Bishop Darrell Hines Case Dismissed Alleged Baby Momma Does Not Show Up To Trial

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……More details are soon to come, but the bottom line is that Bishop Darrell Hines was fully acquitted last week at the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bishops Conference in Cincinnati.  Since this man ran for the General Board he has been crucified.  During his campaign a rumor surfaced that Hines had an affair with a woman in Tampa, Florida and a Bastard Child was allegedly born as a result of this so called affair.

Now the funny thing is it was constantly things about the story that never added up.  First is way did the superintendent that filed the grievance against Hines also having an affair with the same woman and did have a baby by her.  It seems that he wanted the Bishop from Milwaukee to take the fall for his mistakes.  Was this all just high crimes and misdemeanors to not Darrell Hines out of the running for Presiding Bishop come election 2020. Not to many will be able to go head to head with Drew SHEARD if he finally has the heart to challenge Bishop Blake in two years.  It remains to be seen, but it will definitely go down on our first year back to Memphis and it is going to be an election year.

Now back to this ridiculous allegation brought by Superintendent William Gaylord, who never had any real creditability and when the woman did not show up that seriously killed the case against Darrell Hines.  So the this fake “Me Too”Case did not work in the church and there was no real proof to support the claim of an affair nor was there ever a DNA test taken by either of the men so how did you have a case.  It seems they were totally banking on her testimony and when that did not happen case dismissed!

Read Moses Tyson’s email about this matter below:

Dear Presiding Bishop Blake & Chairman Thuston:
Please see just “ONE” example of the sad attached footage full of  mis-information, due to  your dishonest (documented) behavior in the Bishop Hines/ Sis. Gaylord matter.  Your mis-behavior is not only doing much irreparable damages to Bishop Hines and all of those  who love him and are connected to his family and ministry, BUT also it has caused much unnecessary damage to our organization.  I have a bevvy of documentation, where I BEGGED you all to pull the plug on this SHAM of a SCAPEGOATING SET-UP.  You refused.  For brevity, I have attached just 3 Documents, that prove this was a Sham and both of you KNEW this case did not meet any serious criteria to set up a TRIAL.  The letter from the Board of Bishops, Attorney Watson,  CLEARLY informed you that the process that Chairman Thuston, YOU were using had NOT been fulfilled to warrant such a Trial.  YET you ignored their “factual information” and carried on anyway. Bishop Blake sir, basically you stood by and allowed for the “thankfully aborted hanging” of an by “verdict” INNOCENT MAN.  Lastly, I have attached 4 documents that PROVE that Chairman Thuston KNEW I told him the set was flawed at best.  In the end, he TRIED to deny me entry.  He KNEW I was going to DENOUNCE the flawed set up, as for one thing, basically NONE of the allegations had been “authenticated”.
Chairman Thuston sir, you even went as far as to have me “THROWN” out, even after you staff apologized and allowed me entrance back in.  As you can see, Bishop Blake, (attached),  HE picked Supt. Baxter to go in to represent her.  Supt. Baxter had only been chosen a few days prior to assist me,  as I needed a Back Up to SHOW UP, if my plane had crashed.  As I told them after they threw me out, Supt. Baxter had yet to even speak with or meet Sis. Gaylord.  They didn’t care. They just wanted me OUT of there so I could not tell them that Bishop Hines was being rail-roaded and that Sis. Gaylord nor I believed in the Trial as it was being set up and had no desire to participate in destroying Bishop Hines.  Thankfully, the Jury saw through the SHAM and voted him “INNOCENT”.
My challenge to you BOTH is this.  COGIC should issue an STATEMENT announcing the VERDICT.  Not to mention an apology for using a FLAWED set up that has damaged so many unnecessarily.  My heart was hurt to see the NO Board Member or anyone else, showed up to Support Bishop Hines.  I guess everyone was so sure he was going to be Thrown Under the COGIC Bus?  But as you can see by the verdict, TRUTH intervened.
WE must deal with Sis. Gaylord as she is truly a VICTIM of the system.  That will be addressed as well as the fact that Chairman Thuston you are going to be held responsible for your deliberate ABUSE of power.  You sir, threw me out of the OFFICE?  I am confident you are going to be THROWN out of your position after the proof of your abuse is DOCUMENTED FORMALLY.  As for you Bishop Blake sir, you should RESIGN.  Again, read the letter from the Board of Bishops, informing you of the “failure” of Chairman Thuston to have thoroughly followed the process and YOU SAID NOTHING!  Have either of you any SHAME OR DECENCY?  Mind you sir, my mom is YET a victim of COGIC AGENTS, Bishop Kyles is yet be BULLIED, and PMO is yet being ignored.  Again, God spared Bishop HInes from being thrown UNDER THE COGIC DISHONEST BUS!
I challenge EITHER of you to CHALLENGE my Positions!  Anywhere or Anytime!
Pastor Thaddeus, I want to do an interview with Chairman Thuston to see why he threw me out and allowed for this FARCE to go on at the expense of so many innocent people?  Not to mention, how he abused Sis. Gaylord’s right, by denying her representative to go in the SHAM OF A SET UP?
Moses Tyson, Jr

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  1. “The Woman” has her own case against Darrel Hines, according to the letter she wrote in response to Bishop Thuston. What happen was a dismissal, that is a technicality, not a clear vertic of NOT GUILTY. He should do like Jasper Williams and Charles Ellis and address the issue, the General Board, Board of Bishops should stand with him if he is innocent. Unless this women has gotten a trust fund set up and the funds deposited in the account for this child she better go get a paternity test done and established . I hope she ain’t crazy enough to think that something will be left for that child and Take out your own policy on his tail to take care of your child in case something happens.

    • If he is not lying. If not do it, if so let sleeping dogs lay. However it could be the other 10 Men’s Baby. That her position trapping High Minded Men’s

  2. Yo Dude,U need to tighten up. Ur Way Late for Real. What abt the Latest on the Baby Daddy Bishops from the ‘A’?? Murphy and E.Dewey Nem??? Where’s the Tea ☕️ ☕️?? U usually are ahead of there Stories!!!

    • The righteous shall not be moved Bishop Darrell Hines is a wonderful bishop and I know he loves his wife and his children and I just thank God for Vindication and God granted him the victory in the mighty name of Yeshua hamashiach The Great I Am that I am is faithful to his word and Bishop Darrell Hines is a man of God and he preaches the word of God and lives the word of God

  3. Bishop Hines…Smile Bitch!

  4. This Women told me in a Revival,Will you move over so she can see her daddy Preach.
    Excuse me who is her Daddy, she Clean, I said he is married, I know she said her daughter is 19 lightskin but show do look like Clean………….

    Get it all out

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