Dr. Sabrina Ellis Thanks The Saints For Praying For Her Husband!

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Below you will will find a moving post to Facebook from Dr. Sabrina J. Ellis, wife of Bishop Jesse D. Ellis.  She thanks the Saints for their prayers.  Although she does not like Social has always been a private person this is a second time as of late she has gone public to share private family matters.  Last year a niece went to a party and allegedly something was put in her drink (like the date rape drug) that caused the girl to go into a mentally psychotic break and now the husband having a stroke.

I am not one to air my private personal business on FB. I have no problem with transparency in its appropriate context, but social media does not meet the requirements for me! However, since so many of you have expressed your love and concern for me and my family, especially Bishop Ellis, I feel it necessary for me to respond.

First, the recent events concerning my husband, Bishop J. Ellis, have been unsettling, to say the least. But I realize it could have gone another way!Despite the trauma, the fear and the unknown, I am still “Dancing in The Rain!”

Secondly, thank you for caring enough to post and pray! Please don’t expect daily updates, but if you pray believing that God will answer, we can look forward to the praise report! It’s sure to come!

Finally, Bishop is stable and progressing! Don’t stop praying! I am expecting full recovery!

Sabrina J. Ellis

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  1. What’s with all the photo shoots that with Ellis and his his spouse? All these photos of them skinning and grinning, serve what purpose? They are not models or celebrities.

  2. Oh wow , well every time he’s in a pulpit he’s being messy and not calling out the queens with the mega churches just the broke ones smh the lord will quiet you !

  3. Jesse
    So sorry to hear about your stroke
    Praying for full recovery
    Remembering the early days of Prison Fellowship
    You sure lit some fires in Memphis for Jesus
    I’ve never forgotten your exciting sermons and love for the prisoners.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Get well
    Dr. Gordon D. Loux

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