Jesse Davenport Calls Out Darryl Hill For Sleeping With His Ex-Wife Monique Walker!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……This evil situation has popped up again and Jesse Davenport does not mind going public. Not sure what happened to set him off again about his former best friend Darryl Hill for having sex with his ex wife Monique Walker. Rumor has it that Monique went to Darryl to plead her case to get Jesse back, but he seduced her and was allegedly having sex with her himself. Jesse has suffered a stroke due to the stress of loosing a best friend and a wife to this situation.  However, there is a number of details on this story and we covered it close to three years ago when it first broke.

Jesse Davenport and Monique started having some problems in there marriage when he started a college campus ministry.  His hired a woman to plan services on college campus to hopefully gain new members to follow him and his ministry.  Monique was not comfortable with the two of them traveling alone allegedly for ministry.  One Sunday Monique confronted the young lady and it got heated.  She wanted to have the assistant to Jesse to quit working for him at her request.  When things got out of hand and Jesse found out what was going on he instead of seeing about Monique he went to check on his secretary.  The following Sunday he publicly rebuked Monique, which was very embarrassing.  In a small effort to get back at him she went to Orlando with her daughter to celebrate her birthday and stayed at her ex-husband’s (Hezekiah Walker) house with her daughter and she sang at reunion event.

With Little to no discussion Jesse got made and filed for divorce and the two of them were actually divorced and was playing as if they were still married until we broke the story here on Obnoxious Television Blog.  Jesse knew his Charlotte church was far to young to survive a scandal such as this one.  Moving out of emotions and not thinking things through an work against you greatly.  Monique made an appeal to Darryl Hill to talk to Jesse to try and win him back.  Now in all fairness Jesse and Monique were legally divorced when she allegedly had sex with Darryl after he seduced her during their discussions on how she could win Jesse back.

According to Jesse he has suffered a stroke and have been extremely hurt by the betrayal of his ex-wife and best friend, but this is just what he did to his wife who was also named Monique.  The two Monique’s were very good friends, but Monique took Jesse from his wife and family and married him. Jesse sold his father’s church and some funeral home and moved to Charlotte where he could never get his church off the ground.  This horrible scandal was the final straw and Monique had to start driving Uber to make ends meet prior to just moving back to New York.

Obnoxious Media wants to find out the real reason why Monique and Hezekiah divorced anyway.  The popular Gospel Couple split prior to the world of social media and the two of them escaped not really having the public knowing why they divorced?  One guy moved from New York to Atlanta and said he had some information, but the Love Fellowship MOB jumped on him and scared him practically to death and he stopped talking.  It has only been in recent years that Monique and Hez started speaking and she did not walk away well paid from her years with him.  It seems he would have had to pay big child support and alimony, but that was not the case for Monique.  Hez did not have to pay her big bucks to end their marriage.  Obnoxious Media wants to revisit this story and promising you to get to the bottom of it and share it with you.

Now get to watching Jesse Davenport have a total breakdown about his ex-wife and best friend screwing and nothing happened.  His church in Charlotte collapsed and now he is in Atlanta a Bishop without Charge and no work to pastor.  He appears to be lost and ejected from church all together not knowing if he wants to pastor or be a personal trainer/bodybuilder.

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  1. Toya Boxley Bradley

    Nothing hurts more than church hurt.

  2. If she did that was a downgrade fooling with Darryl Hill thick ass…Hunty cuz Bishop Jesse Davenport could get it & twice on Sundays 😛

    • Driving Uber?!!!!!! Not Miss Lady of New York? Not with all those red bottoms (Louboutins) and hats?!!! Nah!!!!! They say she was just in Philly hosting a concert @ Enon and the pastor sat thru the entire service with her, Ahem!—his legs crossed in that affected sophisticated way. Chile!!! That wife needs a gay stylist to fix her up! The husband more glam that she!!!

    • lmao 😛

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Girl we are going to HELL for what we’re both thinking, but GURLLLL, I’m with you on that one! Once in the morn, once in the afternoon and round out the night with the last one!! Yassssss indeed he could get it👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. He FINALLy called Darryl a trifling, cheating BASTARD!!!!!f Word.

  4. Everything IS goimg down but the word! However I find it odd that bruh wants to air out Darryl now that Darryl did him greasy. What about 17 years ago when he was keeping dude’s sins in confindemce?

    • Justtellthetruth

      OMG – I thought I was the only that felt this way. This dude is contradictory; one minute he saying that pastors/leaders need to be chasten for their wrong doing, instead of upholding them with loyalty. But, this is the same dude that have been knowing him for 17 years and is stating that this pastor has destroyed, families, marriages and friendships…..he knows at least ten marriages that this pastor done sup into. So, was he not being loyal to him then and not exposing him. He help cover up this man sins and admitted to laying for him to help cover his sins. Now, that the snake has bitten him or cane into his home, it’s a problem and a big deal. Why didn’t you expose a long time ago and seed would not have grown to extent of where he done slept with over ten other people wives.

    • I said the same thing. He needs to keep that same energy he had when it wasn’t being done to him.

  5. Monique look like she got some good pussy!

  6. This explains why they all friends!!! This is finally out… silly-ghetto-ignorant-unlearned-wild-street-over dressed clowns!!!

    Where is the love and chastity expected in a marriage? And, why don’t these kids have mature elders that they can go to instead of silly friends who only mock what is expected? OMG!!! But—Darryl has a lisp! I digress.

  7. Lmao… this makes me glad I am no longer a christian. The fuckery in the church is hilarious. Jesse got bit in his ass for the fuckery he did to his FIRST WIFE, Monique. Not the one who was once married to Hezekiah, I mean there was another Monique Davenport. A beautiful woman inside and out who is too good for Jesse’s hoe ass. You church folks are funny tho

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