Bishop Stephan A. Davis Last Day At New Birth Was June 1st: Read His Letter Of Resignation!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has obtained Bishop Stephan Davis letter of resignation as Interim Pastor Of New Birth.  The Board Of Directors consist of Tommy Dortch, Chairman Of The 100 Black Men Of America, Mike Roberts, Businessman form St. Louis, and John Gray, pastor in Greenville.  It seems that Davis never received a salary and took on the great task of being Pastor Of New Birth at the request of Eddie Lee Long two weeks before he died.  According to insiders the board is running the church like a corporation and not thing about the lives of the members or employees.  Recently, Edward Long stood and declared that he would be the pastor and delay does not mean denial.  However, in a meeting today with New Birth staff three names has been mentioned to carry the church, Neal Ellis, who preached Eddie Long’s eulogy, Kenneth Ulmer, dear friend and pastor in LA, and Charles Jenkins, Gospel Recording Artist.  Rumor has it that Charles has relocated his family to Atlanta and flys to Chicago every Sunday to preach at Fellowship, where he is the pastor.  Things have never been the same for Jenkins since we reported his affair and his wife running him over in a Mercedes Benz SUV.

Roberto Woods, who is said to be responsible for Davis leaving and created a messy church committee consisting of the 40 original members that split from Travelers Rest.  You may recall Edward mentioning the host of the church and how it was Birth out of a split.  As a result, the group is not concerned if the church splits again and in fact they want it to so all the members that are not in agreement can leave.  It has always been a strange cult like spirit at New Birth, which will cause it to be extremely difficult for any pastor to take on the church following the atmosphere created by Eddie Long.  Rumor has it that the church will release a statement soon on the Davis leaving.  Additionally, it is said the Board Of Directors want to be paid to govern the church.  It remains to be seen if the will Be successful at getting a check, but they have been successful in creating division among remaining members and staff.

Know that if Obnoxious Media says something you can take it as Gospel for all of you that said I was wrong when we reported this almost two weeks ago.  We are all over this story like white on rice and will be reporting as we find out more information.


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  1. shouldn’t have been there in the 1st place…

  2. Off topic :
    I’m waiting on the article on E Dewey Smith and Greater Travelers Rest/House of Hope!!

  3. Did I read NO SALARY? No 💰 money? No taxable income for over a year? Ok. Love offerings must have kept him afloat.

  4. Sir William, I believe you! It just took a little time for the facts to be revealed and the facts lined up with your previous story.

  5. ChanceMarq (@ChanceMarqSmith)

    Woooooooooooow this is sad how the churches are being run today.
    It seems like they are nothing more than corporations.

  6. Sounds like a board and people without spiritual guidance. Is it wise to let someone come in and give them the same liberties as Bishop Eddie Long, no accountability? No, not even his son. He may know the people, but does he have any experience running a church of this or any magnitude? It actually could take him down dealing with a board and the founding members in a season he clearly ready for. His Father had to know something because he wasn’t named as the immediate successor? Everything and every person in its season. Ellis, Fuller and Jenkins have had scandals of their own.

    These people desperately need spiritual guidance?

  7. Sir William, I believe Congrats are in order for Mother Andrew Caldwell on his being cast in his first Stage play with Le Andria Johnson🤩. Any tea ☕️ on the reviews! It’s no wonder that NFL dude trying to collect his 3 million from Drew, he employed and killing the stage with his presence,

    Gone Mother.

  8. Is this true. I live in Birmingham and he had not mentioned it to his congregation here.

  9. Bishop Neil Ellis preached at New Birth yesterday and appointed Elder Danielle Silas as executive pastor .

    • This is how lies get started. Carla Stokes was name Executive Pastor. Who is Elder Danielle Silas. Please don’t put out false information.

  10. Too bad Jesus Christ hasn’t been invited to New Birf

  11. I just saw on instagram that pastor John Gray is preaching at New Birth this sunday so maybe he really is in the running to be the new pastor. I can’t believe that he would leave greenville after they changed the name of the church and everything. I wonder if Apostle Ron Carpenter is still controlling the name and Just let John Gray change the name so people would think John Gray was in charge. If that is the case then I could see why he might leave.

  12. This is how lies get started. Carla Stokes was name Executive Pastor. Who is Elder Danielle Silas. Please don’t put out false information.

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