Meet The Real Man Earl Carter Who Has Launched At Diabolical Attack On Bishop Blake

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I said I was to say out of this madness until my fans and readers informed me a picture of me was used in one of the God awful clips produced by this man that has launched a diabolical attack on the church.  The very person that extorted $10,000 from The Late Detroit Williams to keep quite about Darrel Mercer, who accused the man of molesting him.  He is the same person that fought The Supervisor Elizabeth Crooms to pastor a church where the people did not want him.

Now get to reading the truth on the man that claims to be on a mission to destroy the church.

Allegedly a group has come forward with eye-rising information about Dr. Carter, including his arrest record and photos which show that the address he claims to be for his church, is actually to a liquor store in Florida.

This alleged group describe themselves as “educated, professional and devout Christians,” who seek to expose Carter for his sins because, “He is a hypocrite and an embarrassment to our church denomination,” a member from the group, who asked to remain anonymous, have told Obnoxious Media and other bloggers.

  The anonymous group stated:

“It’s been a year since he stoned all homosexuals but now we are going to stone him for his sins, and they are many. If he thought he was going to get away with those shenanigans, he was wrong. Listening to Dr. Earl Carter’s hateful words about homosexuals, would make you think that being gay is the worst thing in the world. We beg to differ. We think being a felon, being a liar and being a perpetrator is worse – and that’s what Dr. Earl Carter is!”

  As the group notes, Carter claims he is the senior pastor of Christ Ministries Church of God in Christ, Orlando, FL., and after he made headlines, naturally, many were interested in learning more about this seemingly powerful force who inspired young Andrew to denounce men. However, the source has told Obnoxious Media and other bloggers:
noticed that we never read a comment from a present or former member supporting him which made us wonder more about his church. We learned that where he says his church is located is actually a liquor store. We spoke to the liquor store and they have been in business for over 6 years and there is no church there or in the neighboring strip mall. How can you call yourself a senior pastor when you don’t have a church to pastor?”

 We placed several calls to the number listed in the photo below, and at the time of publication of this story, we were unable to reach anyone.
On Mr. Carter’s bio page of his website, it notes that he “received” his doctorate in Sacred Letters from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, to which the COGIC member says:

“When the university was contacted, they stated that the Doctorate in Sacred Letters in an honorary degree that could be requested.”

An arrest record provided by the group seems to show that Earl Carter has been has been hit with two felonies and one misdemeanor for domestic violence.

 “He’s been arrested 3 times in the last 20 years, the last time in 2008. His bio says he was arrested as a youth, but forgets to “CONFESS” that’s he’s been arrested for serious charges during the time he was preaching fire and brimstone.

Some may wonder why the group is speaking out now, and some may even argue that in exposing Carter, two wrongs don’t make it right, yet their allegations do make you pause and wonder about how “those who protest the loudest are the most likely to be guilty of what they protest against.

“Dr. Earl Carter, stood in God’s pulpit at the 107th Holy Convocation and thought it was okay to talk about a man bleeding from his butt. He stood on his high horse preaching that deliverance was needed for homosexuals. He yelled about “our” sinful ways and lumped all gay men into one category of purse carrying, make-up wearing, high heel flaunting “sissies.” We don’t fit any of these descriptions.”

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  1. The COGIC is a mess.
    How could they let a man like Carter preachers at a convocation? They don’t check credentials and allow him to blaspheme God and verbally attack their presiding Bishop?

    • Messy messy messy. The queens could troll the premises in peace at this year’s event. Purses, pumps and all. C.O.G.I.C. has licensed anything on 2 legs.

    • This is not a COGIC mess. This is an individual lying mess. That is operating under the domain church name. This is the work of satan.

  2. The grand ole Church of God In Christ is still one of the world’s premier denominations. The devil in which I give no credit to, has been trying to tear this church up since God gave the name to Bishop Charles Mason. This church will never fall apart simply because when God truly gives you something as he did with Bishop Charles Mason it will never fall apart. Now I am one that truly fears God simply becuase he is real! I personally feel that Pastor Carter is attacking the church simply because his preaching engagements have been tarnished. Basically he even mention that he preaches for a living. In my view he needs to find a job just like every hardworking American. I have much respect for Bishop Blake. This man actually came to Los Angeles with nothing, he built West Angeles into a self-sufficient economic force. In my view he deserves every thing that comes his way simple because he built an empire. Carter should be shamful for attacking a Church that actually gave him the chance to practice preaching on the saints throughtout the years. Yes our church does have problems however what chuch is perfect? I have much respect for Bishop Charles Blake and I am praying for him and his family. I have much respect for people that give others chances. Someone gave Carter a chance when he started, he should be shamful of his attacks. If the leadership is doing wrong, God himself will shut it down. Let’s continue to prayer for COGIC, and pray for all of other denominations and non denominational churches. Lastly NEVER LOOK TO MAN “HUMANS” TO BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR FAITH AND BLESSINGS, SIMPLY BECAUSE MAN IS NOT PERFECT MAN WILL LET YOU DOWN IN A HEARTBEAT. LOOK TO GOD WHO IS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH! In due time this will be something in the past, God will step in and we he steps in its finished. I never want to be in the hands of a angry God! As a black race we always try to dig diches for one another. Lets stop attacking someone else because of jealously. Carter should be shameful preaching for a living, living off the backs or poor people that is in search of the truth. Bishop Blakes employs hundreds of people at his local church. If West Angeles was not there that part of town would be a ghost town. This man should be commended for his presence in the city of Los Angeles and throught COGIC. I stand with Bishop Blake!

    God bless you all!

    • So Blake deserves a Mansion in Beverly Hills, a church he would not have less he had help of the poor tithes and offerings, and what is that no other mega church preacher has done. Yet he is afraid to say homosexuality is wrong in his or anybody else church? And apologize to the filth called a community of homosexuals?

      What the hell?

      As for Bishop Mason, Blake moving Holy Convocation out of Memphis would ve like moving the Vatican out of Rome.

      Them kickbacks Carter talks about is real.

      If Blake was such an economic guru he would have built C.O.G.I.C. own Convention Center in Memphis with a hotel(s) to accommodate the masses of Members. A credit union to finance other needed facilities for C.O.G.I.C. THE pilgrimage to Memphis has been tainted.

      He only wants to pack his pockets.

      Across town Fred Price Jr and Sr are preaching against homosexuality in church on national TV, Price Jr. Put it plain its not natural, you cannot practice sin and be saved.

      Blake won’t say anything negative. He either love booty or trust in the devils dollars more than God.

      What empire? What has he done for the city of Los Angeles? Church stuff. West Angeles is his mess. He obviously get it he needs to finish his projects in and around his empire. The latest flyer notes the plus and minor of not having decent facilities for children, Sunday school etc, that prohibits growth for guest, new members and the like.

      Carter was ordained in 1969 by C.O.G.I.C.
      Tell the truth Carter and shame the devil.

      Is that a MAN in the photo dressed like a woman with the purses and pumps on in the pic at the bottom?
      My God no shame.

      • The church has always gotten kick backs from Memphis when the Convention was there. It was Bishop J.O.Patterson who got on National TV and talked about the Mayor of Memphis and put on blast when the city was trying to talk about the church. He stated then that the city get’s a portion of every room rented by the saints.

        Next to Christmas, the Convocation was the biggest money maker for the city. However, our rooms kept getting higher and higher, and we were being charged more and more for the convention centers.

        I know this because I was personal friends with Bishop and his family. Back then, it was discussed about moving the convention. With the threat of moving, they were able to broker a better deal with the city. So this is not new.

        The church is not the Vatican, it is not that rich. The insurance to pay for sex offenders (initiated by Bishop Owens) has had to pay quite a few claims.

        As much as you want to malign the Bishop, again, no proof. But Carter’s proof is everywhere. He has no church now, lost out on trying to get Prayer Garden Church in San Jose after Bishop Mathis died because they found out he was flying his girlfriend back and forth to join him in San Jose.

        Carter is out of line, if his concern was for the church, he would have addressed it with the brotherhood. However, they all know him and his history. Many of them have history, as is the case with any organization. It is not right, it is sinful, but Social Media is not the platform to malign the Bishop. Especially when you have no evidence.

      • dude shut up you have no clue on what you’re talking about. Bishop Blake is not a money preacher he drove the same car for 18 years before the car dealership blessed him with a new car every year. Bishop Blake preached on the street and went house to house witnessing to people. He paid rent each month to families struggling. We who live in Los Angeles know the stuff Bishop Blake has done he employs 350 people at his church. I hate when devils like you talk about people you don’t know.

      • Been COGIC for over 30 years and I have yet to hear the homosexual community acknowledge homosexuality is a sin! And they do nothing but defend it! Been to the national convention many times and they do wear ladies attire. I think Charles Blake is gay, I believe Earl Carter ain’t just now finding out about it. It was all good until he got railroaded. So what r u sayn my brother, I’m glad u asked, since the homosexual community fight to have positions in the church and everything else, I came up with a idea, let’s c how many gonna join! I never again want to have sex with a single women again, she has to B married. That’s right, only sleepn with a married women. Cus if they can do it what about my unfaithful brothers and sister’s who like to sleep around. We have been called very hurtful names, even killed from what one would call in the heat of passion. We don’t wanna B called names like home Wrecker for words like these R hurtful. We just wanna sleep with all the married folk and live our lives. Shouldn’t we have the right too, to live how we wanna live! Doesn’t that sound crazy! Help us oh God!

    • Supt. Carter has challenged Bishop Blake to take him to court for slander if his allegations are false. He’s calling names and being totally transparent. The general board as well as other top officials should take a closer look at Supt.Carter and ask themselves, is there merit to these allegations. Truthfully I believe he’s telling the truth. Bishop Blake has brought shame and disgrace to the organization.I’m embarrassed.

      • These matters are not new. It is said to have occurred before Bishop Blake married and had a family. He was once quoted as stating being delivered at his father’s church. He understands the dynamics of dealing with flawed people in and out of the church.

        Black can be commended for that. But he totally was advised or handled the situation with Carter wrong. His PR Team played catastrophic game using the Office of The Presiding Bishop to first denounce and degrade the message of rebuke and rebellion among saints. Then cancel all his revenues shuuting down his engagements. Instead of first a meeting with Carter whom said he jad wriiten a retraction. The truth hurts.

        All have sinned and fallen short.
        I have much sympathy for them all.

        Blake will carry on at West Angeles, the General Board will continue to deal with, lawsuits against its clergy unless there is a clearing House. Abuse in the church is just criminal.

      • Carter is full of shit and if this be so true where’s the grandma and the grandchild u would think they would line up for there millions if it were my conclusion I hope carter bleeds out his butt whole

      • Please kick rocks because the COGIC has grown under Bishop Blake. If you believe something without facts you are a fool. Bishop Blake would not use church money to sue someone with no money. West Angeles COGIC is still growing with 27,000 members. Under Bishop Blake State Supervisors and travelling, evangelist are now getting salaries. Bishop Blake doesn’t get his million dollar year salary for being Presiding Bishop that money goes to building orphanages and schools. Under Bishop Blake the COGIC has expanded to 10 more Countries like Israel. So if you hate Bishop Blake you can leave the church. Kick rocks!

    • Faith without works is dead my brother you got to do something not waiting on God to break the sky open house and come down here on a White Horse and Chariot and destroy all the evil ones, somebody here on Earth has got to take up the mantle do Gods business! You said like the preacher that was in the town and the town was getting ready to be flooded, and two boats and a helicopter came past the church where the pastor was sitting on top of the steeple and said pastor you better get in this boat your going to drown. The man eventually drowned dad went to heaven and there’s God oh God why did you Let Me Drown, he said fool, I sent you two boats and a helicopter.

  3. I knew it was coming. When you upset the homosexual community, they will come for u in full force

  4. You forgot to mention that he really just can’t preach either. I mean he has no word at all.

  5. Elder Frank James

    What do you mean by WE DON FIT ANY OF THESE CATEGORIES Sir. William. The very last line of this story. The funny thing about this story is everyone mentioned is dirt. Every last person.

  6. That apparently is an old telephone directory listing. Dr. Carter’s address may be obtained from his website: 4630 S. Kirkman Rd., Suite 425, Orlando, FL 32811

    One thing that is apparent in this entire situation is that it seems no one is following Biblical mandates which clearly spell out how to handle disputes among believers. And then there is that part in the Bible that deals with how to treat your enemy and forgiving. This is an all out war and it is shameful on both sides.


    • We must understand that nobody is perfect, that’s why we need the Holy Ghost to live right! Now with respect to Both Bishop Blake and Earl Carter, it seems that they need to together and reason. Let me said this, if a man like Bishop Charles Blake who had nothing came and built up a small storefront unto one of the largest churches in American he deserves every thing that comes his way! The people of God should live in the best and drive the best. As black folk we need to stop killing each other!

      • He has a dealership in Los Angeles that gives him a new car every year or so. They wright it off and get the blessings of providing a car to the ministry.

    • Saint I am saved so shut up mouth. Know what ur talking about!!!

  8. In response to Mark. A corrupt tree CANNOT produce good fruit. I was born and raised COGIC,but certain things did not make sense. We come out of the Catholic church,period,no matter how you slice it. We celebrate ALL the pagan holidays,Easter,New Years (Watch Night), Christmas ,Mother’s Day, etc. Which in turn we worship”ye know not” by doing so. Every last one is sun worship. Ezekiel looking thru the whole in the wall, watching detestable things in the temple and elders worshipping the sun. Do the research.
    As far as this….this is just the beginning. Persecution for speaking against sin, is and has always been a problem. This house of cards is about to fall. Too much idolatry. No word. Not teaching according to the Word. Following titles and tradition. When will puberty begin?
    Black people are not aware of their true identity.We had these curses placed on us because WE chose to disobey the Most High. Read Dueteronomy 28. We read this and cannot see ourselves. We were the ones taken by ship to Egypt (captivity). Research it.
    Preaching is for the lost. Teaching is for the body. Just like miracles are for the unbeliever. Prophecy is for us. But the church prophesies to a sinner. While the saints are praying for a miracle. Ijs.

    • God the name to the Bishop Charles Mason who then was a young Baptist minister. During those years Bishop Charles Mason and CP Jones travel the country together establishing church. Even before a young Charles Mason traveld to Los Angeles to attend a revial conducted by Richard Seymore. According to historians that is when he recieved the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Our church grew beyond leaps and bounds simply because of the new found teachings of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. From that day to this day, our the devil had tried to tear it up, but it has and WILL NEVER HAPPEND! Those that remember the pioneers of of this church prayed it out. Bishop LH Ford, Bishop JO Patterson Sr. Bishop Chandler David Owens were were respected throught the halls of congress and the White House! We need the Holy Ghost, that is the only way that we can live in this present world. One thing is true, I want to see Jesus. Lets contune to pray for this church and all that are in authorative positions.

  9. Carters address of 4630 S. Kirkman Rd., Suite 425, Orlando, FL 32811, is for his NEW 7000 Club – whatever that is! He has said and has it in his books that he is Senior pastor of CHRIST MINISTRIES COGIC. His bio on his website says he was arrested in his youth. why not list his adult arrests while is was preaching and grown. and just ask his wife how many times he beat her up. the man is not a man of god. and how funny is all the big words he uses like hes so smart and has no degrees at all. the doctorate was bought and he has no degrees. he is a fraud just like the story said.


    “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” (Jeremiah 5:31)

    • What church organization would you recommend??? There are problems in every organization. Your soul is under the care of your local Pastor. Just make sure he’s teaching sound doctrine and living what he preaches. What COGIC stands for is still right. You don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      Your assertion that there is no one saved in COGIC is as ludicrous as saying all black people are gangsters, drug addicts, lazy, have kids out of wedlock and so on.

      The Bible says let the wheat and the tares grow together. He will separate. Also, there were 10 virgins, 5 were wise and 5 were foolish, yet they were all still virgins. We have wise and foolish people in the church. Hopefully, the foolish will wise up before it’s too late.

      Our job is to make sure when we are weighed in the balances we aren’t found wanting.

  11. Carters address of 4630 S. Kirkman Rd., Suite 425, Orlando, FL 32811 is for his new 7000 Club whatever that really is. He wrote in his book cover and other places that hes senior pastor of CHRIST MINISTRIES COGIC. its not hard to find this information. As for his criminal record, he only puts on his website about his young arrests. why not write about your arrests while you are preaching and a grown behind adult. Ask his wife how many times he beat her up. Ask his wife #1 how many times he beat her up and and cheated on her. He is not a man of God. where are all of his non-Cogic clergy friends. Why wont any leader from any denomination say he is a good man of God? and for his videos and using big words. This fool doesn’t have any degrees let alone a doctorate but he calls himself Dr. Earl Carter. that’s the real sign of a nutcase.

    • I am one of his supporters and a member of the 7000 club (I HAVE 7000 THAT HAVE NOT BOWED THEIR KNEE TO BAAL)…I FULLY SUPPORT HIS WORK, AND THANK GOD I’M NOT COGIC…I’M APOSTOLIC !!!!!!

      • The blind shall lead the blind. Ya’ll can take him in your organization which thankfully has no sinners, liars, homosexuals, fornicators and the like. There is none perfect but God. But yeah….. you go on believing what you think you know.

      • Maybe you should get a 7000club for the PAW convention . There shall be light in evening time . Lol I’ve been to both conventions what’s the difference really Cogic Paw . I dare not call out Paw tea so let’s not do it also Higher Ground always abounding assemblies . Bishop Jakes is there vice Bishop And I’m trying to not to say anything but its to merch .

    • Carter isn’t lying.
      This stuff has been going on for years.
      There are court cases right now that PROVE Carter is not lying that this church is trying to keep quiet.
      But ya’ll was loving Carter last year when he was going in on the homosexuals hahaaaa!!!!!!

  12. Are these Men of Gawd following the Word of God in handling this situation? Are they being a good example to the church (and to the world) in how to handle a dispute among brethren? Or by their example, are they teaching us that it is okay to attack, counter-attack, to try to out strategize each other and try to win people over to one side or the other? What would Jesus do?


  13. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”Obnoxioustv’s Blog” Date:Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 2:18 AM Subject:[New post] Meet The Real Man Earl Carter Who Has Launched At Diabolical Attack On Bishop Blake

    obnoxioustv posted: ” Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I said I was to say out of this madness until my fans and readers informed me a picture of me was “

  14. Carter don’t need to be disrespectful to those in authority. Bishop Blake has every right to put Carter out of the church due to the horrible lies he told about Bishop Blake sleeping with men.
    If you dig one ditch you better dig two…
    Carter needs to be careful trying to out these sissies. They will win in the end. Whatever a man sew, that shall he reap. I would not want to be COGIC right now. Come out from among them…..

  15. CHILE… BOOM! COGIC is not a holy church, nor are you all a holy people. It won’t be the immorality that causes your fall. It will be the pride! “COGIC WILL NEVER DIE”, “GRAND OLE COGIC”…Parade of flesh, displays of vanity. God is not glorified at your conventions, but you come together and glorify and strengthen your flesh until the next year. WOE BE UNTO YOU ALL!!! Get somewhere and get holy. Get the holy ghost for real. And stop feeding into these AIDS fests called holy meetings!

  16. It’s DERRICK MERCER NOT Darrel Mercer. This is an old church shown on silver star. Carter has had several churches in Orlando and couldn’t sustain any because he has to go out and preach for money. He has kids from another woman before he married the current Sis, Carter. He has a daughter name deandra he tried to file an injunction on because she threatened him. And don’t under estimate the current Sis. Carter she is just as bad and crazy as Dr. Carter…and I’m going to stop there

  17. Didn’t anyone actually see his church before he preached in St. Louis? I would think that someone would bring up the fact that no one has ever been to his church, if they did, they’d know its a liquor store.

  18. He needs to either present evidence of what he’s saying or he needs to publically apologize to Bishop Blake, because I don’t think they’ve put him out yet and is still giving him chances. This has went too far.

  19. These messy church sissies need to have several seats.
    How are you going to try and come for someone but want to HIDE your identity and tear down someone else’s???!!!!
    Carter is staring all these men down that he is speaking about and NONE of them have said a word YET instead they are hiding and calling on Jesus to strike him.
    Apparently there is some truth to what he is saying.
    These CLOSET QUEENS need to either come out those closets or shut up.
    Just like that.
    This is why I don’t hang with them church sissies.
    They messy.
    But I tell you one thing they aren’t going to tell the truth about none of the bishops and leaders up there and lose their “priviledges.”
    A bishop’s son (who I will not reveal) has told me that heis paid LOVELY during national meetings for his services AND HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!
    So let’s keep it cute girls.
    Sat down.

  20. Folks can call Carter crazy all day long….he made some serious accusations dealing with molestation and no one has done/said anything to disprove it. If the grandmother was bold enough to tell her pastor, she should be bold enough to go to the police. Carter is saying this without trepidation.

    • The person making the claim has the burden of proof. If Carter is making the claim, he is the one who has to back it up. It’s nearly impossible or maybe even actually impossible, to disprove a negative.

      • Blake can sue Carter for defamation and or slander. This would force Carter to produce evidence that can defend his assertions. Summons the grandmother and grandson to testify. Needs to be proactive

        • Blake wouldn’t do that because all HIS TRUTH will be revealed.
          So he is going to do as he has been doing and that is keep silent and letting his goons get his dirty work done.
          Eventually, AFTER he has passed THEN the truth will surface as it did with others in his situation.
          Remember James Cleveland?

  21. These so called ‘men of God’ are no better than politicians! No different at all!! They lie, steal, cheat and etc but the difference is, these bloody idiots do it in the name of Jesus. SMH & people defend & uphold this crap. It’s so sad.
    Giving these folks your money and thinking it’s what God wants you to do is complete foolishness!!! It’s no different than buying a lotto ticket. Actually, your odds are better with the lotto ticket bc you damn sure ain’t seeing the money you put into the church again!!!! It’s a 0% return on your investment!!! Guaranteed!!! Sadly, I know people right now who are at the convention and they would rather be there than pay their bills!! SMH People fronting and crap and…. Let me stop my little rant… ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just so frustrating to see people be misused and lied to! And those same people are putting on a show themselves!!!

  22. I’m glad somebody is finally exposing this fool but I heard he got arrested while in St. Louis this week, is that true?

  23. From the outside looking in Carter looks like a quack. Anyone who has been preaching in the COGIC church for 46 years should have something to show for it. Neither his church nor his credentials can be validated. A liquor store last week, a hotel ballroom this week, a dog house next week. However, I think his story is starting to grow legs. Now every convention on the planet gets kickbacks from hotels. Thats not news. But the COGIC Church just like the Catholic Church has had a history of child molestation. Bishop John Dale Husband molested many young boys in his Central Georgia Jurisdiction. So much so that the church paid off the parents of these boys of who all died of AIDS including his wife. I am inclined to believe that there is something to Carter’s story, I just don’t think Earl Carter’s hands are clean enough to bring it to the light. Maybe being “born in” is more of a curse than a blessing.

  24. Earl Carter has no proof of his allegations against Bishop Blake.
    It’s all hearsay. Somebody told somebody and somebody else told somebody. What does the Bible say about hearsay and trying to use it to ruin someone’s reputation? These are church folks?
    Carter’s black ass better be careful messing with Bishop Blake. He just mad because he was openly rebuked. He will never be in good standing with the church doing this kind of stuff.
    Also, these elders and COGIC leaders need to whoop Carter’s black ass for talking about their leader this way.

    • LOL….. The convocation was the only place Carter had any credibility. He has no church. Ruined his chances for getting Prayer Garden in San Jose, CA because they found out he was flying his girlfriend back and forth to meet him. He’s been a hypocrite for many, many years, so when he calls another man that…….. people that know him laugh. This is a tantrum he is having that he brought upon himself.

  25. Sir William, this is your area! Stay in investigative journalism. All that other stuff is for the birds. I check your site EVERY day, and am looking to be informed by the latest teas. God bless.

  26. Even if he were to apologize, they’d never let him come back now.

    There is a video of him being kicked off the premises. RUN LORETTA!!

    He is like a little grasshopper. When he attacked the presidium, it was over for him.

    I hope McDonalds is hiring, because his ministry in the COGIC is OVER.

  27. In all honesty Earl Carter looks like a quack but there is something to his story. Even though this alleged information was collected second and third hand it does line up with other vile acts in the COGIC Church. I wouldn’t be suprised if this is true but for now it is alleged. If Earl Carter’s story is true I don’t think he has clean enough hands to bring it to the light because it will expose the skeletons in his closet. Like the non-existence of his liquor store/hotel ballroom/dog house church in Florida. Maybe being “born in” is more of a curse than a blessing.

    • The “Holy Convocation” has a fly in the ointment. Something in the milk ain’t clean. It’s time for Earl Carter to put up or shut up. Where is the victim? Has he filed complaints with the church and/or local authorties? In his video he promised that someone (david wright) was going to jail. Where is the footage? The only thing I hear him saying is “It was reported to me.” Until “Dr.” Earl Carter produces some evidence or a smoking gun, then he becomes the proverbial “woman scorned.” (sounds like a bitch to me)

  28. Brothers and Sisters

    My my my. Hiya!
    The word came forth as a warning to the church that it may be edifying.
    I Thessalonians 5: 20-22
    Blake, Carter and every one else take heed.
    Before it is too late.
    Grace and Peace

  29. The word came forth as a warning to the church as a warning and edifying:
    I Thessalonians 5 :20-22
    Take heed Bishop Blake and members of COGIC

  30. Where there is smoke there is fire. It’s interesting that the picture that Blake took with William G Mc Cray is no longer on the internet. Church PR cover up. What you do in the dark will come to the light.

    • Blake (back when Gomes first preached at his church) stated that he had known Gomes for over 40 years and that he had even stayed at his home but did not know he was gay.
      Now that Gomes is dead Blake is NOW stating that he didn’t know Gomes before meeting him a couple years before he died.
      And no one sees that as strange?
      Its amazing how blind people can be.

      • Marqque Smith, please produce evidence that Bishop Blake EVER stated that he stayed at Gomes home or vice versa. If you cannot produce it, then please stop asserting things as fact for which you have no basis.

  31. Why was Carlton Pierce there as an invited guest? What exactly is really going on?

    • Pearson was raised and ordained in COGIC. Just like Denzel dad was an ordained preacher in COGIC 60 YEARS.

    • He was born and raised in cogic. Also, the convention is open to anyone

      • Carlton preaches a message of inclusion and the man now teaches there is no hell. The Church of God In Christ has never endorsed that kind of teaching. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put him up to speak next year. They are really testing the waters. There is a pattern being laid out.

  32. For Earl Carter fans: What do you think about his book that says Black people should be thankful for slavery because it introduced them the Christianity. – this was in his book that he says was a best seller but was never on any reputable best seller list? Another lie.

    What do you think about his years of beating up his wives? its no secret in Florida.

    What do you think about him telling lies on people then coming back on another video apologizing after the damage was done.

    He said on his video that he was going to the police in St Louis to report all these bishops but as you can see from his video the po-po was asking him to leave.
    where are all the police reports?
    why aint nobody arrested yet?
    please show me 1 picture of him preaching in HIS church – where he is the senior pastor.

    He keeps using all these big words like people will think he’s smart. You don’t need a degree to be smart but you need at least 1 degree before you start lying calling yourself a Dr. This worker of satan has nothing. Not sure he has a high school diploma. this man needs his medication. He is straight cray-cray and a liar.

    “just the tip of the iceberg”… he better shut up and shut it down before all the tea is poured.

    “It’s been reported to me”…LOL!!!!

    • All of this occurred under the watch of the Presiding Bishop. Nothing just happens. Judgment begins at the house of God. Saints know God sees all and will ultimately set His House in order.

      There are no winners or losers in the whole fiasco. Families and C.O.G.I.C. are having to deal with the backlash. They will recover and carry on but God will set His House in order. They cannot serve 2 Masters. Choose this day whom he will serve.

      God is not an inclusion nor gay affirming God. He is Holy. This is the whole matter.

      This blog gives way to opinions only.

    • Man….. I know Carter’s dirt from back in the day. He is just straight out in left field now. Where are his cronies he used to run with when he was riding high. Whitehead, Clean….. Where are his buddies sticking up for him? All of them have had dirty hands and they know you can’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

      However, don’t now that he can prove any of it. I know West A had gay people in their church. Not openly, but we all know they were there. But, I’ve never heard any factual ties to Bishop. My Grandmother used to house Bishop’s father when he came to town to preach and my mother and her sisters used to babysit Bishop Blake.

      I find him to be a man of compassion, humble and wishing that none should perish. His church is cleaner now because he did remove certain people when things came to light, but no house will ever be free from dirt. I don’t believe anything Carter is saying about him.

      Remember a man who was accused of being born in Kenya, having ties to radicals, raised Muslim, hates America, is the Antichrist???? That would be our President. You can’t chase down every rumor, and his grew some mighty strong legs. You know a lie travels faster than the truth anyway.

      Be that as it may, Carter is wrong for using social media as a platform. He is just wrong period.

    • I love this!!!!!!

  33. COGIC has gays and transexuals, wearing women’s furs,capes, pocket books, and heels, sashaying around the convention posting pics on facebook,instagram, and twitter like it’s a glamorous thing, and I blame the Leaddership for alowing it, especially when they call themselves a Holiness Church !!!!!

    • Jesus had 12 disciples and 1 of them was the devil. You can’t stop people from coming to the convention. It’s a major place to shop and hook up if you are up to no good. All kinds of sinners are in the seats, not just gays. Sometimes the word hits and corrects and delivers. Let’s just pray some of those sashaying as you say are delivered.

      Also, you talk like there are hundreds walking around like this…. show me some pictures proving your statement because I haven’t seen them.

      Surely they aren’t people in leadership. Can’t do anything about spectators.

    • Saint shut the hell up!!!! U a transexual!! All that gay mess in ur church!!

    • It’s up to each person to defy their own destination. All this rah rah is and has become a BIG trail of gossip and deceit
      The most funny and honest thing, God forgives all of it!!!!
      So all this spit texting junk don’t matter.
      Folks focus on your own life.
      Because this – bar will judge yourself when your spirit leave your skin.
      Now ho get your lives right

  34. So, if what is being said about Bishop Blake is true, have his wife and kids known about this? How does Mrs. Blake deal and live with it? She seems very nice.

    • She lives i a 10,000 sq ft. Mansion in Beverly Hills, they appear to be partners in public, prolly see each other in passing lol. I suppose they all know his testimony, all the letters that’s been uploaded to say he is 200% Man lol. Just like Vanessa Long Eddie Long’s wife at New Birth in Ga., she know he love men, and still with him.What some women will do for a comfy life. Not saying the Blake rumors are true.

      • @Dee4sure – You just never know the dynamics of a marriage. If true, just wow for her to settle for that arrangement, projecting a certain image, in exchange for the trappings of the good life. How does she deal with her soul? Makes you wonder what other COGIC marriages are just an arrangement.

  35. There has always been lesbians and gay men in COGIC, all the way back to the early days. Some of them are married to cover it up or try to.
    Blake is not the issue here. He was elected presiding bishop. So stop disrespecting those in authority. God sees all

  36. DEE4SURE
    Stop lying on God. He is both an accepting God and an affirming God. He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That WHOSOEVER believeth on him should not perish but have ever lasting life. Stop trying to speak for God. He has already spoken.

  37. He made every body on earth.
    Stop your mess. Christians divorce rate is 51 percent.
    Yes, he made man and woman but he hates divorce. There some good gays who are Christians. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no church music.

    • stfu b*tch!

    • Homosexuals can not practice homosexuality and be True Christians. Therefore, there is no such thing as “some good gays who are Christians.” Anyone can call themselves a Christian, but if you haven’t been washed in the blood and turned from your wicked ways….you are NOT a Christian. God gets NO glory from homosexuals and their music….non what so ever.

  38. HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY CONVOCATION . If this is HOLY I’d like to sell you some snake oil to make you live forever.

    This sounds more like a soap opera that a church . I hope Tyler Perry hears about this , it will make a good movie plot. They say that life is stranger than fiction.

    All of this drama says something about the people that tolerates this. The COGIC will experience a setback from this. Several members will leave.

    With the top officials sweating bullets behind closed doors I imagine that they are accessing the collateral damage right about now. This allegation is serious. Who will expose him to Law Enforcement if this is true ? If the case goes to trial will the COGIC pay the enormous legal defense bill incurred by the Great Bishop ? Are they planning a strategy for Earl Carter for slander ? Who will pay that bill ?

    This will not just go away. I am sure that there were many that questioned Blake’s sexuality before this happened To those that believe he was gay , the jury has already ruled.

    The future of the COGIC is hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth. The Roman Empire fell and many believed it was to large to fall..

    • David I agree with everything you are saying except the future of COGIC is hanging on…. Unfortunately, no amount of scandals, misappropriation, sexual immorality, etc will stop people from attending this charade. As long as they can jump. shout, speak in a “tongue”, and get a title or position they will keep going. When we had problems in my old church the pastor would say “let the wheat and tare grow together” and “the Lord would divide and separate them”. This implied that if you left the church, you were a tare and the Lord was removing you from the wheat.Manipulation and mind control I believe you called “priestcraft” is so deep in this and most religious institutions that most people will never leave. How else can you explain credentialed women who pay reports are NOT allowed to attend the legislative meeting of the national church or be ordained as pastors? or layity who support their churches with tithes and offerings and pay layity assessments but not allowed to attend any polity meetings except local church meetings (if they have them). People thought the church would end in the late 60’s after J.O. Patterson hijacked it from O.T. Jones, then they said it would end in the nineties after J.D Husband was exposed and J.O. Pattersons’ children outside of wedlock were revealed but its still here. It will only end when people start studyng the scripture for themselves and stop depending on the pastor to do it for them.

  39. Elder Emmit Jefferson, Jr. Senior Pastor Christ Chapel COGIC Los Angeles, California

    I must admit that this convocation 2015 was exciting than ever. We enjoyed the powerful preaching of so many anointed men and women of God. I had the opportunity to speak with Supt Dr. Earl Carter, not to argue or defend the church but to ask him directly the question that I am struggling to understand and the question was: (1) If Bishop Blake really had done the things he’s accused of, why hasn’t there been police reports filed in California? If a man was to touch anyone of my young grandson, I won’t give a damn if I’m a Elder, I will take matters in my own hand. I am not understanding why hasn’t this grandmother or mother come forth with this information? I mean. there is still time before April call meeting for Bishop Blake to address this whether true or false. Now, I respect Bishop Blake because he waited his time and God allowed it, but it is true that he brought with him a stigma that has long needed to be addressed but no one seem to want to follow through until them thereselves fall victim to the allegations. I asked Carter why hasn’t the General Board questioned these allegations. Why has no person come forth with evidence? Now with the situation in Deleware, this is 1000% accurate when it come to Bishop Holsey lending money to Blake Brooks and others who refuse to pay this man back. God will handle them soon! Maybe the church needs a complete overhauling from the inside out because there is nothing Holy about COGIC. Pastor Carter, if you have evidence then you need to go about it the legal way!


  41. Saint didn’t you know that all preachers are in it to enrich themselves or to have control over others ? You will not find a clean preacher in any denomination .

    Surely you will not find a holy preacher because the Almighty is not holy. The word holy is only in the Bible twice once in Isiah and once in Revelations and both were used in a dream context. If the Almighty is not holy surely you can not have that expectation of any man or woman.

    The expectation that religious people require of others are unrealistic. Religions teach holiness and reverence to keep you in subjection with authority. For example COGIC use the term “tread lightly” a lot as if you walk outside the boundaries God will correct you in some magical way.

    That is why the Almighty does not require anyone to speak for Him. He is too great for man to speak of Him in specific terms. He is not holy or spooky or mysterious or probably anything you have been taught about Him. In your quest for holiness you will not find it among men or even in the character of God Almighty. This is a concept from a theology that has no conclusive data. What I am saying is simply this. The word holy can be stricken from the English language because it is a concept in the minds of religious people and not at all a reality.

    • @ David…God still has some real, clean, holy preachers…God still has some preachers with no spiritual defects in their life…all preachers are not in it for money, fame, prestige, and popularity…If you are gonna be a preacher, then your life must be clean…As I said, I have yet to find one clean preacher in cogic…the general board is full of homosexuals, crooks, and whoremongers…Cogic claims to be a Holiness movement, but upholds everything unholy and wicked…Your scriptural knowledge is inept…Holiness is mentioned all throughout the Bible…In the Old Testament, if the priest High Priest wasn’t Holy when he went into the holies of holiness, he dropped dead on the spot….If cogic is gonna call itself holy then it must exemplify Holiness…How are you a Holiness Church allowing Gays and Trannies to sashay and parade around the “Holy Convocation” flaunting their sin, and everybody crying Holy, but saying nothing about it, including Mother Rivers…They claim Mother Rivers is so powerful in the Holy Ghost, well why wasn’t she, along with her prayer band of praying women laying hands on the homosexuals and rebuking the Devil….The Cogic “Holy Convocation” has become a Money-grabbing brothel, and Gay pride event, where Gays are allowed to proudly and irreverently sashay, parade, and flaunt their sin…Whatever happened to “Be Healed, Be Delivered, and Be Set Free”….They don’t even say that anymore…That’s why I say Ain’t not One Clean preacher in Cogic, and Ain’t Nobody In Cogic Saved !!!!!!!

      P.S. It’s not just the gays…I don’t want anyone to think I’m just picking on the gays…You have Preachers with 2 and 3 living wives…Preachers whirring and sleeping with their members…preachers cutting side deals and getting kick backs…Preachers raping and molesting kids, and cogic sweep it under the rug, and pay off the victims to keep them quiet…One Pastor in cogic that I know of that his wife divorced him because he was sleeping with the nanny, and he is still pastoring, was never sat down, never reprimanded…and this is what you call a “Holiness Church” ??????

      • Saint I agree that the word is used over 600 times in the Bible but never in a personal encounter that Isiah and John’s claim to have a vision of God’s holiness. God is not holy. The attribute was assigned to Him by people that wanted to control people’s dedication to their god. God is not to be feared. He will not strike you dead with a bolt of lighting.

        2Cor5:21 tells Christians you can only be made holy through Christ. If this statement is true , then only Christians are holy.

        All preachers are about the money, status or power. I don’t care who they are the bottom line is bringing more souls to Christ in order to have more people under control and more money in the kitty.

        You mentioned so many things that are superstitious because of your theology. No such thing as a Devil, Holy Ghost, High Priest and any other deity that you can think of . I believe in one God and no more. What you believe is that these deities can co-exist with God Almighty. This is not true. When you realize that these type of gods do not exist you will begin to see why God does not have any preachers that can represent Him. He has nature to do that for Him.

  42. Sooo…there are many, many comments on here, and I could never address them all, but for any who have seen the few times I comment on one of the blog stories, it is only to challenge the people who make commentary, and either don’t use rational thought or reason and/or don’t have facts. They just continue to repeat rumor, innuendo and hearsay, and have no factual basis or empirical evidence to support any of it.

    So, for a couple of people who assert that there must be some truth to what Earl Carter is saying because Bishop Blake has not, or is not suing him for slander. That is not a rational assertion, as only one person in the thread above pointed out, you don’t spend time or resources to “disprove a negative”. Anyone of us can have someone put out a rumor or lie about us at any time, but it would not be intelligent or legally advisable to attempt a lawsuit just to attempt to disprove a rumor. That would be a waste of time and resources. The only time with the two types of Defamation (Libel or Slander) that people push a lawsuit, is if the Defamation has done harm or has the potential to do harm MATERIALLY to the individual or group defamed, in other words if it has the potential to threaten your income or resources. For example if you were a Doctor, and one of the patients accused you of sexual misconduct, but there was no criminal element or charges, but just public scandal, you may want to sue as it can have direct impact on your practice or influx of future patients/clients.

    Another point on which Carter himself has lost ALL credibility, if you have watched all of the videos from the first one until now, he promised the audience that there would be arrests (on more than one occasion he declared it would happen) including someone getting arrested in St. Louis, as he was reporting his knowledge to the legal authorities. Well, Convocation has ended, there has been maybe a couple months since his very first direct accusation naming individuals, and no arrests yet. Could it be because what he is saying is not credible, or even if there were any truth to it, any proper legal authority would not be going forward on what amounts to hearsay and rumor? Because that is ALL Carter has done so far is to spout things that in the legal realm, particularly in a criminal action, would not be admissible as evidence because it is hearsay. Until a Complainant comes forward, who has actually been criminally harmed or a direct witness of said harm, all that Carter is accusing people of adds up to smoke and mirrors.

    On a different point. There are several people who have asserted as fact that what Carter is saying with respect to leadership getting “kickbacks” is absolutely true. Just by their assertion of it, that speaks loudly to me of their lack of knowledge of ANYTHING regarding hotel contracts, particularly with large organizations that plan conventions. But to give them the benefit of the doubt, I want any one of those persons who assert that kickbacks are being taken by church leadership, to define for me 1) exactly what a kickback is, 2) how it is generated and 3) how it would be transmitted to ANY individual including the leadership. As a person who has a long history with convention planning and hotel group rate contracts, I am very curious to know the factual basis or knowledge of what these persons are asserting are happening with respect to kickbacks.

  43. Arrested is not the same as convicted.

  44. The word, is the word, and No one should make excuses for anyone’s shortfall. We all should be in the faith building business as it is written in the word, without concerning ourselves about being politically correct, to the point that we are now being Biblically incorrect. A Sin is a Sin, but MAKE NO MISTAKE, the Bible is very clear as to which sins will exempt you from God’s Kingdom (1 Corinthians 6 etc. ).We must learn to be tolerant of everyone, but when you associate with those whose conduct themselves in a manner that exempts them from God’ s kingdom, or by associating with those who really don’t seek redemption, you too will soon take on their characteristics. As the elders used to say” You can Judge a person by the crowd that they associate with”. This is still the Truth. Apostle Paul said, A little yeast in the dough, is still too much, rid yourself of the yeast”. If one does not seek change (FORGIVENESS/REDEMPTION FOR THEIR SINS), and they continuously engage in behavior not pleasing to God, then watch yourself for they will soon attempt to change you from your Bible learning ways. Pretty soon we as Christians will settle for anything. My mistake, this world has already put many Christians in this predicament, all for the sake of fame and the the dollar. By doing so they have offended the one who is slow to Anger,but great in Power,God himself. That’s why all true Christians should focus on spreading God’s word (Not the word of the World), for Heaven is a place where those worthy will finally be able to escape the mess on earth.

  45. He was CONVICTED and went to jail!!!!

  46. I would think that hold the office of the Presiding Bishop of the world’s largest Black Pentecostal church accused of sexual immorality and child molestation would be reason enough to file a slander lawsuit. At least a cease and desist letter from the office should have been written by now. That’s not a good look for the church. Some things you have to address. Earl Carter did what should have been, he reported the allegation to the authorities, which is what is suppose to be done and it’s out of his hands now. So a question would be will the church leadership follow it’s own protocol for zero terloence? The General Board, Board of Bishop, General Assembly has made public statements as a whole to back the Presiding Bishop nor the Women’s department. Now what does that say? Some things you don’t leave unaddressed and this would be one of them. The last thing you’d want to happen is for someone else to come in and clean house and expose what you didn’t do. The world is still watching.

  47. Cross is WAIIIIITING!!!!!! Smh. Carter is naming names without fear or trepidation. Molestation is a serious charge and the Presiding Bishop’s silence is deafening. We have seen this scenario far too often in our church. No one said anything about JD Husband and numerous boys became infected with HIV because of it. If I were Blake, I would sue Carter for defamation and slander. This would force Carter’s hand and he would have to produce concrete evidence to support his assertions. Then on top of that, you ban him from the convocation and get the chamber of commerce in st louis to deny him lodging. smh. Not a good look for the church

    • Bishop Blake using people’s money to sue someone with no money is reckless. West Angeles is growing nothing have change since Carter started lying.. Church was good today.

  48. I agree with you God help us. Earl is making these statement with complete impunity. If they went as far as banning him from lodging (which is illegal) the hotels that honored their request are subject to a law suits. I don’t believe that happened in 2015.

    The allegations should have been addressed as soon as they surfaced. I am not familiar with the structure of the COGIC but it seems that someone on the board if one exist would address this nightmare and attempt to control the damage this guy has stirred up running around saying these things without any proof.

    If it is true or not people will look at Blake differently now. The damage is done. I cant see him being effective in running this church unless the church has lowered the bar in their expectation of a leader.

    I know that this or any other religious organization have nothing to do with God Almighty because of the constant struggles they have in trying to play church. They go through a lot of money and time trying to pretend they are in tuned with what God requires of them. They always run into brick walls and will continue to do so as long as they endorse lies and falsehoods. This is why they are having trouble , the entire scheme of things are based of lies.

    Eddie Long is not the Eddie Long he used to be since the allegations of him having sex with the young men. His church membership suffered tremendously. Before that he thought he was untouchable and a cut above the rest. Blake will not be the Blake he was, whatever that means. People have the right to continue to follow whomever they chose to. The church has a history of abuse and misuse and this will not make anything different.

    • Blake seems to be self centered. Why is his Son not in the pulpit on Sunday Morning. I’m sure as a younger Minister he has much to share and encourage the body of Christ. I guess he’ll be 70 years old before he’s allowed to preach.
      The grandmother and her grandson got paid millions or just paid to be silent years ago as with the JD Husband victims.

      You can be sure no matter the cover up your sins will find you out. Play with the devil get burned. Blake put Carter on blast on YouTube before the world about a spiritual matter. It boomerang back at him.

      Its crazy. A simple phone call or meeting or joint explination of events at a Church convention among believets would have prevented this whole mess.

      Like Eddie Long he will never repent or address the matter publicly. Life church as usual.

      Let the church say Amen.

      • Again lies! First of all both sons are in the pulpit and they both preach. The Grandmother and her Grandson don’t exist. Where would Bishop Blake get millions from he don’t even pay himself that much. Get facts before you speak. Just a reckless human being.

      • John Carter, Bishop Blake reads his sermons off paper or note pad, He is Preacher’s Preacher, If you have not heard both “The Blake brothers” you have missed a treat,

        Never have I heard his sons preach, doing the welcome, and youth services is just pitiful. But I have heard seen non-C.O.G.I.C preachers grace the pulpit Sunday after Sunday when Dad Blake is not at the helm.

        This is why your church is a laughing stock. The old quenching the young.

        Fred Price Jr., Andy Stanley son of Charles Stanley has a mega church aside from his Dad church whom often preachers from a stool or chair in the pulpit.

        Even at 2015 C.O.G.I.C. @St. Louis. He had nom-cogic speakers, Jakes, Morton, I know there are POWERHOUSE PRRACHERS, EDUCATED, well able to carry the masses.

        I just don’t see covenant relationship under Blake leadership.

        My sincere apologies to anyone I have offended with my comments. Just on the outside looking in. Peace

  49. There is a Biblical procedure for dealing with error/sin in brothers or sisters. There is also an ecclesiastical way and a legal way. Earl Carter chose not to follow any of them but to grandstand. Instead of leading and seeking genuine reconciliation or having his accusations investigated and dealt with properly, he chose to draw attention to himself and provide a stage for unsubstantiated and refuted allegations.. He is NOT glorifying God, edifying the saints or winning souls to Christ. This is ANTI-CHRIST in it’s behavior. I cannot say that Bishop Blake did or did not do what Earl Carter says was told by some other persons. I do KNOW that he has the Holy Ghost! I KNOW that he has the Holy Ghost! I also see him Glorifying God, edifying the saints, expanding the COGIC, and winning souls to Christ. When placed side by side, It really makes Carter look like he is in league with the devil. Let us pray for both men!

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