Bishop Quincy Lavelle Carswell Has Suffered A Very Serious Stroke!

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Form the desk of his son Quenicy Lavelle Carswell, II:

On behalf of The Carswell Family, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the various ways you’ve all reached out to express concern surrounding our beloved Bishop Quincy Lavelle Carswell.

We would also like to express our overwhelming gratitude to the Covenant Church Family for your consistent prayers and presence during this time. We love you!

We solicit your continued fervent prayers regarding Bishop Carswell. He is currently hospitalized and fighting a serious medical condition related to a stroke. Bishop is receiving the absolute best medical care available, BUT WE BELIEVE GOD! Our faith, hope and trust dwell in Him and we are asking you to stand with us in agreement for his TOTAL healing! GOD IS ABLE!

For further updates and contact information to offer assistance and share concern, please visit

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  1. Lifting him up in Jesus name! Prayers for his family and church family!

  2. No sense in “believing god”, if prayer worked, he wouldn’t have had a stroke in the first place. What Christians seem to be unaware of is that people of other religions pray to their gods too and seemingly get answers. I heard one Hindu lady say that her and her baby were in a roll over accident and all she could do was call on Krishna. Her and her baby survived the accident without any serious injuries. Does that mean Krishna is real and Hinduism is the one, true faith?? Not at all. She experienced a lucky coincidence and I’d bet dollars to donuts that her and her baby were wearing the appropriate safety belts, which merely did the job they were designed to do. Krishna had nothing to do with it and Krishna need not be real and Hinduism need not be true in order to explain how the Hindu lady escaped without injury.

    Anyway, hope the good Bishop makes a speedy recovery. And if he does, it will be because of the medical treatment by human doctors he is receiving. Not prayers to any deity.

    • Thoughts and prayers.

    • People get sick and they do die Einstein.

    • Praying for you in your spiritual ignorance.

    • I curse your dirty mouth you filthy, blaspheming son of satan. God is the only true and living God. I am uncertain of Caldwell’s health condition but God is a healer.

      • If “god is a healer” then why do Christians need health insurance? Why do Christians need to go to doctors just like nonbelievers?

        In fact, every religious believer who claims that they pray to a god that heals need health insurance and need to go to doctors.

    • Someone need to pray for you because you’re a very ignorant person but most unbelievers are.

    • Harold, I suggest before you make these type of comments, read and study the bible first. We are all going to die. We will either go to heaven or hell for eternity, There’s only one way to heaven and that’s through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This world is not our home and God never promised this world would be trouble free. But He did promise everlasting life to all believers. Hell is real. Even if you don’t believe it does not make it’ not true. Man can’t do anything without the power of God. The human doctors you speak of was created by God who gives them knowledge. Read your bible and see forself. Don’t let satan take you to hell for eternity.

    • The true God and creator of the Universe is not a deity.

    • Harold, I pray that all you will give God your heart and accept him before it’s to late. The Bible say that every knee shall bow and every tongue WILL confess that Jesus is lord. Harold you are one of the every.

    • No other name but Jesus…and before its all over EVERY knee shall bow….EVERY tongue shall confess that JESUS is the risen Christ….


  3. I so agree with you. It is like saying that that praying before you eat will protect you from poisoning, etc. It just so happens that there were no toxins present . If they were present before prayer, they would still exist after prayer.

  4. Definitely praying for the Bishop

  5. Praying for him and his healing ….In the Name OF JESUS…..

  6. Chile, what in thee entire hell is harold talm bout🙄

  7. Harold, I pray that all you will give God your heart and accept him before it’s to late. The Bible say that every knee shall bow and every tongue WILL confess that Jesus is lord. Harold you are one of the every.

  8. God Is A Healer. I pray for the day you will be a “WITNESS OF HIS MIRACULOUS HEALING”.

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