Hezekiah Walker’s Minister Of Music Craig Wiggins Has Died As A Result Of Malik McClain Jumping Him In Germany!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Almost the long-planned event with the New York Gospel Stars in the Willibrordi-Dom on Wednesday evening would have been canceled because the boss and musical director Craig Wiggins had dropped out at short notice – especially in the jubilee year, because the choir will be ten years old in 2018 and Tour. As it was learned, Grammy award winner Wiggins (47) on Tuesday clashed with another choir musician in a Bochum Hotel. Wiggins was then seriously injured hospitalized. The other party (27) was arrested. The criminal police determined. But even without the leader, there was a good, about two-hour show. The two singers Ahmed Wallace and Tyron Flowers and their four colleagues Matia Washington, Alison Mitchell, Latoya Duggan and Brianna Turner provided a great singing experience. Pianist Eugene Reid accompanied the singers. Both together, as well as soloists shone all. What the audience got to hear was already great, even though the choir had performed in over 82 cities. Pure love of life was combined with deep, expressive and religious thoughts. There was a well-thought-out selection of traditional and modern gospels, composed in the style of jazz and soul. In the first half of the concert, the group performed with their deep blue robes, while in the festive outfit after the break. The proximity to the audience was unique: it is important for the singers to convey the “Good News” to the people. They brought people in with popular gospel songs like “Amen,” “Oh when the saints,” or “Oh Happy Day.” That made the concert even more emotional. Gorgeous solos such as the world hit sung by Ahmed Wallace and Tyron Flowers “I believe, I can fly” tore into applause storms. The clear tenor parts seemed light, soft and yet very flexible. Now the audience in Weseler Willibrordi Cathedral was fully present. It clapped, whistled and trampled. Enthusiasm for the solo of the youngest, Brianna Turner, who sang along for the first time. Quiet ballads and newer songs, which tore from the pews, made a round thing. More and more hands were now in the air, more and more was rhythmically mitgeklatscht and sung. That can only be the gospel music.

Obnoxious Media reported on this last year when he happened around March 10, 2017.  According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation Craig and Malik McClain were extremely close and may have been privately in a relationship.  However, due to a possibility of cheating with someone else Malik confronted Craig and the two men had a physical altercation.  During the fight Malik, who is half of Craig’s age got the best of Craig he fell and hit his head causing him to be paralyzed and ultimately his death.  The sad truth is that Craig never recovered and it is in certain if he ever made it back home after this unnecessary attack that claimed his life.  The interesting thing is Hezekiah Walker sent staff and his manager Over to Germany and they were successful in bringing Malik back to the States.  In fact Malik was back in New York for Easter Sunday and sat on the front row of Hezekiah’s concert next to him.  It was there Hezekiah instructed attendees to leave Malik alone and give him his space.  Rumor has it that if anyone approached him or asked questions and Hezekiah found out about it they would be dealt with according.

This is a sad commentary for the church.  Here we have a man dead and prior to his death his quality of life taken from him.  No way to explain this away no one can rationalize such a horffic act that was inflicted by people that claim salvation.  These are not rappers or athletes, but people claiming salvation and singing Gospel songs acting barbaric and worst than the world and now a man is dead and for what?  Craig should not be dead at the hands of someone he called a friend and a person claiming to know Christ.  The church is capable of murder?  When will the foolishness stop and we really live what we preach and sing about or is it all just a lie and a front to get some money?



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  1. What in all the hell does this say?!

  2. I can just about guess what the fight was about…

  3. Who in the freshest of hades wrote this mumble jumble article? And what did the choir’s singing have to do with the death of the musician?
    Obnoxious, you have to do better.

    • That was the original article when the fight first happened last year. They fought and Malik was arrested and Craig went to the hospital and never recovered.

  4. Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    Spelling and grammar wasn’t your best subject in school was it

  5. This story is not true. Craig passed due to complications from falling ill after arriving to Germany. This story is completely untrue and unfair to the deceased. This is terrible, smh!

    • It is true you are a liar. They asked him if he wanted to press charges and he said no. He should not have been back in the states he should have stayed over there. He could not handle that long flight home.

      • You are a terrible person, William! Just horrible.

      • William, this story should be taken down. This is completely false. I’m not sure who you got your “story” from but this is so far from the truth. This is just terrible; especially since the death is so fresh. This man hasn’t even been put in the ground yet and this is the kind of bashing and falsehood that’s being spoken of his life.

  6. I cant understand anything this is saying.

  7. How can such a horribly written article be taken seriously? Who wrote this mess? How is 27 half of 47? Please stop spreading inaccurate information. And “saints”!!!!! Stop supporting and encouraging this foolishness.

  8. I couldn’t read the story somebody transcribe please LOL

  9. This is so far from the truth. The few people who know what actually happened I know for a fact haven’t spoken to you. How can you make up a scenario in your sick twisted mind and post it as if its the truth. Judgement awaits you sir smh

  10. This story is false

  11. Hey, if you need an editor I’ll happily help. Email me at anthony@ajgbooks.com. Blessings.

  12. Whew chile, the inaccuracy of this article. First of all you cannot spell to save your life and your grammar is atrocious. Secondly, one person cannnot “jump” another individual. Being jumped, involves more than one person attacking an individual. You have NO CLUE what they were fighting about. Craig DID make it home. And you will always be a lying, messy queen. Knock it off Sis.

  13. Hello im just wondering was there any updates on this story Malik is still free im just curious to know what craig really died from.

  14. Hello,Just wanted to know if there was anymore info on this story…?

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