Gucci Mane Goes to Prison!

Drug Dealers and Killers strike again…Rapper Gucci Mane appeared in court Friday (today) for a probation violation hearing.  Authorities said he did not fulfill his required community service. Radric Davis, aka Gucci Mane, was convicted in 2005 of assault and recently arrested in Henry County for driving under the influence.  His appearance in court Friday involved his 2005 conviction and not his DUI.  Probation officials said that Davis appeared at a probation meeting and tested positive for ecstasy, marijuana, and alcohol.  It seems that he was not aware the he would be tested weekly as a condition of his probation or he just did not give a damn! The terms of his probation were to serve 600 hours of community service, which is 50 hours a month.  However, officials said he has only served a total of 25 hours in the past three years.

Therefore, the judge revoked one year of his probation and ordered him back to jail.  The judge said after Davis serves the one year in prison that he still has 2.5 years of probation and has to serve the 600 hours of community serviceRadric begged the judge for one more chance, but the he said he was not worthy of another opportunity and had not taken his probation seriously.  Even an alleged manger and a record company executive testified on his behalf that he had attended a number of community service events, but the judge was not hearing it and a sheriff slapped the silver bracelets on Gucci Mane and led him away. You have officially been choked by the Bow Tie!

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