Pastor Delman Coates Attacked On Twitter Because of His Comments On Homosexuality on #OutInHipHop

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Homophobia may be receding in the black community, but featuring a same-sex couple on the reality franchise was still a risky proposition—and a critically important one.

Although, sources close to Milan and Miles say the entire storyline is fake the message may be one of progress.  Ray J was allowed to lie and say what was politically correct, but not called on the carpet for not going on camera with the two gay guys on the show.  At times watching Love and Hip Hop it almost seems it is a totally different show from what the other cast is actually in.  Nice politically correct answers were made but never the truth.  Interesting that Jamal Bryant wants to run for congress, but feels homosexuality is a sin, but his having an affair and bastard children is okay! 

In the decades since its birth in the late 1970s, hip-hop has been almost synonymous with hyper-sexualized lyrics laced with misogyny and homophobia. Masculinity is currency in a high-stakes game that places a premium on bravado and bling. When the genre hit its own social justice era in the mid-’80s, with the rise of iconic groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A, human rights for gay and lesbian people was not on the table, especially if you were black.Thirty years later, that is changing.VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is breaking new ground by showcasing a same-sex relationship between two young black rap artists. This season, nearly 4 million people watched as producers Milan Christopher and Miles Brock navigated new territory—on and off the screen—and went public for the first time with their relationship. In some of the most compelling moments, cameras followed Miles as he delivered the news to an ex-girlfriend with the help of a therapist, and later to his two older sisters.

“We’ve had same-sex relationships happening around us since the beginning of time,” executive producer Mona Scott-Young, who is also CEO of Monami Entertainment, told theLos Angeles Times. “But somehow we tiptoe around the subject and we never want to give it the same prominence and visibility as we do heterosexual relationships. Here was an opportunity to do something that was reflective of our time.”

Even so, the decision to air the story line was a risky proposition. Although anti-gay attitudes have begun to recede in the black community, significant resistance remains. Few existing cast members wanted their story lines intertwined with Miles and Milan’s, according to reports. And the mood on social media has ranged from supportive to mocking.
VH1 followed Monday night’s episode with an hour-long roundtable discussion, “LHH: Out in Hip Hop,” hosted by veteran journalist and ABC News correspondent T.J. Holmes. Branded as a panel of “artists and cultural experts speaking candidly on homophobia within the hip-hop community,” it featured Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant, opinion writer Michael Arceneaux, and singer/songwriter Ray J, among others.
“It’s rappers right now that’s on top of their game that’s gay,” Ray J, who is a featured cast member, told the post-show panel. He later said, “Everybody ain’t straight in the business.”
Industry veteran and legendary MC Darryl “DMC” McDaniels echoed Ray J but noted the stigma for recording artists. “In hip-hop, you can be gay but you can’t be the rapper,” he said. “In hip-hop we disrespect the hell out of our women, so what do you think we’re going to do to a gay man?”
“Hip-hop is still very much a boys’ club,” said former BET/MTV host and music executive Buttah Man. It was clear, he said, that coming out changed the way he was accepted in the business. There was a time when he was no longer invited to certain parties or to work with some artists.
Ray J, who is the brother of R&B artist Brandy Norwood, was adamant in his support for LGBT performers and producers. “I think that we need to get past that… I’m 100 with everybody. But some of my friends don’t get it… I’m not tripping.”
The panel included several African-American pastors, including Bryant. The Baltimore preacher, a social justice activist who often appears alongside Al Sharpton, compared being gay to “gambling,” “adultery,” and “robbery.” He said he believes gay and lesbian people can be “transformed.”
It is unlikely that one night of candid conversation will change attitudes prevalent in hip-hop or the black church. But that makes the discussion no less critical. If only for a few episodes, reality television gave its viewers a dose of substance that is typically missing.

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    • Saint, you must come theologically with more resources than just the Hebrew Scriptures, and especially King James Version lol.

  2. I find it hilarious how people who are pro-homosexual have to twist scripture or completely disregard scripture in order to prove a point.
    That should tell you something right there.
    I can tell you that I have no shame in my sexuality but I also know that being a homosexual is not God ordained- no matter how you spin it.
    Everyone of us have a “thorn” that we must deal with in our lives.
    However, let’s be truthful and not twist God’s Word or add to His Word to make wrong right.
    Any sex or romantic relationship OUTSIDE of marriage between man and wife is sin- period.
    It’s in the book.
    It’s in the book.

    • Marqque you have scholars that are successful in carefully exegeting scriptures and their Greek or Hebrew meaning. Youc an’t just go saying “It’s in the book” lol. That’s what wrong with western Christians now, YOU DON”T STUDY

      • Trust me, I study that word daily line by line and still haven’t come across half the lies and foolishness and deception that some of these “credentialed theologians” claim that the Bible says.
        Or does the Bible take on the meaning of how you “feel” when you see fit?

    • Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

      Marriage =

      1. Man + woman (nuclear family) Genesis 2:24

      2. Man + wives + concubines (Abraham: 2 concubines Gideon 1, Nahor 1, Jacob 1, etc.

      3. Man + woman = woman’s property Genesis 16

      4. Man + woman = woman + woman (polygamy) numerous scriptures

      5. Man + brother’s widow (Levirate marriage) Genesis 38:6-10

      6. Rapist + his victim (Deuteronomy 22:28-29

      7. Male soldier + prisoner of war (Numbers 31:1-18, Deuteronomy 21:11-14

      8. Male slave + female slave (Exodus 21:4)

      There was no traditional marriage in the Bible..

      • But I didn’t see gay marriage on that list.

      • Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

        Don’t get caught up about marriage being between one man and one woman. Traditional marriage in this country has changed many times since 1776. If you are Black, you could not have been married a 150 years ago. A Black and a White could not have been married 75 years ago.

        • THE BIBLE SAYS marriage is between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN.
          There is no if, ands or buts about this.
          You will not get a fight out of me on that point. I believe what the Word says. We can cut, paste, pick and choose all we want but the bottom line is the Bible is right and everyone who is speaking contrary to the Word of God is wrong.
          Black people not being married to white people is man-made rules and have no place in the same breath as whether a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a woman.
          What next?
          Will you marry a child?
          How about an animal?
          Will we use the Bible to justify the marriage of adults with children and humans with animals next?
          You all need to cut this mess out.
          Right is right, wrong is just wrong.
          The reason why this country is falling is because THE CHURCH has accepted so much and joined hands with society so much society has no respect for the church or God anymore for that matter.
          If you take away one tittle of the book you collapse it all.
          There is no way around that.
          You can flip it any which way you want but the truth will always stand.

    • @Marqque Smith thank the Lawd you can get married now. You will no longer have that thorn.

  3. Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

    @Saint, how about King James being gay? This is the truth. Just go and research it for yourself.

  4. King James was gay and so was many in the Christian Church. Greek culture had a tremendous impact and infused the sexual habits into Christendom . The scriptures were written by men that had there own opinion about sexual appetites and passed It on claiming that God said it.

    I would love to debate Saint and he could use the Bible or Commentary that he pleases to use He would find himself on the wrong side of reason and understanding. The Almighty had nothing to do with the Bible. Man created an anthropomorphic god to add mystery to their Bible.

    • O shut up David with your gay azz

      • @kc I’m not gay but I have gay family members and friends that are. For the sake of argument why you didn’t say” shut up” instead of adding “with your gay azz” ? You are obviously homophobic because you always respond as if being gay is a bad thing.
        If a person is gay it is their business and you don’t have to sleep with them.

        The gay members in my family are some of the most loving and dependable people I know. I would rather be in their company than with a group of hateful, judgmental people as yourself.

    • Ugh miss David u slay me

  5. Someone please ask DELMAN COATES to turn in his ordination papers and go back to the mourners bench and stay there until he gets filled with the HOLY GHOST. The spirit of ABOMINATION was all in that audience and JAMAAL BRYANT was the only voice of reason and truth. I do not care for MR BRYANT at all……but he was on point in his defense of the TRUTH. The members of DELMAN COATES church have a responsibility TO FIRE HIM NOW…….CALL A BUSINESS MEETING TONIGHT AND VOTE HIM OUT. He is a liar and false teacher and a people pleaser. HOW CAN ANYONE BE PROUD TO CALL HIM PASTOR. “Same gender loving couples” do not exist in the BIBLE Mr. Coates. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE GOD OF THE BIBLE…….YOU REPRESENT THE DEVIL!!!

    • Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

      @Oracle of God: I am not defending any sexual sin. However, if you will read Leviticus carefully you will find a lot of things you do every day are abominations. Start at Leviticus 18:22 and read through to the end of the book. I bet you will be so surprised.

    • Well carefully correct Mr. Coats theologically now then …

  6. I believe Pastor Coates may dip in that gay pool every now and then

  7. Doctors try to impose their will on hermaphrodites by determining which sex to assign to them. People try to impose their will to whom gays can love by using their moral codes that are rooted in their churches . Both are damaging. If a person is not allowed to live as they were created it causes a tremendous burden in their lives.

    If someone deprived Christians the right to believe in fantasy and make believe, the very thing they hold so dearly, it would be a burden in their lives. If a law came out prohibiting someone to believe in a holy ghost and virgin births and raising of the dead and men trying to screw angels it would be tragic because if someone wants to believe in make believe they have that right.

    But what is good for one group should be good for another. But this is not true. The average person thinks that everyone is crazy except for them. This is where the judgement comes in.

    I suggested a long time ago that all gays should leave the Christian Church. It offers no place for them and treats them as dogs. Christians are the most hypocritical groups you will find.

  8. Coates has a Ph D.
    I doubt if anyone can succeed at debating with him on this subject. Yes, King James was gay or at least bisexual. He broke from the Christian church and started the Church of England because Pope would not Grant him a divorce. So King James wrote his own version of the Bible.

  9. Willie R. Johnson, Sr.

    There are eight forms of marriage in the Bible. Remember the Law was given as a code and to break 1 was to break them all. Civil, Moral, or ceremonial is not distinguished in the Law.

  10. Coates is definitely a faggott/sissy/punk. He is very intelligent and gifted, but when its all said and done he has to repent before its to late.

  11. New Destiny why do you use such derogatory language just because of your narrow minded belief. What are you guilty of under the antiquated laws of your Bible. You know it doesn’t take much.

    Think of all of the derogatory names Whites called Blacks because they thought Blacks were inferior to them. This is the same attitude that you have against gays. You think that gays are inferior to you in the eyes of your god obviously because you think that they must repent in order to fix something that is wrong.

    You judge because you have erroneously used the Bible as a moral code to govern your life. This same Bible depicts the most violent god in mythological history. Your god is more violent the god Ares, the god of war. And yet you condemn people by trying to use this guide as a moral compass to guide you throughout your life.

    But better still I see why you use such harsh language. Your Bible directs you to be mean and disturbing as it’s content.

    • David, you are truly a character. Please don’t ever compare gay rights to the civil rights. We could not help that we were born black and were discriminated against by whites. There is not scientific proof that one is born gay. So please stop the charade. Don’t come for me unless I send for you.

      • You sent for me every time you insult the human personality. If someone referred to you as a maggot I will be the first to comment on such derogatory language.

        You sent for me when you tried to insert your holier than attitude trying to demean God’s creation. Just because someone is different than you does not give you the right to pass judgement or sentence them to a fictitious hell.

        Isn’t it funny that the pseudo character that you call the Son of God (Jesus) never said a word about homosexuality. You have obtained this garbage from an Imposter Paul whom if it was left up to him the world population would be extinct because he encouraged all not to marry. Was the thorn in his side his gayness ? He had to be out of his cotton picking mind to believe that Christians whether married or not was not going to have sex. If you listen to this character and use what he says or the herdsman’s word in the Old Testament I see why you think the way you do.

        Rights and privileges are not limited to a specific group unless your focus is to oppress the group that you hate to see free. You and your Christians colleagues can not suppress homosexuality. It is at the center of your belief system. It has never gone anywhere and it is here to stay. With that being said learn how to live together with human beings.

      • New destiny gay men always compare gay rights to civil rights. Case in point.

    • David, I appreciate your voice of REASON on this forum. You have been quite respectful in your responses. You are persistent even though at times you have to feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall.

      I like Dr. Coates, Carlton Pearson, Jesus, Ghandi, the Buddha, and many many other philosophers. Surprisingly, I enjoy some of you who post here, especially those who actually study and reason for themselves.

      • Hynos whoever u are. David has not been respectful. So u need ho somewhere and sit ur kiss azz down somewhere. Y’all kill me trying trying to be other people smh

      • Thanks a lot hypnos. Believe it or not I feel that some one is really listening to me. Many respond with anger because they can not respond with truth. To the contrary, the negative comments I get from some proves that I struck an internal nerve ending and they can only say OUCH and respond unintelligently because it makes them angry that they believe in make believe.

        The Almighty can not be the God of the Bible for so many reasons. He would not create us to fail. He would not hire a fictitious Satan to burn any of His creation .The Devil on God’s payroll doing His dirty work ? I don’t think so .This makes no sense and only people that refuse to read would believe such non-sense.

        Some years ago as a Police Supervisor I had the occasion to have do an officer’s evaluation. I could not stand his guts and every one knew it. My supervisor had to sign it as it had to go up the line through the chain of command. I wrote him the best evaluation and recommended that he became a training officer as well. My supervisor said ” I thought you didn’t like this S.O.B. Why are you giving him an outstanding evaluation ? As I explained to him that one thing has nothing to do with the other. My personal feelings should not interfere with him being a great police officer. He exceeded in all areas and I had to leave what I felt about him out of the equation.

        In order to be fair and just we must not allow our personal beliefs and prejudices influence our lives.

        Christians and other religious people must draw the line and make a decision to treat all people if they are gray or gay as human beings without using their religion to condemn them to their hell.

      • David is a pastor for real everybody!!!! He got a compliment so instead of him being a humble gay man and say thank you he gives this long drawn out who gives a rats azz sermon. Lol

  12. Delman Coates is a messenger of the devil, a smooth-talking “wolf in sheep’s clothing” of the kind that Jesus warned us about in Matthew 7:15. Remember that Jesus said, “if the blind lead the blind they BOTH fall into the ditch”!
    Some of you seem impressed with this man’s education and degrees, but seem to forget that Jesus chose a bunch of men with little education who would become the 12 disciples. A degree doesnt mean that you know God. A degree doesnt make you anointed. Delman Coates is just a well- educated, articulate false prophet.

  13. @kc it is obvious you are struggling with your sexuality. I know that your church will frown on you but you are displaying an attitude of denial. This is dangerous for you to suppress who you are. I think you need to be free and admit to yourself that it is time to face reality. Remember that the ones that cry wolf the loudest are the ones that you have to watch. Remember Eddie Long that everyone was homophobic was really gay.

    • David David David smh. I’m just trying to help u help urself. I try to help the agnostics such as urself not to hate Christians and church just because there are some churches that preach against your lifestyle. There are now churches that embrace ur lifestyle. Are u in the atl area? There are plenty of gay friendly churches that will embrace u and ur husband. Find one and be free. I’m helping you cause I love. Ok gurl

  14. Excellent posts and points David!!! All very well said!!

  15. KC I truly feel sorry for you brother. I’m no psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist but it seems to me you have issues. Deep issues. I could be completely wrong but just from reading your posts,I think you are a homosexual who has been depressing your true feelings for quite some time now. Sadly, you don’t even know who you are anymore. The church has confused you!! You have been told that it’s wrong to be who you truly are and who you were born to be and that’s a gay man. Be you bro. Be proud of it!! God made you that way because he loves you just as much as he loves a heterosexual person!! There is nothing sinful about being gay as you have been brainwashed to believe. You cannot change your sexual orientation just as you can’t change your skin color. It’s who you ARE!! Like David said in his post, no I’m gay, never have been and never will be because it’s just NOT in my genetic makeup but if I were, I absolutely WOULD NOT be ashamed of it because of what others say!!! Again, be you bro!!! Life is too short to live at the dictations of others!!! As I say all the time, the further I’ve gotten away from the church and organized religion, the closer that I’ve felt to God!!! Forreal, I love you bro!!! Be you and who you want to be!! Not who others want you to be!!!!

    • Miss Brandon something is mentally wrong with u. Ur so confused. The enemy has taken full control of ur mind. U’ve listen to a lot of negative people and now ur mind is all messed up but God can restore your mind. Its not to late. Don’t let people like Miss David to brain wash you. O I feel so sorry for your family. Help them Lord smh. Brandon I want you to be happy. Just say it. Your gay and your pride. Be free. Love you gurl

  16. What bothers me is not the name calling, he can call me what he wish to call me. What bugs me is his insensitive response as if being gay is a negative thing. If I was gay , I would be offended by his responses.

    He reminds me of how white folks used to call us black in a derogatory manner as if being black is a disease. kc demeans the gays in this same manner. As I cautioned him to slow up so he can grow up. If he travels down this disrespectful journey, he will say this in front of the wrong person and get a well deserved ass kicking.

    As you can see from his responses he is probably gay and afraid to be himself. I respect all of God’s creatures and believe that homosexuality is normal if you have attractions for the same sex. It’s abnormal to have sex with someone that you have no attraction for.

    All of God’s children have a right to exist in this world without someone trying to force their agendas on them. The gays I know are more creative and excels in so many areas. I only hope that homophobic people as kc would realize that It’s okay to be gay. Who knows ? Maybe next time around kc may be King James.

    • David. How many times have u been on here and called Christians names? How many times have u talked down to Christians for believing the way they do???? Come don’t come with that dumb bs. I’m offended when u come on here calling Christians names. Do I ever say I hope David runs into some bible thumpers that stomp a bible up his azz… No all I said is I’m gonna pray for u. If u wanna be gay be gay and keep it moving. So don’t come with that dumb nonsense. Get a temple or a church to preach ur message. Y do it on a gossip blog?????? Chill out and go get some ass or something!!!

  17. Being gay is a sin!! A man placing his private in a man is perverted and you all know it. That’s why many try to speak out and justify it. If it was right, then you wouldn’t always be trying to justify it. It’s sick and wrong and you’ll burn in hell for living that life, but mores for trying to convince others, especially imposing those beliefs on young boys who are very impressionable. If you want to live in such a manner, then fine, just be sick, perverted and nasty, but don’t try to justify it and how Dare that Mr. Coates try to change what the bible says because he enjoys the appetite for the same sex. He’s always talking about what the bible says in it’s original language. Many of us study certain words when preparing to give a word, but if he’s so well adversed ion his biblical studies of Greek and Hebrew, then i would love to hear him speak the language fluently in a conversation for about an hour. He can’t do it! DOn’t allow that demon within him persuade you of his hypocrisy and nonsense.

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