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New details have emerged in the tragic death of D4L member and Bankhead legend Shawty Lo.
On Monday (Oct. 18), a Fulton County Medical Examiner tells TMZ the rapper may have been under the influence at the time of his death. While toxicology reports aren’t in yet, the examiner reportedly claimed Lo’s body smelled of alcohol. The 40-year-old died in a car crash in September. Born Carlos Walker, the rapper was leaving adult lounge Blue Flame with two women at the time of the accident. Initial reports included the “Dey Know” rapper died from blunt force trauma to the head after his body was ejected out of the vehicle.
A bottle labeled “Promethazine” filled with Percocets and Vicodin was also found on the rapper at the time of the accident. The women who were in the car with Walker served a few odd tendencies on the date of the crash. The unknown duo allegedly asked police officers if they can take the money out of the dying rapper’s pockets, leaving behind $16.
Since his death, artists have shown their love and appreciation for the Atlanta native. Beyoncé incorporated “Dey Know” into her dance number on the ATL Formation tour stop while T.I. paid tribute to the rapper during his performance this month at Harry Belafonte’s “Many Rivers To Cross” Festival.
Fans are currently working on a petition to rename the former Bankhead Highway–now Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway– to Carlos Walker Parkway.

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  1. If I can get over the ashy elbows and dingy underwear on display at the gravesite near the casket then…..nevermind.

  2. Rename Donald Lee Hollowell to Carlos Walker Parkway ?
    Donald Hollowell , the great civil rights champion should be substituted for a …………….
    I don’t think so !

  3. Who had the body? Did they show him?

  4. No role model here.


  6. Shanty Lo smelled of alcohol because the women he had with him were trying to rob Jim.
    There was another vehicle involved which was trailing Shawty Lo’s Audi.
    They caused the wreck and they poured alcohol on the boy to make it appear he was drunk. Shawty Lo was a diabetic and could not drink.

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