Openly Gay Pastor Curt Thomas Opens A Affirming Church In Los Angeles–Find Out The Connection To The Vision Church Of Atlanta

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Or this might just be the handy work of God. More and more men are coming out in the church, professional sports, and the like. It seems these men are tired of living a lie and up to someone else’s definition. Curt Thomas is one in the list that is yet counting of men that are saying it LOUD, they are Gay a and Proud. No longer going to be tolerated, but starting a church where same gender loving people can be appreciated.
Now read the details below:
Pastor Curt Thomas has opened his own church after finding there was “no love” for him in traditional worship settings. His former church forced him out when they found out he was gay and Thomas decided it was time to start his own ministry. In 2008, the pastor who is originally from Pasadena returned to Los Angeles having served in three other churches as youth pastor.
Before setting out to open the church known as Renewed Church of Los Angeles, Thomas was mentored by many gifted men of God. One man in particular was Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen III; it was under his tutelage that Thomas received the courage to develop his own church.

Bishop Allen is the founder and senior pastor of Vision Church of Atlanta where he serves with his partner, First Gentleman Rashad Burgess (First G). He is also the presiding bishop of the United Progressive Pentecostal Church Fellowship, which consists of leaders and ministries all joined to the same vision. It is under this covering where Renewed Church of Los Angeles abides.
Bishop Allen is part of the LGBT community and has been an openly gay pastor since his church was established in 2003. Being one of the premiere openly gay pastors Bishop Allen and his life partner caught a lot of grief from many of his colleagues but did not let others opinions stop him from walking in the realm he felt called to. Unlike several traditional worship settings many have said when they visited Bishop Allen and his First G’s church there is so much love in the building negativity has no room to flourish.
The Renewed Church of Los Angeles first opened its doors in October 2011 as a direct result of Bishop Allen’s influence. The church meets on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. for Praise and Worship, Bible enrichment and a weekly sermon. The church’s overarching theme is, “This is a place you can be you!!!” The mission of this church is to create an environment where all people are accepted, encouraged and enlightened through practical Bible lessons, worship and community involvement.
At Renewed Church everyone is accepted with unconditional love. This is a ministry that enforces the principle of acceptance because Jesus broke down the barriers that have divided people into categories of clean verses unclean. The only requirement to connect with God is a willing heart that is open to receive his unconditional love and forgiveness.
Everyone is worthy of God’s love and any faith community which excludes, judges or is intolerant of people is operating outside of the model exampled by Jesus.
The majority of the church’s congregation falls into the category of those who identify as same gender lovers (SGL) or homosexuals. Thomas says although Renewed Church welcomes homosexuals with open arms, sexuality has very little to do with the mission of the church as a whole.
It is not about being gay; it’s about your relationship with God which is much more important than your sexuality. We focus on your spirituality first and then your sexuality while most churches focus on your sexuality first.
Renewed Church is housed in the back of Jewel’s Catch One club. Members and visitors are ushered inside by way of a red carpet as they pass walls covered with photos of local black heroes within the LGBT community. These local heroes helped pave the way for the advancement of LGBT rights in the Los Angeles area. The photos are there to empower viewers that they too can make a difference in the community with God’s help.
Jewel’s Catch One opened its doors in 1972 as the nation’s first black gay and lesbian disco. Having evolved with the times, the venue now serves as both a high energy dance club and community center welcoming everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. The club also focuses on raising awareness and financial support for their alternative non-profit medical clinic, the Village Health Foundation.
The 35-year-old pastor is not afraid of any challenges that may arise from his position. He knows that his presence is necessary and that Renewed Church is a link in the chain of an awakening that has been slowly coming. Thomas said one of his challenges is being sensitive to each member’s gender identity and expression of their sexuality. It is important to address people respectfully and that includes being aware of how they identify themselves.
Pastor Curt Thomas has opened his own church after being ex-communicated from his previous church for being homosexual. Thomas said his church seeks to make homosexuality normal. He is a pastor who loves God, people and his boyfriend. No one that attends his ministry will ever have to worry about living a double life because he has an open door policy of service and understanding. His goal is to help eradicate the shame associated with homosexuality, especially among the household of faith. This church will be a sure success with California being far more accepting and the hometown of Bishop Allen.

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  1. I am sure they are all good people with good intentions. But if you love God as you say, you will accept God’s truth . . . not your own.

  2. Good luck and may God Bless his church and Union!

  3. Amen chilebye!!!

  4. hell is waiting them

  5. @Cedric It seems you are so judgemental and everytime something like this comes up you give them a hell sentence. Take an inventory over your own life. You may be a molester or thief or a murderer or who knows what else.
    How many legitimate individuals that needed your help and you overlooked them because you judged them first. How can you comment about damning someone when I am positive that you have your shortcomings even by making a statement as you just did. A mind is the hardest thing to open. There is no such place as a physical hell. Your ignorance has put you in a mental hell. Anytime you disrepect the human personality you are creating your own hell in your own mind.
    The Almighty is not concerned with whom you sleep with. He will not punish you since you hate gays. You will normally do that to yourself. You are the one will go through the torture and the uncomfortable feeling when a gay person is mentioned or in your presence. See what your religion has done to you? It causes seperation and division.
    Your religion is very dangerous to you. It is obvious that it has not liberated you, but instead caused a serious enslavement in your life. The next time use your creative comments to stand up for justice and righteousness, help someone down on his luck , teach a young man why he needs to stop showing his ass and pull his pants up.There are too many immediate ills in our community to be worried about a gay church.

    • Brother Jesus spoke more about hell than he did heaven, so to presume there is no hell is to say Jesus was lying. Also, in I Corinthians 6:9, the Apostle Paul, not “Impostor Paul” as you state elsewhere, is very clear about those that will inherit the kingdom of God & those that won’t. Furthermore, Jesus said if you love me, then keep my commandments. The true point of contention is whether or not one truly possesses the true spirit of God & whether or not the believe the Bible is the true, infallible Word of God. Without the two, or if you are not saved, you don’t possess the spirit to discern the truth. These gay pastors & preachers have been deceived & are not serving the true and living God.

      • @LJ Jesus never said a word because he did not exist. The IMPOSTER PAUL knew nothing of this Jesus except a fable of the resurrection and the Lord’s supper. He never mention any miracles or virgin births or none of the supernatural claims other than coming back from the dead as a mummy may do.
        God never communicated with men except through nature. You are not obliged to believe these liars that God revealed a word to them. You believe because you what to. You have that right to do so. If you don’t require proof , then you have this right as well.
        You have already inherited the kingdom of God right now. It is not in the lofty blue. This is all we have now. Whether the Almighty has something else in store for us, we will not know until the great day of our transition. The land of milk and honey was invented during the Jewish War in order for the Christians to look forward to the afterlife. No hell or heaven my friend. This cruel joke was intended to stop the insurrection in Rome.
        Why do you think the Jews never except the Jesus myth? They knew and they know even today that Christianity is a hoax and was invented .And so the myth continues in the 21st century to billions of gullible believers that would rather dismiss their common sense for a common fraud.
        If your believe in credulity of the Bible you have this right. 38,000 different kinds of Christian worship should not be an issue for this church. Some drink poison and not one Christian spoke against the Jim Jones massacre because they realize it is a thin line between them and obeying a so-called man of God. Gays have a right to open a church, after all this is America. This is not a Christian country. All churches are forgeries. What makes your church any better or any holier than their gay church ?

  6. So it’s safe to say they have an open bar during service since the event is held in a disco. I wish them the best and if I’m ever in town first rounds on me!

    • @ David, It amazes me that you would bother to comment or debate on a subject you don’t even believe in. God is a holy God. None of us have the authority to “declassify” what God calls sin. Because the bible says Jesus is the word & it also says the word is foolishness to them that are lost, I’d consider it not coincidence that you found this site for the sake of God’s grace. God loves you and wants us all to come into the knowledge of his truth.
      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son(Jesus), that whosoever believes in him shall not PERISH, but have everlasting life. You yet have an opportunity to receive him. Nope, I’m not your judge, but hoping to persuade you before the final judgement.
      Earlier you mentioned that God does not care who we sleep with. Well, so are you saying it’s ok for men to sleep with boys or girls? Is it ok for spouses to sleep with other partners, though married? None of those situations exhibit true love. One can’t walk with God w/o faith in God. I pray you receive him via Jesus, for he is the way, the truth & the life. No man can come unto God w/o Jesus.

  7. @LJ I never gave permission to anyone to sleep with oneone. I simply said God does not get in the affairs of mankind. Some cultures are known for sleeping with underaged children as we as a civilized society has deemed this immoral. For your information my good friend when I started policing in Atlanta in 1977 the legal age to have sex in Georgia was 14 years old. The law was only recently changed to under the age of 16, which means in Georgia 16 is fair game. So you see my good friend Christians in the Bible Belt has always had sex with young children, only in the southern states below the Bible Belt it never was a moral issue to your esteemed Christian lawmakers.
    Christians have have centuries condoned having sex with young children. I expressed my outrage when I was in the police academy to know that Georgia would allow such outrageous law. Christians could have banned together to protest such a law, but it was an excepted practice to abuse young children in the church.
    The reason I diligently express my comments on this site is that I most vidicate the moral justice of God Almighty by telling everyone no more than one God and not three which makes Christianity poiytheism , not having a mythical character to be equal with him, and to dispell all fictitious roles of the Almighty by reducing Him to a cosmic bell boy. This is a duty of all Diest.
    You still believe in the fairy tales of the Bible. Thats okay , I used to believe this garbage as well. God does not have a son. He is not an anthropormorphic god that Christians has diminished His greatness. He gives us life and reason. Mankind for centuries on out have done fine without a Jesus. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Jews. They want no part part of the myth.
    No man can come to God without Jesus you say. Well I got news for you my good friend LJ God is in you right now. Remember what i said earlier , He is not in the lofty blue. Now you see what I do. To educated people about the dangers and ignorance of all religions.
    The only sin is to disrepect the human personality and to destroy God’s beautiful earth. Is it a sin to have oral sex with my wife ? IJS. Is it sin to talk dirty while you are having sex? Is it sin to ask my wife “whose pussy is this” ?

    • As I was attempting to imply, there’s really no sense in debating something you don’t believe in. Sounds like your god may be your mind or intellect, both of which eventually deteriorate. I have an 87 yo mother & she’s a very sharp woman, but her memory is not what is was 10, 20, 30, 40 yrs ago.
      I’m sure you may not run as fast or jump as high. I’d bet my retirement Michael Jordan can’t jump from the ft line & complete a dunk. Our mortality changes yr to yr until we check out so why would one have confidence in something that perishes?
      Not sure where you got your stories from about “Christians” the routinely sleep with kids. A bible believing saint, though not perfect, knows the difference. Sorry to hear youthe lost faith & hope you are eventually persuaded otherwise. Confidence in th e flesh is a ultimate dead end road. We all eventually go to someone’s funeral. Isn’t that proof enough? Jesus overcame death, hallelujah!
      As far as the Jews needing no Jesus, have you ever heard of the holocaust?

  8. These are not stories , this is and was the law. Alabama preachers have married couples with girls as young as 12 years old my good friend. Where were the Christians to speak out against such horrible union. Jerry Lee Lewis the famous rock and roll singer was not allow to sing in London for marrying his 14 year old cousin. Who sanctioned this union? Who performed the ceremony ? Christians perhaps? The Bible Belt has so many other issue that you want to ignore. Just take your head out of this Bible for a moment and learn some real history.
    The reason you debate is because you are either pro or con about an issue. When it comes to any religion , I speak loudly against it just as you attempt to rationalize the non sense of Christianity. This is how men determine which side of history will find them.
    I believe dieing is as natural as living. Your focus seemed to on what you can not do rather what you can do. Even God can not change the pass. We were designed to live a while and then die. Our bodies were not built to sustain the years of abuse. If you believe that Enoch and Elijah did not die this is fairy tale. If they are not dead , I bet you they wished they were right about now.
    The Creator of the universe is God. My mind is not God, my church is my mind. This is where I determine to do good or bad. It is not in a sin doctrine but rather in my personal responsibility.I trust God. Faith is for the ones that are too lazy to read. Jesus overcame death ? You believe this. I believe he never lived to overcome death. Where are your facts to say so? I have plenty my good friend I just don’t know where to start.
    Now getting to your interesting part. Are you suggesting that since Jesus was not excepted by the Jew that the holocaust was a consequence of them not believing. Christians may as well believe in voodoo for you to make a statement as this. Now do see how ignorant you sound ? First of all the holocaust is a common fraud just as the Jesus myth. The Jew learned something from Hitler when he said if you tell a lie long enough people will eventually believe it. I am curious what spell Jesus will put on me for not believing. Will i turn into a frog or other reptile ? You sound like a witch .

    • WWhy am I not surprised that you believe the holocaust was a fraud? I can understand ones “challenge” in validating biblical stories, since none of us were there, but there are yet living survivors of the holocaust. How could you stage such an atrocity? Photos, film, eye witness accounts are proof. Those who were prosecuted to die for war crimes are proof. Hitler’s cowardly suicide is proof. Ok, let me guess, he’s yet Hitler is quoted as saying since the Jews crucified Jesus, their execution is justifiable. And finally, I once had a WW2 neighbor, if he were living would be in his 90’s. He literally dropped bodies in mass graves. He told me the skin would just fall off the arms of the corpes when they grabbed them. You consider all of this fraud?
      One thing we both concur on is that we die, for it is once appointed to man to die, then judgement. Since God has given man a conscience, this is how one knows good from bad. God further reinforced this by giving Moses the 10 commandments. Our civil laws are Biblically based. God ordained government, police, civil servants to enforce these laws. Jesus said the greatest 2 commandments r to Love God with all your heart, soul & mind & to love your neighbor as yourself.
      I know that Jesus is real because he delivered me from contemplated suicide, due to compounded sins that had gotten out of control. He’s my witness, my family is my witness, & I’m a witness that I’m a “new creature”. My spirit man has been born again. God took away my in-born “spirit of disobedience” and gave me a spirit of obedience. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. It’s not a fairy tale to see people’s lives transformed by simply accepting Jesus & growing in the knowledge of the word through personal study, prayer & fellowship in a church. Jesus died for the church and is coming back for the church. I know former crooks, drug addicts, prostitutes, lesbians, sinners, that have been set free from this “spirit of disobedience”. This is my proof my friend. Without faith, it impossible to please God.
      Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, that Jesus is Lord. My knee, your knee, satan’s knee, Hitlers knee…every knee. The everyday news is evidence that man needs redemption. Satan beheld Jesus in heaven. Demons tremble at his name. Suppose it’s all true? What can be reversed after one dies? You know God delivered me from a terrible gambling habit. I’ve now put my life on the “pass line” & know I’m going to win. What profited a man to gain the whole world, yet lose our soul? An accident, a wrong prescription, or a traumatic experience can alter our minds at any time. Thank God for a great mind & the ability to reason & make choices but ultimately & unfortunately we all know it perishes. Eternity is much longer than our time here. Our personal pride can destroy us. God has a plan & I believe he loves us so much that he gives unbelievers ways of hearing truth in multiple ways, this blog included. Jesus is Lord & is knocking on your door. I pray you let him in. Our minds will eventually be deleted, corrupted, etc, like a computer file, but before then, deliverance is available.

  9. You do the math 6 million people killed ? By whom ? Prior to 1943 the Final Soloution of the Jewish Question , Jews and others were killed one bullet at a time thus demoralizing the shooter. The gas chambers did not come into existence until 1943. Where did the 6 million Jews in Europe come from ? There are more Jews (6 million) in American than in Israel (5million) . Europe did not have 6 million Jews among the occupied countries of the axis. The Jews are admitting now that maybe some of the figures were overstated. If you killed a 100 people per hour it would take over 6 years to kill 6 million people . Stalin killed more people than Hitler could every dream of.
    All of your personal issues can be solved through God’s given reason. This is the most precious gift He has given us except life itself. How can a mythical character deliver you from something ? Transformation begins by reason and not by prayer. If you don’t make a conscience effort to change do you think prayer will magically change your situation? I think not. God equipped us with the ability to make changes in our lives. Some make bad choices and it has nothing to do his religion. His mind is his church and there is where he determines his fate. You can’t blame the Devil(no such thing) for the bad choices and things that happen in our lives.
    How can God or why would God deliver you from anything when you have the capacity to roll the dice anytimes you choose to do so ? He does not interfere with the affairs of mankind. You and you alone had a gambling problem and you and you alone had to make a reasonable choice to stop. It had nothing to do with a curse from the Devil, but rather yourself in trying to rationalize beating the odds of what ever game you were playing. Until you understand the “R” complex or (reptile brain) and addiction, you may not have a clear understanding how you were “delivered ” from gambling and any other obsessions. Mankind has the power within to change. God gave us this ability.
    Faith without facts is a dangerous thing. If you have faith without facts you are like a puppet on a string. I have faith that these men wrote Bible is like saying I believe it even though it may not be true. Wait a minute ! You said it is once appointed for man to die. Did Enoch and Elijah die ? Or maybe the scripture should have said Everybody except Enoch and Elijah and Jesus and Lazarus and the men that Peter and Paul raised from the dead. Now you see how much more ridiculous this sounds the more you look at it ?

  10. If all your personal issues can be solved through God-given reason, Brother David, you better get in line and get a big share of his reasoning, because you have a huge number of personal issues; I’ll continue to pray for the healing of your troubled spirit.
    In the name of the Jesus you say doesn’t exist, AMEN

  11. Hold on Linky Drake , I like some of my weaknesses . I want to keep some of my demons. Looking at some of those pretty women makes me fell like St. Augustine when he said Lord make me pure, but not yet. We struggle with different issues that are pleasing to us What are your weaknesses ? I think one of them is your abiltiy to nag great men trying to prove yourself right.
    This is why you are manless, and you have invested all of your hope in your religion in order to find a man. Go to the club if you can’t find a man in the church but don’t nag him away.

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