Byron Cage Allegedly Contracted HIV From Eddie Long!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…… Now I was not going to drag Byron Cage and allow him to have a little dignity.  However, since he and his little manager tried to get my site shutdown and cut off my means of making a living, now you have got to pay!  ReN’ae Bacon is a college classmate and close friend of Byron Cage’s ex-wife Dr. Sonya L. Windham-Wilder, who is the inside source that provided Obnoxious Media with the information we reported this week. The two kept in touch down through the years and formulated a very close friendship. “Sonya often confided in me about things she wouldn’t share with anyone else” said ReN’ae.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya started seeing red flags early in their marriage. Sonya didn’t have a problem with Byron communicating with gay men on a regular basis because he was in the music industry and it comprised of a lot of homosexuals.

The problems began when Byron started spending a lot of his leisure time with Bishop Eddie Long and less time with her.

According to ReN’ae, Sonya’s worst fears heightened when Bishop Long started visiting their home under the guise “business meetings” but Sonya heard very little talking and and lots of groans consistent with sexual intercourse.  How low is Byron, that he would actually have sex with his lover while his wife was home.  It seems that Bryon was so taken by Bishop Eddie Long that he lost all decorum and good judgment.

Sonya knew they were having sex because when their so-called business meeting was over, the room smelled like ass when he would leave” said ReNae.

Often we have wondered if there was something more to Bishop Long and Dion Sanders relationship.  Bishop Long knew Sonya was very passive and took advantage of it.

Sonya once called me crying because Bishop Long came over at 2:30 in the morning to meet with her husband. She said she could hear them having sex shortly after the door closed” said ReN’ae.

Sonya said it got to a point where Bishop Long started rolling his eyes at her when he came over, like he knew he had more influence over her husband than she did.

Now Sonya is now happily married to a prominent Atlanta attorney by the name of Kirk A. Wilder. “He treats her like a queen and is a wonderful father to their beautiful children’ said ReN’ae. Sonya told me it’s comforting being married to a man who know whether he wants a man or a woman instead of double dipping” said ReN’ae.

Sonya wasn’t at all surprised when she heard that Bishop Long allegedly died of AIDS. She was also very grateful to God that she was never infected with the virus.


  1. But why you gotta drag 2 innocent kids and the former wife and current husband into this slanderous unnecessary gossip posts. Has any of these people hurt you? That man dead and gone. He can’t be hurt. These kids don’t deserve to even be mentioned in this mess. A close friend better have facts and not hearsay and lies. This is just mean spirited. What is the point? Really what award are you getting for harming these people? This too merch!

  2. I’ll be honest. This content of story DOES NOT seem REAL. A wife in the house listening to her husband get SCREWED? And it’s the wife’s friend spilling all the tea? I don’t know about this one Sir William. SORRY. Maybe Ole Friend girl may have been trying to break off Byron a piece and he refused her. Black women can be treacherous at times. This is more like a spectacle, rather than a story. I could be wrong though.

    • It’s a lie. A copy and paste lie with more added to it. The mess was posted lie for lie on another fake blog from more than a year ago. This ain’t nothing to wake up to on Sunday morning. Simply scandalous. No woman would tolerate that. But then again that 1st lady man say side by side with Vanessa at New Birth according to him. They all was on some other stuff at New Birth. Don’t ask don’t tell. Sad. Sorry Brother Cage and the Family has to deal with the fall out of it now. The devil don’t care where he destroy you at.

    • Its a lie

    • Yeah I agree Cash Cow. Something is definitely fishy here.

      • RIGHT!

        If you ain’t got no videos… If you ain’t got no pictures…. If you ain’t got no text messages… I think you better lay this one aside Sir William.

      • Not fishy but ASS-Y. Send in forensic there might be some ass-y stains.

    • It’s quite possible especially if a wife is shocked and has never been in that situation before.

    • You are a fucking idiot

    • That’s exactly what I said too! Why would a wife and a smart wife simply stand by and ALLOW something like that to go on???

  3. ??????????????????????????????????????All lies

  4. Glad you got your site back. I hope you continue to do well and soar above it all.

  5. I believe every word of this story…….

  6. And the reason I believe this story is that Eddie Long has always been reckless with his gay activities.
    If he could screw young boys openly infront of the church and his own wife, going to Byron’s house is like nothing to him.
    I believe every word.

    And Sonya has a beautiful family. Good bless her

  7. Leave it alone.

  8. Remington Steele

    Well the good thing about the whole site being taken down is that this version is much more modern!

    Where is the real proof? 👀

  9. Love the new cite “Willie Mac.” I think that would be a cute name for you when you go undercover as a PI to get the dirt. Ooooh Chile… I had to put my Keurig down and get an old fashion pot for this tea. Now if you get a statement from Sonya (the ex-wife), you will be THAT BITCH!!!

  10. IstandwithSirWilliam

    Ummmm …. and they are both Kappas too…

    SWEET nupes… makes me wonder about all Kappa’s. Talking about how pretty and sweet they are and playing with canes sliding all up and down their body and booty cracks. I believe this story . Good job Sir William.

  11. All lies… Let bishop rest wether you like him or not. The same grace and mercy shown to you is the same grace and mercy that God shows to any man of God. Sir William your gonna have to pay for lies you spread about God’s people. I wonder sometimes if you have aids. But again not my business like other people lives are non of yours

  12. I love how people are so quick to say these are lies as if they were in the room and really knew what went down. The truth is I have heard this rumor years ago. I believe this story 100%.

  13. This story sounds like some BS. We’re suppose to believe a woman(a sista) is so passive that she would believe her husband was having sex with another man…in her house…and all she did was “hear moaning”? No banging on doors or kicking them open to catch said hubby and man in the act? No screaming and yelling and complaining loudly and “talking shit” and bashing both men in their asses and out of her house? I know men can be foul and all, but i do not believe either Bishop Eddie nor Byron C would be so disrespectful as to do it in the house with the wife home(or right outside the door).

    This whole story is both fishy and messy.

    • The Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Real life can be more remarkable than invented tales.

    • This story may sound unbelievable & far fetched..but I’ll say this.
      It was said that she stood by him until it became too unbearable to do so.
      Maybe this was when it became too unbearable!
      I’m not saying it’s true..only that it could be plausible.
      Eddie Long was an arrogant fellow as well.
      Maybe they had an arrangement & Mr.Eddie Long broke the rules of said arrangement.
      Maybe he felt like that was his house also..& that he no longer was going to or felt he had to..take it elsewhere.

      Maybe the friend is telling it all..because his ex mate is too a shamed to do so for self.
      Maybe the ex mate just gave her friend permission to tell it.

      Remember Michael Jordan?!
      A lot of us thought he was so faithful to his mate..then the real was revealed!
      They had an arrangement.
      As long as nothing made it to the media..they were all good!

      But when the media got a hold of Jordan’s affair..Juanita was done!!

      So it’s plausible!
      You never know what’s going on behind closed doors!

      Don’t believe all hear..& everything you see..may not be clear as water!!
      But don’t be no darn fool neither!!

    • I feel the same way! I refuse to believe that ANY wife would be that PASSIVE or even SUBMISSIVE

  14. ChanceMarq (@ChanceMarqSmith)

    Wow bruh…it got that serious that he was going to old boy’s house and she sat and allowed that…???!!!
    Yea, something not right about that part there.
    She actually stayed after that happened THE FIRST time??!!!
    Oh, okay.

  15. Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    Messy as hell

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