Bishop Floyd E. Nelson, Chief Apostle To The Living Faith Church of Nantucket Has Died!

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Obnoxious Media regrets to inform you the passing of Bishop Floyd E. Nelson, Living Faith Church of Nantucket and First Vice-Presiding Bishop of the International Bible Way Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ and during his ministry he founded thirty plus churches.  Obnoxious Media has yet to obtain any details on his passing at the time of this post.

Apostle Floyd E. Nelson, Sr., PhD, DD

Apostle Nelson is an anointed and gifted preacher, pastor, evangelist and teacher who serves as Chief Apostle to Living Faith Church of Nantucket.  He is currently the First Vice-Presiding Bishop of the International Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Incorporated, and the spiritual covering for numerous churches throughout the United States and abroad.  He was consecrated to the Bishopric in 1976, and became affiliated with the International Bible Way Church of our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide Incorporated, in 1985

Prior to relocating to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Bishop Nelson established churches in Texas, Missouri, Illinois and California.  He has founded approximately thirty churches during his ministry.  Because of his unique ability to establish churches, he has launched and subsidized many of these ministries, often using the associate ministers under his tutelage, and putting them in place as pastors.

After relocating to the East Coast he worked for a short time with his brother, Bishop James Nelson, at Greater Bethlehem Temple in Baltimore, MD.   Apostle Nelson is known to be a prominent Bible scholar, an anointed preacher and a noted seminarian.  He is a friend, advisor and spiritual father to many pastors and church leaders because of his knowledge and many years of pastoral experience.  His ministry expands across the United States and internationally to churches in England, Jamaica, Trinidad, South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East Rome, South Korea, Japan and the island of Montserrat.

He was elected to the Executive Board of Bishops in 2000, and serves in many capacities in the Bible Way organization. On July 20, 2006 Bishop Nelson was consecrated as an Apostle and as First Vice-Presiding Bishop of Bible Way. He was appointed chairperson of World Missions for Bible Way, and is now the newly appointed Bishop of Home Missions which serves churches in the United States of America.

Apostle Nelson’s apostolic heritage has spanned a legacy of five generations, which began at the Azusa Street Revival with his great-grandmother, and is now inherited by his grandchildren.  On May 26, 2006, Bishop Nelson was honored and celebrated for fifty years of Pastoral Ministry and leadership.

Apostle Nelson is not only an Apostle, but one who operates in the five-fold ministry.  Along with the numerous churches he has founded, he is the founder, Chief Apostle and visionary of God’s Vision International Ministries. God’s Vision is a fellowship of Pastors and churches, and offers a holistic approach to ministry and a unique and ecumenical approach to fellowship of pastors.

In November, 2006, Apostle Nelson installed his son, Elder Floyd Nelson as Pastor of Lively Stone, and he will assume the role of Founding Pastor. This allows him to give his son insight and guidance as pastor, as he serves the organization freely.

His academic accomplishments include a Doctor of Divinity, and a PhD in Psychology. he has also received numerous honory degrees, awards, proclamations, citations, and commendations.

As of October 22, 2009, Apostle Nelson has been married for forty-three years to the lovely Dr. Yvonne Nelson, who is the president of the International Clergy Wives and Widow’s Association, of the International Bible Way Church, and also the pastor of Living Faith Church of Nantucket. Under their administration, and working together in the ministry, many successful endeavors have been accomplished because of their united efforts in Kingdom building.  They have three adult children and six grandchildren.  To God be the Glory!

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  1. Maggie Battle-Smith

    I got news that Bishop Nelson had passed @ Wed. Bible study.. I am trying to find out if Bishop Floyd Nelson is the same person that I grew up with years ago in Muskegon , Michigan? If information is available on this I’d appreciate someone getting back with me as I would like very much to send some sort of condolence to the family. I look forward to hearing back from someone please!
    Respectfully yours
    Maggie Battle-Smith

  2. Bishop Mazwi Luthuli

    To be absent I the body it means to be present with Lord. May your soul rest in His perfect peace my Chief Apostle. We will always thank God for your life and commitment in the holy church of God. ( College Of Bishops in Africa)

  3. Pastor James Walker

    I am just finding out today that Bishop Floyd Nelson has passed away. My heart dropped. I grew up under this Man of God in my spiritual journey. He prophesied to me about something amazing and it came to pass. He will be missed greatly.

  4. TheCogicSoulSista

    The Dancing Apostle. He will be missed.

  5. Bishop Robert L. Carter


  6. Hi Sir. William, thank you for posting the news in regards to our Presider, just one minor correction. Apostle Nelson was at the time of his passing, “Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle” of the International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., and he was the second and only other Presider outside of the founder to transition while in the office of Presiding Bishop of Bible Way. Once again, thank you, we appreciate it very much!

  7. Reverend Winters Rogers

    Apostal Nelson is a true man of God and a father to many of us as young pastors, ministers of the gospel, he saw something in me back in 1995 that I did not see in myself, what a blessing to this world he was and to Dr. Nelson may God keep you and strengthen the entire family, for our God makes no mistakes, and we thank God for the time that he allowed us to e in Apostal Nelson’s presents.

    Love Always
    Your son in the ministry

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