Alleged Missing Person Story Is Nothing More Than A Homosexual Lover’s Quarrel!!!

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Allegedly a missing person story was made up to keep two men from being outed.  Earlier this summer a number of folks Social Media timelines was flooded with a photo of Francis Ellis saying he was missing.  Quite naturally it was alarming with all of the police brutality and killings individuals was concerned.  Friends of friends of Frank Ellis became alarmed and posted his photo to try to assist in his being found alive.  This happened shortly after a Morehouse College graduate that worked for the CDC had been missing and his body was later found in the Chattahoochee River.  Several friends reached out to us here at Obnoxious Media to assist in trying to locate Frank.  However, when we discovered at the time none of his friends had reported him missing to the police we decided it best to wait.

Francis Patrick Ellis, Alleged missing person was not really missing after all.  Now it could be said it was all just a cover up to keep the truth according to Frank from coming out.  The missing person turned out to be a domestic violence between two lovers.  According to Francis Patrick Ellis on while at his lover’s house, Kwame Thompson, he confronted him about having sex with a mutual friend of theirs.  The discussion got heated and Kwame snatched Frank’s phone from him.  Things got more physical and a fight occurred between the two men.  Frank was fearful and left without getting his phone from Kwame.  Most people do not really memorize home numbers anymore due to them being in your phone.  Well, friends nor family were able to reach Frank and he was afraid to show up at any of the places he frequented due to The possibility Kwame would show up.  It seems Frank went out of town still not notifying anyone.

The story gets more and more bazaar, but thankfully Frank was not hurt and eventually made his safe return to Atlanta.  Many of his friends say he was in the city the entire time and just afraid to come forward due to the fear of Kwame’s retaliation.  It seems these two guys went through all of this drama to keep the obvious from coming out that was inevitable.  Seems it was on big deal to just say we are a couple and he cheated on me we got into it and I need a officer to escort me to my lover’s house to get my phone back.

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  1. These homosexuals and their “relationships.”

  2. A few observations:

    1. This “Parisian” letterhead is the most basic shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

    2. “Corrosion” of my parents, sis? WTF does that even mean?

    3. Y’all had a fight so you left the whole damn country, sis?

  3. Stunt queens at their finest…I don’t trust any man out of Atlanta 😛

    • Hey all this person likes to play on the phone so I thought I would share their number so you all can play with them 414-234-5447

      • So now you need others to do your dirty work for you? I used to really like you, William; however, you’ve become such a disappointment. You have allowed what people think of you to affect your character. What people think of you is none of your business. That’s their problem. You continue to lash out at the very people who are destined to send you to Hell because they have been sent by Satan to destroy you. I have been putting angry faces on your live videos when it becomes evident that the Devil is using you to get back at people who talk about you. Ignorance is bliss in a lot of people lives. Don’t stoop to their level. If you are so classy, act like it. I pray that God will show you yourself and that you change for the better.

      • @Sir William don’t get into no legal trouble now posting ppl phone numbahs lmao!!!

    • You are correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “They” make a mess out the mess their already in!!!! Bahahaha!!!!

  4. You know Sir William. When I stumbled on your site some years back I was vey self righteous and felt this was being messy, but you know ” If they don’t do it You can’t report it”. You know Sweetie I’m old school like you born and raised COGIC . I understand we have to be relevant to the world we live in, but God still requires Holiness, not Perfection but Holiness. All of us have messed up, but you and Larry Reid in a very real way Hold people accountable. It seems those on these platforms feel like they can do what they want to with out remorse, self reflection,repentance or accountability. There are consequences for our actions. Maybe the Church could be more forgiving but their attitudes, arrogance and disrespect of the office they hold, the people they serve and the God they represent is Distasteful. And the level of perversion they live in is a disservice to Everything they represent. WE All have struggles but when you allow yourself to get deeper involved to the point you can’t control yourself Social Media is real in 2019 will get you TOGETHER!!! Now everybody knows your business. The thing is that The Holy Ghost always deals with us before the exposure comes. He reasons with us, but if we refuse correction from the Holy Ghost which is in private they will have to deal with you and Larry Reid. Lord Help Me. Lolol. Much love and respect to you Sir William.

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