Busted!  Megachurch Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Indicted For Wire Fraud And Money Laundering 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again……The allegations against Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell are disturbing. Federal prosecutors alleging the long-time pastor bilked millions from elderly and vulnerable investors, which would make him a complete and total Sleaze Bag!
None of the money was ever paid back. Now he and a business partner could be headed for prison in a scheme that seems too good to believe.
In the 1940’s, the Chinese government offered bonds for sale.
Back then they might have been worth something, but by 2013, the communists were firmly in control of China and the bonds were worthless.
But federal prosecutors allege that didn’t stop Pastor Caldwell and investment adviser Gregory Smith from offering investors quick and impressive returns on pre-revolutionary Chinese bonds starting in 2013 and continuing for years.
They allegedly sold nearly $3.5 million worth. Court papers suggest they aren’t worth anything.
An indictment and second civil lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission allege the pair never paid any investor back, but kept them on the hook with frequent investor calls and promises of pay back.
According to court filings, Caldwell encouraged investors to “remain faithful and that they would receive their money. Caldwell also used religious references to give investors hope they would soon be repaid.”
Both men face years in federal prison and could be made to pay back millions and forfeit a home the pastor owns in Houston.
Court filings suggest he used money from the alleged investment scheme to pay the mortgage on it.
Caldwell once served as one of President George W. Bush’s spiritual advisors. He is currently listed as a limited partner with the Houston Texans.
The Texans released the following statement, “We have recently been made aware of a report involving Kirbyjon Caldwell. We are gathering more information and will have no further comment at this time.”
Sources told Eyewitness News that Caldwell is working with authorities to surrender in Louisiana within next week to 10 days.


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  1. He should’ve known being a grad of the University of Penn Wharton school of business. One of the most prestigious schools world wide, but then again the orange devil In the white house went there too and look at where this country is now.

    • Kim Parks-barrett

      Lol @the orange devil

    • Yeah ,look where we are now. Unemployment at a near all time low. Black unemployment at a 17 year low. We are taking home more of our hard earned money. Next year our standard deduction will double to $12,000.00. We are no longer being FORCED to by Obamacare policies. Our religious freedoms are being protected. We will soon be moving our embassy to Jerusalem, where it belongs. A young Black man, Jerome Adams, is our Surgeon General. Our President got NATO allies to kick n $12 billion more toward our collective security. The Islamic State’s physical caliphate has been virtually eliminated . Our borders are being secured to help staunch the flow of ILLEGAL ALIENS into our great nation. Your President is installing Constitutionalyl conservative judges, who will interpret the Constitution for decades. Of course, the best thing,is that the Liar of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, will NEVER be our President. Praise the Living God!
      By the way, two daysago, your President’s approval rating stood at 51%. Obummer’s was only 46% at the same time in his reign of error. That has to hurt….LOL! #MAGA

      • FAKE NEWS!
        Unemployment – those number mean absolutely nothing. I believe they literally pull them out of their asses to make themselves look good. As my Stats teacher said on day 1, “you can literally make numbers say whatever you want them to say”…
        Religious Freedoms – being protected? From who? I didn’t know they were being attacked.
        Obamacare – no you aren’t being FORCED to buy policies; however drug prices and healthcare in general, prices continue to skyrocket. 🙁 So while you are concerned about a repeal, what’s being done about the issue itself?
        Jerome Adams – the guy who suggested, just on yesterday, that we all carry Narcan on us for O.Ds?
        Islamic State – “virtually eliminated”?? An ABSOULTE BLATANT LIE
        Hillary C. – I hate her just as much as the next person but I hardly bring her up. What’s your infatuation with her?
        Border Security – the wall? LMAO or the use of our military? BTW is a bad idea IMO but Trump obviously knows more than me, and also the Generals.
        Ratings – all relative; depending on what polls you are looking at. I literally just did a quick google search and found a poll that had his rating @ 34% as of this week.

      • ILLEGAL ALIENS entering our southern border had dropped by over 70%. They know your President means business. The stock market hit all time highs under your President.I guess thosr numbers are fake, too, huh?
        Milions of workers received bonuses, as a direct result of your President’s tax reforms. Thank God!
        Not “infatuated” with the Liar of Benghazi. That is why we made sure she lost. She still has not recovered, the old bat….

      • Brandon, the only poll tracking your President everyday is Rasmussen. CHECK IT OUT

      • Remington Steele

        Uncle Thomas, go somewhere else with that BULLSHIT

      • Lawrence, you are not sleeping with your helmet on. Be a good boy and stop looking at Fox News before you go to bed. Your brain is outside of your cranium. Now put that helmet back on and take a nap.

      • Funny how Republicans now embrace the unemployment numbers. When Obama was in office, they said the unemployment numbers were low because people stopped looking for work and thus were not counted. Now that an Orange Lying Devil is in office, they support whatever he says. And by the way, that 51% approval is from a polling source friendly to the Fox News.

    • Remington Steel, triggered much, little snowflake? What is the matter? Did your President cut off your welfare check? LOL. Your President beat Hillary like the DemoKKKrats used to beat their slaves…..and she still has not gottenover it.

      • Welfare check? LOL. Girl, bye. The poorest States in the US are all Republican-led and are full of poor, white Trump supporters who are on welfare.

    • Girl hush !!! Trump went to college. LOL.

  2. Not looking good. He has a Wharton degree, and has set up a financial planning firm. This is not just a pastor dabbling in merchandising stocks, and bonds. In this case, he knew better based on this complaint.

  3. Remington Steele

    Preachers get hustled by these investors all the time. Same thing happened with Eddie Long and others. Preachers, your lane is NOT investment banking. Stick to what you know!

  4. Kim Parks-barrett

    So sad.

    • Lawrence you are right about the current POTUS those that oppose and hate will always find excuses not to agree like the lying liberal left

  5. Bishop Charles Blake and Joyce Rodgers have both preached for Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell and they have visited COGIC meetings. One time Bishop Kyles had him preach in Texas SE #1 state meeting. If this is true all I can say is COGIC dont mind preaching for crooks and crooks dont mind preaching for COGIC.

  6. Brandon, can you believe that i am agreeing with you? Thanks for checking Lawrence. This fool is a fraud and the only reason why he won the electoral vote and not the majority of Americans was because many did not want Hillary in in addition to outside interference and the majority of Americans still voted for Hillary. Also, only a fool would think that his approval rating is a 51%. Lol!!!!! They didn’t include me. That is based off of what? 100 people. Ok, look here Lawrence, the last 2 republican presidents got in with cheating and controversy and if you think that Trump is a republican, then you are really misled. Another thing is that the unemployment rate and jobs being up were already great! That’s like giving a first year coach of the New England Patriots the credit for winning a Super Bowl when it was due to the hard work of the previous coaches for 15 years and the new one walked into it. Trump is a a racist bigot who ares nothing about you due to the color of your skin. He is not what God wants for us to have Lawrence. It’s like the Kings. God allowed us to have what we chose. Wait a minute! We didn’t choose him. The electoral college and the Russians did. By the way, what’s so funny Lawrence when people are dying, losing insurance, racial tensions are worse than ever. Grow up black man or are you? You are fooled and misled. Grow up. You sound like a kid bragging and laughing because he won a video game. You should be praying sir..

    • Edward, so now you know who God wants for our leader? You are deluded. People have died for thousands of years. They died during every president’s administration. Even under Obozo’s. Millions of people lost their health insurance because of Obozo, and were forced bybfear of fines, to bybthose pathetic Obozocare policies.
      Who’s fault is it that thevLiar of Benghazu was so stupid, that she fid not csmpaign more in states that ended up rejecting her? Your Presudent ran a smart campaign and won where it counted!
      One of my prayers was answered. The Liar of Benghazi will NEVER be our president. President Trump beat her like you DemoKKKrats used to beat your slaves.
      President Trump will be re-elected, so get your tissues ready, crybabies. #MAGA2020

      • You are delusional Lawrence. Trump beat Hillary only because Russia muddled in our elections. Mark Zickerberg confirmed that with his testimony before Congress. Trump also manipulated the polls in key states. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million. That’s hardly a beat down. Why do you think Trump is trying so hard to squash the investigation? His days are numbered.

      • Sounds to me 45 has grabbed Miss Lawrence by her p&&y

      • Even Lying Paul Ryan knows the ship is sinking! It’s only a matter of time Lawrence…
        Again, why do you keep bringing up Hillary? Thankfully, let her fade into the sunset.

      • Messy Mae, the Russian collusion myth has yet to to be proven. Besides, I have NEVER met anyone who changed their mind about voting for thr Liar of Benghazi because of Russian “meffling”. But, if that makes you feel better about her astounding defeat, do be it. Youb, then, are the one who is “delusional”.
        And PLEASE ecplain just how your President ” manipulated the polls”? The ONLY persons who can “manipulate” a poll, are the ones who perform the polling. AND considering that nearly EVERY poll predicted your President would not be the victor, what are you blabbering about? NO one but YOU has ever claimed that President Trump “manipulated” polls!!! He “beat her down” where is ALWAYS counts the most-in the Electoral College tally. You would think that she, and Slick Willie, would have figured out she was not going to win. After decades of being slick, scummy politicians, thet got beat by a non-politician. Old girl has still not gotten over it. EVEN Barry Obozo said there was no way Donald Trump would be President… oh, to have seen the looks on his and Moochelle’s faces when the returns were being broadcast!!
        You people have been predicting President Trump’s downfall from day one of his administration. You people will still be doing it in November 2020 when he is re-elected. You snowflakes need to give it a rest already. You have no credibility.
        Meanwhile our President is obliterating nearly every failed policy of Obozo…that has got to hurt. BWAHAHAHAHA!

      • Brandon, most of the DemoKKKrat leadership wants the Liar of Benghazi to “fade into the sunset”…She stubbornly refuse to graciously do so. Maybe she will listen to you…You know how much she LOVES Black people, carrying hotv) sauce in her purse, and all.
        A couple of weeks ago, while in India, the old bat nearly fell down some stone stairs TWICE! Maybe the nect time she stumbles and there WILL be a next time, they could just let her fall, and put us out of our misery. I am sure Slick Willie will be glad to finally be rid of her…


    • BeckyNoMoreThankYouJesus

      The po po ain’t coming fast enough, that ain’t happening. My theory, lol, the only thing that can halt The probing election investigation, is war, and trump and his foreign friends are going to make sure a war is fixing to be. Somebody said something about a helmet earlier readings, we all gonna need a helmet in a minute. War right here on our soil is in the making, only because of greed, hate and vanity. We are in trouble folks, make sure y’all kiss the kids, tell your spouses, mother, father, sister, brother you are sorry. Love all y’all,

      • BeckyNoMoreThankYouJesus, I agree with you. The po po aint coming fast enough, but they hot on Trump’s tail. During war time, they won’t impeach or bring charges against the president. If you ask me, it is Trump’s goal to start a war and use the war to revert all the attention from him. It was his goal in the beginning anyway, to start a war. That is why people who support him are on a suicide mission. You right, we all are going to need a helmet and some gas masks very soon because the top is about to blow off. BOOM!!!

    • Lawrence, are you awake or are you asleep? You called the Russian collusion a myth and said that it is yet to be proven. Well a couple of days ago, it was televised on all stations (CNN ran it most of the day) that the Russian collusion was fact and they are beginning to make arrest. In fact, they have already arrested the accomplice and gave him 20 days for being an accomplice. The big boys are coming down next and they will be charged and they will serve time. Trump will be impeached and he too will be prosecuted. The poe poes are coming.

    • Hillary is no angel but she would have been a far better President than Trump/

    • Empress, your President is very real. You people keep having those impeachment wet dreams. You people must be very frustrated by now. He is nearly halfway through his FIRST term, and, in spite of all you loser, negative haters, there is STILL no evidence of Russian collusion.
      And the word is Impeached”, ….TrumpPence2020!

  8. Sorry for the typos. it should be before he is impeached.

  9. Trump will not be elected again because he will be serving time in federal prison. Lawrence, why are you a Trump supporter? Just curious?

    • Lawrence is a white conservative troll. He thinks Trump is destroying Obama’s legacy. LOL. But you can’t destroy 2 Nobel Peace prizes, job creation, robust economy and no scandals.
      Every day there is a new scandal with Trump. He doesn’t even have a full staff. Mueller is waiting with indictments. Lol

      • Because he promised workers would have more take home pay. Feferal tax rates went down, and next year, the personal exemption will double from $6000.00 To $12,000. GREAT for working Americans. He promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He did as promised. He promised to crack down on ILLEGAL ALIENS, aNd is doing just that. He is standing for religious freedom. He promised to end the Obummercare travesty, and did it. He is rolling back many of the onerous regulations imposed by Obozo, as promised.
        There are numerous other reasons, as well. Thank you for asking. And for not engaing in the personal attacks.
        Your President is not going anywhere. He will continue to serve this great nation. I told you people this nearly a year and a half ago. I will be repeating it to you every now and then, as you people watch your impeachment wet dream dry up. Hoping and waiting for something that is not going to happen must be very frustrating….

    • Because he promised workers would have more take home pay. Feferal tax rates went down, and next year, the personal exemption will double from $6000.00 To $12,000. GREAT for working Americans. He promised to recognize Jerisalem as Israel’s capital. He did as promised. He promised to crack down on ILLEGAL ALIENS, aNd is doing just that. He is standing for religious freedom. He promised to end the Obummercare travesty, and did it. He is rolling back many of the onerous regulations imposed by Obozo, as promised.
      There are numerous other reasons, as well. Thank you for asking. And for not engaing in the personal attacks.
      Your President is not going anywhere. He will vontinue tobserve this great nation. I told you people this nearly a year and a half ago. I will be repeating it to you every now and then, as you people watch your impeachment wet dream dry up. Hoping and waiting for something that is not going to happen must be very frustrating….

      • Lawrence, we agree on most things, but not on Trump. As far as Trump is concerned, you are dead wrong. As a black man, how can you avidly support his foolishness? The man is a liar. If his mouth is moving, he is lying. His goal is to destroy America because in his mind, if the white man can’t have it, no one can. White supremacy is dead and will never live again. White power and numbers are dying which explains his obsession with banning darker skin immigrants and not allowing them citizenship. There is a shift in racial demographics taking place not only in America but throughout the word. Simply stated, the world is getting darker and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Trump and other white nationalist understands this and is therefore willing to destroy America rather than to allow the darker races to enjoy the benefits of living in America. I find it strange that none of them feel that America became great off the backs of black slaves who worked over 400 years for free and not to mention the black people who picked cotton in the south for a little of nothing. Now you #MAGA, I say to you that America and the world will be great when personalities like Trump are no longer in power. Now Lawrence you say you are a Christian, yet you support Trump’s barbaric approach towards the immigrants in this country. They are human beings just as we are. They are God’s children, just as we are. so why do you feel that it is ok to treat them less than you treat yourself. As a child of God, do you think God is happy with that? I say to you, he is not. I am not even going to get into the statistics because it is all BS. If you or Trump knew American history, you would know that unless you are Native American, you can be considered an immigrant because mostly everybody else came from somewhere else. Though I would share a little thought from Empress’s corner.

      • Lawrence, everything Trump has promised is a lie. he was lying when his lips were moving and his vocal cords were producing the sound. The statistics are a joke and an even bigger lie. America will be great again when the likes of Donald Trump are no longer in power. Now you are a black man. Use some common sense. You know that this white supremacist doesn’t care anything about you. So stop promoting his BS.

      • Lawrence, you are wrong about The Health Care Act of 2009, better known as Obamacare. People are still insured by Obamacare. You are a sad black man. Obviously you have a lot of self hate and is suffering from a real identity crises.

  10. Yes, Messy Mae, Trump will be indicted. The latest member of his squad to bite the dust is Paul Ryan. He will not run for re election because he wants to spare himself more embarrassment. Anybody who thinks Trump will be re elected is living under a rock.

  11. Lawrance isn’t a white man. he is this black preacher who voted for Trump. He is Uncle Rukus in the flesh from the Boondocks.

    • Edward, you people have be predicting our President’s downfall for nearly 1 and 1/2 years….just when will you people realize how wrong you are? Next month? Next year? 2020? Give us some SPECIFIC month or year when you believe he will be driven from office….you can’t , can you? LOL!

      • Lawrence stop saying “you people”. You sound like an Uncle Tom.

      • When Mueller and Rosenstein get ready. Oh and they are Republicans.

      • I told y’all Lawrence is a White Conservative. “You people” separates us from them, so he thinks. I’d say in the next ninety days he will disgracefully resign before Russia leaks the pictures of the two prostitutes peeing in his mouth.

      • DUMBASS DAVEY SAMBO, in November of 2016, you said that our President would be gone in just a couple of months. Now, a year and a half later, you say it will be ” in the next ninety days”. You have lost ALL credibility. I will remind you about how wrong you are on July 16, 2018. By then, of course, you will most likely have pushed the date further out. And you think Christians are living in a fantasy world….LOL!

  12. If you click on this link, you will find a photo of Lawrence. /Users/apple/Desktop/the-boondocks-creator-aaron-mcgruder-tells-us-about-the-uncle-ruckus-movie-1413324352514.jpeg

    • BeckyNoMoreThankYouJesus


    • Lawrence will be just like Omarosa. Looking stupid in the end. Because Trump doesn’t care about him. How many black people are in his administration? Ben Carson doesn’t count.
      Any President who did not condemn what happened in Charlottesville is a racist to the bone.

      • Trump is a self proclaimed white supremacist and ANY BLACK PERSON that supports him is a damn fool. This includes the black evangelicals.

    • I agree with you David as far as Trump is concerned. He will resign or be impeached. He will probably face federal charges as well. His latest decision to bomb Syria is the most recent tragedy. Reminds me of Bush and Iraq and the only thing they found in Iraq was oil. You have to ask yourself in both circumstances, “what is the mission?” After bombing Syria, Trump said “mission accomplished”. Now many are asking, what was the mission.

  13. Who cares O’YAMOMMA or Donald Rump! They both serve the interest of this who seek to destroy the make up of this country. Omamma is a closeted homosexual who pushed for the sodomite agenda, and Donald Rump has racism all in his blood DNA. All this DEMO / REPUB garbage is just to divide the ignoramous of this country, while the crypto Jews plot to destroy millions of people so only those left would worship them.

    • BeckyNoMoreThankYouJesus

      People who live heartless or they are full of quilt, blame others when their stuff hit the fan. “It was them that did it” Cow you are correct when you say this country is divided, however the division is Love vs hate.. At this stage in the game we gonna need more love. “What the World Needs Now Is Love”. It’s to late though. I heard someone say, “God placed our President T. in office”, I believe that, because there were so many people DEMO and REPU that disrespected President O. or the leadership of OUR country. Before it is over we gonna wish and pray to our gods or God for another or anyone who is love and wish we really had man or woman that can really Make America Great Again Again, kiss your kids.

      • Barry Obozo was the judgment of God on our nation. We saw average citizens lose more and more freedoms, while the government became larger and wielded more control over us and our institutions and businesses. His ungodly promotion of various deviant lifestyles, and ham-handed treatment of Christian belief, was awful. Mr. Trump is rolling back many of the stifling regulations put in place by Obozo. Praise God.

      • BeckyNoMoreThankYouJesus, you read my mind. The wrath of God is going to fall on America because of it continuous ill treatment of people of color. Trump is the agent that will began the demise. Nothing this man does make any since. He is a walking, talking time bomb who continuously spread lies and spread division. President Obama is not perfect, but he is a natural organizer and he had an innate gift of bringing everybody together because he believes in unity. He made his enemies respect him although they hated his guts. Now America wish for the Obamas. They now have trash over them and they long for the days where the office of the president meant something. Hell, I did not like Bush either, but I have more respect for him than I do for Trump. Trump does not deserve any respect and because of him, no one respects this country anymore. America has become a laughing stock throughout the entire world and Trumpie bear is rolling off of everybody’s lips.

    • “crypto Jew”…Well, it did not take long for an anti-Semite Negro to rear his ugly head….Back to your hole, with the rest of the anti-Semite, race-baiting DemoKKKrat scum.

      • TRUMP is crypto. The are many who are of the synagogue of Satan.

      • Cash Cow, the anti-Semite Jew hater.

      • LawRinse – You love EVIL! Look at what’s going on in GAZA, the murder and unethical killing and rape and torture of the innocent women and children who just want the freedom to live in their own homes. Those CRYPTOS given billions of dollars by O’YAMOMMA or Donald Rump and all the DEMS and REPUB before them. Jimmy Carter can tell you about the evils of these devils. They killed JFK because he was about the expose them. All your republican status means is you are dupe who believes what’s told you in the media, a media owned by the CRYPTOs giving only stories they provide so you can become indoctrinated to believe you are right in your political views because you CHOOSE TO BE CONSERVATIVE. You better wake up little Dust Mite.

  14. Linwood Dillard is about to be made a Jursidictional Bishop? Isn’t that something?

  15. Damn Empress, I must say, that was very well said and 100% truthful! Beautifully stated!

  16. Ya’ll check out Sir. William in the new Netflix film “Come Sunday” a small extra role, but I did notice. The movie is about the challenges Carlton Pearson faced when he deviated from the Oral Robert teachings of damnation/hell.
    Thank me later

  17. Thanks Brandon.

    • Watch Him Empress.
      You know what James said – ““Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” ”

      • Man Man, I am strong in faith. No one can move me. We are discussing politics and that idiot Trump.

      • Gotcha…
        You know about them two snakes – Brandon and Day-Day.

      • I agree with you David as far as Trump is concerned. He will resign or be impeached. He will probably face federal charges as well. His latest decision to bomb Syria is the most recent tragedy. Reminds me of Bush and Iraq and the only thing they found in Iraq was oil. You have to ask yourself in both circumstances, “what is the mission?” After bombing Syria, Trump said “mission accomplished”. Now many are asking, what was the mission.

      • I’m not going to be bitten by any snake. I don’t feel with snakes.

  18. Man-Man what does your bible say about antagonizing? Is it the Christ-like thing to do? WWJD?

  19. Empress, please tell me when your President PROCLAIMED he is a racist. You say he is a SELF PROCLAIMED racist. When , exactly did he self-proclaim that? I’ll wait.

    • He is not my president. Trumps shows himself in every decision he makes and every action he takes. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not stupid and I know a racist when I see on and Trump is a self proclaimed racist. With everything else he has already done, what else does he have to do to prove to your black behind that he hates you?

      • Empress, unless you ate not a US citizen, Mr. Donald J. Trump is your president. Saying hevis nit, does mot make it any less true. Face facts.
        AGAIN, I ask you specifically when did your President say he was a racist? I know you have no real answer…you sound bitter….

  20. Of course I can dish it, I don’t claim to be a representative of your jesus like you do. You on the other hand sir can’t do everything that others do. Isn’t there a scripture for that in your bible?
    I drink also; will you drink too because I drink?
    & I’m no more of a snake than your jesus. 🙂

    • Shut it down lil man. You ARE a snake!
      I notice you said you “can dish it out”, but never confessed you can’t take it!
      You are a sanctimonious plastic saint.

    • Lawrence, I REPEAT MYSELF. TRUMP IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT. See apparently unlike yourself, I practice what I preach. Trump represents the worse of heathens as far as I am concerned. He is a liar, thief, murderer, adultery, fraud, cheater, and all around crook. You are suppose to be a preacher, yet you support this man. What are you teaching your congregation? I am glad you are not my pastor and I feel so sorry for your flock. I know the facts and you know the facts too. You are just an Uncle Tom.

  21. Today Rasumeen released their latest presidential tracking poll. Our President has a 51% approval rating. It is several points higher than Obozo’s was , 15 months into his reign of error…Good job, Mr. PRESIDENT!

    • LawRinse- You gotta realize that the Rasumeen Report was founded by Scott Rasmussen (probably a crypto). He was co-founder of ESPN. He left the Rausumeen Report to become a REBUB pundit, This cat used all kinds of biased statistical analysis to slight his poll to favor REPUB. The DEMS has their man to do their job as well. It’s all a game to divide the masses. Can’t YOU see? You are falling right into the trap!

      • Statistics generally depicts what the Statistician wants it to show. Statistics prove nothing. Facts on the other hand can be verified. It is a proven fact that Trump is a lying con artist. Now Rasmussen is not going to indicate this fact, however; the monster himself doesn’t try to hide any of it. So Lawrence, that brings me to my question for you, if Trump doesn’t try to hide who he is then why do you work so hard to justify him? I’m just asking.

    • Lawrence
      What poll? F a poll.
      Just yesterday a federal judge finalized the $25 million judgement against you lying fraud of a president to the students of Trump University.
      He is a fraud and a con man.
      Imagine a sitting president having to write a check for that much money because he lied and took advantage of unsuspecting people. You ought to be ashamed of your stupid self.
      Lawrence you are as stupid as they come. Just wait and see what is about to happen to Trump’ s colluding pussy grabbing azz. You are a low-life racist white folk azz kissing dog.

      • Thank you Messy Mae. Besides they were criticizing how he managed the affairs of Trump University before they elected him. Furthermore, there were allegations made by people who worked for his contracting company alleging they did work for him but was never paid. No wonder he is worth about 5.3 Billion dollars. The bastard implements slavery in his corporate bylaws. The idea of free labor.

    • That’s a lie. Trump hasn’t gotten to 40% his entire presidency. After all, what difference does it makes how somebody else feel about him, Lawrence? You are a grown man. Aren’t you able to make up your mind when you see trash?

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