Kierra SHEARD’s Ex-Fiancé Has A Bastard Child Following In The Detroit Footsteps Of Dedrick Hadden And Marvin Winans!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Obnoxious Babies R Us……Well, another one bites the dust.  Obnoxious Media learned some time ago that Welton Smith had a Bastard child.  The phone was ringing off the hook with calls out of Detroit.  It seems that is was a huge secret that he was trying to keep hidden.  However, he did not have the money nor the know how to keep this story contained.  The only reason why we know him is because he is the ex-fiancé of Kierra Sheard.  Seems he hung around COGIC a minute and took his Daddy’s Baptist church in and out of his would have been father-in-law, Drew Shared’s jurisdiction.  Not to mention that was good enough to get him a stage in the Revival Fire late night service.  Not sure  why they felt the need to go outside of the denomination to get homosexuals and whore mongers to preach when we have plenty of our own.

Dude went on Social Media and made a lame excuse that you can read for yourself.  Additionally, he says he sat himself down for thirty days.  Big deal he should have sat his sinning tail down for a year or Hell give up pimping off the church and get you a 9 to 5 so you can pay child support and get medical coverage for that bundle of sin you brought into the world.  He is following in the steps of his big brother Dedrick Haddon and Marvin Winans who both have Bastard children that ruined their marriages.  Dedrick lost his church and his wife and Marvin’s wife got up and walked out of his church and never stepped foot back in there until her mother died.

It is sad and sticking that these men make church look like total BS and that no one gives a damn anymore.  Don Shelby might have done the best thing when he made his daughter have an abortion rather then deal with the open shame before God and the church.  Welton needs to stop it and sit down and shut the Hell up and get a job and pull his pops out of retirement.  Now this would have been a real shocker if Kierra had his kid.  It would have killed Karen and Willie Mae would have had to surly take to the bed like she did when J. Drew had his kid.  In case you did not know Obnoxious Is Back and coming with a vengeance!

Read Welton Smith, Jr.’s confession below:

Learning new things! I’m in the best season of my life! This is a declaration I just recently had to start making over my life in order to move on with my life! It didn’t feel like it at all while it was happening but then God left me a son! The moment he was born the conviction of my life changed immediately!
One of the most difficult but necessary things I’ve ever had to do was publicly address a sin of mine that I didn’t want anyone to know! But I feel that leaders OWE explanations to people that they lead!
So I sat myself down for over 30 days because regardless to the turn of culture and trends, this IS NOT the ORDER of God! However, God had to teach me that my son isn’t a penalty… he actually is a promise! God blesses us even while He’s correcting us!
His mom is one of my best friends and helping me raise an incredible man that’s better than me! My love and honor for her will always be as strong as it is for him! This season made me value family more than I ever have before!
Some told me not to say much about him..but how is that possible and still call myself a man?! I can’t be a man and I definitely can’t be a preacher if I can’t raise my own son! That’s whack and weak!

When Adam made his mistake he went and hid behind the tree..when Jesus dealt with our mistakes He hung from the tree! In the moment of my greatest shame Holy Sprit whispered to me and said “don’t hide behind what you’re supposed to hang from”
I’ve heard the feed back of the foolish, heard prophecy that was actually heresy and seen many selfishly make my circumstance about them. But I won’t hide my son from the world that he was born to change to appease anybody!

So on the other side of this I can honestly say I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, more determined and focused than I’ve ever been and feel dumber than I’ve ever felt while I’m learning why he won’t stop crying! Lol

Tonight is bible class.. I’ll be teaching “The Strong Side” and if you can still hear the word from a vessel that makes mistakes… I’ll see you there! If not, I completely understand & there are many leaders who can lead you in the right direction! But if you’re still following me, I’ll see you soon! 😎

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  1. I read about this the day it came out and I was shocked but then I thought about the people he surrounds himself with and then it made sense. When the people around you aren’t held accountable for what they do and make excuses when they mess up and the church still allows them to serve like they’ve done nothing wrong then you’ll start do those things too thinking they’ll never be consequences. My problem was when he said he chose to sit down for 30 days. He knew he was having sex outside of marriage but only chose to sit down right around the time the child was being born. The sin is in the sex so he should’ve sat down long before this child was ever made. And where was his bishop and church board at seeing that he sat himself down? They should’ve made him sit down. What’s their purpose if it’s not to help uphold the standard of God in the house of God?

  2. I bet you Bishop Sheard would have sat him down if it came out that he was in a homosexual relationship

  3. Mad respect for this guy! So apparently he admitted his sn publicly before anyone could negatively expose him. Hopefully his motive for transparency is God driven and not flesh. Some of these other leaders need to take note.

  4. William you use to be on it with the news. This news has been in the streets since April when the baby was born.

  5. You know why so many people in the church are “fornicating” and having “bastards”?

    Because sex is natural. Desiring sex is natural. Making babies is what human bodies are made to do. The rules you fuckin weirdos try to attach to that which is natural, however, are not.

    Miserable people who aren’t gettin any (but really wish they were) are usually the most judgmental and vocal about it when it’s discovered that, “Oh my god, s/he actually had SEX! And not the way we approve of it being done.” (Or in this case, those unqualified for sex at any point in life due generally to grotesque and marked ugly-assness. I mean, honestly ask yourself why you give a damn what’s happening in ANYBODY else’s bedroom. That question will probably bring you back to the fact that aunt shit happening in yours, and you hate it. But hey…

    Anyway, being human isn’t sin. Publicly and repeatedly demonstrating an absence of love or an understanding of what it means to love human beings … that is.

    This shit ain’t love/holy/godly/necessary/righteous/interesting/well written, in or grammatically correct …. and neither are most of the comments it will will amass.

  6. The man told on himself, so you can’t tell on him lol. He say himself down, his church did not know about the baby until he told them. You can’t expose someone that’s already naked.

    Now YOU on the other hand need to be exposed. You write about all of these preachers but everybody can look at you and SEE that your sins have found you out.

    You go way too far calling people’s children a “bundle of sin” a “bastard”. WAY TOO FAR.

  7. Salute! At least he confessed before he was exposed!

  8. Plant a seed bitch & watch ddddddis. He who do does, I din do muffin. Look at yo neighba & say neighba haaa. Sssss so so so if if if Jew look at da totality. Mmmm word was deep. Shoot ax hims how come he do what he do? Knows what I means. Make sense? Does to the sheep that follow this garbage. I wonder if they know Jesus Christ is the ONLY way into heaven! Do they know what salvation is? Do they know God made a covenant with Israel & not with Islam!

  9. Who did Weldon live with when he was in Atlanta? He lived in ATL for a while (around 2005-06). He was driving around in that man’s Benz and flossing like a rock star.

  10. This man is nothing but a babbling disgrace to himself and the church. How in the world can you call yourself a man of GOD using more profanity than some sinners do. Then, the way you drag people and their business, inaccurately through the streets. And your grammar, can we PLEASE discuss this second grade grammar that you use. Ok not sure wheat kind of blog this is but you definitely need an editor because my 4 year old niece writes more complete sentences than you do. And this makeup, oh let’s go with that. First off, YOU LOOK DEAD! The hair, the nails, the women’s jewelry…I mean, who’s the fool sir? Then that big old bunion on those wide planks you call feet…GET OUTRA HERE! You, you sir need deliverance and I pray that these lies you I tell don’t get you hurt. Sweep around your own front door before you go sweeping around others. Your funky sheets are FAR from clean. You prancing around in these “Tom Ford” suits all while living in an apartment. Get your priorities together…WHO’s the fool now👀

  11. Sharon Gabriel Frazier

    Are comments shut down?

  12. But he’s sooo very gayyyy.

  13. you guys are rude as hell calling his baby a bastard child! you wouldn’t want anyone calling your child names! we all fall short…at least he’s not turning his back on his son, like one bishop we all know. ok you’ve sinned; it’s over! man up and be in your childs life.

  14. Mf Hypocrite!!!

  15. I’m so glad that this bitch ass nigga Welton Smith has finally been exposed! Smile Bitch! Straight outta wedlock 😂😂😂

  16. Hello. And Bye.

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