Warning! Read One Of The Most Disturbing Things Written About President Obama– Racism Is Alive And Well In America!

I have to share the most disturbing things I have ever read or seen on the Internet:
“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free…to a time when truth exists, and what is done cannot be undone…From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink–greetings!” – George Orwell, 1984
Get That Worthless Nigger Out Of The White House
With each passing day I become more and more enraged that such a stupid, worthless coon is in the White House for God’s sake! He’s a global embarrassment and a very high security risk for the nation itself.

Seldom have I run across such an arrogant, conceited, yet utterly stupid ghetto buck masquerading as a human. He’s the perfect definition of “uppity nigger.” It’s like when blacks shave their heads to look more human. If they went around with their natural nappy head of nigger hair, white women would be much less likely to look upon them as human, and they’d get a lot less white women. Blacks do their level best to hide who they really are, even to the point of wearing western Caucasian suits. But it’s like putting a dog turd in a hotdog bun. One bite tells it all.
Obama is the same way. He dresses and talks like a white man, but thinks to the core like a nigger pimp. It’s all about him.
This retard knows the Obamacare act is a flop. He knows it’ll bankrupt our dying economy, but he’s a nigger, and niggers are incapable of admitting their mistakes or faults. Never happen. He wants what he wants and to hell with the rest of us and the country. He’s mad now, because the entire nation is against him on this, but he plans on forcing it through anyway, walking over the top of everyone, abusing his authority yet again.
Since the very first day this coon took office, he has proven every last rotten thing I’ve ever said about blacks. He has displayed every one of their vilest traits, down to his total greed, self-centeredness, egomania, and inability to tell the truth about anything.
And like all blacks with money, he got it through illegitimate means. Obama was financed by enemies of this country and of you and me. He lives in a posh, multi-million dollar estate with no visible means of support. He has millions in the bank and did so, long before he was in politics, yet his family was and is ghetto poor, and he has never worked at any job that paid more than the average wage. He got an Oxford education, yet nobody knows who paid for it. He was a member of a radical black, white hating church for over twenty years, and yet is in reality a fanatical Muslim that hates this country and everyone in it.
The mystery behind this buck only deepens the more you dig. Another key mystery is how he ever got on the Presidential primary ticket in the first place. An unknown junior Senator from the most corrupt state in the union (and the state with the most blacks as well…coincidence there? I think not) who was put before dozens of senators that were decades his senior and had much more political clout than he
And yet the Democratic party gave this dark horse the green light, and poured more money into his campaign than the last two Presidential campaigns combined. (Or someone did, anyway.) The powers behind the curtain wanted this monkoid in the White House, and I don’t think it was simply to further the Democratic party.
They have an agenda, an important one, which they plan on implementing within the time frame he is in office. Whatever that agenda is, they have been grooming this evil simian for the job since childhood.
He was taught to speak proper English, to speak well in public, and to handle himself in high places. He was given vast amounts of money and educated in the best schools and universities. All this for a stupid nobody coon from Kenya.
No, there’s much, much more here than meets the eye, and the American people should be afraid, very afraid.
History has taught the wise among us…not the average man (because it’s obvious the average American is incapable of intelligent thought, otherwise Super Chimp would have never been elected in the first place)…that any time a black is put in any position of power, he automatically abuses it as far as he can take it. It’s in their very makeup to behave this way.
Blacks cannot handle authority. It’s like handing the keys to the crack box to a ghetto nigger. He can’t help himself. He’ll gorge until he overdoses. Perhaps this is exactly what they are counting on. He’s already taken a hammer to a sick and dying economy, and is still beating on it to satisfy his nigger ego. He boasted recently that he was going to “leave his mark on history, no matter what the cost.” Yes, he actually said that. That should tell even the most idiot among us that they’ve made a horrendous mistake by putting him in power.
For years I’ve railed against blacks and their many faults and evils, and I’ve been called every kind of bigot and hate monger in the book. Not only liberals and blacks hate me, but quite a few of my own people as well, because even they have swallowed too much of the liberal poison that has been deliberately planted in their minds from birth, which has twisted their thinking processes beyond the capacity to make clear-headed decisions any longer. My own people have become just as dangerous as the enemy…as planned.
The irony of it is that all they have to do is look at the facts and events all around them to see I’m right about everything, but the indoctrination is just too deep. I can’t reach them, and neither can the truth. This is a tragedy beyond measuring. It’s like trying to save a rabid dog while it’s trying to bite you.
But I continue the fight and shrug off their insults and accusations, because there’s one thing that neither they, nor the enemy have that I do, which is the most potent weapon on earth; the truth. We all need to watch Obama and his henchmen very closely, and be ready to react in a moment’s notice. That’s because whatever his plan is, he hasn’t put it into play yet. But if his track record is any indication, it’s going to be nasty. Really, really nasty.
If at all possible, this ape must be removed from power as soon as humanly feasible. He was, and is a threat to the survival of this very nation and a treasonous dog. His grip on us is already to the point where it resembles an African junta in frightening ways. To even espouse his removal can get you arrested.
Because also like all nigger dictators, his guilty conscience makes him a paranoid. He knows he deserves a bullet, and he’s terrified someone will give it to him. I hope and pray that some miracle occurs before this monster has a chance to follow the orders of his backers, whom I can pretty well guess are Jews.
One thing we should all keep in mind at all times is that this ape hates us, and is working to destroy us. So are his masters. Whether or not a shot has been fired is moot. This is a war, and it’s a real one. Countless white lives have already been lost in this fight for control of our destinies, and it’s only the beginning.
Obama may be a lot of things, but the only thing that matters is that he’s our mortal enemy. And if you don’t treat him as such, you deserve everything he does to you. Stop trying to appease those that hate you and be men. The enemy is on the move, and he is preparing to strike. Will you be ready for him, or will you be just another stupid sacrificial lamb that looks on in dumb surprise as he’s loaded into a cattle car to be executed?
There is no such thing as equality, civil rights, or diversity. Never was, never will be. Stop living in a fantasy world and prepare for war, or it will devour you for your stupidity.
-The Lone Haranguer
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  1. I would not have wasted my time posting this – just like i didn’t read all of it. What gets me is if you hate a race that much don’t hide behide sheets and sign your real name and address

    • Be a man and stop cyber bullying. Sign your real name and say it to a black mans face

      • how about this fuck you nigger. and fuck your fly snach stinking nigger bitch and your fucking nigger walfaer baby’s

      • Sad part about all this is that its the ignorant blacks who are mostly racists need to realize that they are being used as pawns by the liberal establishment . My people never owned blacks in American history and I have always regarded black Americans as my equal. They, the niggers, cry for a government check like I owe them something, saying that the whites are oppressing them and keeping them down (lazy). They are the lowest kind of human being wanting others to pay for their lack of initiative. Now I am starting to see them as a plague on American society. Its pretty evident that they (the niggers–not the black americans) are hell bent on the destruction of our system. They along with the liberal agenda are the reason for our systems failure. Its interesting that Lincoln (the father of the republican party) freed them and John F. Kennedy hated liberals. The truth is that I have a lot of black friends who see the truth and hate what is happening to our country, and are committed to our way of life. Keep up the fight Niggers because you are the minority and real Americans, Black and White own all the guns, and when it comes down to it, you, the true sickness of our society, will fail. I told a black officer the other night that I appreciate him and what he is doing and that I would be the first one to back him up in a firefight and hand him a fresh clip.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more that black mother fucker is destroying our country I hate his mother fucking guts with all my heart and soul I can’t believe the Americans the stupid enough not to impeach him throw him out or Worse he’s destroyed our country he’s embarrassed about a military we are not respected by anybody in this country anymore because of this little fucking spider monkey is the fucking disgrace which makes the Americans the biggest fucking disgrace for putting up with his ship and putting up with his lack of doing anything to help our country that guy is evil he’s a fucking muslim he’s a fucking monkey is a fucking liar and he’s the worst thing that ever happened to this country white people better fucking wake up before it’s too late because Nikki can’t work while in power especially this little fucking spider monkey what was worried about his fucking the game and basketball and he don’t give a fuck about white people black people Spanish people or Asian people what is concern that this what goes on in that little fucking keep in mind that he’s got a little giving monkey mind that’s what he’s got he knows how to speak like a white person he’s a fucking nigger nigger nigger white people wake the fuck up and get this black motherfucker out of power when were the other .

      • Just make sure you write with white paint

      • So ur a black man, Irene? LMAO

      • fucking nigger turdboy

        • What kind of families do these people come from I can’t even imagine they must have horrible lives to have so much hate……If they happen to be white I can understand the ignorance but if they just happen not to be white they really have serious mental problems. But What Goes Around Comes Around and Karma’s a Bitch.

      • nigger nigger nigger

      • The opinion you trust

        It is not cyber bullying. It is a reasonable precaution. Because the jews sadomized the U.S. legal system so badly that people can not say the truth any more using their own names anymore. But wait till, the freedom of speech is back, and then you will see our names. We need legislature to relocate murderous blacks out of the country back to Niggeria. And we need to form a group or a political party favoring such new legislature. It should be a peaceful process no killing – just remove them murderous and ravaging thugs.

      • Cooter Massengsle

        Richard “Cooter” Massengale
        Meridian, MS
        I’ll meet and beat you’re sorry black ass anywhere anytime.

      • Fuck you NIGGER BITCH

        • Who ever wrote this has some serious problems within their family, especially when they have to hide behind a blog……..Let’s me know they have some psychotic issues…..But like my white friend once said to me……..Man, don’t you know there are white niggers too? And white niggers get killed to.

    • My name is Richard “Cooter” Massengale and I live in Meridian MS and I am sick and tired of people like you Michelle, who defend that commie nigger coon-mander in chief obama. Say, are you a wookie like the the first-wookie michelle obama? (you know… the fat-assed nigress that is shitting all over our White House)

      • Your absolutely right . he is a retarded nigger . all he cares about is his nigger people . have you ever heard of nigger rich . or nigger rigged . those are there for a reason . what kind of person drives a Mercedes and lives in an outhouse , Niggers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the biggest piece of shit in the world . worst than the terrorists we fight . or should I say he wipes their asses .


    • native American pete dallas


    • If you know anything about the situation (nazi politics) you know obama rubber stamped this to be online. Fuck democrats who don’t follow the law which is to protect US all & fuck republicans who think it’s now their turn to gangrape US.

    • Gee,one more irrelevant,ignorant,guilt-ridden anti-American who is so far to the Left that this bitch can smell the Pacific ocean! Hmmmm,maybe this is Manchelle Obama replying to this honest piece of journalism of which I wholeheartedly agree!Oscama is a Muslim subversive and it is as obvious as that embedded wood tick on the side of his nose,a black bitch,to say the least!

    • Don’t you know it is the white man that controls whoever is in office. You are upset with the wrong people. The Elite few are going to not only bring this country down but the rest of the world as well. They use racism to keep us at war with each other while the elitists take control right before our eyes. You’ll see one day soon who the real enemy is.

      • you only have an enemy if you are valid. sometimes someone is an “enemy to YOU” because you want to breed and eat..but to that “enemy” you are just an ant… and you aren’t even valid to them to consider. blacks are now thought of the same way and in fact as LESS important than the cattle we started to feel sad and guilty for eating..and become vegetarians.. as we deem the animals life valueable. black people aren’t seen this valuable at ALL due to whats in their brains and hearts…its seen as a sick part unconsolable and impossible to heal as a part of a whole…. a white person will cry their eyes out over a slaughtered pig as food and if they hear of black shootings they just zone out. its because “wisdom was given to the beast” blacks have IQ high enough to fend for their selves and care for their selves. animals do not. and deserve care and attention. MORE than ANY black person smart enough to go to work and smart enough to stop breeding etc…truly blacks have no enemy except themselves.no one else HAS to care.

    • “Everywhere you look, wherever there is a crisis, Obama is not simply doing nothing. He’s making things worse. America is about to plunge into unsustainable deficit spending? Obama got us started early with the stimulus package and the health care bill. Big states are being bankrupted by public employee unions? Obama wants to increase the unions’ power. Not enough power plants? Obama wants to restrict them further. Iran is seeking nukes? Obama gave them a reprieve against a popular uprising. Karzai doubts America’s resolve in Afghanistan? Obama wavers on our strategy and declares our intention to bug out, no matter how much disarray there is in our strategy and command.
      There’s an old saying: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But the pattern of the Obama administration has me wondering if we’re seeing the inverse: when you plan to fail, you fail to plan. That is, if American contraction and retreat is your goal, why would you make any plans to revive the economy or win wars?
      I think what we’re seeing here is something worse than just a failure of leadership by a disengaged president. We have to ask ourselves why he is disengaged. Why, when multiple alarm bells are ringing, is he spending more time on his hobbies than the rest of us? Or more to the point, when existing policies lead to failure, why does he double down and make things worse?
      From the beginning, we’ve been warning that Barack Obama is an anti-American president…”

    • It’s easy to “hate a race” when it’s represented by people as loathsome as Obama. Sorry you don’t get that, but it’s true. Most rational people don’t hate blacks (it’s idiotic to hate a color); they hate niggers. And if you’re struggling with that concept, “nigger” is an attitude, a set of behaviors, the way one conducts themselves. I hate white trash equally…they just don’t get upset when you call them nigger.

    • I hate openly. Fuck all you ignorant monkeys. WANT SOME COME GET IT NIGGERS. I’ll show you why white is superior. I’d be hilarious to blow big hole in stupid NIGGERS who think they’re gangster. Come talk shit and I’d be happy to send you to nigger heaven LMAO!!! YOU ARE DISGRACE TO MANKIND YOU STUPID FUCKS…..

    • its the man–not the whole race

    • Tú no pierdas tu tiempo michelle, deberías de ir a besarle los huevos a tu puto presidente musulman, hijo de su puta madre, Barack Obama vas y chingas a tu puta madre, puto fucking Níger, chango

    • Exactly! lol, now the person who wrote that is a bitch ass nigga…right? lmao really. Black people built AMERICA and EVERYTHING in it. That is why black people are hated and envied smh…just sad.

      • It’s a complete myth that ” black people built America and everything in it. ” They did no such thing. They were primarily field workers in the south for the 18th and 19th centuries. Due to this unfortunate status, most had not even the most rudimentary knowledge of science or mathematics, and were overwhelmingly illiterate. They had a minor hand in constructing or developing any of the major industrial cities of the North, almost all of which was done by British, Sottish, French, and German immigrants in the 18th and early to mid 19th century. The rairoads and infrastruture were built primarily by Chinese and Euros.The next wave of construction workers, laborers, tradesmen, and merchants were primarily Irish and Italian. The negroe immigration north, to provide labor in the factories in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc, didn’t happen until the late 19th and early 20th century. The factories were, for the most part already built. The south was primarily rural and agrarian until then.
        . Michelle Obama’s claim that the White House was built by slaves is for the most part false, and has been debunked by historians.They were only used for around 20% of the labor, during the latter stages of construction of the original, and again during the the rebuild.
        This is not to demean anyone’s efforts or life struggle, but that statement, which is often bandied about, isn’t factual.

  2. The man who wrote this is a deluded,spiteful and defensive piece of excrement He can’t handle the fact that a man, a BLACK man, who he considers to be so different from him, is actually president of these United States.This man is just jealous that a man like Obama can be the holder of the highest office in the land and his naked unprovoked hatred is even more telling when contrasted with Obama’s trademark selflessness and compassion, This kind of drivel is merely the projection of a deeply guilty individual who isj ust afraid he will get what he deserves. Perfect example of a COCKasian if you ask me!!

      • Im proud to be White you fucking Niggers!! Without us you would be running from lions and chunking Spears at whatever scraps of food you can find. What a disgrace to this once proud country. We the whites built the entire fucking world, just to have inferior races fuck it all up. And by inferior I mean all that are not pure European by genetics.

    • Your alol a bunch of dumb assespecially Barack Obama isn’t even blackhe’s a fuckin rag head muslim piece of shit. And before you say to me what you said to that other dipshit. No I’m not jealous of him I have no desire to be the president however I do wish some one who actually gives a shit about this country would become the president. Barack hussein Obama doesn’t give a fuck a about us he’s the one who funded all these isis mother fuckers. For fuck sake open your eyes he’s letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into our damn country and if you don’t think that any of those stupid sand niggers are part of isis then your as blind as a bat. Obama is an enemy to the United states and he needs a bullet in his fucking head

      • Most racists crackers are poor white trash child molesting fags who carry on bout problems that da created fucking wet dog hot shit smelling mofos I lead everything government support drug abuse aids and pedophiles yall love Fucking kids and cousins and most of the racists daughters getting fucked by a black man now and also saying so much dumb shit about black people with out our history the white man would have none all white people must hang faggots

      • HELL yea , his wife too .

    • Ha ha. Mimi, you’re a dumbass! You fell into dumbama and scumbiden’s trap. You cannot see they’re giving away America’s freedom. Now, the liberals want Hillary Cunton to follow that terrorist COCKlover to bring this country down into the sewer. NO MORE OF THIS FAGGOT LIBERALISM RUNNING THIS COUNTRY!!

    • piss flaps of a negress

      fuck you mimi. yoU FUCKING SLAG. oBAMA IS A SHITSKIN nigger. When the SHTF you are alll gonna die.

      • Look I am not going to tolerate the use of the N-Word on my platform.
        From here out I will report the physical address and IP address of every person to the authorities!
        Sir William

      • Hey Sir William, I do not like your ban of the n-word – sometimes that is the only suitable word to use when discussing black people. But… this is your place and I shall respect your wishes. But please tell me this… Can we call blacks by other highly accurate and descriptive terms such as coons, jig-a-boos, porch monkeys, moon crickets, etc?

    • he is not black . and niggers are so strange of an “all one organism” (like a yeast) that one negress was shouting into a microphone on the tv news during an Obama speech that now she will no longer have to care about rent and food!!! that’s a form of feral retardation. and proof these black people do not belong here. she embarrassed and humiliated obamas white side. he is president and white and most importantly A WHITE MOTHER RAISED HIM AND WHITE GRANDPARENTS do you think if a black sow who shouted “pay my rent and food” raised him he would be president? if he was raised by a black mother id consider something.but right now we all think that’s impossible. you want to cling to his skin like a yeast by association!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but you CANNOT CLING to his white mom who raised him and made him whatever that is he is…in fact you probably negate her. so you deserve to be poor and stupid. its like a parasite,all it has to do is stop breeding.


  3. ~ This is complete, utter “white projection”, the writer is so jaded, and out-of-touch that he is incapable of inspection, the inspection his psychological demeanor.
    It amazes me how “socially blind” the euro-mind is, how completely numbed through centuries of being spoon-fed the “white supremacist” lie, which has gone to some of their heads, leading to obnoxious stupidity and other a-historic behavior.
    He’s showing his ass and lack of base human consciousness … and yet, none of what he says surprises me; the sense I get is some “Black Man”, stole his women, because even though he’s directing his invective comments to Brotha’ Obama specifically, and “Black Men” generally, he doesn’t address “Black Women”.
    As Dick Gregory says:
    ___ “Cowboy can’t be Cowboy, without and Injun’; Cowboy needs Injun to be Cowboy” ___
    Sad to be so blind, ignorant and completely removed from history and the long list of contributions of “Original Peoples … and because of that lack of appropriate “attribution”, and knowledge of “The Afrikan” ( Original Peoples ), a frankenstein ( a-historic, socially retarded racist ) has been created perceiving itself to be superior and such!!! ~

    • The use of the Dick Gregory quote is just a racist of the Blog! How can you call out and point out racism aginst Black folk yet inject racism about American Indians?

  4. This guy is no ordinary CRACKER NAZI, because of his choice of words inwhich ,he tries loosely to hide as a simple ignorant Redmeck he is apparently a lawyer working somewhere in a government facility, thinking his identity will not be revilled by his message. Everyone by all means black, white, brown, green poka-dot and etc. go to the polls in November 2012 and vote Barack Hussein Obama for president again, do not be persuaded by the message of
    a under cover second coming of the coward Adolph Hitler!!!!!!

  5. James E. Davis

    I recognize that we have some people with a warp sense of thinking and I tend not to respond to ignorance and stupidity. So I will quote two of our most influentual Americans
    “It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and cancel all doubt” Benjamin Franklin
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” Rev Dr. Martin Luther King
    That says it all for me.

  6. Okay, so you want to talk about the black/white race (meaning President Barack Hussein Obama)…well lets get low down and dirty. You piss po’, insignificant drop of bird crap, who crawled from under a rock to voice you stupid, unintelligible rhetoric which…by the way…you only proved to everyone that you are an ignorant ass with education (hmmm or not). President Obama can not undo in four years what it took for over 12 plus years to create. You are so afraid that this President will accomplish what so many others before him could not. You are afraid that it will go down in the history books that he did what many others before him could not do. Listen, any and everything worth doing will take time to undo AND the bottom line is that if you do not like what he has done or is TRYING to do so far then I suggest that you take your dumb ass to Afghanistan or to any other country (or universe for that matter) and voice all your likes and dislike there and see how far you get. I guarantee you would not be able to publish your own miserable thoughts anywhere else. But on a lighter note, no one is begging you to stay in these United States. We all have choices, make your own. It’s unfortunate that a mindless idiot like yourself is allowed to get upon your soapbox and spout such venom. But this is America and we all do have the FREEDOM of speech…even if it is from ignorant ass such as yourself. I could go on and on but a human BEAN such as yourself…listen the only thing I will do pray for you.

    • You tell him Paulette, Well said.

    • Agreed.

    • Sorry, but he is dead on about Obama…He is destroying america at all costs..Even called the woman who raised him a “typical white woman”…Hes a typical racist power happy ape!! Isis is contained!!- Paris attack…You can keep your health plan- bullshit and everyone not on welfare is footing the bill…Isis is the JV team…I rest my case..Oh, and he defended that punk nigger michael brown who deserved to get shot

      • Y’all dumb crackers invented isis to scare other dumb crackers dumb ass and Obama cam on do wat d rest of the crackers in the legislature will approve for him to do

    • 12 years? WTF Did you learn to add? Special Ed? I think Bush was in office for 8 yrs. Just like a retarded dimwit libtard, can’t add and got no fucking brains or a clue as to where they are. LMFAO

  7. Re: The Lone HaranguerIt’s just painful. America touts freedom, not only of expression, but to become anything you want to become. That freedom never meant to trample upon one another nor demean a person because of race, ethnicity nor beliefs. In most other countries, persons who castigate the leaders are persecuted and prosecuted publicly, with severity.
    I pray about such

  8. He is mad at Obama because he can eat him.

  9. SMDH u are the nigger and like Michelle said don’t hide and be a real man and sign ur real name u piece of trash

  10. Go to hell whoever wrote this. You are just racists, if it wasnt for us blacks you wouldn’t have shit! we built this country while you “whites” sit on your ass and take all the credit. Do you and stop worrying about us! This country is fallen because of the past “WHITE PRESIDENTS!!” you basterd Obama cant change things over night. It called unity!…you smart but dumb as fuck! FUCK YOU and I’m from Mississippi Bitch!

    • Yeah!!!!! And I’m from Charlotte NC

    • whites gave you the idea to be servants
      before that what were you doing?
      and look see… now youre even PROUD of it.. you consider it a greatness and an accomplishment to have been a servant
      but whites still had to teach you HOW to do it.
      be thankful

      • What were they doing before? Running around, chasing lios, chucking spears, putting plats in their lips and bones through their noses. That is what they were doing.

  11. Hahahah.
    Boy this was the funniest and saddest white rant ever.
    I swear the author barely got out of the 8th grade.
    Tell em why you mad son?
    At least you get to sleep well with the realization your President was Black.

  12. Although I do not agree with much of what the author has said. But I must agree with he’s sentiment, as a Black African I can tell you that Obama is a tool of Israeli & British Inlelligence. He has been groomed and prepared to not only destroy America through continuing the Bush, Cheney agenda, but also kick start WWIII. Then after America has been bankrupt and exhausted through constant War to destroy Iran, Russia & China, the Israelis & British will built on America’s corps. The Old World Hates and resents America’s standing in the World, so they want to use what they see as dumb inferior American’s to do their dirty work. And as for you African American’s who so energetically voted him in, ask yourselves what he has done for you…..??? Nothing that’s what because he’s a conman who is’nt there for your interests but for that of the Old EVIL Empire. How many Black political prisoners has he pardoned…………..None, instead He helped to Murder Lybian leader Ghaddafi, and is now sending U.S Troops to Re-colonise Africa, so stop living in a fantasy world about this guy, stop being brainwashed pawns, stand out of the way and let the Crackers vote him out of Power……………………………….

    • When it is all said and done, the Germans will take over the world, I hope that I am not here when that happens. As for President Obama assisting in the take over of America by other nations and creating WWIII, that you cannot prove and probably will not live to see, but you and other racist may see a civil war if we are not more diligent with confronting racism in America. You admit that you are a Black African, but who will you be if a race war were to break out in America? Who would you fight with, Blacks or whites? Who will want to fight you, Blacks or whites? My advice to you is to go back to Affica and help to recolonize it. America cannot take care of all of the world and President Obama cannot take care of all the problems that Americans have, especially where it relates to race.

  13. This coward’s quote says it all “That’s because whatever his plan is, he hasn’t put it into play yet.” Really Really? So essentially he’s complaining about nothing except to serve his purpose to vent. It just reminds me of how some whites reacted to Doug Williams became the first black quarterback or even last week when that black hockey player scores the winning goal. Just anger because all things are no longer all white. You Sound suspiciously like Brian Fischer and his youtube rant about Obama thinking America is giant KKK meeting. If you are as fearless as you claim, then reveal yourself baddass.

    • Hey Chris:
      You make a great point! Why doesn’t this guy make himself known? Let’s analyze this. The demographics of prison are what? 70% black+-, mostly violent crimes. The highest level of unemployed in this country, African Americans. Have the most available time to commit crime, African Americans. Well maybe you understand.
      Now let’s look at the term “African American”! The sub-Saharan people that make up the center strip of Africa. I personally know people from South Africa, they are African! Or do you deny that? The people of North Africa are African also. Correct? These people are offended by being compared to the sub-Sahara people. Do you know why? They are educated! Their ancestors didn’t sell them to slave traders, you’re people did. Is it strange that the local primates of central Africa resemble you? You’re related! (Closely)
      Your president, has lost the the following of the American people, well at least the intelligent ones. He has embarrassed the United States in front of the world. The desert rats of the Muslim world laugh at him and he supports them. What a fool! You support him! (What a fool!) Do you sit around your government housing and play with your own feces? (If the words get too big for you, let me know, I’ll send pictures!)
      Your people commit crimes and get killed by police officers in the low-life regions of our cities. (Ferguson MO) you feel oppressed by this and show your great thought process by burning your own people’s businesses, stealing TV’s and merchandise. Looting your own liquor stores.
      I’m not saying all blacks are lazy, stupid or criminal. Not even close!
      This country has had many exceptional black minds and leaders. But you sure as hell aren’t one of them. You are part of the problem. You need to lead your people not bring them down with your stupidity.
      There have been horrible acts of violence committed against blacks in this country. Let’s isolate the wheat from the chaff! When a punk assaults a shop keeper then attacks a cop, that cop will shoot that punk. It’s kind of a simple idea to follow.
      If you had a brain, you would thank God your ancestors were captured and chained to the hull of a slave ship. Maybe you might want to see what’s happening in the mother land. I’m not going to resort to racial slurs. You know what you are, what the president is. You talk tough, but you don’t want meet me. I will set you free!
      Let’s have a little history lesson stupid! Your patron saint president, Abraham Lincoln, before he was assassinated, was looking to relocate the freed slaves to Cozumel MX among other islands in the Caribbean. Even he knew you don’t put farm animals into society as equals! Have you been to college? Every freshman knows if Asians are in your class, you’re going to have to work your butt off to make grade. If the class has many blacks, don’t even show up except for tests!
      May I make a suggestion? Let’s work together to get rid of the rioting, looting, protesting at universities, and get your black tar ass off welfare. Get a job and shut your stupid mouth. Take your stolen phone, stolen TV and stolen car and beg a white man to impregnate your women and breed the stupidity out of this country.

      • The opinion you trust

        David Duke, you give blacks way too much credit by even making you argument that long. Make it clear we are not interested in blacks have to say or even discussing anything. It is simple and clear – blacks, brown, red – just out, to Niggeria. You hated us for so long it is enough. Get out of the country! End of story no discussion no argument no nothing.
        Get the fuck out.

    • All I see is a picture of a bald monkey


  15. blackgirlsrock

    Eat my shit honky ass mother fucking craker , shut your white trash ass up! Your upset because a black man is now the most power full man in the world , and you , well your a waste of life I hope you get thrown in jail for this n gets fucked by a big black cock!

    • Your spelling establishes your education dear. You make only too clear your ignorance. If you insist on trying to defend the black man, please learn to spell. Grammar matters also. The fact you point out that a black man will rape him in prison doesn’t help your argument. Not only do you make a point of the demographics of prison, but the violent nature of the sub-Sahara race of people. The term African American is extremely offensive to most African people. People from North Africa as well as South Africa are not sub-Saharan monkeys. Have you ever wondered why the sub-Saharan people so closely resemble the local primates? I’ll let you in on a little secret, you’re cousins. As we speak, the nation has turned from this president. He’s embarrassed the country in front of the world. He’s arrogant, he’s a pathological liar and he’s you’re hero. And the sad part, you’re too stupid to understand what I’m talking about. But that’s ok, this little lesson should keep any other sub-Sahara misfits out of the White House. You might want to learn a little history. When President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, he was looking to relocate them to Cosumel, MX. Even he realized that there was no place for farm animals in society. Subsidy programs to feed and shelter the ignorant is where you belong. Keep having those tar babies and get a monthly check. Giving away the treasury to trash like what I saw in Ferguson MO is part of the Obama plan. Free health care to undeserving, lazy, thieving, murdering animals so well describes the Obama plan for success. Hopefully the world will rid itself of this infectious disease. Not to say there are not exceptional people from all races, creeds and colors, I’m just saying you sure as hell aren’t one of them.

    • How about you shutting the fuck up, you fried-chicken-eating, public-transportation-riding, public-housing-mooching, unemployable welfare bum.

    • If the white man would had never brought Niggers over here . you all wouldn’t even exist . your ansesters would have died from aids

    • raised by a white mother
      if he was raised by a black woman we all know he wouldn’t be prezzzzzident..powerful LOL
      most feral kids raised by whites are more powerful youre right about that
      raised by a negress sow and they talk like YOU
      and YOU cant be president but you want to attach yourself to his skin like a yeast hahaha
      but you cant attach to his mom:)
      you prefer HIM
      not what made him
      that’s why you are the way you are and deserve to be poor and stupid.
      blame your mother
      not his
      she was his influence
      your mother is on crack watching porn like you. why do you think you can attach to him like a yeast infection to him?

    • Nasty nigger whore! That nigger in the WHITE house has almost ruined AMERICA, but his nigger ass is on his way out and to hell. Lying Baptist pretender, is a sorry no good nigger black muslim. Every time he opens that shit hole of a turd sucking hole in his face, he’s lying. And the ONLY IDIOTS that believe him are you Welfare sucking niggers. Go back and tell King Shaka, the african nigger king that sold you to me your problems. NO GOOD SERVANT OF THE SUPERIOR WHITE CLASS. Join Whippie Goldsucker and leave The land of the FREE WHITE MAN, ango back to nigger land. You probably wouldn’t have become niggers if you would have stayed tbere. You would have starved to death, cause there wasn’t a WHITE MAN TO SHOW YOU HOW TO TAKE A SHIT!

  16. The thing, definitely not a human, who came up with this type of vomit, belongs to no where but in an asylum, prevented from making any contact whatsoever with living human beings. He is the worst of all scumbag scums.

    • i agree with u Sam. i am protected by the sun!!!

      • the sun? lol Is that melanin so you can be a field worker all day?
        bible verse revelations about heaven says “there is no sun there”
        “no need of the sun” no moon…. “nothing to BURN or SCORCH YOU”ahahah
        at least I know in heaven no blacks and no melanin and “no need” to burn!

  17. You need prayer…in fact you need Jesus!

    And it’s mostly due to Stupid White Men, like the one who initiated this aricle!

  19. it really surprises me how these so called educated people don’t realize that if they are cut their blood is red just like a blacks. why show your ignorance on facebook or any place else, stupidity has no race and you are one damm dumb fool. i don’t want to be around when judgement day comes,because trust me you will be judged very harshly for your ignorance. why hide who you are if you feel big enough to post your thoughts then why not identify yourself.

  20. “Do Your Research People,Im Afraid to Say some of this Info is correct regarding Mr Obama,Continue to live and be blind,In time,in time you will see!! and Trust its not gonna be pretty.Read about the One World Order,and Educate yourselves,with Bin Ladens family and who helped who, in the past and why Bin Laden was really Murdered: Also research the history of Bush and Obama’s quote:Brotherhood So if you really want to know the Truth, you dont have to Settle for Insults,but in the End research the Facts.And I am a proud Black American ,that doesnt agree with neither Candidate nor the leadership of the U.S…God is Whom I Trust Not Man!!!! and He is In Control!!
    Once you Research the History,This Information is gonna Blow your Mind!!!

  21. Wow! I guess then that former president George W. Bush was black? I mean that he seems to encompass many of the same characteristics that you so aptly described about president Obama….that is, he was financed by enemies of this country, given money long before he was in politics by those that hate America, he tended to follow his own agenda with no regards to what was best for Americans…..hmmmm? All of those things seem to be exact descriptions of the former “WHITE” president Bush. The only thing that you said about president Obama that does not match Bush’s own qualities is that he was groomed to speak well in public and handle himself in high office, clearly Bush missed it there. I mean really, he was buffoonery at its finest. So my question is sir, whose truth are you telling? Is it president Barack Obama’s or your own? I say to you in the words of one the greatest writers that ever wrote: “To thine own self be true.” It is really sad if you believe the lies, for real, that you are spewing….sad, sad, indeed….

  22. This is just pitiful and these type of people are Cowards he voiced what a lot of racist Americans want to say but who cares he lost his women to a Bald head Brother and he”s hurt. Too Bad i paid attention to read it cause it was not reality on any level, but here is another rant too excite and hurt Black Americans… No Name… No Balls…Weak…Weak…Bloggers…Total Disrespect and Obama is going too Win Again… Dueces

  23. Your the devil himself and you probably own a gun. God help the human race.

  24. This is the best campaign stuff for President Obama. This should rally all the black and liberal votes to get Obama re-elected. Thanks to the pervert who wrote this unfortunate piece, Obama will win again. In any case, he is the right man for America at this critical point that the world needs to recapture the ideals of Liberty and Peace. By the way, any harm to Obama will ruin America; haters should opt for suicide which befits cowards like them. God bless America. John Dara, a Nigerian friend of America.

  25. Like most I could not even read most of this. It is pathetic and pitiful. Evidently his hateful, ignorant and intolerant mindset will eat him alive. Trying hard to remember this is also one of God’s children.

  26. Barry Friedopfer

    What is really sad and very scarey is that there are lots of ignorant subhumans that feel this way and believe crap like this! We are one race…THE HUMAN RACE and One Planet. And we better start loving each and the planet soon or there will be nothing left for anyone!

  27. Hilarious–white supremacy is dying hard (perhaps it will never fully die). This guy is so full of hate, he needs a hug. But he is right that we as blacks do try to hide ourselves–that’s why I wear my hair nappy and don afro-centric outfits…lol. From my experience I have noticed that white girls and guys actually love nappy-headed Blacks more than other Blacks like nappy hair. This world is a weird place.

    • Right on BROTHER! My hair is nappy,north, and kanky.

    • well when youre for sale some white women will look
      but the fact that black men praise themselves every day for what a white woman looks at is sooo male protitutee-ish
      yuck so femme the black man has become. DISGUSTING.
      she may look but never breed with it
      arab men will like you though.
      they look too and for the same reason.

      • people like this are just begging for attention I guarantee you it’s somebody that’s unlier than a mother fucker and can’t get a piece of pu#@y from his own kind and probably sits around in his filthy house jerking off to animal pictures so whoever wrote this remember Karma Is A Bitch and What Goes Around Comes Around. Just Sayin.

  28. “The Lone Harangher?” He’s alone for a reason. I stopped reading after a paragraph or so not because I was blinded by rage, rather I was distracted by the ball of lint on the window sill as it was way more interesting. The Lone Haranguer needs to step away from the keyboard and get back to work because the Slurpee machine is overflowing again.

  29. Calm the “F” down people. He’s just some Neo Nazi idiot. He probably hangs drywall by day and runs thru the woods on the weekends in camo with a rife fooling himself that he’s the next “Turner Diaries”. He call’s our President uppity because he’s attained a far greater education, wealth and love of the people than he’s ever been able to muster. I mean how many idiots can you get to follow you in a trailer park? Really! His mother’s probably the last sex he’s ever had and his daddy’s a moonshiner getting drunk on his own rot gut. You’ll never see this idiot put any action into his words so it’s safer to blog hoping that some other fool will read it and be the man that he cannot be but that will never happen because they are all the same, cowards cut from the same dirty shit rag of life.

    • Obama didn’t didn’t mess up the World life it is today, he’s the first black President, that have tried to srtaignten up all this shit that’s going on in our country today that all these white past presidents have messed up, namely Bush and the idiot that wrote all this shit what office have he held, what college did he graduate from, what degrees do he hold except for showing how ignorant, stupid he is, and if he can make the world a better place to live and change everything that’s going on then why dont he run for President, because that same President that he’s talking about is going to be President again.

    • You said nothing to invalidate his claim, just accuse him of stuff that can’t be justified the slightest bit.

  30. This blog , rant or whatever you want to call it is absolutely ridiculous. Lets just start with facts shall we….
    1) ALL HUMAN LIFE STARTED WITH A BLACK WOMAN- and can be traced back as such.
    2) So even this ignorant filth some where down the line descended from Mother Africa.
    3) no matter how ignorant… you cannot blame a fool for being his uneducated, blind & dumb naturally self.

  31. Veggie Platter

    I love the fact that this all the punk can do! He has to endure our first African American President and possibly an additional 4 year term!
    Rant on hilly billy boy, rant on! But don’t you dare miss a payment to the IRS, the money to keep the lights on in the White House has to come from somewhere! LOL

  32. THEY , CAN , DO WHAT .THEY. WANT BUT WE STILL @ http://tinyurl.com/7qyzdw5 * !?! …

  33. The Queen of SHEBA

    I couldn’t read it all, I became bored with the white women wanting our Black men rants. I began to understand why he wrote that, his wife left him for a real man, THE BLACK MAN !

    • All Niggers should have never been brought over here as slaves . I agree .then we would have the problems we have . they wouldn’t exist because of aids . problem solved .

  34. He is where he needs to be: on the internet spewing blather. He is of no consequence…PEACE.

  35. Interesting read, was laughing often throughout. Clearly this person is insane, delusional, and paranoid, and schedzophranic. This article confirms to me without a doubt that this man is clearly a pathological racist and Racism (White Supremacy) is a mental disorder as a sociopsychopathological co-occuring Racial Disorder and should be written into the DSM-VI.

  36. Anthony Mark Happel

    There’s a special hole in Hell reserved for a soul-less, diseased, sub-human fucker like this guy. What a fucking coward. He is what’s wrong with the planet earth.

  37. Y. ou really sound smart (lol) mom and dad . Sister and brother???? Inbreed. White trash.your wife must have left your sorry little dick ass for a big dick black … coon your a fool…

  38. God have mercy on the ignorant being that wrote all that waste of cyberspace! Between the misspelled words and incorrect usage of gramatical selections, all this person could do was pass insults rather than make any type of valid points. He displayed his jealousy about every aspect of our President’s life from his birthplace to his education to his strategic inclination on how

  39. I think the asshole nigger that wrote that is jealous of Obama because he is very intelligent black man.

  40. It’s obvious that whoever wrote this is a coward and probably is the kind of person that would fuck his own mother and those who hide out on the internet will eventually get exposed.

  41. Are we talking about the same, exact and identicle Barack Obama that just raised 15 million dollars for his re-election? Long live the Obama nation and…we never stop.
    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-Prizes

  42. You sound like an idiot. I didn’t complain when Bush’s ass was in office. He’s the reason we are in this mess in the first place. You obviously have a problem with black people. Most of the things you are saying is besides the point. You are a racis tand you need help. If you have children I feel sorry for them. If you don’t like it move to another country. Have a nice life.

  43. Lol wow! that was a very interesting piece. The poor guy is not very smart, he probably is an inbred with no teeth, and is married and has children with his sister. Lets see, all but one of our presidents have been white, and our country has just been going down hill. And now that a black man is president its all his fault? Is Obama perfect? Hell no! but our country is the way it is because of all the presidents, who happen to be white, does that make them bad people? no! do I hate white people because of that? no. Hopefully we can work together and fix this mess. Hating on someone because the color of there skin shows a lack of intelligence. Its to bad whoever wrote that unintelligent paper wasn’t man enough to leave his email and sign his name. If he was a real man, and if he really believes all that garbage then he would of.




  46. @ the Lone Haranguer. you are not even human, you are an animal that I would shoot in the woods and leave to rot. If you have a problem there are many outlets for you…do your self a favor and commit suiside and save someone a bullet.

  47. It fills me up with joy knowing that this man is suffering from having a BLACK HANDSOME PRESIDENT! I can just imagine how he felt when he heard Obama is the official president of the united states! He probably kicked his tv over, jumped up and down on it and threw it out the window. Lmao! I hope he wins the next election just to piss him off some more. Pathetic. Purely.

  48. May “GOD” have mercy on your sick racist nazi moron stupid non-human SOUL!
    that is if you have any!!!!

  49. Hmmm, the Lone Haranguer appears to be a form of the KKK or a Nazi – Skinhead. Do a google search. He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee.

  50. OK, I don’t know if my last comment posted so here goes:
    The Lone Haranguer is a KKK – White Homefront bunghole who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee.

  51. LOL! These inbred freaks sound a lot like they want a Socialist Nation!



  53. State of the Nation

    This 2012 and we have white men who still do not understand that all they have has been gained by the wealth which lay under the feet of the black nations, they have used forced labour via the barrel of a gun to steal the labour of my ancestors and then you talk about blacks are insignificant you uneducated fool. Over 400 years of toil and shame and reinforced with fake and restrictive laws overseen by the sons of those same slave masters…. What motivates a man to write such filth…. THE FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET. Obama is known across the globe and you are not even known in your own backyard……………. I can’t blame you really, some of the spawn who went before you had green infectious slime running from their racist mouths too, they also preached what you are preaching, but guess what !! you ain’t no better than any nigga walking the planet, every single one of us is made from the same stuff and when age or misfortune catches up with us we return to dust from whence we came you fool. Did they not teach you about the human body at school? It lives and it dies and back it goes into the cycle of life to nourish the grass and birds, we are are all the same Mr Silly…. look in the mirror you poor man and check yourself.

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  55. shannon mehaffey

    Just silly, Obama has done alot of things I don’t like, in many ways he is a complete sell out; just like every other politician I could mention. His race is irrelevant, and this point of view only distracts from the real problems of equity distribution in this country. Seriously, the race issue is what needs to be shot dead; it’s keeps our eye off the ball-the real problems of class. This guy is helping the very establishment he is so against.

  56. I don’t make comments to posts that are so ignorant. I’m African American. I agreed with one thing this writer said. That’s Obama is a tool and given money to run for President and is a tool of the Establishment. Knowing what the writer knows this means the writer is no ordinary red neck he is smart but is delusional and hateful and needs God to remove that kind of hate from his heart. To hate a people is the biggest trick in human HISTORY. Racism keeps us divided as a people and we will not reach our potential.

  57. Well, well. You (white man) come from us (the black race). You are a rebellious and disrespectful child. Go to your room and think about what you said. I’m sure you look like a monkey, covered with hair, even on your back. Don’t you know that we look down on your kind. It’s obvious you don’t know anything about black people. I agree that you should come forward with your name, address, and phone number. Never mind, you want someone to kill the president, I’m sure the Secret Service know who you are. See you on the news.

  58. well people who are half white and half white get jobs before pure blacks in Africa so I don’t know why the guy even bothers dissing Obama.. he knows his people support them btches..

  59. I mean half white and half black..

  60. people who are half black and half white always get jobs before pure blacks in south africa so why does the guy bother saying all this he knows that.. uh…

  61. o yea on the other hand they still keep to themselves whatever.. lol..

  62. I did not complete this crazed piece of garbage from a crazed possibly rabid dog that bites. I feel sorry for a person like this thing. He can write more than a sentence, but is ignorant and full of hatred, so he is dangerous. He is a coward who would cower like a scared puppy of President Obama were to have a face to face. He is a racist and a poor example of what the White Race expects from human of any race. He needs a piece of Millie’s pie to go with the rest of that sh_ _ that he allows to come from his head. All I can say is KCUF that NIGGER!!

  63. could you please elaberate on what blacks have contributed to USA with the exception of george peanut Washington?

  64. Henry Louise Carter
    You are a racist…..

  65. Three years from now us “crackers” who wrote our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the people who BUILT America, will be the minority. Then what will black people have to bitch about?

  66. Obama sold out to the white men in congress, He is nothing more than a porch nigger poster boy there to get dumb liberal democratic voters (Mexicans and Blacks) to vote for him.

  67. The truth is Obama has done more to hurt the back man than anyone ever did. Read Uncle Sam’s Plantation and you’ll understand.


    Am I surprised? No
    Why? My expectations of red-neck White people are not so high, so anything utterly low, vile, despicable or decrepit coming out of that venomous thing called their mouth does not surprise me.
    That’s why we must never forget the inhumane way they treated & tortured us as a people for 400 years. We are hearing the from last remnant of this dying breed of red-necks who the Black People out of fear of retaliation for sub-human way our ancestors were raped, tortured and murdered in the name of Blood Money to build America into the financial world Power it became.
    We are the victims of genocidal politics of a country that was built on the blood, sweat & tears of BLACK PEOPLE. LEST WE NEVER SHALL FORGET. There are some good and decent white people in America who don’t have these fears and go round spitting this stereotypical hate-filled rhetoric. We salute the whites who stood side by side with blacks in Civil rights movement and all modern White people who see America as great country with people of all colors and origins as equal.
    Just as the Jews and Israeli have never forgot or forgiven the Nazi Germans for what they did, we must hold them accountable. The unseen & unfulfilled promise of 40 acres and mule did not cancel their debt. The New American people must stomp down every proponent of these red-necks.
    Their white sheets have been replaced by bloggs and police uniforms. This country will never heal from the racist, hate-filled attitudes until all every remnant of these red-necks are 6 feet under the Living earth and the New American People are the voice of this country.

  69. It’s not about being racist you idiots it’s about having a brain and being logical about what is really in this Country. Get a brain you welfare recipients. If it wasn’t for slavery you wouldn’t be in this Country at all, do you even know the real history behind you? You would never been born and if you were, you’d be in Africa. You wouldn’t be free lazy ass free loaders living off of us who work hard. Get a life and a job.

  70. Sorry to disagree with you folks of Colored! You never elect a boy to do a mans job! 99% of hate on the web it because of what the Coloreds have done! Between the years of 1865 and 1876 their was a war on white women and children by Colored men! There is still 36,000 white women rape every year! I personally think we (whites) will never be the minority? I really believe at some point their will be a cleaning of Colored! Lincoln had more than 600,000 of my white brothers slaughtered to save the rich mans UNION! Lincoln had no sorrow for the Colored folks! That’s why I don’t care for the Devilcrats or the 2 face Devilcrats and what is even worse? A Republican that agrees with DEVILcrats!

  71. Well we all now know how big your penis is.
    Dear God Shame on u.

  72. Yeah…and exactly what would you do chimp?Come murder me…lol.That is exactly why you are a nigger.At least Obama is only like half chimp though he acts full chimp.

    • isn’t it funny blacks praise and love Obama when he was raised by white people?
      how youre raised is what matters more
      if he was raised by a negress sow (such as the ones here who want to attach to his skin like a yeast infection and whose language prove if they raised obama he’s be a nothing!)instead of a white woman..would he be president?

  73. Lowe, 58, has been suspended indefinitely by the state
    of Minnesota for his billing practices. Sterling was also
    prosecuted for housing discrimination after refusing to rent to non-Koreans
    in Koreatown and African-Americans in Beverly Hills.
    His provisions to federal student aid place severe restrictions on drug use
    to students who receive financial aid.

  74. hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha hhhmmm

  75. Each one of you fucking porch monkeys should kiss the ass of every white man you see. If it wasn’t for whites buying your sorry ancestors from your own fucking tribesmen and bringing you to America you sorry knuckle dragging fucks would still be in the jungle throwing spears with bones through your nose. If niggers were not in this country their would be no welfare system and not nearly as many prisons . You dumb mother fuckers have been free for hundreds of years and still act like a bunch of apes. Cops should shoot more of you sorry fucks

  76. I totally agree with this article. Niggers have not not evolved enough to lead a watermelon run much less a country and when other niggers try to defend him they just sound like idiots, blind idiots. Yes they should thank white man for pulling them out of African death hole! IDIOT NIGGERS ARE ABUNDANT.

    • Frankie Owens,
      Your use of the N-Word will not be tolerated here. You may have a difference in view, but you must express it differently here.
      You know good old white people should have left the people of Africa there since we are such a problem.
      Sir William

    • It is sad that people think this way still in 2015, presently.
      This was supposed to be a post-race era but ignorance still rears its ugly head.
      I’m not here to spew hate with hate filled rhetoric.
      It sad that people spread ignorance as facts and think it help or support their cause.
      The consistent use of “Nigger”, “Porch Nigger”,”Wet backs”, etc…
      I do not understand why a person ignorant of facts and true history will blatantly use terminology that reveals so much ignorance?
      Slavery had to be used as a way to provoke someone to respond with ignorance.
      This country would not exist if slavery did not exist. There would not be an economy or economics if my ancestors and forefathers were not stolen from their homeland.
      All this ignorance and fear of the truth is devise to keep such thinking and attitudes alive to further divide this country. We are all pawns in a sick game of domination.
      Your hate for other people is not helping your cause but theirs.
      If you hate my people so much and we are such a non-factor in this country why did your people have to put people in place to monitor our meetings when we gather together?
      Why your people destroy black people communities and propagate unity and integration?
      Why did you go to Africa in the first place and steal us to build this country and make money off our misfortunes?

  77. It is sad that people think this way still in 2015, Presently.
    This was suppose to be A post-race era but ignorance still rears it ugly head.
    I’m not here to spew hate with hate filled rhetoric.
    It sad that people spread ignorance as facts and think it help or support their cause.
    The consistent use of “Nigger”, “Porch Nigger”,”Wet backs”,etc…
    I do not understand why a person ignorant of facts and true history will blatantly use terminology that reveals so much ignorance?
    Slavery had to be use as a way to provoke someone to respond with ignorance.
    This country would not exist if slavery did not exist. There would not be a economy or economics if my ancestors and forefathers were not stolen from their homeland.
    All this ignorance and fear of the truth is devise to keep such thinking and attitudes alive to further divide this country. We are all pawns in a sick game of domination.
    Your hate for other people is not helping your cause but theirs.
    If you hate my people so much and we are such a non factor in this country why did your people have to put people in place to monitor our meetings when we gather together?
    why your people destroy black people communities and propagate unity and integration?
    Why did you go to Africa in the first place and steal us to build this country and make money off our misfortunes?

  78. It is sad that people think this way still in 2015, presently.
    This was supposed to be a post-race era but ignorance still rears its ugly head.
    I’m not here to spew hate with hate filled rhetoric.
    It sad that people spread ignorance as facts and think it help or support their cause.
    The consistent use of “Nigger”, “Porch Nigger”,”Wet backs”, etc…
    I do not understand why a person ignorant of facts and true history will blatantly use terminology that reveals so much ignorance?
    Slavery had to be used as a way to provoke someone to respond with ignorance.
    This country would not exist if slavery did not exist. There would not be an economy or economics if my ancestors and forefathers were not stolen from their homeland.
    All this ignorance and fear of the truth is devise to keep such thinking and attitudes alive to further divide this country. We are all pawns in a sick game of domination.
    Your hate for other people is not helping your cause but theirs.
    If you hate my people so much and we are such a non-factor in this country why did your people have to put people in place to monitor our meetings when we gather together?
    Why your people destroy black people communities and propagate unity and integration?
    Why did you go to Africa in the first place and steal us to build this country and make money off our misfortunes?

    • Just wait until hes finished his reign on what used to be America in 2016…More debt than all the previous presidents combined, he gave the nuclear bomb to Iran, who hates us, Isis has more power than EVER, and more people on welfare than ever, lowest household income and more people out of work( unemployment is about 20%, not what the liberal media claims since they dontcount the chronic unemployed), free this and free that for every illegal immigrant that our tax dollars pay for…Icant forget how he set back race relations by jumping all over the police when the facts werent known yet…He’s mentally unstable and angry that even a lot of democrats know his ideas are shit and obamacare has crippled the working class…Unless you work at mcdonalds, and think dumbasses deserve 15$ an hr to flip burgers…Just vote for hillary if you want 4 or 8 more years of this socialism….That dumb bitch deserves a bullet for what she hasgotten away with..If she were a republican, she’d be in prison already…Loretta lynch deserves one too

  79. It is sad that people think this way still in 2015, presently.
    This was supposed to be a post-race era but ignorance still rears its ugly head.
    I’m not here to spew hate with hate filled rhetoric.
    It sad that people spread ignorance as facts and think it help or support their cause.
    Your hate for other people is not helping your cause but theirs.
    If you hate my people so much and we are such a non-factor in this country why did your people have to put people in place to monitor our meetings when we gather together?
    Why your people destroy black people communities and propagate unity and integration?
    Why did you go to Africa in the first place and steal us to build this country and make money off our misfortunes?

  80. I really like this article a lot of truths



  82. Its all true. But this country is fed up with niggers thinking they running things. Just watch the movie “Idiocracy 2005”. This futuristic movie shows what happens when we allow the thugs to run this country. Yeah I am a racist. Obama should have been shot before he had a chance to run like what happened to Wallace in the 1960’s. Give a nigger an inch and he definitely takes a mile. Always wanting a fucking handout. White people need to take the country back
    Maybe we need a guy like Trump to put an end to the nigger bullshit.

  83. Obama made racism worse. He made the niggers think what they say matters in this country and when that did not happen the racial wars got worse. White people are taking this country back. Niggers never belonged here anyway. They all should have been put on a big boat and shipped back to Africa. You cannot let niggers have any kind of authority. They are too fucking ignorant to know what to do with it.

  84. Let me tell you that as a white person I can’t agree more with him on the points he makes- not all the nigger comments, but a spade by any other name is still a spade people- Obama is a fucking plague on this country. He is so right about him being bought. Hello: Iran nuke deal. U can’t tell me that this is a logical and reasonable decision because it isn’t- all it’s gonna do is put weapons directly in our enemies hands. I would just like to forget the nightmare that started when we lost the White House to a terrorist (terrorist: noun: a person that uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims) Just get it out of office n hope the next person can fix it’s misteaks. Also if it tries to extend its stay in office- run for the hills! Load up on supplies and guns cuz if that happens the only way to fix it is to repeat history- we may have a revolution on our hands

    • Honest,
      You are a cracker and a lie!
      Obama is the best thing that ever happened to this country!
      Sir William

    • One other thing, I cant believe the Black lives matter bullshit!! You even got the stupid democrats all saying black lives matter instead of all lives matter at the debate!! Guess what, they just want your votes, thats why they promise free stuff off my tax dollars..Also, if black lives matter, why dont you rally in the streets over you morons shooting each other every 5 seconds over a nickels worth of crack, or over which of you apes is wearing a blue due rag instead of a red one? Get real…What a joke you morons

  85. WOW….I really like the replies

  86. Obama is a fucking retard fuck you your a fucking cunt dumbass bitch.

  87. Truth Hurts doesn’ it obamaites!!
    A worthless traitorous simian muslim !

  88. Nice

  89. It’s funny how poorly written this pile of puke is. This chap holds himself in pretty high regard, intellectually. Perhaps he should learn how to write before uttering such incoherent nonsense. The black kids that bullied him in high school likely use grammar better than this asshole. What a joke.

    • Everyone always talks shit bout the way someone grammar, or lingo is when they have nothing else… u read it didn’t u?!… then it was good enough… if u couldn’t read it, then maybe the one that wrote it isn’t the one with the problem after all…. think bout that… oh well if u on Obama side, u probably do NOT have enough brain to think…and that explains it all!!!

  90. I love the comments here. Man I was just looking up random shit, but this is great. Honestly I don’t pay much attention to all the politics. But all I see is racist this and racist that, so annoying. You people should just grow the fuck up and talk about the real problems. Black, afirican Americans, niggas, niggers, etc, whatever the fuck you want to be called, seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP! And dont get me wrong I’m telling all you whites to shut up too. You people were not the only fucking slaves, damn. Rome had slaves, Egypt had slaves, the whole fucking world had slaves, and your own kind sold your ancestors into slavery. I’m not a history buff so i could be wrong. But hell I think there were probly white mother Fuckers as slaves too. And let’s be clear, DEMOCRATS were the ones who wanted to keep slavery, and remember DEMOCRATS also wanted to avoid giving women rights to vote. And I just have to point out calling whites, crackers. I’ve always wondered, is that suppose to be an insulti? Cause I mean to me, you might as well just give me a whip and I’ll show what one does. So now I’ll talk about Obama. What has he done? Well let’s see. 21 trillion dollars have now been spent since he became president. It was somewhere around 5 and 8. Gay fucking marriage. OK so we allow homos to get married. Kool, great, now shut the FUCK up. And why does every fucking show, movie, and any fucking media have to go on about. I’m a guy, I don’t need to see that shit. Sure I like a little lesbian action, but that’s what porn is for, fuck. And just look at how the world looks at us now, we are a fucking laughing stalk. And where have the jobs gone? And let’s getting something straight, I’m a racist fuck, and my best friend in high school was puerto rican, but I’m talking about the president, he just happens to black, well actually, somethings say he is a Muslim fuck. More importantly, whats this, oh yea, he is a communist fucking socialist piece of shit, wait for it…DEMOCRAT. One last thing, of course i could go on, I hope that the people don’t go and vote for another DEMOCRAT, especially that bitch ass Hilary Clinton. Let me guess some of you morons will go on about me being sexist and all that typical shit. BORING! Get over yourselves. Hell none of the new canadates are really any good, but you gotta think who the lesser evil is going to be. Rant over.

  91. To the mildly retarded, truth gets an ugly label.
    I guess the tv show “the first 48” is racist too.
    Because it is genuine proof that shows the evil scourge on our american streets..
    (Btw, that’s my real name)…
    I say this and with all confidence, Obama has done more damage to america than any so called president in history. Forget his drab olive skin color and the uppity transvestite hes supposedly married to, with two girls that look nothing like either of them. He has far surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst POTUS in history.
    Anyone that cant see that is either a sycophant or mildly to full blown retarded. .
    By my count, he has committed treason 7 times so far..
    Furthermore, look for he and moochelle to have their coming out party announcement soon after his leaving office..
    Probably about the time the next president will be having the white house chambers fumigated.
    Now hes after americans firearms…just at the time hes attempting to pump america full of muslim refugees. Again, only the retarded cant clearly see his America hating agenda.
    But really, you believe the creeps and bleeds and gangsta diksukas or whatever they call themselves will peacefully hand over their guns? Laughable… nor will the pink panthers.
    But thats ok, becsuse neither will I…
    But the good news is that its almost over and the next president will have to spend HIS first term cleaning up obamas messes by repealing each and every backward jerry rigged nonsense the idiot in chief has imposed on we the people….that he hates so much.

  92. thomas jonathan jackson

    wake up stupid american idiots. this nigger obama will do you in. he is a fag pot smoking cocksucking cum sucking piece of shit. a stinking smelly first class nigger down to his ankles. he schould be emasculated and burned at a stake . and hillary clinton along with him. pathetic american fools. you will be brought down to the lowest form of humanity if you in any way support this shitskin worthless piece of shit.

  93. fuck all of you idiots posting all of this bullshit. after all what difference does it make ?Obama will be out of office soon and will be forgotten.who remembers a nigger any way. iditots, talk your shit and protest . you are just wasting your time and anger. personally i would like to hear that he has the worst incurable case o aids, cancer, heart disease, toe nail fungus that has spread to his brain, and the rest of his worthless breathing, blood pumping heart. It will happen.and in the mean time just sit back and watch. dont believe me,? wait and see.death comes to all men, and he is nothing but a male being whose timke will come in due time . wait and see.

  94. How are u mad im still trying to figure out what cracker is originally from the us my understanding is crackers are from Europe who enslaved their own people and all y’all thats here were the rich crackers slaves until they found us and y’all still were slaves poor white trash who used numbers and violence to kill off and hang blacks knowing if we stand together da couldn’t stop up the white people are the cancer of our world

    • The black man was sold into bondage by his fellow black man, the reason africa is so corrupt and lacks any stability minus the white man governing is because… well you know.

    • Niggers are just another invasive, parasitic species, you are living proof that cave men fucked apes and the offspring have a lower IQ than either. The only cancer in this country is you black parasites.Niggers are the only species known to man that can not support themselves.Think welfare, food stamps, Obongo care, Obongo phones, section 8 housing, and government sponsored child support for the niglet bastards

  95. This website shows what the white bitch do hide and talk shit bitches fags pigs sleeping with da dogs ass.bitch kid Fucking fag methheads crack head momma is da aunt ass crackers

    • Ebonics = Dumb ass nigger that can’t speak English.

    • That sounds like the typical day of a hood rat.Experience talking?You left out smoking crack,pimpin’,grand theft auto,breaking and entering, wearing your prison bitch pants around your around your reamed out ass,and cruising for hoes in da Nigavator.

  96. Blogs like this are not worth reading and there’s nothing new about ignorant stupid white trash hating other people because they hate their own useless lives and want to blame others for their sick useless lives. So don’t hold your breath these people will never change their attitude toward people of color etc. they are ignorant, feeble and nasty even to their own race. Accept that they are sick with hate of themselves. But Karma is a Bitch.

  97. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! Dude is straight on with that.. n by the way, I’m not a racist, a nigger comes n every race… And, yes sir Obama is a nigger, I hate his ass, I don’t think we should have to do what he says.. he needs to do his job, not ours as individuals, fuck his ass, and he ain’t black anyways, he is our enemy… he is a fuckin Muslim… what a joke… fuck him, and anyone that likes him, or thinks he is what we need… open your stupid eyes America… we r FUCKED!!!!

  98. Billy john mcdonald


  99. Hey deez…. You disquesting coon piece of welfare apenigger. Your mother’s a Fucking nigger pig. She begged me to Fuck her once I tried it. My god how did that filthy pussy stinky like taking the lid off a full garbage can in the middle of August. Not to mention her I couldn’t stand the right of her ugly purple pussy so I blew my strong white cock off right in her big lipped monkey mouth. You and your little nigglet babies need to be eradicated from this planet to ensure life to the only human species the all mighty white man… Your a Fucking shine nigger boy… Don’t ever forget it 🙊💩

  100. You are very right about Obama. He is by far the worst president ever. I have been saying for years that he is a muslim and trying to deliberately destroy america. I truley believe that obama hates all amercans and wants us to die. Which is why i am voting for Donald Trump. Because i truly believe that he will rip up EVERY executive order that he has ever written and get this country back on the right track. He is the only candidate that promises to get

  101. It’s the nigger through of the terms Mr. Barak Obama and me just wanna for this about nigga, nothing different said. Nigger, nigger and nigger . Fuck out to fuckers man.

  102. Reading this post has turned my stomach. So much hate throughout. I feel sorry for all of you. Name calling and mud slinging. Really…. Let me make a suggestion, if I may. Unless you are a perfect creation of GOD and pure of all evil and negative thought. Clean up your own backyard before judging and complaining about others. Obama is just a Pawn and he will get his just desert. GOD will make sure of that when Obama stands before him. As it is written “The meek will inherit the earth.

  103. The cave n!@@er species needs to be driven to piss, shit and blood. These neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  104. the truth comes forth

  105. I feel sorry for the next president in the white house (black house now). How are they ever going to get the smell of Monkey shit and nigger out of the walls?

  106. Exactly

  107. Sir William, if you do not approve the use of the word NIGGER than why are you allowing the feedbacks and not to mention the original editorial as well. You dumb shit ass NIGGER LOVER

  108. Fuck ing niggers, your all filthy fucking pigs!

  109. Fuck all niggers and all the rights they are undeservedly give . Get the fuck out of our country and off our money. Print their faces on toilet paper so I can wipe my ass with it!!

    • Even the filthy fucking niggers nowadays are getting all the low life pathetic pieces of shit white whore women. Go figure.

  110. Wake Up America
    “Everywhere you look, wherever there is a crisis, Obama is not simply doing nothing. He’s making things worse. America is about to plunge into unsustainable deficit spending? Obama got us started early with the stimulus package and the health care bill. Big states are being bankrupted by public employee unions? Obama wants to increase the unions’ power. Not enough power plants? Obama wants to restrict them further. Iran is seeking nukes? Obama gave them a reprieve against a popular uprising. Karzai doubts America’s resolve in Afghanistan? Obama wavers on our strategy and declares our intention to bug out, no matter how much disarray there is in our strategy and command.
    There’s an old saying: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But the pattern of the Obama administration has me wondering if we’re seeing the inverse: when you plan to fail, you fail to plan. That is, if American contraction and retreat is your goal, why would you make any plans to revive the economy or win wars?
    I think what we’re seeing here is something worse than just a failure of leadership by a disengaged president. We have to ask ourselves why he is disengaged. Why, when multiple alarm bells are ringing, is he spending more time on his hobbies than the rest of us? Or more to the point, when existing policies lead to failure, why does he double down and make things worse?
    From the beginning, we’ve been warning that Barack Obama is an anti-American president…”

  111. I once respected black people. But oboma has changed that I now am a total racist. I truly believe that all black people are worthless pieces of human shit . We need a new Hitler who will gas all of the black people on the planet it is the only to save the world.

  112. Perfect for this guy and all blacks are being punked by a ivy league bullshit artist that could care two shots less about black people. DEMOCRATS USE BLACKS FOR POWER AND ENSLAVE THEM FOR PENNIES, RING A BELL FROM THE PAST????? LIKE 150 YRS AGO?? WAKE UP, GET SOME SELF RESPECT!!!

  113. I must say TRUE, there are white niggers too! BUT, not near as many and you don’t hear about the the white ones killing each other EVERY DAY ON THE NEWS! I say supply them truck loads of weapons. Let them solve the problem THEMSELVES.

  114. I read things that were 100 per cent true regarding obama as a person. Misleading title you gave. But obama ISNT BLACK HES BI RACIAL so it doesnt matter. Ignore it.

  115. Take them out of the trees give them shoes and welfare and they think their human.

  116. The Disgusting Sad Truth

    Plus they’re getting all the filthy no good white trashy women these days.

  117. We negroes have come a long way because of one thing a white man doesn’t have– a big cock. White women love our big ducks. A white man is not man enough for a white woman. Long live Negroes and down with those white she-men with their 3 inch cat penises.

  118. Just like a fucking NIGGER,talk with your dick.That’s the only head with a brain that a NIGGER has.DUMB BLACK BASTARDS.

  119. Poor White Trash Crackers are shit

  120. The opinion you trust

    It is a very good article written by real patriot of the U.S. Blacks you hate white people. You were never needed here. You were brought here as a slaves. Slavery is over! This is a time to go home to Niggeria. You blacks go back home to Nigeria, now! There is nothing to do here. Blacks you destroy this country and for that you are not needed. Because of you black Mexicans niggers latino arab jews people do not have a normal live here.

  121. .Blacks should have been exterminated in 1860.No Civil War, no niggers,one United States of America.

  122. Obama is a muslim loven American haten son of a bitch fuck him and his racist fat assed wife..Fuck Islam and fuck treasonous Obama

  123. Stinken assed White Baptist Protestants that bought niggers and brought them over her, don’t screw niggers screw the fucking white assed Baptist southern fucks who are the true black haters, and niggers are just plain stupid for following heir hate cult..

  124. The Very Truth Of All

    God And Jesus blow fucking Niggers too and swallow.

  125. The Very Truth Of All

    And now a Cunt in the white house? God help us already will you? This world is Destroyed enough.

  126. All Caucasians should go back to Europe, this land does not belong to you, your thrives & criminal, murderers et. Your own people ruined america because of greed, you trusted corporations, illuminati to take your jobs, Jewish people kill your race & put you in McDonald sausage & meat, how do you blame black for anything & be an racist, you belong in the caves in the caucas mountains, blame the Jews, Zion Jews own every thing they’ve ran the presidency since 1939 till now.

  127. My black is beautiful

    You’re ignorant May God bkess you and have mercy on your soul. Which is first will one day be last. You’ll see. Lol it’s pitiful y’all think name calling and assumptions hurt the bkack community but it doesn’t.

  128. That was beautifully said..


  130. Who ever wrote this article is basing opinions just because he is black. If he was white and made the same decisions nothing would be an issue. God doesn’t like ugly for what you think of blacks. There are just as many bad whites as blacks. Your obviously ignorant and backwards. Who do you think you are God made every human. Whites are no better or lesser. God forgive your soul.

  131. i love this

  132. This guy sounds like Louis Farrakhan. The only
    difference is that Louis hates White people and tells his followers to kill the White man, any White man. He tells his followers to teach their children to hate White people and to kill them. If your skin is not Black, then you deserve to die. So, there is a strong dislike towards Whites from some Blacks and a strong dislike towards Blacks from some Whites. Will it ever change? Probably not.

  133. At first I thought give him a chance.It didnt take long before I figuered out this is a pathetic masquerade.We’ve all been sold a huge pile of horse poo,in a black suit, with a tranny for a makebelive wife 2 kids that came out of thin air.Its all make belive.But the consequences of this Barry Soetero are all too real.I thought W. was horrible,and he was.But Barry is trying to destroy the USA.LIES,
    BRIBES,OBUMMER CARE,10 TRILLION OR A LOT MORE WHEN THE FINAL TALLY IS FIGURED OUT.A putz put in place by the shadow anti govt.bastards,bankers,Soros and the rest
    of the trash that stole thier way to the top,On the backs of taxpayers.
    I thank GOD every day his bitch didn’t
    get her filthy ass back to the White house,To finish what that a-hole started.
    Mr Trump will do his best to fix this horrid mess.God give him the strength to
    people that care are 100% behind D.J.TRUMP!!!!!!!
    Deplorable and proud of it.

  134. Best thing I ever read!

  135. This is the BEST thing I have read!!

  136. And That Is The Very Truth

    Who the fuck is God and Jesus? Never really heard of those Scumbags before.

  137. And That Is The Very Truth

    Even God nowadays is sucking filthy niggers cock and swallowing.

  138. Oh Absolutely True

    All Niggers are a filthy fucking disease that was created by God unfortunately.

  139. There is certainly a lot of Truth to this topic.

    • Richard ‘Cooter’ Massengale

      Indeed there’s a lot of truth. Niggers destroy whatever nuggets dominate. Inner cities. Government housing projects. Once pristeen white suburban neighborhoods. The NFL. The list goes on and on…

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