John Gray Pastor Of The Relentless Church Has Been Evicted!!!

Obnoxious Report: Embattled South Carolina Mega-Church Facing Eviction

The Greenville, S.C.-based church – whose pastor John Gray made national news last December when he bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini SUV – was reportedly “issued a notice of eviction from their place of worship for non-payment of a lease agreement.”

Here is the language the site attributed to Reports …

Now this is what has happened: They have not paid the $26,000 per month.
As of November 26th, 2019, John Gray and the Relentless Church have been evicted.

I’ll repeat it: John Gray and the Relentless Church have been evicted for non-payment of a lease agreement and running the church’s reputation and the money into a hole. This happened November 27th.

They must be out of the church by December 31st. This is [absolutely] ridiculous.

According to reporter Daniel J. Gross of The Greenville News, “no related eviction notices had been filed in Greenville County court records by Thursday afternoon.”

However, Holly Baird – a spokesperson for Gray – told Gross that the property owners terminated the church’s lease and “instructed Relentless leaders to vacate the property” even though Gray and his wife/ co-pastor, Aventer Gray, were “current with their lease payments and all financial obligations.”

Baird reached out to this news outlet and provided additional information on the situation, saying the letter sent by the property owners referenced a false verbal agreement and that the Grays had not been served with an eviction notice.

“There is absolutely no eviction notice,” Baird told us. “They have not been served and they are current with every financial obligation as outlined by the leases they are under. A termination letter referencing a false VERBAL agreement was sent. The letter did NOT however reference the actual signed lease agreement in which Redemption/ Ron Carpenter is in violation of not honoring amongst many other things. The Gray’s are current with both of their leases.”

Who owns the 17-acre property? Redemption Church, which is led by co-pastors Hope Carpenter and her husband Ron Carpenter Jr.  The Carpenters moved their “ministry” to California two years ago, leaving their South Carolina flock to the Grays.

Curiously, Hope Carpenter came to South Carolina back in April and aggressively defended Gray in the midst of the scandals surrounding him – going so far as to issue threats of violence against local media outlets that were covering the church’s struggles in a manner that displeased her.

“I cut people,” she said at the time. “I got a knife right in (my) pocketbook.”

“Greenville News, come on,” she continued. “We done went through this. I’m still here, and guess who else is still going to be here?”

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Carpenter (above) then pointed to Gray, who nodded in the affirmative as the crowd went wild.

Apparently the Carpenters are now cutting ties …

“A pastoral succession situation that started out with much promise and blessing is slowly turning out to be what some perceive to be a disaster,” the BCNN1 report concluded. “Pray for the pastors and congregation involved.”

In addition to the $200,000 Lamborghini purchased for his wife, Gray and his family have been residing in a $1.8 million home owned by Redemption church (one of several costly properties it owns). Curiously, in March of this year Gross reported that Gray was soliciting $100 and $500 donations from the Relentless congregation to repair the church’s roof.

According to him, the church could not pay for the roof repair because it was “millions of dollars in debt.”

This news outlet has weighed in sparingly on the drama at this scandal-ravaged congregation, arguing that “churches should be pretty much left to their own devices – subject to the judgment of God, not man (with obvious exceptions for alleged criminal activity).”

“Relentless is a private (well, parochial) organization,” we wrote back in January. “Its business is its business.  Which means the church is well within its rights to compensate Gray in whatever manner it chooses. Those decisions are up to the leadership of the church, which is accountable only to its members.”

We did point out, however, that the church was (rightfully) facing financial blowback in the aftermath of those revelations – all of which were originally published by The Greenville News.

Our view on all of this (including the Grays and the Carpenters)? Among other verses, we are reminded of an exhortation from the prophet Jeremiah.

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!”

Amen to that …

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  1. Hope should not have defended him. Why did they send her? Probably because everyone else said No. He brought this mess on himself. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I knew he was guilty the last time because he gave her a gift publicly. I’m married. Married folk don’t generally give gifts publicly other than flowers sent to the job on their anniversary. Married folk don’t feel the need to publicly gift and show love UN-less they are guilty. Beating women Football players have a quick public wedding. Basketball cheaters give a big ring. Cheating husbands and preachers publicly repent or give a big gift in front of folk.

    • What are you talking about? HOPE is the name of Ron Carpenter’s wife. HOPE is the one that sent malicious, defamatory emails about the Grays to Relentless Church members.

      John Gray’s wife is named AVENTER.

  2. Concerned Christian

    When I look at John Gray all I see is a guilty, disgusting, and more sinful than the rest of us. He, and other preachers, are hiding under the guise of ministry. It was so sickening to have hear about a man who claimed her cheated, and the parade like he was a victim. He knew what he was doing the time. He couldn’t preach nothing to me. He better be glad God judged him so to just be put out of the church because a faulty roof could have caved in on top of him. God’s wrath is not to be played with. With John Gray, and his annoying wife, don’t understand is that we all got to stand before God’s judgement. People think that they can just play around, cry about, falsely repent, and then keep sinning. God sees all. I just wish these new age churches would go away, and let the old church come back. The ones that prayed, fasted, lived holy to the best of their ability, and loved God no matter what. This new age crap they have now is turning more people from the church, and pardoning sins like God’s Word is not worth following.

  3. Ms. Frankie Mellon

    What is interesting and sad is how folks don’t hold there OWN responsible. Then when they reach adulthood and continue the farce, we get drawn in and hurt by the same LEADERS we place on platforms.

    Certainly men will fail us, but this new kind of outrageousness-that should NOT be mentioned amongst the brethren, is simply sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! Is this a money grab for these cats.

  4. I’m not the only one that thinks he plays on the Football team. His entire life is a scandal. The tea that was dipped in DeSoto Texas about his sexCapades is Vogue worthy. He was screw-in two choir members at Friendship and his wife knew about him. Word on the street is he also fooled around with a deacon at a church not far from Friendship and the nasty SOB has a foot fetish. He’s Nasty, period point blank. Last I checked gluttony Is a Sin as well. 👨🏾‍💻

  5. Concerned Christian, I wonder if you are holy enough fir your Pastor to preach to you. We always dog men and women of zHod without realizing that even we who are laymembers are just as guilty and will be held accountable for our sins as well. We don’t get a pass for sin because we are nit a Pastors. They are no better than we are. They are called to pastor and preach where we are called to do other things. They are no better than we are in the eyes of God. Get a life and get off of your holy behind and pray for them just like your pastor has had to pray for you when you sin. You sound like the prodigal brother as well as Jonah. Sanctification is a process and ends when you die. Until then, all of us are jacked up, including your own Pastor because God knows everything that we do in private. The brother us anointed, regardless of his personal issues. This is not about his sins anyway. This us about their place of worship.

    • Edward, for the sake of a good argument… Here it starts! That is not the point (about laymembers); we’re talking about leaders. Surely we can’t cast any gold coins for his clothing, but we can SEE. Be NOT confused that “certain things should not be mentioned amongst the brothers” (Eph 5:3) which implies that which should not be happening with the leaders… We’re not fussing-just talking.

  6. It’s sad to see this behavior in GOD house.

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