Bishop Michael Gardner Of Chicago Accused Of Having Sex With An Underage Girl!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A 28-year-old woman says she had a two-year sexual relationship with Chicago pastor Bishop Michael Gardner of Greater Faith Cathedral Church, when she was only a minor.

The woman (who ask to remain in anonymity) told Bloggers she met the married pastor at a McDonald’s restaurant in 2008, when she was only 15-years -old and a virgin.

“He would always pick me up from school in his black Jaguar and take me to a wooded area near the Atgeld Gardens housing projects to have sex” said the woman.

The woman told Obnoxious Media that on one occasion Bishop Gardner answered a call from his wife while she was performing oral sex on him.

Obnoxious Media was also informed that Bishop Gardner was allegedly escorted out of a church service at Greater House of Prayer by pastor Galen Leverette for making advances towards his wife Deborah Leverette and other women in his congregation. “If you come near this church again I’m calling the police” said pastor Leverette.

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  1. Remington Steele

    How was she 15 when it happened ten years ago, and now is 28? Ten years ago, she was 18. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Lol! This whole blog is Obnoxious. Let’s all subtract together, 28-10=18👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. Call 203-990-5032 since the like to play on my phone

    • Sir William now you know our nosey asses gonna dial that number to see who it is. I was waiting for a police dept, Jenny Craig, Dial a dick, somebody’s jail or something like that. Just ring tone no answer. Ugh… anti climatic.

    • @Sir William So they made you remove the other post about Rev. Sharpe you had on here earlier & he was messing with 15 yo girls or you had it mixed up????

  4. ChanceMarq (@ChanceMarqSmith)

    Why is she hiding her name?

    • You can’t knocked her for not wanting to divulge her name. She still has to live her life. If anything you should be asking why that pervert Michael Gardner raped an underage girl.

      • @Lisa, “Why did Michael Gardner rape an underage girl”? Lisa he raped the minor because he is an evil perverted rascal. Women and Men in these here days you have to be More Protective of our children. Every time I turn on the TV or radio they are warning us to protect our identity, we need to do the same for our children. Protect the child from perverted mien and women. That perverted spirit is running wild, (sex trafficking, rape, murder and rape, spouse swapping , and more.

      • Rape? Sounds like she was a willing participant to me. Did she not admit to giving him head? Did he have a gun to her head? Didn’t she have sex with him on more than one occasion? Did she run screaming at the top of her lungs when she saw that black jaguar creeping up? The lil freak not a victim.

  5. You should probably do the math before posting stupid stuff like this. How are you 15 ten years ago but 28 today????

  6. i believe every word of this article because bishop gardner tried to get me in the bed many times when he was married to his former wife. that nigga is as low down and phony as they come he uses a lot of profanity and all he talk about is how he wanna have sex. he also has a real bad speech impediment most of the time you can’t understand what he’s saying i hope they throw his scandalous ass under the jail

    • I see no one has anything to say since the whole blog was a lie. People will murder you before they have proof. I think everyone owe this man an apology, but i bet want nobody share that statment

      • Uuuuummmm Ms. Rogers, you’re joking right?? How much is Michael Gardner paying you to write such a comment. I no firsthand how he is and I’m sure you know as well. He’s even bragged to others ministers about how young girls want him all the time. I was at a church service at his church once and a woman started shouting and her breast popped out. Even worst, the music kept playing and it took at least 5 minutes for someone to finally go and cover her with a blanket. I personally think he staged it and told her to do that. It may sound unreal, but it did happen right in his church when he was on 114th in Michigan. So again Mrs. Rogers, cut the crap!!!!

      • I’m surprised it took this long for this disgusting pastor to be exposed. Pastor Gardner tried to have sex with my little niece while she was coming home from Corliss High School but she threatened to call the police. When my niece told him she was only 15, he told her “so what. that’s not no big deal” I found out by listening to the Harold Davis radio show on am 1570. Then I googled this article with and recognized Bishop Gardner’s photo. When my niece told him she was only 15, he told her “so what. that’s not no big deal.” That man is really sick and perverted in the head.

  7. Remington Steele

    I’m sure they did. All I’m saying is that if she is 28 now, and the thing happened TEN years ago, she wasn’t underaged. She was 18! Simple math.

  8. You sir are a mf disgrace and got audacity to call you mf self Bisho…be seated please!

  9. Yes he is low down, and believe he will suffer painfully before dying..

  10. Man man man…Saints look a here 😛

  11. Sir yo monkey ass down!

  12. Street Committee

    I believe I have the name of the person running the Heathen Central YouTube channel. A guy named Christopher Leo Daniels used to run a channel years ago called TruthSerum101. The same animation style used in those videos is used in the HC Youtube channel. I’m sharing this because I hate a bully who throws rocks and hides his hands. This is all alleged but hope this helps

  13. Staying prayedup

    I used to go to the same convocation as he did. And got in trouble for purchasing a bunch of porn and charged it to his room.

  14. When I saw this article I immediately knew every word was true because years ago he tried to come on to my 15-year-old niece when she was walking near Palmer Park on 111th and Indiana.. He can’t deny it because we have voicemails he left on her phone to prove it. The only reason we didn’t press charges ids because he never went further than phone conversations. He was speaking very explicitly in his voicemails to my niece. He is a sick and perverted devil who needs help.

  15. She was down with it when it was happening. She looking for $$$$

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