Busted!  Pastor Aaron Finley Of New Creation Church In Dallas Jumpoff Exposes Him On Facebook And Rocks The Church!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……There’s a scandal brewing at the New Creation Church in Dallas Texas – after a woman leaked alleged text messages that he claims were sent by the married pastor to her. The pastor Aaron L Finley claims that he does NOT know the woman in question – but many in his congregation DO NOT BELIEVE HIM.
The woman first posted on the Church’s FACEBOOK PAGE the text messages she claims were sent by Pastor Finley – then as you can imagine all HELL broke loose.
Below is a photo of the woman claiming to be dating the married pastor:

In the messages, the pastor clearly states that he is married but seem to imply that he has an open relationship. At one point, the woman asks for cash, but the pastor says that he can only give her $10. On her birthday, she asks what he’s gifting her, the cash-strapped pastor asks how much the dress will cost and she states that she just wants her nails done and that it only costs $18.
He also texts her to find out whether she is still on her period. When she tells him that she is, he says that he needs some “p*ssy” and asks her whether she can bring a friend to sleep with while she pleasures him orally.

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  1. Trust me, I’ve seen this movie 1,000 times before. She’s a hood-rat, probably lives in the projects with multiple kids and no B.D. Looked up to the good preacher for guidance and he took advantage of her. He even asked her for threesome LMAO. Poor wife.
    Damn I don’t advocate cheating, but at least cheat with someone who has something to offer. Chick doesn’t even have $10 & he seems to be a broke nigga too. Just sad all the way around.

  2. Oooo weee! This is a crazy real life script!
    “Bby I can give you $10…”
    “Get me someone who can give me some p****Y and you can s**k it.”
    Said the Preacher man, to his young side piece.

  3. Honey child this right here is acceptable. As long as he is not gay ….he gets a pass and some ass. Few comments will be made.

  4. My God, dirty nasty Married. Manof Nothing show aint if God. It’s so more in Dallas need exposing

  5. That right there…that right there is two pitiful, broke people. Shame on the NOT Man of Gawd for taking advantage of that stupid young lady. Shame on that stupid young lady for selecting a married and broke can’t be a sugar daddy. $10? $18 for nails? SMH They deserve each other.
    Lord, I pray for the wife. Please lead her and give her strength to deal with this ordeal and help her obey whatever You lead her to do.

  6. Lol I’m fully and completely done!!!!!

  7. What happened @ The Potters House in Fort Worth on March 25? A young lady was held against her will. Her name is Audrey Stevenson

    • Type her name in on Facebook. She has a video. Its a mess!

    • Ain’t no telling.

    • Ok Merry I just saw that video and it is awful. I didn’t know TD and What its has turned over their reigns. Anyway, when did it become ok for church folk regardless of status to throw it ban another member from the church? Aren’t we supposed to be saving souls and leading them to Christ and not forcing them back into the steets. The good thing is that the young lady has turned her life over to Christ and is no longer on drugs or practicing an alternative lifestyle. The sad thing is church leadership has denied her then right to serve or worship at the Potter’s House. According to the young lady, she has been told that she can no longer do the welcome on Sunday mornings. Supposedly, she has been “set down” by church administration. When she got up to do the welcome today, she was taken into a room by the chief of securiy and an elder. She was detained and when she tried to leave, she met opposition by the chief of security. I thank God for social media. She recorded everything and she has pressed charges. I pray she sue the mess out of them because the whole thing is so embarrassing for a church. It shows that the body of Christ has lost its way and mega churches are a breeding ground for corruption. They were also wrong for taking her into that room and detaining her against her will was illegal. I’m sure we will hear more about this incident in the next couple of days because it is not over.

      • Typo: Comment to Messy Mae.
        Typo: I didn’t know TD and Sharita has turned over their reigns.
        Sorry about that.

      • T.D. and Serita Jakes pastor in Dallas. This was at the Potters House location in Fort Worth about 30 minutes away.

      • she was being too over dramatic, you couldn’t really see anything, but if you only go by the sounds she is making it sounds worse than what actually happened. She should have left, and worked it out later. Sometimes volunteers step outside the boundaries, they will push until you have to find something else for them to do. The reason she was not allowed on stage has not been revealed to the general population but I am sure she was notified prior to that service and chose to ignore it and came anyway. It is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved and an even worse witness for the Body of Christ. We, as Christians have got to do better, all of us!

  8. What I just read was pitiful. smh.

    • @ Messy Mae, I just remembered there were 2 locations. Winfield is the pastor at FT Worth. Either way very sad story. Thanks for the correction.

    • Rikki, I cannot believe you are trying to take up for that church. Say what you want. Anybody with 2 eyes that see and 2 ears that hear could tell that this young lady is well within her rights to file a lawsuit against that church and to bring criminal charges against your elder and your security guard for assault, battery, and bullying. They better be glad she was nice. A different type of personality could have put a different twist on things and this story would have ended a different way. Your church is the reason why most folk have left the church completely. Why go to church if you have to take a pistol with you or be ready to beat somebody’s ass in self defense when your mind is suppose to be on Jesus. I can’t believe you defend them and try to demonize the victim. Shame on you Rikki.

  9. Look at the banner in the church where he took a picture with his wife. There are no real preachers or church folks. All of them are full of BS. I told you some time ago there is more fornication in the church than in the clubs.The older lady that had sex in the parking lot at night with a friend of mine 14 years old, went back in the church and shouted like Gabriel was blowing his horn. I guess she was happy that (I’ll call him Jerry ) had hit that thang. Some of the most two faced folks are Christians. They say one thing and deep inside they are devious. You would not believe what he told us that that woman said and did to him. And to think, your Bible says to greet them with a “HOLY” kiss. you better beware of who puts their lips on you.

    • Hi David. I was waiting for you to chime in! Glad you did!
      Yes, there are a lot of jacklogged, fake preachers who are in it just to get whatever suits their fancy: women, money, popularity, status, stroked egos or whatever…
      But, there are also real men and women of God who live and teach the Holy Bible. Each of us has to have discernment as to whose leadership and teaching we sit under.
      In I Kings 18:18 Elijah thought he was the only true prophet. God told him there were 7,000 who had not bowed to Baal, the false God. Even in these scandalous times, I believe there are still preachers who are living right. It’s the bad ones that get the most press.

      • Just saying, you are spot on. The most important people and the people that we are to acknowledge are those with a heart to do the right thing. Everybody ain’t trifling.

      • The Bible is not a moral book of conduct. Jesus said if a slave did wrong and did not know it, just beat him a little bit and not so harshly. Paul says Slaves obey your Master just as if you obey and honor God. The Master and God are to be feared in the same manner.
        Anything that MANKIND is involved in has a different implied motive deep down inside. We do things for certain reasons and “saving the world” is not one of them. Preachers care however, but only about number of worshipers and money. They were instrumental in keeping us in bondage. Some get into it for sexual manipulation reasons and some for prestige. THERE ARE NO NEED FOR A PREACHER. Look at the State of Black folks in church today. Most are illiterate ,fat, broke, ignorant, sexual deviants, don’t think for themselves, giving their hard earned money , afraid to read the history of the church, rely on their FAITH rather than their LOGIC, Every since the slave master dropped us off in this foreign land, we have forgotten the atrocities suffered by our fore fathers because they refused to serve the same God that oppressed them. A White man’s God is no God at all, but yet we were force to worship or be killed. The Bible is full of BS. Don’t believe the HYPE>

        • All of these debates,on Nicea and such are nothing but theological heresies. They have always been (heresies) that is are as far back as Jesus and the Judaizers. However, the decision on what you believe is yours. You’ll live with and die with it. What God are you pushing then. I haven’t heard that yet.

    • David you sound “insane in the membrane.” are u bi-polar or just a hypocrite? why would u spend so much time on a church (so-called) blog if you think the Bible is full of BS or its people are all recalcitrant? u HAVE TO ask yourself..”what are you doing here?” don’t you have better things to do? Its amazing you know so much about the church, its people, its foolishness, the Bible, etc. You say, “the Bible is full of BS.” You have archaeological, historical, geographical, manuscript, proofs and evidences of your claim? You’ve traveled to three different continents, mastered three different ancient languages, scrutinized, ancient manuscripts, and 1500 yrs of compilations to debunk the Bible? Herodtus, Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Thallus, Suetonius, Lucian, the Babylonian Talmud are all fake, pseudo-graphic, writings about the Bible and Jesus? Nebuchanezzar never lived? There is no ancient “land of Shinar?” The Queen of Sheba and Queen Candace (of Ethiopia/Abbysinia) are ficticious characters? Herod, during the reign of Tiberius if a concocted historical figure? King Solomon was a false depiction of a real person? King Artaxerxes is cartoon character? The Bible is full of BS?

      • Wow Blake, I always wondered the exact same thing.

      • Dumb ass Blake, how in the hell is this a church blog when a Preacher’s wife is on the blog masturbating ? I dare you to show this “GODLY SITE” to your children and I bet your ass will be arrested .I am retired and my job is educated ignorant Black folks as yourself. Jesus is as fictitious character created in 325 A.D. by yours truly Constantine. You mentioned Josephus the TRAITOR JEW that made 2 entries in his works about Jesus. I hate to report to you that Christian Apologist now admit that both entries are forgeries. King Solomon, Noah, and Abraham all are taken from Pagan stories 1000s of years before the Bibile even existed. Mental illness has been linked to religious people. The Bible is full of lies saying the world is flat, and only 6000 years old. Mankind has been here 200,000 years and so all the BS that you learned in your Sunday Fairy School is out the window. Why don’t you go and eat your Easter eggs and worship your Easter bunny my good friend because you are way out of your league. Whenever I have a dialogue with someone, I at least expect to learn something from them. You are an a brain washed Uncle Tom that help the White man keep Blacks in there “place”.Stop reading Bible His-Story because it was written by illiterate Herdsmen. And by the way, enjoy your Easter eggs and the Bunny also. Christianity is so full of Pagan myths you will fit right in there.
        One final thought , I don’t have to prove to you that Jesus ever existed. You got it backwards as must Christians have. Prove to me that he walked the earth. The Impostor Paul thought he was a sky god that lived among the clouds.

      • I don’t see anybody masturbating in this story. Did I miss something?

      • NAH…THE Council at Nicea in 325 was not called to CREATE Jesus! It was a council where over 300 bishops gathered to discuss the controversy concerning the NATURE OF JESUS. Obvious in their minds JESUS EXISTED.
        The church during this era suffered many challenges, externally where many were martyred for their faith, and internally where some pressed to spread different doctrine other than what the apostles taught. About 318 AD, an elder from Alexandria, Arius taught that Christ was different in ESSENCE from the FATHER. That he was created by the Father, and before that he did not exist. Athanasius, another elder in Alexandria, challenged Arius, asserting that Christ and the Father were the SAME in ESSENCE, and that the Son was ETERNAL. You must keep in mind that Christianity was the “STATE RELIGION” at that time. To restore harmony in the Church, the emperor Constantine called for a Council in Nicea in 325, where the bishop discussed the issue. Because of Athanasius, a creed was drawn up that declared the Son was the Same in Essence as the Father. Similar discussion took place about the Essence of the Holy Spirit as well.
        Not only this COUNCIL, but other controversies arose that called for the gathering of many other COUNCILS. Not many want to talk about the Council at Chalcedon in 451 where it was discussed and settled the person and nature of Christ, that Christ was both truly God and truly man, and the two natures were united in One person without Confusion. This was followed by another Council with regards to the issue of Christ having 1 will or 2 wills. That Council was held in 553. Another Council was held in 681 where the Chalcedonian Creed was ratified to state Christ had 2 wills, the human will, being subjected to the divine will.
        The COUNCIL of NICEA had nothing to DO with the WHITE man creating a JESUS to KEEP BLACK folks enslaved. As a MATTER of FACT, Athanasius was A BLACK MAN out of ALEXENDRIA who articulated the position of the CREED.

      • No he does not have proof of his own, he is just copying and pasting theological arguments, that have been going on between mankind for 100’s of years. Believers versus unbelievers. Spiritual versus Logical thinking. Everything about God requires faith. To a person who does not believe faith is foolishness and always will be

  10. Damn just saw the video from Potter’s House. It enrages me to no end what they did to the young lady. Very TYPICAL behavior from church folk. Especially in the black church. I’d sue the ish outta em and press charges. Ain’t no way that could’ve been me or a relative… I’d do more than cuss their asses the f**k out.

    • Please reserve judgement until you hear all the facts about what happened in Dallas. That woman could have handled them telling her no, differently, and all of that screaming was unnecessary. Security was just doing their jobs, she was not supposed to be on stage, I’m sure she had been notified and chose to ignore what she was told and caused that scene. She should have left and then followed up with her Pastor or whoever, not create such havoc. No one wins in that situation, we all lose. We’ve got to do better, inside and outside of the church.

      • Rikki I do not agree with how they ruffed the young lady up. I’m not passing judgement, I am just commenting on what I saw. I have attended mega churches in the past and I will never attend another one because I cannot tell you how many times I witness this very type of foolishness under one roof. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me that long to realize that I have no business associating with a church that treat people like they are animals. After all, it is not God’s will. Furthermore, they do not have the right to excommunicate her from the church or to tell her that she cannot serve on a ministry. Who declared them to be better than her. Lastly, the security guard and the elder needs to be prosecuted and the Potter’s House needs to be sued. When they forced her into that room and put their hands on her, they committed a criminal act. Please don’t get offended but you sound really stupid defending them. I don’t care if it is your church? How would you have felt if it were you or your daughter? All you can say is she should have handled it better; translation: she should have went away silently. She did the right thing, make a whole lot of noise, record the drama, post to social media, and then play it in front of a judge. I pray it goes viral. Anybody watching that video know that that elder and security guard was wrong.

      • Amen Empress!!
        I tell you, some people are so used to being beat up by church people- spiritually, mentally and physically- they think that’s how it’s suppose to be. They have grown so accustomed to it. However, it is spiritual abuse. And we need to be free from it. They want all your money and don’t care about your soul. Spiritual robbery. It is a shame. I will be so glad when Jesus comes.

      • So she asked to leave several times. She’s on the floor asking for a knee to be taken off her back. Bruises on her face, arms and legs. Did I mention she asked several times to be released? Did she threaten the Pastor, Wife or Kids? Any crime other than calling the Pastors Wife? She gave Church announcements…and? She didn’t have to be integrated by anyone except the Pastor and Wife. Did you see the size of Brandon and that Lady compared to her? Yet she was over dramatic? Oh ok. I’m done with it. If I wasn’t raised in Church….smh

      • You sound like a FOOL! No one wins in this situation? I hope she sues the ish outta those cocksuckers and press charges for bodily harm. Any half decent lawyer would be glad to take this case. How dare you defend this B.S.!
        I’m willing to bet you are on the payroll of a black church?

      • Man Man you are a Fu..king idiot. Aruis was a Black man and a priest from Alexandria. Shut up if you don’t know the truth because you did not impress me with all that BS you learned in your Bible class.Dummy do you know that that the SOB’s at Nicaea poisoned Arius because he did not except the divinity of Christ. He refused to go along with the hoax. You have you history twisted. I should have known if you believe in a Zombie Man-God that rose from the dead EARLY ONE SUNDAY MORNING , AHH, YOU DON’T HEAR ME. i said early, early, early one Sunday morning , ha. And don’t forget your Pagan Easter Bunny, you don’t hear me. Ha.

      • YOU are a big fat BLACK OREO COOKIE LIAR, and I can tell you were under the influence when you wrote your last comment.
        Again… they DID NOT “CREATE JESUS” at the COUNCIL of NICEA. So no need you dig further to say Arius was murdered because he did not believe in the “HOAX”. Arius never considered what his opponents taught was a “HOAX”. He, like Athanasius, knew they believed “DIFFERENTLY” about JESUS… thus the DEBATE, FOOL.
        And yes I know about the death of ARIUS, some say was an answered prayer by the Bishop because Arius was a liar who wanted to take communion, others more recently, said he was poisoned. Arius suffered. So did Athanasius as he was driven into exile over 5 times, and many sought to kill him as well.
        And one more thing…Remember what I said about your RUBBER NECK? Don’t forget to USE IT TODAY!
        Happy Easter!

    • That video was terrible. In fact, the whole situation was terrible. I am glad she recorded everything and I did hear her say that she was pressing charges. I hope the video goes viral.

      • Exactly Messy Mae. Abuse of God’s people is a cardinal sin. While they trying to sit her down, they need to take several seats because the Lord does not take too kindly to sheep abuse.

      • Praying for all, I was raised in the church and that is why I am now wise when making decisions on where I worship. Just because its a building with. Steeple does not make it pass the litmus test. The Potters House ( none of the locations) qualify.

      • Rikki’s claims are definitely insensitive and ridiculous. I heard Jake’s apologized, but a formal written apology is not enough. It was stated that Brandon, the security guard may be fired. I say he should be fired and arrested. Last but not least the elder, the agent from Satan. She should be forced to take several seats before she get her butt beat. She is going to try that on the right person and they are going to teach her a lesson. The Bible speaks of Elders that rule well, well that does not describe her and she should not be allowed to serve God’s people. Of, course the young lady should be made whole with a nice fat check with a whole lot of zeroes. No, she should not turn back around and tithe 10% back into the ministry. This makes me so angry and the audacity of another human being to justify this foolishness.

      • Man Man keep your ignorant ass mouth closed. It is becoming to smell like a cesspool. DUMB ASS again, you have your history wrong> You DO NOT know about the death of Arius according to that BS that you just posted. Shut your DAMN ignorant mouth, you imbecile.

      • It’s OBVIOUS you are IDIOT! It’s comical reading your disconnected drive by lies, you write after smoking a blunt, and getting tanked up by the booze all night. I believe you and Brandon are alcoholics.
        It’s even more laughable to read some of your statements to talk about the state of BLACK people because of the belief in a “FAKE Jesus”. Worse is to smell the stench of your cyber-breath when YOU mention YOUR LOVE for your “BLACK RACE”, when the IRONY and fact of the matter is THERE IS NO SUCH THING as “RACE”, because “RACE” is MAN MADE!
        I mean if you two buzzards are to pursue your calling… I guess from your GOD who created and JUST DUMPED you here… and you are inspired to help “YOUR RACE OF PEOPLE”, here is my SUGGESTION to you two FOOLS – first Acknowledge RACE is MAN-MADE. Then proceed on your plight to spread this gospel to the “white” folks who enslaved your “black” people, the poor “white” TRASH, the “white” RACIST, the “BLACK” corrupt politicians, “black” single mothers, “black” baby daddys, the “Black” CRIP, the “Black” BLOOD, the “black” jailbird, and even preachers like this dude and his side chick and MAYBE ONE DAY, YOUR RIP VAN WINKLE GOD will become “WOKE” and “RISE UP”…and come out of THAT CLOSET YOU’VE been HIDING he/she/it IN to save your “BLACK” people. You got the “POWER” bro.
        Cause YOUR GOD has been sleeping WAY LONGER than RIP VAN WINKEL!
        But you see… the GOD of the BIBLE, never SLEEP or SLUMBER.
        Again, like I said before…Remember to use that RUBBER NECK of YOURS, to show yourself some love, you BIG FAT DISCONNECTED Oreo COOKIE!
        The Man Man has SPOKEN (again)!

    • You are exactly right, Man Man. Jesus is an awesome wander and he amazed the highest of elect.

  11. Church is not suppose to be a hostile environment. Its suppose to be an environment full of love, where we can grow spiritually, and come to know Christ.

  12. That $10 dollar pussy will get you in trouble every time…One way or another you’ll end getting burnt🔥🔥🔥

  13. Empress isn’t this proof to what David has been preaching for a while now? That there is NO man or woman of God. PERFECTION has no dealing with imperfection. Darkness and light cannot dwell in the same entity; so how can a God have dealings with man? It’s like you having dealings with an ant.. Can you comprehend conversing with an ant?
    This is more proof to me that it’s all man-made! I know you’ll probably say that this is an anomaly but it’s actually quite the norm. Churches are all about CONTROL & FEAR! It’s not an accident that the black church is composed of close to 75% women…

    • Authoritative B.S. is indicative of mega churches exclusively. Rarely will you find that type of behavior in a small church, if ever. Church is not suppose to be a hostile environment. It is suppose to be an environment conducive to spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. Mind control and witchcraft have no place in the Kingdom of God.

      • I beg to differ! Church size has nothing to do with it. I grew up in a smaller church and watched leadership (Elders) bully those they believed was a threat to them. I’ve seen older Elders intent on discrediting young people willing to serve. Church size has nothing to do with it!

    • O shut up Brandon. The guard should have ruffed ur gay azz up like that. Would have made a man out of u

    • I see you allow for YOUR God to peek out of your closet. He/She/It is “PERFECTION who has no dealing with imperfection”. I guess you concocted that idea in YOUR OWN mind.The same way others uses their BRAINS and MINDS to create their own GOD. You are no better than those whom you claim stole the “white man’s” GOD.
      And if you think anyone should use what David “preaches” as proof this situation with a preacher living in ADULTERY, you are DUMBER than I thought. All this rhetoric “darkness and light cannot dwell in the same entity is BUT FOOLISHNESS. How OLD are YOU?

      • Man Man I wanna accept your jesus as my personal savior? Can you lead me into the sinners prayer please? I was wrong, you were right, jesus is real and lord of our lives!!
        APRIL FOOLS!!!!
        Just preparing for Sunday!!! I plan on pissing a lot of Christians off. 🙂

      • Oh and to answer your question, I’m a 34 y/o proud BLACK MAN!! How about you?

      • This dude…yall hear him and I quote
        “You should try getting some good p****y. I swear it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.
        I mean….what kind of MAN talks like that?

      • Man Man, I love it. God is not a whit man’s God. God is everybody’s God, whether they believe in him or not. Their lack of belief and faith does not stop him from being God.

  14. kc welcome back. I see now that you dropped the soap in the shower. How long was your prison sentence ?

    • David u still trying to holla at me. Wrong dude. Brandon is still available. So what Brandon is a whore but he follows ur every move. He loves you. Run to him

    • David, can you share with me, your thoughts on after death, and what it takes to live an all-knowing life like yourself ?I?

      • My thoughts on after death is simply this. No one knows what will happen, if anything at all. I know of no one that came from the dead to tell us what happens. Christians are frightened to believe that if they live a “HOLY” life that God will allow them to walk the streets made of gold which is Pagan in nature. The Creator is not HOLY. This is malarkey. In times of war men have prayed to God that their mission is to come back alive and KILL the other human being that they are fighting. I don’t live an all-knowing life. I live a life of possibilities. If order to do so, you must apply your God given common sense to the equation. I TRUST that the Creator will despose of me however he sees that’s fitting. I know there is no such place as a burning hell where God uses a “Devil” on his pay roll to burn His creation. For God to use and not punish the Devil is the stupidest theory ever presented to the rational mind. How could the one that Christians blame for everything get a free pass and work for God cooking bodies forever and ever and ever. Not for a little while. The concept has to be sensationalize to prolong this non-sense.

      • You see how STUPID and ignorant this INSANE individual sounds. For one who claims “common sense” as the “ULTIMATE” gift, this FOOL has ABSOLUTELY NONE! YOU asked a simple QUESTION and he bump his gums to say “The CREATOR is NOT Holy”. Then what is he/she/it…UNHOLY? There is no such thing as neutrally HOLY!
        Then this IDIOT said “I live a life of possibilities.” WHAT? On top of that, as if he is some “godly” person of faith he “TRUSTS that the Creator will depose of himself however he (he reveals his GOD as male) sees that’s fitting.” Wonder where he came up with this idea, his GOD may depose as HE see fitting. I guess through the revelation of his peanut mind.
        Now the BIG BLACK STAIN of IGNORANCE – this MORON says “For God to use and not punish the Devil is the stupidest theory ever presented to the rational mind.” Even a first GRADE BIBLE kid knows that Hell (a place of punishment and torture) WAS PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL and HIS ANGEL. God will UNTIMATELY DESTROY SATAN and CAST HIM in the LAKE OF FIRE! I mean… for this nincompoop (and I mean poop) to make these kinds of claims only proves he is a MAD MAN.
        He is incapable of telling anyone what happens after death. He is not competent enough to do SO!

  15. Man Man you are working my last damn nerve… I’m adding you to the list with Empress and Eddy-boy.

    • I mean…your language…your tone bro…”working on my last d**n nerve. No man talks that way. That’s female lingo.
      It’s obvious you did not have a strong male role model or fatherly figure growing up. STOP trying to lump individuals into groups. You better concentrate on YOU! THE PAIN, man THE PAIN.
      The LORD can turn it all into JOY. For he is the MIGHTY GOD and the EVERLASTING FATHER!
      Sometimes I believe there is hope for YOU. David on the other hand, better listen to HIS imaginary Christian WIFE. Maybe she can sanctify him by her make believe behavior.
      “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband:”
      I got JOY JOY JOY down in my HEART!!!

      • “It’s obvious you did not have a strong male role model or fatherly figure growing up.” Just as you are wrong about your jesus, you are wrong about this. My dad was a great man! Friendly, Honest, Brave, Compassionate, Protective, HARD-WORKING, Considerate, Smart, Proud just to name a few of his amazing character traits. Your jesus couldn’t even carry his jock-strap.
        I’ve been far to nice to you; go F**k yourself and your beliefs! 🙂 NOW I’ve truly got JOY,JOY, JOY down in my heart and it didn’t come from your fake ass jesus!! 🙂

      • Man man I’ve been saying that to Brandon for years. Hes 34 and needs to live his truth. He hates church and doesn’t believe in God. so y not come out twirling lol. Man man u speak the truth

      • I mean your language, your tone no man talks like that. Man if you brought your ass in my old neighborhood talking like that , you’ll get your ass kicked daily. OHHHH , YOUR TONE AND YOUR LANGUAGE. OHHHHHHHH! How appalling. Chump you wouldn’t make it two blocks down the street with that BS.
        It is obvious you did not have strong male model or father figure figure when you grew up. What kind of weak sh..t is that ? The only male role model you would have is an impression of a Converse All Star Tennis shoe up your ass role MODEL C .
        For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife means I can still do what the hell I want and that,s the most ignorant theory I ever heard of. I can see it now. The wife: Since you are an unbeliever , I going down to the church to sanctify your ass. What if I didn’t want to be sanctified ? Those damn Christians try to force it on you one way or another.

      • Too BAD, BUT I’m not in your Old Neighborhood.
        YOU keep talking about “ifs”. “if” you were in my hood, “if” you say this or that to the gang bangers where I live, ”if” you get hit by the drive by the homies…if you if you if you…da da da…
        Cut out the TIT-FOR-TAT little boy!

    • Man Man, what an honor to have you added to our list. I now see that David has a lot of influence on Brandon. David told me, I was a pain in his ass. Well, I guess Brandon shares his ass. Grow up people.

      • You are truly an idiot. I feel sorry for your husband. He probably has another chick on the side; which I actually wouldn’t blame him since he has to deal with you.
        You guys are the antithesis of your Christ.

      • Empress you are a pain in husband’s ass if you are married also. You are one of the brainless Christians in the universe. After all ANYONE that thinks that MAN MAN is a savior and a hero is out of touch with reality.

    • @KC, LAUGHING SO HARD I’M CRYING. Adult men don’t have to advertise every time they are intimate with their wives. For a married couple, its a given. Teenagers act like that. You and Man Man both speak the truth and I love your truth.

  16. Empress , what is your educational level ? Just curious !

  17. Man Man I think you need to borrow Lawrence’s helmet. Your brains are popping out.

    • Man Man, you are very intelligent. As you can see, I no longer respond to David. He thinks he knows everything and he sounds like a fool and what makes the situation even worse, he has indoctrinated Brandon into his foolishness.

      • Man Man what we need to do is pray that David gets some counseling. Don’t you hear all of that anger and pain in his voice. I feel so sorry for him. He is a grown, angry, bitter man that issues insults to anyone who unwilling to buy into his journey to hell.

      • You keep saying you will not respond to me . I’ll be glad when that day happens. I react only when I am personally attacked. Go and borrow Man Man’s helmet to keep your brain secure. DUUUUUUUH !

      • “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:”


    • Not only do we wear helmets we carry swords too.
      “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:” 

      • Amen and our weapons are not carnal so weather we are in your neighborhood or not we are more than conquerors because he who is mighty in battle has our back. We can’t lose.

  19. That’s the helmet of your big ass crooked head. If anyone trust you with a sword probably are brain dead also.. You can keep your spells for the Pagans. No such thing as a devil or angels except in your warped minds.

    • “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

      • But our God is a great God. The enemy’s fist aren’t big enough andand arms aren’t long enough to battle with the Almighty and win. I am so glad that I know God.

      • When did your stupid ass start to quote scriptures as if God is on your side. You sound like a witch or a sorcerer that practices VOODOO that any thing else. OHH ! But I forgot . You serve a VIOLENT, VINDICTIVE god that will kill you at moments notice. He killed millions and millions of innocent animals during Noah’s flood. OHHH ! I forgot again. The Jews stole that story from the LEGEND of GILGAMESH thousands of years before Noah.

      • So what you got a tale from GIBBERISH (lol). Proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! There are many many tales about stories of a universal flood. Only the ACCOUNT in the Bible is TRUE! The rest are just make believe copies from the BIBLE, and they don’t even compare. The heathen will do all they can to go against an ALL loving, merciful and compassionate GOD. Even if it is they lie about the dating ruins they scoop up out of the GROUNDS. Athiests do it all the time.
        :About the God of the Bible –
        He that loveth not knoweth not God; for GOD IS LOVE.”
        It is of the LORD’s MERCIES that we are not consumed, because his COMPASSIONS fail not. They are NEW every morning: great is thy FAITHFULNESS”
        OOHH…Brandon, even though you have a bad habit of understanding the Bible, I think you know the Bible waaaay better than David. I know you believe its fake and everything. But please correct David, letting him know he was wrong when he said God does not give the devil a free pass. Please tell him that’s not what Christians believe. Please tell him Brandon., cause he’s not going to listen to me.

      • Sorry Brandon.. David said “God gives the devil a free pass”. Please tell him, okay!

      • Heathen, God is ALWAYS on my side. I know my word. I know my God. I believe in both with every fiber of my being. Yeah, God takes care of my enemies. Call it what you want, but God takes care of his own.

  20. Man Man you are just like the other Christians. Ain’t S it. Throwing around scriptures as if you will put a spell on me. Take your VOODOO ass to bed and don’t forget to put on that helmet tonight. Every time you forget to put it on, you go on a rampage quoting scriptures. Now do as your mother says and go to sleep now. You know the SHORT BUS comes early around 6:30 and you need your rest.

  21. I thought Finley was gay from seeing him in person. He hangs out with the Band of Gay Preacher in Dallas.

  22. No he does not have proof of his own, he is just copying and pasting theological arguments, that have been going on between mankind for 100’s of years. Believers versus unbelievers. Spiritual versus Logical thinking. Everything about God requires faith. To a person who does not believe faith is foolishness and always will be

  23. There are indeed wolves,in sheeps clothing in the church, but not all people who are Christian partake in this, nor are they taking advantage of the sheep.

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