call the church a jackass
    Seems like you sir like put fuel to the 🔥 I’ve seen the video it wasn’t handled properly.There is. More to this story.

  17. Plant a seed bitch & don’t ax questions. Flaky Jakes covered up for pedophile Eddie ” suck it “Long, Chris “I’ll plant my seed in my friends bitch” Hill. This will also go away with a little hush $.

  18. Ain’t nothing wrong with that ghetto ass bitch with her ashy ass showing fake ass brusies

    • How insensitive. Are you representing the potter’s house? Your attitude along with everything else that has happened their doesn’t depict this ministry to be warm and loving. I will never attend that church.

  19. Hi, I read your blog like every week. Your story-telling style
    is awesome, keep it up!

    plisse (Darryl)

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