Widow Of Gospel Legend Milton Brunson, Says Singer Darius Brooks Is A Down Low Bisexual And Accuses Him Of Stealing The Thompson Community Choir!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Over a 50 year span, the late Rev. Milton Brunson and his famed Thompson Community Singers–considered by many to be one of the greatest gospel choirs ever assembled–dominated the gospel music charts by putting out such classic songs as It’s Gonna Rain, Safe In His Arms, The Holy Ghost and countless others.
When Rev. Brunson died in April 1997, his widow Joe-Ann Brunson vowed to honor her late husband’s legacy by keeping the choir together. “We were still getting calls from all over the country to perform at major events as if Milton was still alive” said Joe-Ann Brunson.

Joe-Ann said things were fine until she started getting calls from various individuals informing her that one of the choir’s singers and writers Darius Brooks went behind her back and recruited the choir’s original singers and musicians and called themselves “The Tommies Reunion Choir.”
According to Joe-Ann, the use of the the name “Tommies” was illegal because the name was always referred to all over the world as the nickname for the Thompson Community Singers. “That was Darius’s way of usurping her family’s brand that’s been established for many decades. That left me with the original name but no talent to go with it. I’m sure my husband is rolling over in his grave” said Joe-Ann.
According to Joe-Ann, Darius went around telling people she didn’t known anything about music and didn’t have a clue when it came to running a choir and doing business with music industry executives.
Since their inception, the Tommies Reunion choir has been traveling all over the country performing at major venues. They even received two Stellar Award Nominations. The choir recently recorded their second music cd entitled “He Worked It Out” which is expected to be released sometime this year.
Joe-Anne was so outraged, she hired a team of lawyers and took Darius to court to no avail.

Now Joe-Ann Brunson has heightened her fury like a woman scorned. She is now airing all of Darius’s dirty laundry,.
Joe-Ann admits to still being “pissed off” after all these years but from a spiritual standpoint, she see it as a form of relief and even a blessing in disguise. “Darius did me a favor by stealing my choir members because they were nothing more than a bunch of flaming homosexuals and lesbians. Going out of town with the choir always felt like a traveling gay orgy of some kind. Most of the choir members were sleeping with each other left and right and even swapping their gay sexual partners in each other’s hotel rooms. Homosexuality is an abomination and I knew God wasn’t pleased” said Joe-Ann.
Joe-Ann continued on with her tell-all tirade, calling Darius a “down low bisexual” who’s been sexually active with both men and women for years. “That was confirmed to me by gay choir members and even Rev. Brunson himself when he was alive. There’s no doubt in my mind that his wife Deborah Brooks know her husband is gay but she just goes along with it like a stupid groupie because Darius was prominent and influential in her eyes” added Joe-Ann.
Deborah is the same bimbo who was engaged to singer Jesse Campbell in the 90’s when she thought he was about to become a rich and famous R&B singer. When Jesse failed to reach stardom, she dumped him. Now she’s married to a known homosexual who’s still attracted to gay men. Only a bimbo would marry a man with lady-like gestures and a feminine speaking voice that’s too obvious not to notice” said Joe-Ann.
Reporters also spoke to one of Darius’s in-laws by the name of Suzzette Conley-lyke who said Deborah’s dad, Rev. William Conley was against his daughter marrying Darius due to his gay reputation that’s widely known throughout Chicago’s gospel community. “He looked Darius in his eyes and told him that to his face” said Suzzette.
To find out if there was any validity to all the claims of Darius’s secret gay lifestyle, we made inquiries to various individuals in the gospel music community. They not only substantiated Joe-Ann’s claim, but one sister told us about Darius and a young musician he turned out in the late 80’s by the name of Michael Taylor.
According to a well-known Chicago songstress (who asked to remain in anonymity), Michael Taylor is a skilled keyboard player, who played for Darius at many functions and eventually playing for Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Choir.
According to our source, Michael and Darius were gay lovers who spent a lot of time together. “I first saw Michael Taylor with Darius in the late 80’s at an appreciation service honoring Darius at Life Center Church on the south side of Chicago. You could tell by their interaction and overall body language that some gay shit was going on” said the source.
“My suspicions was affirmed in 1989 when my husband and I went to a Chicago movie theater called the Evergreen Plaza to see a movie called “Lean On Me” starring Morgan Freeman. I just happen to turn around and look 3 or 4 rows back and saw Darius and Michael Taylor in the back of the theater snuggled up like man and woman. It freaked me out. I was just outdone” said the source.
Michael was young, impressionable and infatuated with Darius’s status as a well-known musician and songwriter. He even thought Darius was rich because at the time Darius lived in an upscale apartment complex called River City, located in Chicago’s downtown area. He later found out Darius was broke as hell when he got evicted and had to move into a rundown house owned by his godparents on the south side of Chicago.
Instead of getting on his knees to satisfy his gay lovers, Darius need to get on those same knees and ask God to deliver him from homosexuality” said Joe-Ann.

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    Obnoxious is bringing the noise!!!

  2. Thank God Darius has kept the Tommies alive! I am a perpetual Thompson fan and love their music ministry. I think Joe-Ann’s attitude would have destroyed the choir. I get the impression she creates a lot of drama. The singers left because they know what’s up. They want to use their God given musical and singing gifts.
    Say what you want but these are facts:
    1. Darius Brooks is a great writer, can sing and knows what he is doing with the choir and in the gospel industry. God gave him those abilities.
    2. God uses imperfect people to do His perfect will.
    And here is a 3rd fact for free:
    3. We don’t have a heaven or hell to put anyone in. God is the judge if us all.
    Carry on Darius Brooks and the Tommies Reunion Choir!!!

    • I beg to differ. Darius Brooks is a hypocrite. If he’s sleeping with men he need to ask God for deliverance.

      • If he did this, maybe Darius has asked God for forgiveness, but He didn’t tell you. Just like you don’t publicize it when you sin and repent.

      • I’ve known Darius for many years and even song in choir he played for, I can assure you that he is definitely gay and presently sleeping with men behind his wife’s back. You can take that to the bank.

      • Oop. Got my deposit slip already filled out.

    • Justkeepingitreallyreal

      So, in other words, keep tossing the salad, and being tossed cause it’s all fair in love and singing.

  3. Dang is Joe-Ann made or what?! She spilt all the tea.

    • Sounds like Joe-Ann was alright with Darius as long as he was working with Milton Brunson. Now that the singers left her and are thriving under Darius, Joe-Ann is mad and calls herself “outing” him. Milton Brunson passed away 4-1-1997. I dedicate the following song to Mrs. Brunson, “Let It Go.” Holding on to this hurts you more than it hurts the one you are trying to hurt.

  4. Well, Sis Joe-Ann is ticked off! She’s been thinking and boling about it for two decades. ALL OF THIS is old/vintage news/behavior …however, she’s not going to let it remain dormant.
    #TurnItOverToJesus #InDueSeason #TheTommies #MBCC

  5. Still Great choir music!

    • Yeah Lady Sugga. As long as the music is good! #unreal

      • What are you saying @Blake on?
        The music is still great choir music.
        I bet you enjoyed and still enjoy it.
        The alledged behavior of the choir director is inexcusable. However it does not diminish the music and it’s purpose.

      • @Blake, no I am not “an active homosexual”, nor am I an inactive homosexual. Sorry you can’t see Joe-Ann’s tirade for what it is: sour grapes. A defense is not needed. It is what it is.

    • Lady Shugga the key to dealing with blatant sin or “not above reproach” living is not to pull the “cast the first stone” card. Jesus was dealing with self-righteous Pharisees who were “one-sided” on the issue. You don’t deal with faggotry by saying “yeah but the music is good.” That is like excusing poisonous cake by saying ” but it sure tasted good.” You cant be this stupid. That is like someone raping you, but your sister says (if you have one) “I know Ray-Ray and he got some good dick). You cant be this stupid. It is like you getting hit by a car, but you say, “that Range Rover was on point!” You cant be this stupid. This aint Hollywood, its the church! (I suppose) “Pastor fondled my eight yr old boy” “But he sure can preach!!!” you cant be this stupid. here is the “purpose” of music…” Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts” (Col. 3:16). Stop the stupidity. for once?

      • Blake, I love the way you articulated and broke that sown. I concur 100% Well said.

      • You are ever so correct @ Blake…I am not stupid at all! So, what’s your point in “trying” to smash my opinion?
        It is what it is! The music is good, it has made a positive impact in the gospel music world. Just like a jackass was allegedly used to warn the people in a biblical story…the jackass served it’s purpose. Well, same here…this person has been used to compose songs, etc…and it has made a difference in the church world of music. Now, it’s this person choice of how they want to live a life that is pleasing to God, and church folks who thinks they have the keys to heaven or hell. We don’t know the truth…we are spectators to this man’s life. Unless you do from personal encounters. All I know is Bro. Darius was a big ladies flirt back in the day. I know that first hand. It was discussed among some that he swings both ways…but I can’t bare witness to that.
        Retrospectively, it has not crushed the anointed music brought forth. God uses whomever He wants to use in order to get His message of love, hope, salvation, peace…and all those adjectives that bare similarity.
        We can’t judge anyone according to our sanctified, self righteous standards. Only God knows this person…God is using him for His GLORY …and it has been a blessing to many…globally. (the conviction/shame is on the person to work out)

      • Blake… faggotry!!! I am so dead.LOL! You dissected her pitiful argument with the skill of a surgeon.

      • If only we would lift Jesus up!

        Chicago is in dire straits with brutality, drugs, gangs and indiscriminate shootings.

        The city and world is hurting. Only what we do for Christ will last.

  6. I enjoyed this artice. Very informative and well written. Joe-Ann put it out there for real. Lol

  7. Justkeepingitreallyreal

    I am so very tired of all these low down, down low imposters. How can anyone in right standing with God, support this flaming fire flamingos! I don’t care how many awards they get, or how good of a writer or songster they may be, it’s all going to burn up on the fire. It’s time out for compromising the truth of God’s Word. Some may already have been turned over to a reprobate. Thinking wrong is right, and right is wrong! Judgement will begin at the house of God first! It’s a sad thing to go to hell by the way of the church.

  8. Joe-Ann needs to have several seats. She mad because her choir members left. Now she’s saying Darius did her a favor because they were ALL gay men and lesbians. But they were joyful- noise making Christians as long as they were with her. Girl please.
    If Darius is gay what does it have to do with his abilities as choir master? He is not on the downlow- he is gay. Stevie Wonder can see that and obviously his wife loves it. 💘
    She can’t blast him for having gay friends because most of them were her friend first. If it’s good for her it should be good for him.
    Stay out of this man’s business and bedroom Joe-Ann. You took him to court and it was thrown out. Now sit your old ass down somewhere. Dark is should now sue you for slander.

    • So let me get this right: You’re saying his wife Deborah is content with her husband being a bisexual? That’s the big revelation to me–not Joe-Ann!!! And you said it like Darius being a fag is acceptable. A woman with dignity would never go along with that.

      • His wife might be gay too. Did you ever think of that? Some women love bisexual men. People minding their own business is acceptable. Darius’s sexuality has nothing to do with anything whatsoever.
        You act like he is the first gay choir director in history.

      • That’s certainly a possibility. However, that doesn’t negate how disgusting that lifestyle is. I don’t care if you gay or lesbian, it’s still an ABOMINATION and I’m going to cry loud and spare not.

      • If it is so disgusting for you, then don’t indulge in it. Anyone who has sex with you would be disgusted anyway.

    • His wife may be a lesbian and they cover for each other…no problem…happy marriage.

  9. Thanks to “Scandalmedia” for this story on March 15, 2018. I don’t want anybody to get sued.

  10. Diana Jackson you are being messy. You love it don’t you? But you and Justkeepingitreally have the nerve to try to judge somebody.
    Milton Brunson has been dead for 20 years. The time has come and gone and ain’t nobody checking for Joe-Ann with her dyke looking ass. She can’t make nobody sing for her. Their voices don’t belong to her. Are the singers paid? Just a bitter old messy woman. And one more question. Do you really thing that woman don’t know her husband is gay? If every knows, then he is not on the down low.

    • Uuuuummmmm Messy Mar, I find it interesting how you’re defending a bunch of faggots as if you have some type of vesting interest. Let me find out…..

  11. these blogs prove one thing. “church folk” could give a damn about the Bible. as long as they can get “dey freak on” and their fav gospel artists give that “good, good” music. everybody is fine.

  12. Why didn’t she call all the queens out when they were writing all that great music for the Tommies back in the day. I guess all that gay talent afforded her a nice lifestyle. She needs to have several seats. Now she is a hypocrite.

    • Baptist Boy, you keep focusing on Joe-Ann and her motives. That’s insignificant as far as I’m concerned. She already admitted in the article that she’s pissed off. I’m more concerned about why you keep advocating on behalf of butt busting fags on the down low, acting in the capacity as a church pastor. God will do Darius just like he did Eddie Long and others. I;m glad God is whipping all these down pastors. He said judgement will begin in the house of the Lord.

      • They are not in no house of the Lord. They are a community singing group. You getting it mixed up with pastors having multiple spouses nd affairs on top of that…stealing money and leading the flock astray, unsound doctrine and such. Its obvious you know nothing about the Bible.

      • Dianna Jackson, I hope your gay son teaches you to show love to all of God’s people.

  13. Hell this ain’t no news. If it wasn’t for the gays, the Gospel music industry would be dead!

  14. This question is for Dirty Diana Jackson and Justkeepingitreally. You keep mentioning the church and these people’s alleged lifestyles. When did a community choir become a church? What are the requirements to sing praises unto the Lord? Must they be married, straight, cheaters, thieves? Gay? The Bible says ” Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord”. So what are you 2 lying about now. You don’t hold the keys to heaven or hell.

    • Messy Mae, you must be gay. Only a gay person would keep defending these butt busters at all cost. If you are a faggot, I’m not even gonna keep responding. SMH

      • They are gay because Joe-Ann says so? She has shown no proof of that other than speculation. Darius is married and having gay friends is not a sin. So keep your mouth off folks. Your sin of slander and bearing false witness is far worse than what you are accusing them of….You low down dirty bitch

      • @MessyMae,Girl U shol’ kno hw 2 #Read🙄🙄🙄!!!

  15. So, the Kingdom was edified because of this article? JoAnn is mad, Darius is and has been a sissy. Now what….

  16. Joe Ann think choir members are slaves. Her husband died 20 years before they left. She should be glad they subsidized her lifestyle that long. Just get new members or a job.
    As I recall her husband was on the dl. Careful Joe Ann secrets come out.
    Congrats to the Tommies for their emancipation. Should have done it years ago.

    • Wow. You are saying Red. Brunson was a fag too?

    • You said it! @be blessed

      • P.S. I’m concurring with @be blessed on the comment about singers as slaves, Joe-Ann’s subsidized life and emancipation of the choir members.
        I don’t know of anything amiss concerning the great Milton Brunson. And if I did, I certainly wouldn’t bring it up now. May he rest in peace.

  17. Now I’m wondering is Percy Bady a down low fag.

  18. 1. Get Miss JoAnn and others mentioned in this article on video, interview them, then I’ll take this more seriously. Otherwise, this is gossip and hearsay.
    2. How many in the Thompson Community Singers aka Tommies were interviewed?
    3. “The Tommies” was a nickname not an official name. If its not trademarked or patented, there are no legal ramifications, hence, the lawsuits “were to no avail.
    4. Stop judging people and situations as if you know the backstories personally. If you never shared a cup of coffee or a bed with folks, you don’t know.
    Stop it. NOW. Go somewhere and pray for the people that God’s Hand be on them.

    • If anything, you need to stop advocating on behalf of faggots like Darius Brooks, Tyrone Block and all the rest of those butt busters. It’s not a regular sin….It’s an “ABOMINATION.”

      • A false witness that speaks lies….and spreads discord. Proverbs 6:19
        How about that one?

      • The following is a what Darius Brooks’s bisexual itinerary is likely to be on an average Sunday: Darius will preach a sermon on Sunday morning, bend over for a faggot around brunch, stick his penis in a faggot Sunday afternoon, and then he’ll stick that same penis in his wife Deborah Sunday evening. That’s what I find repulsive!!! If his wife got AIDS I would feel sorry for her at all.

      • Diana Jackson.
        You say all that about Darius Brooks based on rumors? I want your evil ass to scroll down this blog and write a comment on the Charles Henry Brewer III installation. Multiple baby mamas, pimping hoes, selling drugs.
        Furthermore, you sound jealsous. Darius doesn’t want your trifling ass honey. You have been warned. Stay out of his business. I would tell you to mind your own, but you obviously don’t have any.

  19. wow. this comment section is lethal.

  20. Keep Michael Taylor out of it. That part is hearsay. At least call him to get his side, otherwise take his name out of the article and just say “allegedly a gospel musician out of Chicago that’s played for Ricky Dillard and others”

    • Cut the shit!!!!! If multiple gay men are all saying Michael Taylor is a fag, I will take there word for it. It’s not customary for gay men to lie on heterosexual men. If they say you’re one of them, it’s usually the truth. If Michael Taylor is a fag he should at least own up to it and stop fronting. I know he’s married and don t want his wife to know about that part of him but the damage is already done. Why would they bypass thousands of musicians in Chicago to single Michael out if it’s not true? If they say he went to the movies with Darius, I believe it. Fags and dykes are disgusting. I believe every word in this article.

      • Diana,
        You are forgetting one major thing. Nobody cares what you think. You ain’t nobody’s judge or jury. You don’t even matter you low-life skank. You only exist to stir up lies and discord. In other words, you work for Satan.

      • Messy Mae, go eat a gay dick. I don’t give a damn what you think . In fact, you are Darius or Michael using an alias like the bitch that you are. Fuck both of you faggots

      • Be careful! No weapon formed against Darius or Michael shall prosper. Every tongue that rises up against them shall be condemned.

  21. Michael Taylor is not gay and there are no multiple musicians saying he is. Secondly, that picture is not Michael Taylor. Also that guy with the dreads in the picture was a gospel rapper. That picture was taken in the 80’s backstage after a show. He didn’t even know Darius and is not friends at all. Finally, I’m told people follow their leader which means what does all this “everybody in the Tommies are gay” say about its leader, Rev. Milton Brunson. Your lives are so messy that you want to ruin other people’s lives. Shame on you and you will reap what you sow! Diana Jackson you really have a serious problem. Seek some help.

    • First of all, I know this is Darius hiding behind another name. At any rate, you are a damn liar. That photo is Michael Taylor. I’m not stupid. I know Michael’s Michael when I see it. Nice try though. The only people reaping what they sow are Darius Brooks, Michael Taylor, Tyrone Block, Tommie Stewarrt and all the rest of yall butt bustin sodomites embedded in God’s Kingdom. Just shut the hell up and take God’s whipping like a real man suppose to. I’m not scared of any of you faggots and I’m not that hard to find neither.

  22. Said Diane! I’m standing with you…they should have known it would come out sooner or later.

  23. Messy Mae. that “no weapon” you people love to quote was a promise to fleshly ISRAEL ONLY, for a future time. It has absolutely NO relevance to Christians or any other group. Read the ENTIRE 54th Chapter of Isaiah, and get CONTEXT. Weapons “formed against ” Christians, “prosper” everyday. Christians died in the World Trade Center. Christians are shot and killed during robberies. A weapon ‘formed against” them, killed 9 Christians in an AME Church. Christians are being martyred EVERY DAY in African nations. You sound so ignorant when you misuse Scripture like that. That “name it and claim it, say it and see it ,blab it and grab it” garbage is grave error. Please stop it.

  24. Messy Mae…you do understand that scripture is referencing those who are living right, correct? Not those sleeping around outside of their marriage….

    • DD,
      That particular Scripture says no such thing. I doubt you have ever read it. Before you try to correct or check me on anything, be sure to read the Scripture very carefully.
      Go all the way back to Isaiah 53:11-12. After you do that, read ALL of Isaiah 54. Then have several seats.

  25. I’m wondering about the people posting in defense of this gay foolery. Is your mind just as reprobated as the gays in question? There is no defending homosexuality. God was clear about it in His Word.

  26. Sir William I love your blog. However, I wish you would add more content to it on a consistent basis. I see you more on periscope than on here. Why is Heathen Central comin’ for you so hard? I will say this….. When you do post on here the stories cause quite a stir. Keep up the good work.

  27. To Sharon, Diana and others….
    There are multiple things going on in this blog in this particular blog. 1) You have accusations of homosexuality and infidelity. We know this is a sin. No argument. But if you didn’t see Darius Brooks lay down and have sex with anyone other than his wife, close your mouth. 2) Spreading rumors and bearing false witness is a sin as well and will send you to hell. The Bible says ALL liars will be caste into the fiery lake. Revelations 21:8.
    3) Hypocrisy. Joe-Ann and others pretended all these years to have such virtuous character, moral beliefs and religious character. But the real Joe- Ann has come forth. Things don’t go her way, so she starts slandering people and dishing the dirt and spilling the tea.
    4) The love of money is the root of all evil. Enough said.
    So which of these is worse?

  28. Milton Brunson was gay.

    • This is ALL I WAS SCROLLING DOWN LOOKING FOR! NOW I LOVE BRONSON “GOD KNOWS I DO” but surely if all this faggotry was going on WHEN he was alive and on the road (as the wife said) HE AND MRS BRONSON KNEW IT. AND THEY KEPT QUIET? Normally hetero Pastors would talk against that? It makes me FOR THE FIRST TIME QUESTION BRONSON……….AND MISS BRONSON. Talk to me somebody out there that KNOWS.

  29. You a Damn Lie about Pastor!

  30. Michael Taylor still lookin good & in that pic that looks like Darius Brooks with Ricky Smiley & Wiz Khalifah 😛

  31. Ummm
    what’s michael Taylor’s IG????? 🥃🌚 he looking good AF and I need To slide in his DMs….and see if I can Slide into something else…

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