Congratulations Shoutout To National Evangelist Shavon Sellers For Being Featured On The Word Network   

People come into your lives for reasons, seasons, or lifetimes and I am proud to say that Evangelist Shavon Sellers is one of the few that is for a lifetime.  It seems like just yesterday I was picking up this cute little lady in my curtesy van at one of the many COGIC meetings.  Looking like she was going to have the baby at any minute, I helped her with her bags and got her in the van.  We talked as if we knew each other all our lives and have been connected every since.  Evangelist Sellers is my sister, but most of all she is a true Woman of God and like a stick of dynamite when she is ministering.  
 Shavon is practically in a different city each week declaring the Word of God and this week she was a guest on The Word Network!  It was such a blessing to see her ministry featured on the network by my favorite Christaian Personalities Lexi Allen.  The two of them are real women with real issues that find the courage to press through and stand for God in spite of what they may be going through personally.  Now if you want the real deal then you want Shavon at next meeting and you want to connect with her and her ministry.  Pick up her book and prayer devotional.
 In case you missed it connect with Shavon Sellers on social media so you can get a DVD of her on The Word Network and book her to come minister at your church.  
Evangelist Shavon Sellers, a native of Norfolk, Virginia is a mighty woman of God who demonstrates Gods love to others.
 [wpvideo 5WOzjnPU]Evangelist Sellers commitment to helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service.
In 2012 Evangelist Sellers founded Shavon Sellers Ministries and her full time mission is to ignite a renewed passion for God in the hearts of men and women everywhere. Shavon hosts “Prayer at Noon” weekly which is open to all and she receives calls from all over the United States. Sought after nationally to Minister God’s Word in conferences and retreats, she has also authored two powerful books, You are the Prize and Empowering Moments 21 Day Devotional. Evangelist Sellers has started her musical journey with the release of her new single “Supreme God”.
In 2015 Evangelist Sellers also founded The Prize Foundation, an organization supporting communities in different areas such as “Restoration Initiative” which focuses on human trafficking, “Little Princess” which focuses on developing girls, and “Empowering Moments” which focuses on of developing the total woman. Her desire is to teach life skills, job readiness and ultimately spiritual awareness and to assist in the holistic recovery of those who have been hurt and abused. Shavon Sellers is a business visionary and entrepreneurial trailblazer.
Shavon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Norfolk State University. Professionally she has impacted the lives of children as a teacher in the Norfolk and Newport News Public School systems. Above all her accomplishments, she considers raising Godly children her primary purpose. As a mother of two sons and a daughter, she firmly believes that the best way to raise successful children is to actively model what it means to walk in love and integrity.

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      YOU ask for forgiveness for bringing up something that isn’t YOUR business. Selah

      • You must be one of Clarence’s sheep. You sound like a typical church nigga. You are always covering for the Coon nigga thats in the wrong. Clarence was screwing the nanny while First Lady was out ministering the Gospel.

  2. I was waiting for some profound knowledge . I didn’t get it through all of the emotional rhetoric.

    • If you need profound knowledge study the word for yourself or if your depending on someone else to wow you call Cheryl Lynn she will give you a reading mother ! Lol

      • @Truth I have studied the Bible systematically and found that it is a human artifact that has no conclusion nor does it contain any credible data. The only earthly person I depend on for my spirituality is myself. My mind is my church. This is a precious gift that God Almighty has given all of us to discount all Preachers and Priest . All you need is common sense and you would see through them too.

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