E. Dewey Smith’s Son In The Gospel Reginald Sharpe Steps Down As Pastor Of House Of Hope!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Reginald Wayne Sharpe, Jr. announced that he will resign as pastor of House Of Hope in Macon, Georgia.  The Fourth Sunday of May will be his last Sunday.

Rumor has it that Reggie has not been happy in Macon for sometime now and tried to get Mount Nebo since Pastor Anthony McMicheal has retired.  However, the church choose Aaron Jones, III, who’s father pastored Hunter Hill until he was put out for malfeasance.  Now Aaron Jones, Jr. is in Philadelphia destroying a church while emptying their back account.

Reggie is said to have told House Of Hope that he needed to be in position that he can grow and take on other opportunities, which did not seem to be possible in Macon.  Dr. Eddie Dewey Smith preached out the church in his hometown after he left Beuhla Land.

He might just appoint another mentee James Cray, who he has assisted in preaching out a church in the small town of Hazelnurst, Georgia.

Read the text sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Sir William,
Did you hear about your MOREHOUSE BRO Reggie Sharpe resigning as Pastor of House of Hope – MACON????

It’s been recent – within the past two-three weeks it has happened. Not sure what the cause is – but he is no longer Pastor of House of Hope MACON. He grew that church from zero to over a thousand members in a short time. And Reggie was born and raised in House of Hope ATL. That’s his home church, from what I understand.

U may want to get your ATL street committee on that one. Ain’t no telling what E Dewey has been doing to bring Reggie to resign. It’s sad. Reggie is a
Damn good preacher and those people loved he and his wife.

Obnoxious Media has reached out Reggie, Dewey, and James, But has not heard back from any of the men at this time.


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  1. ChanceMarq (@ChanceMarqSmith)

    Hmmm, hmmm I wonder what the real story is behind this….?!
    A young man like him just up and wanting to give up this opportunity of a lifetime?

  2. William,
    Where did you get James Cray from? Why not the lead executive pastor that was brought on staff last year??

  3. William,
    When are you going to drop the real bomb???

  4. I heard that Dewey has a baby son around 14 months old that’s not by his wife.

  5. Mr. Obnoxious,
    What happened to Dewey’s manager, Crystal? I don’t see her posting about him anymore. If anyone knows, I’m sure you know!!

  6. First, the subject matter of this story is in error: “E. Dewey Smith’s Son In The Gospel…” Matthew 23:9 reads from the New International Version – “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” I think what happens over time from our start in ministry to our established, cemented place in ministry is that the unnatural spirit of territorialness and superiority becomes our new norm. The Apostle Paul is clear in this verse who to keep our focus on, in spite of our elevation. No human being is to be seen as equal or higher than God. Yet we find time after time that Pastors, Apostles, Bishops and Prophets of this day want to be regarded supremely in this natural realm of ministry. To every up and coming Minister or Preacher, do not give your soul to a human being ranked high in the Ecclesiastical for the sake of connections and or opportunity. God is not acknowledged in these types of situations. It’s because the high ranking Preacher has become or will make you confess him /her as your god. As humans, we were only permitted to have dominion over the fowl of the air, every creeping thing and creatures of the sea (Genesis 1:26). We were never supposed to have dominion over each other. If so, that would be completely out of order.

    • KJV Matthew 23:9 as well, reads the same!

      Either way it goes..No Man on Earth..should be called..Father/Rabbi/Reverend/Master/Etc.

      🤣🤣🤣 I know u didn’t ask for my lil 2 cents..but I’m giving it anyway!!

  7. Dewey Smith is an herectic erroneous apostate preacher compromises GODS word with approval of homosexuality lgbt in his church along with the playing of secular music this man is profane

  8. I imagine communicating from Atlanta to Macon can take a toll on one. RSJr. Just completed his masters at Emory University Candler School of Theology. He was given a great opportunity to begain in Macon. Doesn’t mean circumstances between he and eDSJr is ill. Geeseh

  9. I imagine commuting from Atlanta to Macon can take a toll on one. RSJr. Just completed his masters at Emory University Candler School of Theology. He was given a great opportunity to begain in Macon. Doesn’t mean circumstances between he and eDSJr is ill. Geeseh

  10. William,
    Did you see the article on Joy105 about megachurch Pastor and #metoo allegation?? Isn’t those the kinda of stories you bring awareness too?

  11. Reggie is probably being strategic. The financials were on the churches site earlier this year and it was clear the money wasn’t what it use to be. Praise and worship leaders were in and out Lady Bri did a lot more leading. It was said they moved the church because they had outgrown it but if you look at the live broadcast the congregation has shrunk massively to a millennial crowd. I’d believe that Sharpe is tired of Dewey’s ways but I’d also be persuaded to believe he can see the future and it isn’t looking so bright. Dewey thought that he could plant a church and it whip out Beulah Land it may have gotten some of those churches for a while but it didn’t keep the saints in place. The church has been through a lot, the announcement is out about the celebration tomorrow. Dewey also commented on Sharpe’s post he’s proud of him and Lady Bri. Seems to me even the members are half clueless… talk saints!

  12. James Cray over Jennifer Carner?

  13. James Cray over Jennifer Carner?

    • Neither one of them stand a chance. Dewey hasn’t announced who will be leading HOH. I’m just glad Sharpe got out of the line of fire.

  14. William,
    Have you heard about William Murphy’s 5 year old son?

  15. “underage girl”…Kinda more believable if you would’ve said “underage boys” cuz I always thought Sharpe had a lil sugar in his tank 😛

  16. Mr. Obnoxious,
    Have you heard about E Dewey’s 1 year son?

  17. William,
    You’ve been mighty quiet here. What do you know about Eddie Dewey Smith, Jr.? Is he the father of a one year old?

  18. What rock have you been under? Lol

    • The rock of truth. Now if you have the evidence, kindly share it please. No conjecture. Evidence. Please and thank you.

  19. Share the link please.

  20. William,
    You’ve been quiet on this topic. What’s going on? Does Dewey really have a 1 year old son outside of his marriage????

  21. William,
    You getting paid off? What happened to all the comments?

  22. Are you going to address the lesbian couple lie that he’s trying to blame on his former ministers in leadership?

  23. At one point this thread contained 73 responses. Included were a Henry Couty docket record number to a case that is meant to establish paternity, an email address offering supporting documentation confirming the truth of the alleged rumor and now it’s just 45 entries. What’s really going on? Sounds like a cease and desist was served.

  24. Larry Reid Live has ran a few shows on this story. But William let’s hear what you have to say about this !!!!!

  25. You have been so quiet Mr. Obnoxioud

  26. Where’s crystal smith? And Any updates on the baby story, obnoxious?

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