Bishop Roy Brown’s Widow Paula Scarlett Days To Get Out Her House If She Does Not Burn It Down To The Ground!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, Paula get you some boxes because you got to get your sh*t and go.  Seems Roy Brown’s third wife did everything, but take care of her business in the event her husband would die.  The widow of Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc. founder Archbishop Roy E. Brown is being evicted by the church her husband led for decades and her family claims she could become “homeless.”

Obnoxious Media is getting reports that Paula signed documents agreeing to move out of the house in the event Roy Brown died.  It seems as ill as he was for the number of years that he was down Paula would have willed him into an attorney’s office to be sure she was taken care of but that does not seems to be the case.  Sources close to Paula say she gave back a check for $25,000 dollars that was given to her by Bishop Bernard Jordan.  The word is that Roy Brown wanted to give the excact amount to Jordan last year when he was consecrated an Arch Bishop, But had no idea how he would pay the pledge.  Paula is said to have given the check back to honor Roy Brown’s pledge.  Although, Roy Brown and and Bernard Jordan had a strained relationship at best.

Brown, who led Pilgrim Church in Brooklyn, New York, for decades before his death in June, was hailed by civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton as “a Pentecostal Church giant” on his passing.

Nevertheless, Paula Scarlett-Brown was recently given a 10-day notice to vacate a $2.5 million home located in Flatbush, Brooklyn, by Pilgrim Baptist Church.

“Please take notice, that the Owner and Landlord, Pilgrim Baptist Church, INC., is entitled to immediate possession of the premises known as and located at 1721 Ditmas Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (the ‘Premises’) based on the fact that the person who had a license to live on the Premises, Roy E. Brown, died and such license expired upon his death,” the notice, dated Aug. 15, said.

“Any and all license, if any, given to Paula Scarlett-Brown to occupy the premises by Roy E. Brown, the deceased holder of the license, has expired and terminated by virtue of death of Roy E. Brown. Your occupancy of the premises is without the permission of the Landlord,” it continued, requesting the widow and all others living on the property to vacate the premises by Aug. 26 or face further action.

The widow’s niece, Tonya Joy Bolton, who posted a copy of the eviction notice, asked for prayers on Friday and worried she could be “made homeless.”

“Please pray for my Aunt Paula Scarlett-Brown. Today her Church of 28 years gave her notice of their intention to make her HOMELESS in Ten DAYS TIME! She is the most kind-hearted, Sweet natured woman I know,” Bolton wrote.

“What House of GOD, What decent human being would seek to remove the FIRST LADY and WIDOW of their Founding father from her home of 22 years and put her OUT ON THE STREET in the next 10 days? Their absence of God’s Love grieves my heart but comes as no surprise as I have witnessed it with my own eyes…. Shame on you Pilgrim_Church. May the Judgement of God be upon you ALL!!!”

Monte Malik Chandler, the church’s attorney, told Reporters in an interview Monday that the church has provided both Brown as well as his widow with significant assistance.

“The church recognizes wholeheartedly their duty to widows and orphans, recognizes their duty to do justice to love mercy and walk humbly with their God but they also need to balance that with the notion of being good stewards of their time, their treasure and their talents. And I think at the end of the day, the reality of the circumstances are that the church has been extremely magnanimous and kind to both Bishop Roy Brown and deservingly so and they also have been extremely kind to his wife,” Chandler said.

He explained that even after Bishop Brown retired, the church covered weekly home health aide expenses totaling $1,700 weekly and paid premiums to cover a $100,000 life insurance policy for his widow.

“She’s not the only widow in our church. She’s not the only widow that’s in need of assistance in ministry. And I would tell you that the church was proactive in financing a $100,000 life insurance policy for Paula. She was the primary and only beneficiary, so when Bishop Roy Brown died on June 2, weeks later she got a check for $100,000 courtesy of the church’s proactive nature of financing and paying for a life-insurance policy,” Chandler said.

He further explained that Scarlett-Brown has been aware for some time that she would have to leave.

“This circumstance was not a shock or a surprise at all. So I will leave it at that,” Chandler said.

Pastor De΄Bora Annette Crowe is currently the leader of Pilgrim Church, according to the church’s website.  So how could Roy Brown place a out of control woman to lead his ministry that he did not have the best interest of his wife.  So now you have an out of control woman in control and Paula who seems to be naive or just stupid.  A woman to be married twenty plus years and not have her affairs in order is just not wise.

Now Paula should get all her stuff moved out and walk through the house with lighter fluid and strike a match and burn it down to the ground then allow them to mistreat her for their selfish gain.  so should everyone be up in arms for church business Rolling on even after she was paid $100,000 dollars?  Perhaps this is not personal and just business!

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  1. $100,000 won’t even buy you a one bedroom project. Here in Nashville, you can’t even buy a house for less than $300,000 right now unless it’s a piece of a barn house. The church should be ashamed of itself especially if you have it. This is not just some regular widow. This is the woman who labored alongside your pastor and had to deal with the manure of the people for 22 years. You are a sad and selfish group of greedy people. Shame on you and your ministry.

  2. How is one Pentecostal and Baptist at the same time?

    These pastors and First Ladies need to have their affairs in order. Stop living off of the churches dime and get your own. She is dressed well in that photo but probably doesn’t have good sense. Sad.

    • Amen @Montey!
      I listened to her interview on Larry Reid Live and it was very obvious that she does not have good sense!

      • Easy. Brown’s church started out Baptist until he converted it over into his Pentecostal organization. Bishop Mason and other leaders converted churches all the time. I pastor a COGIC congregation and a Baptist Church that embraces Pentecostalism it’s more common than you think.

  3. How can a multimillion dollar organization abandon the widow of their founder? WHY would the late Bishop remove the home from out of his name to put in the church name? There’s absolutely no way I would’ve trusted the church to do right by my wife. Lastly, why was the life insurance only a hundred thousand when that’s not the custom of their lifestyle?

  4. This happens when woman don’t take care of business!!
    To worried about what they gonna wear to the WOMANS CONVENTION.

  5. It’s sad how the church treats the widows after the husband passes on.
    They smile and show love until that dirt is thrown on that casket and then…?!!!
    They turn on those widows like evil imps.
    NEVER trust church folk.

  6. The 10 day eviction is ridiculous, but like other have said this is why you need to make sure your affairs are in order. The church looks out for itself and it was her and husband’s job to make sure she was properly taken care of once he was gone. Lots of churches are doing this thing where the pastor’s personal home is purchased through the church in order to avoid paying taxes. But the pastor lives in it so long that people forget it’s technically not their home and they get a rude awaking when/if the pastor dies or gets fired. I understand that sometimes lawyers advice people to put houses and cars in the company or church’s name but you should always have something of your own. I know the church doesn’t like dealing with lawyers when it comes to church business but she should have had a lawyer look over whatever they wanted her to sign and have a financial planner advice them on what they need to do in case her husband died so she wouldn’t have to worry about where she’d live after he was gone.

  7. Most likely, the house was put in church’s name to avoid taxes. It is the parsonage of the pastor. The Church could have made arrangements for the widow to purchase the home instead of throwing her out. They could have found a way legally to keep her in the home if they wanted to. To send a notice to quit to the founder’s wife, is just not right and shows the true nature of the leadership of that church as being greedy for money. Also the life insurance is a red herring. They should have provided life insurance for their Pastor. Why was the amount only $100,00? That seems very low for the principal of an organization the size of Pilgrim Baptist Church.

  8. I do not believe the wife at all. Pilgrim doesn’t owe her anything. It sounds like she married him for a certain lifestyle and like many “1st ladies” feels entitled to keep that lifestyle. She did not appear to contribute to his ministry or his business in any capacity. She fulfilled her role as a wife/ companion, etc. That alone does not entitle her to anything if he changed something in his will in 2016 after he was released from the hospital as she stated when she found out that she would not receive the house. He obviously felt sometime of way which is why he changed everything in 2016. Furthermore, the house never belonged to the pastor. It always belong to the church. It is a parsonage to be used by the church. The church seems to be following his instructions on how to treat her after his death.
    She knew she wasn’t getting the house for two years.
    What exactly does she want? More time in the house? OK, how much more time?
    What does she hope will come of this PR nightmare she is creating?
    How does this benefit the kingdom to scatter the sheep?
    The only person that will benefit from this circus is her – a young able bodied widow with no children who can get another job and support herself but would rather tie the church up in litigation for years to come while her trifling self remains in a home rent free. What did she do with her money all of the years they were married? $800 a week tax free with no bills and the church paying for everything. Even the people at church by her own admission were cooking for him. She was an educated professional when they met with a real estate salesperson license and a certified teacher. Did she check her brain at the door when they got married?
    So what she wiped his behind….she was his WIFE! And, why is she telling everyone that anyway? The church hired home aids and the brothers at church were helping him along with his driver. She didn’t really do to much by herself for the bishop. Her time to complain or contest was while the bishop was living. She remained in the marriage for two years knowing she wasn’t getting anything. She could have planned for her next chapter in life. I am certain the church paid for the funeral so take your $100k and hits the bricks.

    • 😂😂😂Hit the bricks!!
      This is such a mess. From her interview, I didn’t gather that she loved him. This seemed to be a marriage of duty to her spiritual father. It does seem like she checked common sense at the door. She claimed that church people were telling him she was cheating. Hmmm. How did they get your husband ear. Was it when they were cooking for him, going to doctors appointments, driving him around? Or like she said, Debra was the person who got everything done even in their home. Seems like she was running off telling her nieces gossip about the church and her having to wipes his but. That seemed to really have been an issue worth reward from the interviews.

    • @Anonymous
      You laid out your case and I agree with it 100%! Well stated!

    • She deserves that whole dam church if she wants. She was married to him for 22 years and I am sure the legal community would agree. I say like Ivanka don’t get even get everything.

    • @Anonymous this is 100% accurate! Like the wife sat in a meeting with her husband, lawyers, and other and signed the documentation in which involved the timeframe in which she would have to move out. To state that Archbishop Brown was not a man that had his affairs in order is a lie. She knew about this for 2 years so her niece is creating a mess for no reason.

    • Can any Men answer this question:
      Why wouldn’t a Man provide for the Woman he loves after he is gone? I would like to hear a males perspective.

    • Wow. Some Women are very trusting and naïve. A lot of Church men marry the obedient, dutiful, quiet, naive type. Unfortunately “church folks “can be soooooo nasty and critical when things like this happen. Let’s show mercy people. Ok, so you’re savvy and have “YOUR” affairs in order, that’s great. Clearly she was expecting that what was right would come to her as she cared for her husband and while he on the other hand was not thinking that it was his responsibility to ensure she would be cared for after his demise as he was considerably older. He could have had some senility which left him at the mercy of people who could plant seeds in his mind about her. So it would seem possible that if they planted seeds of mistrust in him , making it seem as if they were the only ones he could trust through manipulation they could easily shove papers in front of him and her for them to sign without thinking they would need legal counsel. She’s Dignified, Graceful, Beautiful, Humble and Trusting. I am Praying for her. I hope you will join me. Btw all of this is alledgedly.

  9. Dear Sir William l agree with the comment strike a match 3 words to cut the foolishness.

  10. The Lord will provide! We give so much commentary on things we know Nothing about… pray for her, pray for her family, and pray for the church as they navigate through this season. Most importantly I hope everyone on this has their business fixed while they are mocking her for “not” having hers in order.

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