Bobby Brown, Ja Rule, Lil’ Wayne, J. Holiday, and Snoop all Busted the same Week!

Drug Dealers and Killers Strike Again…The young people in Brockton, Mass. Had to beware!  A judge had mercy on Bobby Brown and gave him community service in his cocaine possession case and recommended that he volunteer to mentor area youth.  Brown, who is 39, did not face criminal charges in the case, which stemmed from a December 1 arrest at a Brockton hotel.  The police said they were responding to a disturbance call at the hotel and found him sitting in a SUV in the parking lot with a small amount of cocaine in his possession.  He attorney argued that the District Court Clerk Magistrate found no probable cause to issue a criminal complaint, but recommended that Brown volunteer to mentor young people, which is something that he wanted to do all along.  Bobby Brown agreed to a year’s community service and if he does not get in to any more trouble in the next year, the matter be struck for the docket.  Well, Bobby might not be the best person to talk to kids, as a former educator I am not of the opinion children need to hear what not to be like, but to hear how be like someone successful.  Children have constant reminders of the ills of society, but they need to hear from someone that came from the same rough parts and made it and let the crack heads go to rehab!

A New York judge prevented Ja Rule from posting bail for his two co-defendants in a gun possession case stemming from an arrest back in July.  The State Supreme Court Justice Micki Scherer ruled that Ja’s bail money would put himself in the position of perhaps controlling the outcome of the case and that might have been the rappers whole point.  The judge that it was the potential for a huge problem and was not going to happen on his watch.  After co-defendants Dennis Cherry and Mohamed Gamal were ordered to post thousands of dollars in bail with their own money, Ja’s lawyer said the defense would come up with separate bail packages to set them free until their next court date.  I will keep you posted on the outcome. 

Everyone loves Lil’ Wayne, but it must be something that I am not hearing in his music the everyone else does.  Now I am not saying that he is not good, but he is not this amazing artist to me that everyone else makes him out to be.  Well, enough of that let me tell you about his recent arrest.  Lil’ Wayne, born Dwayen Michael Carter, Jr., actually made it to court early Monday Morning to enter a not-guilty plea on gun charges.  The case stemmed from an arrest in July, which followed his headlining a concert at Beacon Theater.  According to his attorney, Stacey Richman, Weezey was arraigned on two felony charges of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree.  It seems that shortly after his gig at the Beacon; police searched Wayne’s tour bus and arrested the rapper for criminal possession of a .40-caliber pistol. 

Where is Baby? Cause it is only the Bird Man that can keep this boy in check!

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I am not done yet we have a lot of folks that acted up and recently went to jail.  Not believe it our not the J. Holiday is not so good of a guy after all.  Less than 24 hours after Snopp was picked up for possession in Manhattan, the singer that has taken everyone by storm was hauled in to the slammer for the same deal.  Holiday was pulled over in Salisbury, Maryland.  The singer was flashed the blue lights on Route 50 for “driving in tandem” with another “at a high rate of speed.” Sgt. Frank Russo said officers picked up a strong marijuana odor coming form his car, which led to a search of his vehicle.  A small amount of “Mary Jane” was found in the center console of Holiday’s vehicle.  Holiday and his passenger, George Jackson, both were charged with drug possession and the driver, Rolland Wesley, faces traffic-related charges.  You have officially been choked by the Bow Tie!

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