Busted! So Called Apostle Regina Martin And Pastor Damion Archat Are Having An Illicit Affair!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well it seeems Apostle Regina Martin, who pastors Embassy Church in Fort Lauderdale has been busted having an affair with Pastor Damion Archat of Jesus Experience.  The affair has practically collapsed his ministry and the reason he and his wife Kenya have divorced.  It seems that fourteen years of marriage and three children was no match for the spell Regina Martin has cast on him.  Now it is said that Regina Martin has a fast growing ministry in Southern Florida and has been a guest on Bishop Greg Davis show on The Word Network several times.

Now the mess hit the fan last week when Kenya went to Jesus Experience, the church where she had been the First Lady, and disrupted the service and told the congregation the real reason she and Damion had divorced.  Now Damion clapped back and went live and exposed a great deal of personal things about his marriage on Facebook live that he has since deleted.  In defense of Kenya one of the members of Jesus Experience spoke up for her former First Lady and exposed the affair.  The wo have been seen around town together and his leaving her house at 6am in the morning.

Read the email sent to us by a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee below:

I would like to remain Anonymous if you do decide to go public with it. Here we go… Apostle Regina Martin who Pastors Embassy Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Pastor Damion Archat from Jesus Experience has just been exposed for having an affair, which not only is destroying his ministry, but has caused Archat and his wife Kenya to divorce after 3 babies and 14 years of marriage. Apostle Martin has one of the fastest growing ministries in South Florida and was recently endorsed by Bishop Greg Davis; who has had her on his show about 4 or 5 times now. About a week or so ago the wife Kenya came to Jesus experience and disrupted the services exposing the truth behind their divorce. Damion has taken it upon himself to go live discussing the divorce and exposing insanity details about the ex wife, but not his mistress and home wrecker Regina. It got so bad until one of his members who’s been with him since DAY ONE decided to break her silence, and expose Regina and Damion on the behalf of Kenya who’s really been the victim all along. There are pictures of them at restaurants together, and also of him at her house 6 something in the morning. She has an incredible following, but she’s preaching holiness but living hoeish. It must be exposed!

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  1. You know, it’s a travesty that you don’t know the difference between the world and the church, not to mention these people are “Supposed” to be preaching the Word. I question the minds that sit under and support this mess. You are the company you keep and their is commonality in the support given.

  2. Fake news at its finest! None of this information is accurate; not even the pics are true! Even The Enquirer does a better job than this! If you’re going to attack people’s character, you have to come up with better material than this! Looks like someone needs to go back to Journalism 101 news reporting and English 101 for proper grammar writing.

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