Popular Vine Star Jahdiah Norelus, Known As Jahdiahn Says He Is No Longer Gay And Has Beautiful Girlfriend

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Popular Vine star Jahdiah Norelus, known online as Jahdiahn, told the world that he’s NO LONGER GAY a few months ago.
At the time, folks laughed . . . Believing that was IMPOSSIBLE.

Well, Jahdiah got him a baddie. Check out his Girlfriend.

Just yesterday he shared bathroom selfies with him and his new gf captioned:

“They ain’t see potiental with me girl but you see it.
And if it’s me and you against the world then so be it 🔐”

Fans are confused as to how Jahdiah can just suddenly not be gay. What’s more likely is that he just found a girl that he liked and was attracted to. Either way, several of his fans are deeply disappointed.

“I didn’t know you could just switch back & forth. I wanna know more but ion wanna be rude…”

“This sh*t is actually really sad, forcing yourself in somewhere that’s truly not where you are meant to be. Maybe one day you’ll love yourself enough…”

“Idk but I’m disappointed like he had me eating my rice&cabbage faithfully ☹️”

“I jus wasn’t aware that gay can be turned on and off at will …. I wish I had that option”

Well, we wish him the best and hope that his relationship with his cute girlfriend lasts. They do look happy together.

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