Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin Rides The Bull

Posted by William G. McCray III on Friday, June 20, 2014

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Who said the Bishop cannot have any fun? Well checkout Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, 3rd Assistant Presiding Bishop and General Board Member of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) riding the bull at his church’s festival. This man might very well be the next leader of the largest black Pentecostal Denomination in the world. Happy Birthday Bishop Macklin and keep your common touch.

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  1. Poor COGIG!

  2. Harmless fun

  3. child of promise

    They must have really reamed Sir William in COGIC when he does a “puff” piece on Bishop Mackiln. No word on the Holsey case, DC jurisdiction, Eastern Florida, etc. Either McCray is scared or slippin. Guess I will have to check out Pimp Preacher to get the news now.

    • Child,
      You sound stupid. It there was an update I would post it. Holsey it Sa deal to drop his lawsuit against Bishop Blake and the church to be reinstated.
      No new details on the others. You are welcome to read what you like.
      Sir William

    • Child of Promise
      You sound ridiculous. Why when he reports something that is NOT negative. You want to go somewhere else and read. Because you are Messy. There are some good things that go on in the church. But it is statements like this that “Keep Us Divided”. If William can report the Negative, then why not accept him when he reports the positive. Instead of calling “Puff”. I may agree with him for the first time. Go somewhere else and sort through the TRASH!

  4. child of promise

    I must have struck a nerve “stupid, ridiculous” interesting choice of words. Check out the archives before the lawsuit last year and compare them to now a major difference in the articles. i welcome the change but it is the motive that I question. It appears as though now the only preachers who get “outed” on this blog are Jamal, Leandria, and the DL preacher from Florida. I was once told that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs the one who hollers is the one you hit. Seems like someone just got hit. In the words of Sir William, “Praise the Lord and… ” nah I’m saved for real and cant finish that.

    • Child,
      I do not know why expel like you that have such an issue with me take time to read my work and even comment. Additionally, I am not a dog and certainly have not been hit. When a story comes up it will be posted.
      Sir William

    • I am confused……..It seems as though you have a problem with some of the negative blogs (and some of them I do also)William does. BUT……..there was nothing negative about this blog and you still have something to say. You must be bored #gositdown

  5. I Didn’t see the pic before it was removed but Bishop Macklin is my Pastor every body know he a cowboy at heart even though he was raise in Ca, u should see ours church festival, and Bishop have a rodeo. Lol it’s a lot of really.

  6. Oh the Bishop is full of bull.

  7. Hi Sir Williams! Thanks just saw it that at ours old church parking lot.

  8. This is why I miss Cali bishop Macklin was so dope.. I’m mad I’m just seeing this

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