Dangerous Hate Group On Facebook Making Threats Against Sir William G. McCray, III

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Seems we have discovered a very dangerous hate group on Facebook that has over 600 members.  The so called Christians and saying horrible and threatening things against me and my family.  I have been a blogger close to a decade and never encountered anything like this since this group of ill people that follow that person that acted a fool during the 2014 Holy Convocation.  It seems I might need to delete all my social media accounts do to them following me and there are to many of them for me to be aware of all these people that are so full of hate, rage, and violence.  The most hurtful things is some of the people I thought were friends and followers of my work are actually members of this group.  My staff and I are going through saving as many names and photos of members of the group and posting to my blog to make the masses aware.

The only reason I will not make mention of the name of the group is to keep them from getting additional attention since my following is much larger than theirs.  It seems they want to push me to having a nervous breakdown due to the constant harassment.  Every post I make the copy it post it on their pages and make horrible comments and threats.  This group has even gone as far as to make a YouTube Channel and take my videos and upload them to their channel and making money off my work.  Keep me and my family lifted in prayer and covered under the blood and report these individuals to the authorities immediately!

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  1. Remington Steele

    Most of these people look really weird.

  2. Every since you made a video about the boy that claimed to be delivered they’ve been attacking you. It seems that those channels have a obsession and even more than that it seems they’re stalkers.

  3. East Coast Dude

    Why are you afraid? They are just blowing smoke.

  4. Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    You went to Morehouse but you have the most grammatical errors I’ve ever seen.

    • I think someone else writes for him. At least I hope so.

    • Ain’t that the truth. Educated dummy !

    • This is a quick written blog. Read the Wall Street Journal. You do not have to visit my damn site!

      • No Shade Sir but U said that Years Ago. What abt operating in Excellence and Integrity?? U don’t let Ur Fashions slip,U make sure Ur on Point when U step out. Apply the same level of care and attention 2 detail in Ur writing. Don’t see how that can upset You but gon ahead and start #Cussin😎😎😎

      • Noneofyourdamnbusiness

        You sir are a disgrace to the cogic church

        • Disgrace to the Church of God In Christ, came way before Mr O. And the same for all denominations , mockery, blasphemy, and more formed a disgrace. Church folks taking God for granted by acting a fool in Gods face.

  5. Damn they look crazy af

    • My picture is one of them and l am not crazy! I was just following Heathen Central because l thought it was funny how they were roasting Andrew Caldwell !

      I was not a threat to William I was a friend who sent him money! So l hope he takes my picture down I don’t believe in threatening anyone!

  6. Wow!!! I had no idea it was a group like this. This is taking the internet to another level. Back it the day we didn’t worry about things like this. The only thing was being catfished. It may take awhile but investigate all accounts.
    I will be praying for you and your family.

  7. Remington Steele

    Somebody told me that Mr Obnoxious got jumped at Peggy Moales’ funeral!

    • Yes he did and got beat up
      I was there and pic was taken by another member of the church..

      • They didn’t beat him up. They only poured soda on him and roughed him up by grabbing on him. Let’s tell the truth.

        • Remington Steele

          Lol. Well thanks for clearing it up. Somebody just sent me word. I wasn’t there. I hope it was diet soda, at least! But why would they do that?

  8. Hhhhhh

  9. Keep on keeping on Sir William you’ve been doing this for years don’t let anyone try to scare you, bully you ect into stopping your work❤️❤️❤️

  10. So this is Jonathan Bernard the one that wears a diaper @Sir William????

    • Correct

      • did u give those heathens permission to use your Live conversations to to voice over their character on youtube?

        Sue them and YOUTUBE.
        They are rebranding your image and likeness. They have a whole series with your live. they could copyright your likeness. thats against the law


        • This is the information on the ring leader below:

          Author: DISCIPLE OF SATAN (IP address:, 99-172-123-118.lightspeed.tukrga.sbcglobal.net)
          Email: EDSSR@GMAIL.COM

          • This IP address is in Atlanta. I hope you don’t live near there. It’s probably someone that you know. Based on the comment and the name of the author, I am willing to bet, it is a woman.

  11. I know that my YouTube channel somehow was hack and used to make a post to one of the channels with a phone to call and report some type of activities on you. if I still have the comment saved would love to send it to you stay strong and be blessed

  12. Thanks for admitting it Charles!

  13. Some people hate when CHURCH folks, nasty, degrading, trifling, gross and perverted actions are exposed to the light. If you don’t want your PERVERTED acts exposed to others, then QUIT committing them in secret and calling yourself saved. You are a DISGRACE to the Gospel and all that Jesus stood for.

    Real SAINTS don’t sleep with others in secret, lie, steal, molest, rape, embezzle money, make sex videos, sleep around with others in the church, break up marriages, spread HIV, go to bars, sex parties, engage in threesome’s, mess around with teens and children, sleep with the same sex, and a list of other UNGODLY mess. Those that are mad because this guy is exposing FILTH, are the same people committing them or associated with someone doing such DIRT!!!

    Let me make this clear, regardless if this guy takes down his site or delete all his posts, and messages about SIN in the church, that still won’t stop GOD from exposing you Prophets of Baal. God has a UNIQUE way of exposing your filth, especially when you’re claiming to be one of his. You’ll NEVER be able to stop God from exposing truth. I am 1000% sure, that someone else will rise up, and expose such filth happening in the church again and again. Do you actually THINK that God is going to come down from heaven to deal with all the mess in the church or world??? Of course not, God ALWAYS uses people to do his work. I get so tired of people saying “let God deal with it” but don’t realize that God uses PEOPLE to correct others, expose others, deal with others, etc. When David was acting like a nasty clown in secret and slept around with Bathsheba. Did God come from heaven to deal with David? Of curse not, God used the prophet NATHAN to deal with David. God uses PEOPLE!!!!

    No wonder so many people are SICK of church and its so called SAVED people. Many live worse than those in the world. You sing in the choirs, direct the choir, preach, travel across the country to minister, serve on many church committees, take up the offering, shout all over the church, on the praise team, call yourselves deacons, church leaders, ministers, pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles, and so much more, YET, you are wolves in sheep clothing. You are DEAD spiritually, ratchet, immoral, unwilling to change, repent, live right, walk in holiness, righteousness, separate yourselves from evil, or even humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God. You’re a poor witness, and follower of Christ. You love fame, fortune, being praised by others, showing off your clothing, being in power, and brag about what all you have, yet you are DEAD spiritually!!! You are a CANCER in the church.

    You have hurt people, used them, abused, them, mocked them, degraded them, slept with them, robbed them, molested them, lied to them, controlled them, and the list goes on. Your actions are DEPLORABLE and unbecoming of a REAL saint. But thanks be unto God, that God will ALWAYS have a RAM in the bush. There are TRUE people of God who don’t tolerate such foolishness or live such SHAMEFUL lifestyle while proclaiming to be saved. There are TRUE people of God that have spiritual DISCERNMENT and recognizes the plots, plans, tactics, and demonic works and people of the devil. There are TRUE people of God that expose evil, and have enough compassion to pray for those in sin and delights in God when they repent and turn from such evil ways. Yes, there is a TRUE church of God.

    All these so called “ratchet” men and women of God are impostors, liars, demons, and trashy agents of the devil. You hate when God shines light on your evil ways and you get upset when TRUTH is spoken and revealed. You love DARKNESS rather than LIGHT and will fight against anyone if they DARE expose your DISGUSTING actions. But we all know who WINS in the end, and that is GOD and his people. You shall soon be cut off. So keep parading round the church and proclaiming to be SERVANTS of God, your ignorance, foolishness, and NASTY acts will land you right into the hands of God.

    God has standards and holy morals and he will not be MOCKED! Yes, he’s loving, forgiving, compassionate, kind, gracious, and merciful, but he’s also a God of VENGEANCE!!!! Many of you who are agents of the devil really underestimate the power, being, and depth of God. You’re blinded by the devil and have no fear of your actions. But lo and behold, Just like God DESTROYED the prophets of Baal and others, he will DESTROY you! So go right ahead PROCLAIMING you are servants of God, keep on living a double life in secret, keep on standing before the church living a lie, keep on sleeping, preaching, molesting, raping, destroying, and controlling INNOCENT people, when you LEAST expect it, God is going to show up, and the CONSEQUENCES of your actions will be the end of you.

    If you don’t want your MESS exposed to others, then QUIT committing MESS in secret!!! So simple.

    Oh, and another thing, stop using the “JUDGE NOT” foolishness to try and condemn those who cal you out for being trashy, nasty, perverted, ratchet and gross. Quit taking that passage out of context!!! Those that are SAVED has a moral right to make RIGHTEOUS judgement!


    • Mr. Ty’Ree God bless you. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a mouthpiece to make this bold unadulterated statement for Him…

  14. ARealSpelmanite

    I’m sorry that you are experiencing this Me. McCray but in actuality I’m not surprised nor should you be. You deliver news about negative actions that people have “supposedly” done. People won’t take too kindly to that, especially if they think that you are adding to their problem.

    Now if you had branded yourself properly and developed the appropriate team you would have security by now as well as access to an IT Detective.

    So it is unfortunate because they are not correct in what they’re doing to you but look at what you do. If you’re going to continue to provide this kind of service you might want to invest in security. A hate group can’t do much except spread maliciousness but when you are physically attacked at church events that’s an entirely different ball game. Be careful, it’s a cruel world.

  15. There we go hating , bashing each other, we black folks are our worse enemy. It is a shame, I have the issues with black women. I figured it out people like that are bored, don’t have a life and are trying to stir up mess in other folks life,s. Mr O. Continue to do what you do, stay truthful and you will be bless some more.


  17. Take My Damn Pic Down

    You are the biggest liar I have ever SEEN! I assume you want to be a victim, but I don’t understand how when no one threatens you. You’re the one telling ppl to show up and you’ll have your glock ready. If you weren’t so evil and nasty and hateful and vile with your incoherent mind you wouldn’t receive such backlash. Now get out of your feelings and take my photo down because I have never not once threatened you! Your use of my photo does not fall under the media fair use law, so my first threat to you is I will be seeking legal action against you!

  18. Sir William….I discovered you about 3 months ago. I love that you are real, outspoken, tell the truth, and even show that you are not perfect. When you cuss I know the flesh gets wound up and frustrated. You cuss and I overeat…..Jesus said that he that is without sin cast the first stone. We must continue to press towards the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.


  20. Only thing about this is you can’t be bent on outting people and destroying people’s lives and not except to reap what you sow. You don’t rejoice in people’s down fall. There is a thing called,” Karma” and it will get you sooner or later. You are allowing yourself to shine from others pain. And God don’t like ugly. Being informative is one thing but rejoicing and causing pain is not of God. Don’t let your good be evil spoken of. Seek God and ask him how he feels about what you do. Is he well pleased?

    • How about so called SAVED folks stop committing such gross acts in SECRET and live right, then they don’t have to worry about their ratchet actions being exposed????

  21. Is one of the ladies named Dee?

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