Bishop Andrew J. Ford II Has Died!

Bishop Andrew J. Ford II Has Died!

So sorry to learn of the passing of Bishop Andrew J. Ford II.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the Saints of Ford Memorial Temple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Rest easy…

  2. oh my gosh… aint nobody tell me nuffin. that is going to be a huge praisefest funeral with the best singing. DC, Baltimore, Delaware, Philly, Jersey, NYC and conneticut are going to show out.

  3. Pray for “order in the temple.” If his sisters take the reins there shall be a continuous flow of maturity, but if “FMT” falls into the hands of _____________ the retrograde shall commence.

    The present “leadership” is comical at best. The voicemail is never answered, the order of service (time) is NEVER published, all the sane-mature-“straight” (???) folks left, some lady that wears party dresses & those “Cat-in-The-Hat New York” hats is so nasty that she had a public spat with one of the Baltimore “children” (obviously gay older men) and referred to his momma, the oldest Overseer had to publicly make the ministers/elders kiss & makeup during a morning service with visitors and statesmen staring in shock!!!!!!

    Our family left a some time ago when we overheard a boisterous commotion about ______ making a very disturbed (clinically depressed & misguided) man marry a woman just because of the tribe of children they both had and it looking poorly on ______ if a member of “security” was “shacking”!!! Hell!

    • My family left a short time after his dad passed in the 90s. It was still called Highway back then. They were not happy with the direction the church was going in. I was too young to understand but my prayers & condolences are still with the Ford family…

      • Vernon Smith NY

        The Apostle John stated, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God!

      • Don’t nobody care. Why did you even deem it necessary to mention some 30 year old shit ? Then you pretended to care and send condolences. Girl bye you can miss me with that bull shit. Your family is bitter just like the other haters on here and they done passed it on to you. For shame…………..

    • You “Petty” Mary but scared to fill in the blanks????? Bye Felecia

    • Petty but hiding. That doesn’t add up sis!! Why don’t you reveal yourself? You probably some hater who paraded around Ford looking for recognition but got paid dust.


    • That’s funny, what church is totally clean?

      • Not to defend anyone or any statement, but… GOD’s mandated church is!

        You can’t allow what GOD disallowed. The rules apply judiciously and shall be applied judiciously, dj.

        Having a “church full of homosexuals & infidels” kinda much puts the Word on blast. Or, does it blast the Word? Hmm…

    • And what is your church full of??? Thats right your probably sitting at home on your wide ASS eating a super size bag of Doritos judging another place of worship. You punks need to ask God to deliver you from all that bitterness because it’s not a good look. Y’all don’t have a heaven or hell to put nobody in!

      • Minister S. Kirby

        Ya’ll who is J Man? Is he a cult follower too? Probably some tight suit wearing (New York Thrift Store surely!!!), clutch carrying, lisp speaking gossiper who sits under old ladies for all the “T”.

        You know the type who secretly hates women but wants to do all the make-up for the album release… But, don’t let him near your hubby ‘cuz he’s turn him out like a pair of Guess pumps!!!!!!

        We know who you are; just come out already. Who sent ‘ya?! Tell us. Was it an angel of light?! LOL!!!

      • The6thClarkSister

        Your language. Wow. You sound like such a saint. I know Bishop Ford would be proud.

  5. Sometimes, we all need to just pray for whatever, whoever and whenever we see something that our hearts and minds don’t agree with. I really challenge anyone who has anything negative to say tell me they have never and presently to this day have not sinned. I have been to his church and I am just thankful for the time I got to know him. He was a good man and if he had any faults that was between him and the Lord. Its sad that we as black people at a time of someone death point out the negative in their life instead of seeing any good that they brought into the world. When death is knocking on someones door, you don’t know what their conversation with God is. You don’t know if they have asked for forgiveness in their life or not. But If God forgives a man or woman for any transgressions who am I to talk ill of the dead? May God have mercy on his soul. Rest in peace my friend.

  6. You have got to be kidding me. This man has died and you ‘aints are really gossiping and throwing dirt on his churches name?? I did not know Bishop Ford personally, but you couldn’t help but to know who he was if you were a part of the East Coast Church scene. He appeared to be a great man and a lot of people loved him. Instead of speaking negatively, why don’t you PRAY for his family, friends and church? Is that so hard too do?

    • Shane Master Profit

      Whoa!! This is a blog right? This isn’t a court of law… So who can’t say what ’tis they want. It was alleged that some *thing in the inner circle stole the entire offering via an electronic debit!!

      “East Coast Church scene” isn’t mandated by GOD; nor is it GOD! Wth!

      Child please. Allegedly, so many people left way before because of the pulpit bullying, “flesh call-outs” (calling on “favorites” to prove a point which is not scriptural!!!), lying on the saints, and just being nasty to the H***** family and telling another pastor that he was “stealing” members !!!!! Who does that?

      No how ’bout narcissistic tendencies bordering on cult-like behavior sanctioned by dubious claims of sanctification which only GOD can confirm. Todd Hall claimed years ago that there were certain PEOPLE guilty of tarnishing the ministry’s name and he could prophetically call the names!!!!!! But, like a gentleman he did NOT name the f-k’n PEOPLE who are the reason so much of the behind-the-scenes matters became public. But our family knows them well!!!!!

      • You sound so fucking bitter and pressed. How about you seek deliverance for yourself?

        • Choke on all the “f” bombs! Who are you? Whose pressed but you. lol This is a blog nor a court of law, but… But… In just a few more days, Sis. Just wait on it. And if you or any “thing” can demand who can seek something, try it first then report to cave #5 for a shakedown. Oh! It’s coming… Stay tuned, Sus!

        • Bitter? lol You tight suit wearing follower!!! That’s all; just another used follower to fill the seats. Ask the veterans how things run—eventually they’ll ask YOU for a loan. Bye girl!

  7. R.I.P. wonderful man of God

  8. These comments!!!
    Y’all should be shame. The man isn’t even in the grave yet and y’all gossiping, cussing and dragging. Messy is as messy does saints. Do better!!!

    RIP Bishop.

    • IsAbelle da Diva

      Wow! His daughter and sister let it rip!!! Who was the man in the White too tight dress and silver disco hat in the choir?!!! And the family refused to wear White!!! The members couldn’t wait to call foul at who wasn’t allowed to dictate & allow the pretty girlfriend some kind of recognition. I guess she’ll get some big hats!!!! We glad she got some Louboutins out of the deal. Overall we pray for total recompense for all things done in respect to the mantle of leadership. #Hide&Go-See

    • Right, Vonny. They should wait UNTIL the fuun’ is over to paint the sheets durty, gal. lol

      Honey, we missed a show they say. I’m not one to gossip, but was that a man in that sparkling cap and tight white dress (choir)? That face was whipped like NY!!! I tell you what, I’m going on a diet. There were so many stomachs showing thru those white outfits. All the guest were snickering because Apostolics usually grab a good undergarment…

      Vonny, again you are right. These messy people will never learn to talk after the fuun’. That’s when the annointing is supposed to show up. Bye gal. OMG! Was that you in that disco hat in the front on the left?

      • He’s allegedly the pastor that told off singer Rodney Harris and his Mother during church & they left for a decade a came back!!! How do people sit up under that? In the social work that’s call “sick”. LOL!!!

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