New Birth Insider Reveals Eddie Long Died Allegedly Of AIDS!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A member of my Obnoxious Street Media who is a member at New Birth Church in Lithonia, Georgia told Obnoxious Media that Bishop Eddie Long allegedly died of AIDS and instructed staff members at his church say it was Cancer.

Bishop Long was in denial” said the source, who’s a longtime member of New Birth.

The source also revealed that Bishop Long contracted the deadly virus from his ex-lover, gospel singer Byron Cage or he got it from Bishop Long while he was married to his ex-wife Sonya Windham.  Most likely we will never know the truth, however we do know that it was some serious sexual deviants at New Birth starting with the head man in the muscle shirts so tight you could see his nipples!

Bishop Long is allegedly would make weekly trips to Cage’s home and have sex with Cage while his wife was in another room.  Obnoxious Media was temporarily shutdown on yesterday as a result of this story so now we want everyone that has information on Byron Cage and his sexuality to contact us immediately at to give us the tea!

Remember it was Byron Cage, who broke the news that Bishop Long had died!


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  1. This right here.
    Innocent people named/pictured sad on so many levels. Ex-wife remarried years ago has a successfully medical practice, happily married to a successful Attorney, Proud Parents of Twins.
    Lordt why? Lord in Your Wrath Remember and Have Mercy according to your Word.

    • Praying for you 🙏🏾

      I agree, we as believers should cover people in sin not expose them Ga.6.1. Like Noah son did for him when they walked backwards and coved him. The sad thing about this blogger is he profess to be a christian and Elder in The COGIC Church, who make his living of destroying peoples lives. (SAD)!!!!🙁

    • Amen!!

  2. It would be nice if someone got their pink panties sued about this one. I don’t know who put it out or spreader it, but this is not news. This is a shame and very destructive. Do unto others as you have have them and God to do unto you. Whoever started it and circulated this lie will be curse with a curse.

  3. Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    You messy as hell William mccray or granny as you’re so called

  4. I want to know why is William McCray messy because he printed the truth it’s not where mcrae’s fault if you are out there knowing that you’re married having children outside your marriage committing adultery that’s not wearing McCray that’s the person who got the bastard child.

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